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Analyzing Baptist LogicFemale Communion”
Edwards, Peter.  Candid reasons for renouncing the principles of antipaedobaptism. Also, an appendix, containing a short method with the Baptists. Exeter, NH: Henry Ranlet, 1802. 8vo (20.3 cm, 8"). [4], 199, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Quintessential Pennsylvania Dutch”A First & “Fancy”
Egelmann, Charles Frederick, engraver.  Broadside Taufschein, begins: “Staat [blank] Nordamerica. Gehet hin in alle welt lehret alle volker und taufet sieim namen des vaters des sohnes und des heiligren geistes.” With manuscript completed by an anonymous scrivene. [Reading, PA: C. F. Egelmann, 1814 and later]. Folio (34.8 x 25.7 cm; 13.75" x 10"). [1] p.
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Ellis on “the Whole Law of Woman's Life”Complete Set
Ellis, Sarah Stickney.  (The Englishwoman's Family Library). The daughters of England, their position in society, character & responsibilities. The mothers of England[,] their influence & responsibility. The wives of England, their relative duties, domestic influence, & social obligations. The women of England, their social duties, and domestic habits. London: Peter Jackson & Fisher, Son, and Co., [ca. 1845]. 8vo (17.7 cm, 6.96"). 4 vols. Daughters: Frontis., 400 pp. Mothers: Frontis., [8], 390 pp. Wives: Frontis., 371, [1] pp. Women: Frontis., 343, [1] pp.
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Venus — Candle-Snuffers?
    (Dress & Politics!)
(English Political Satire PLUS).  Venus attiring the graces. London: J. Dodsley, 1777. 4to (24.8 cm, 9.75"). 11, [1 (blank)] pp. [with] [Mason, William?] [Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck, upon his newly invented patent candle-snuffers. London: J. Almon, 1776]. [5]–11, [1 (adv.)] pp.
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Catherine, the RUINER
Estienne, Henri; Théodore de Bèze; Jean de Serres, attributed authors.  Discours merveilleux de la vie[,] actions & deportemens de Catherine de Medicis Royne mere; declarant tous les moyens qu'elle a tenus pour usurper le gouvernement du royaume de France & ruiner l'estat d'iceluy. No place: Selon la copie imprimée à Paris, 1649. 8vo (14.3 cm, 5.625"). 201, [1] pp.
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History of Rome in Both Latin & ItalianBodoni Press
Eutropius; Giuseppe Bandini, trans.  Il compendio della storia romana di Flavio Eutropio recato di latino in italiano. Parma: Dalla Tipografia Ducale, 1828. 8vo (22.6 cm, 8.9"). xxii, 354, [2 (errata)] pp.
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By the MENTOR, about the MENTEESigned Binding by Hayday
Evelyn, John.  The life of Mrs. Godolphin. London: William Pickering, 1848. 16mo (17.5 cm, 6.875"). xviii, 291 pp.
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Celebrating the Sun King, in Thread& in Stunning Engravings
by Johanna Sibylla Küsel
[Félibien, André]; Johanna Sibylla Küsel Krauss & Johann Ulrich Krauss, engr.  Tapisseries du roy, ou sont representez les quatre elemens et les quatre saisons. Avec les devises qui les accompagnent et leur explication. Königliche französische Tapezereyen. Augsburg: Johann Ulrich Krauss (pr. by Jacob Koppmayer), 1687. Folio (31.8 cm, 12.52"). [8], 129, [13] pp.; 8 double plts., illus. (2 illus. ff. lacking).
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The Archbishop of Cambrai onHow to Teach Girls
Fénelon [François de Salignac de La Mothe-Fénelon].  De l'éducation des filles. Paris: Ant. Aug. Renouard, 1807. 12mo (14 cm, 5.5"). viii, 204, [4], 6 (adv.) pp.
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A De-Catholicized Archbishop?
[Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe].  Selections from the writings of Fenelon. With a memoir of his life. By a lady. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Wilkins, 1831. 8vo (18.4 cm; 7.25"). 304 pp.
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This Kind of Composition Is Not So New to Our Language
as It Has Been Considered”
Fennor, William.  Cornu-copiae. Pasquil's night-cap: Or, antidot for the head-ache. [London]: [colophon: C. Whittingham, at the Chiswick Press, 1819]. 8vo (20.2 cm, 7.9"). viii, 119, [1] pp.
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The King Aids a Widow
Fernando VII, King of Spain.   Document Signed (“Yo El Rey”), on paper, in Spanish. “En Palacio” [i.e., Madrid], 1 March 1815. Folio (29.8 cm, 12.75"), 4 pp.
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Jim Crow's trip to Greenwich . . .”
  (With a Side Order of Man'splaining)
Five popular songs. The Exile of Erin. Jim Crow's trip to Greenwich. Braes o' Birniebouzle. My Mither men't my auld breeks. Lash to the helm. Glasgow [Scotland]: Printed for the Booksellers, [1840s]. 12mo. 8 pp.
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Figures from Schiller
Förster, Erwin; William Kaulbach, illus.  Schiller-Gallery. From the original drawings of William Kaulbach, C. Jaeger, A. Mueller, Th. Pixis, R. Beyschlag, W. Lindenschmit. New York: Stroeffer & Kirchner, [ca. 1868]. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.85"). [4], 136 pp.; 22 plts.
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Twiddle, Twiddle, & Tromp, Trompee”Lighthearted Victorian Medievalism
Forsyth, Evelyn; Anna Hennen Broadwood, illus.  Ye gestes of ye Ladye Anne: A marvelous pleasaunt and comfortable tayle. London: A. & G. Way, prs., [1884]. 4to (21.2 cm, 8.35"). [8], 105, [3 (pub. adv.)] pp.; illus.
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Case ReportsSarah Cotter ImprintENVELOPE BINDING
Foster, Michael, Sir.  A report of some proceedings on the commission of oyer and terminer and gaol delivery for the trial of the rebels in the year 1746 in the county of Surry [sic], and of other Crown cases. To which are added discourses upon a few branches of the Crown law. Dublin: Printed for Sarah Cotter, 1767. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.6"). x, 412 pp., [10] ff.
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A Woman's Translation (Watercolors Abound)
France, Anatole.  At the sign of the Queen Pédauque. Chicago: Printed for the members of The Limited Editions Club by The Lakeside Press, 1933. Tall 4to. Frontis., [5], v–xii, 174, [2] pp., [3 (blank)] ff.; 19 plts.
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SINCERITY, Thy Name is Clara Mai . . .
Fuqua, Clara Mai Howe.  Two dozen. Boston: Richard G. Badger, The Gorham Press, 1912. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.625"). 32 pp.
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Domestic Ups & Downs in Ohio
Gallant, C[harles] S[purgeon], Mrs.  Manuscript on paper, in English. Delaware, OH: 1929–30 & 1937–38. 4to (21.27 cm, 8.375"). 2 vols. I: [84 (78 used)] pp. II: [240 (100 used)] pp.
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The Lyf of Seynt Katerine
Gibbs, Henry Hucks.  The life and martyrdom of Saint Katerine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr. Now first printed from a manuscript of the early part of the fifteenth century in the possession of Henry Hucks Gibbs, with preface, notes, glossary, and appendix. London: Nichols & Sons, 1884. 4to (26.6 cm, 10.5"). [8], xix, [1], 86, [2], lxii, 188 pp.; 1 col. plt.
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Beautifully Bound & Illustrated FRENCH Edition
“Tr. by Mme. Bachellery”
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von.   Les souffrances du jeune Werther. Tr. by Mme. Bachellery. Paris: Librairie des Bibliophiles, 1886. 8vo.

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And Be It Further Enacted,” & Provided Always, That” . . .
Great Britain.  Laws, statutes, etc.  A collection of the several statutes and parts of statutes now in force, relating toHigh treason, and misprision of high treason. London: Pr. by Charles Bill, & the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb, 1709. 12mo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). 113, [1] pp., [7] ff.; 44 pp., [2] ff.
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Famous, EXPANSIVE! Epistolary
Grotius, Hugo.  Epistolae quotquot reperiri potuerunt; in quibus praeter hactenus editas, plurimae theologici, iuridici, philologici, historici, & politici argumenti occurrunt. Amstelodami [Amsterdam]: Ex typographia P. & I. Blaeu ... apud Wolfgang, Waasberge, Boom, à Someren & Goethals, 1687. Folio (37.5 cm, 14.76"). [4] ff., 977, [2] pp.
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In the reign of good King René . . . ”
Guiney, Louise Imogen.  The secret of Fougereuse: A romance of the fifteenth century; from the French. Boston: Marlier, Callanan & Co., 1898. 12mo (18.7 cm, 7.375"). Frontis., 347, [1] pp.; 4 plts.
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