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Musical Décimas ofLove & Lost Love
Camastra, Caterina.  Amapolas. Tacámbaro: Taller Martín Pescador, 2020. Small 4to (26 cm, 10.25"). 40 pp.
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The Broadway (of New Haven) BroadsidesScarce Small Press Items
Capet, Uther [pseud. of Arthur Head].  [20 pieces from the Profile Press.] An adventure achieved by one, Sigismondo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini, about the year 1430 A.D. being at that time thirteen years old. New Haven: The Profile Press, 1930. 8vo (22 cm, 8.65"). [4] ff. (2 copies of the above). [with (all following the same author's, unless specified; all New Haven: The Profile Press, 1930)] The American scene. 8vo (25 cm, 9.9"). [4] ff. [and] Apologia pro arte poetica sua. 8vo (25 cm, 9.9"). [4] ff. [andB., R.T. The ballad of Tuttle's. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.65"). [1] f., fold. [and] The color: A retelling of some well-known tales of the American Negro. 16mo (22.2 cm, 8.75"). [4] ff. [and] Colourations: Four sonnets. 16mo (21.7 cm, 8.5"). [4] ff. [and] Ex: Four characters of mooted fame with prologue & epilogue. 8vo (24.8 cm, 9.75"). [4] ff. [and]  Field, Eugene. Little Willie. Folio (32 cm, 12.6"). [1] f. [and] Four English stories drawn from contemporary sources. 8vo (25 cm, 9.9"). [2], 4, [2] pp. [and] Four stories from the Jewish-American. 16mo (22 cm, 8.65"). [2], 4, [2] pp. [and] Four stories from the modern American. 16mo (22 cm, 8.65"). [2], 4, [2] pp. [and] Four stories from the old Spanish. 16mo (22 cm, 8.65"). [2], 4, [2] pp. [and] Hot from Hollywood. 8vo (25 cm, 9.9"). [4] ff. [and] Ode in imitation of Horace. 8vo (24.6 cm, 9.7"). [1] f., fold. [and] On the menstrual phase of literature and art. 16mo (20.4 cm, 8"). [1] f., fold. [and] Pullman recreations. 16mo (21.2 cm, 8.4"). [2], 4, [2] pp. [and] Stenographic sallies. 16mo (21.5 cm, 8.4"). [2], 4, [2] pp. [and] A Western fairy tale. Folio (32 cm, 12.65"). [1] f. (2 copies).
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Chromolithographed Illustrations byEleanor Vere Boyle
Carové, Friedrich Wilhelm; Sarah Austin, transl.; Eleanor Vere Boyle, illus.  The story without an end. London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 1879. 4to (25.8 cm, 10.15"). Frontis., vi, [2], 40 pp.; 15 col. plts., illus.
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A Thoughtfully Cautious Gift
Cavendish, George; Samuel Weller Singer, ed.  The life of Cardinal Wolsey ... Metrical visions, from the original autograph manuscript. Chiswick: C. Whittingham, 1825. 8vo (23.2 cm, 9.125"). 2 vols. I: [5], x–xxvii, [5], 344 pp. (lacking half-title); 6 plts. II: lxxii, 304 pp.; 3 plts.
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Adventures of an Unfortunate Spaniard
Céspedes y Meneses, Gonzalo de.  Poema tragico del español Gerardo, y desengaño del amor lascivo. Primera, y segunda parte. Madrid: Don Pedro Marin, 1788. 4to (20.8 cm, 8.4"). [4], 447, [1] pp.
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Legal Age for Marrying
Charles IV, King of Spain.  Begins: Don Carlos ... Con fecha de diez de Abril de este año he tenido a bien expedir mi Real Decreto del tenor siguiente.” [Madrid: No publisher/printer, 1803]. Folio. [4] pp. (last blank).
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Scarce 19th-Century Massachusetts Women's Aid Cookbook
Church of Christ (Millis, MA). Church Aid Society.  The Millis cook book, a collection of tested receipts, contributed by the ladies of Millis. West Medway, MA: H.A. Bullard, 1894. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8.1"). 100 pp.
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Pickering BCP FacsimileLarge & Lavish
Church of England.   Book of Common Prayer.  The book of common prayer: King James, anno 1604, commonly called the Hampton Court Book. London: William Pickering (pr. by Charles Whittingham), 1844. Folio (35.1 cm, 13.8"). [260] pp.
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Capturing an AgeOne Biography at a Time
[Clarke].  The Georgian era: Memoirs of the most eminent persons, who have flourished in Great Britain, from the accession of George the First to the demise of George the Fourth. London: Vizetelly, Branston, & Co., 1832–34. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.65"). 4 vols. I: Frontis., 582 pp.; 12 plts. II: Frontis., [2], 588 pp. III: Frontis., [2], 588 pp. IV: Frontis., 588 pp.
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Sara Coleridge's Letters Nonesuch Press Edition
Coleridge, Sara Fricker; Stephen Potter, ed.  Minnow among Tritons: Mrs. S.T. Coleridge's letters to Thomas Poole, 1799–1834. Bloomsbury: Nonesuch Press, 1934. Small 4to (23.4 cm, 9.25"). Frontis., xxxvi, [2], 185, [1] pp.; 3 plts.
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From Soups to Sundries Plus SHAKESPEARE et al.
Congregational Church (Lenox, MA).  Ladies.  Cook book compiled by the ladies of the Congregational Church, Lenox, Mass. Pittsfield, MA: Eagle Publishing Co., 1897. 8vo (20.7 cm, 8.15"). 56 pp.
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I am anxious you should do a writing portrait . . . ”
Cook, Eliza.  A.L.s. (“Eliza”) to “My dear Sec.” London: 6 June 1860. 12mo (7.25" x. 4.5"). 1 p.
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A Woman DEAD
  Yet “Living”   
Cox, Samuel Hanson. The dead are the living. A sermon preached on Lord's day afternoon, October 1, 1843, on occasion of the funeral of Mrs. Mary L., the wife of the Rev. Ward Stafford, A.M.[,] of this city. New-York: John F. Trow & Co., Printers, 1843. 8vo. 30 pp., [1 (blank)] f.

Just 25 Yards of Sail toCarry TWO People Across the ATLANTIC OCEAN!
Crapo, Thomas.  Strange, but true. Life and adventures of Captain Thomas Crapoand wife. New Bedford: [self-published] Capt. Thomas Crapo, 1893 [but, really, 1899 or later]. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). 151, [1] pp.; illus.
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Years & Years' Worth ofSelf-Sacrifice On Both the Man's & the Woman's Part
Crawford, F. Marion.  A rose of yesterday. New York & London: Macmillan & Co., 1897. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). [4], 218, [10 (adv.)] pp.
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Catholic Wickedness in Cuba
Culbertson, Rosamond.  Rosamond: Or, a narrative of the captivity and sufferings of an American female under the Popish priests, in the island of Cuba ... Pittsburgh: John Sharp, 1848. 12mo (18.6 cm, 7.32"). 240 pp.; 2 plts.
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EphemeralMIMEOGRAPHED DeMolay Cookbook
DeMolay Mothers' Club.  Success is automatic with a DeMolay Mother's Club cook book. [U.S.: ca. 1950?]. 12mo (20.3 cm, 8"). [26] ff.
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Judith & HolofernesA “Last-Era” Bodoni
Di Calboli Paulucci, Francesco.  La Giuditta: Canti del marchese Francesco di Calboli Paulucci fra gli Arcadi Euricrate Acrisioneo; membro ordinario Dell'Accademia Italiana, ecc. Parma: Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1813. Large 4to (31.9 cm, 12.56"). [8], xiii, [3], 207, [1] pp.
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Congo Mission Press Hymnal — LONKUNDO
Disciples of Christ Congo Mission.  Bonkanda wa nsao ya Nzakomba. Bolenge, Congo Belge: Disciples of Christ Congo Mission, 1918. 12mo (28 cm; 7.125"). 231 hymns.
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Daughter Jean is theInteresting One
Duke of Gordon's three daughters; To which are added, The Brewer laddie; and The Hero may perish. Glasgow [Scotland]: Printed for the Booksellers, [1840s]. 12mo. 8 pp.
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Duncan, Norman.  The suitable child. New York: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1909. 4to. Frontis., 96 pp.; 4 plts.
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BAL Author, before Her Whirlwind Episode with POE
Durfee, Job, & Sarah Helen Whitman.  A discourse, delivered before the Rhode-Island Historical Society on the evening of Wednesday, Jaunary [sic] 13, 1847. Providence: Charles Burnett, jr., 1847. 8vo (22.5 cm, 9"). 42, 5, [1] pp.
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