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Welsh Fine Press PrintingWelsh Autobiography *IN* Welsh
(AN *ALL-WELSH* DELIGHT).  Edwards, Owen.  Clych atgof penodau yn hanes fy addysg. Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales: Gwas Gregynog [The Gregynog Press], 1933. 8vo (21.9 cm, 8.6"). [10], 95, [3] pp.; illus.
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Welsh & English N.TGORGEOUS Embossed, Signed, Somber Binding
Bible.  N.T. Welsh & English. 1858.  The New Testament, in Welsh and English. Testament Newydd, ein Harglwydd a'n Hiachawdwr Iesu Grist. Llundain (London): British & Foreign Bible Society (pr. by G.E. Eyre & W. Spottiswoode), 1858. 16mo (12.5 cm, 4.9"). [308] ff.
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Political /Jurisprudential / Theatrical SATIRE
[Broome, Ralph]. Letters from Simpkin the second to his dear brother in Wales, containing an humble description of the trial of William Hastings, Esq. with Simon's answer. Dublin: P. Byrne & J. Moore, 1788. 8vo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). 46 pp. (lacking half-title).

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NOT! Agatha Christie's Mousetrap” . . .
Holdsworth, Edward.  Muscipula, sive Cambro-Muo-machia. Londoni: [Pr. by H. Hills?], 1709. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). 8 pp.

Defending the Doctrine of the Trinityin WELSH
Jones, William.  Yr athrawiaeth Gatholig o Ddrindod, gwedi ei phrofi trwy ragor nâ chant o resymmau byrr ac eglur, pa rai a draethir yng ngeiriau’r ysgrythur lan, a’i chydmaru mewn dull hollol newydd: ... Gan William Jones, ... Newydd ei gyfiethu o’r chweched argraphiad Saesoneg, i’r Gymraeg, ac mewn rhyw fesur wedi ei dalfyrru, gan J. Williams. Trefecca: Argraphwyd yn y flwyddyn, 1794. 12mo (18.5 cm; 7.25"). 96 pp.
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Inconstancy of ApostasyMultiple Metamorphoses
Nicholls [a.k.a., Niccols, Nicols], John.  A declaration of the recantation of Iohn Nichols (for the space almoste of two yeeres the Popes scholer in the Englishe seminarie or college at Rome) which desireth to be reconciled, and receiued as a member into the true Church of Christ in England ... London: Imprinted by Christopher Barker, 1581. Small 8vo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). [98] ff.
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485 Stunning Views ofEngland, Scotland, & Wales
EACH IMAGE Hand-Captioned
Storer, James Sargant.  Antiquarian and topographical cabinet, containing a series of elegant views of the most interesting objects of curiosity in Great Britain. London: W. Clarke, J. Carpenter, & H.D. Symonds, 1807–11. 8vo. 10 vols. I: [approx. 112] pp.; 56 plts. II: pp.; 49 plts. III: [approx. 110] pp.; 55 plts. IV: [approx. 92] pp.; 46 plts. V: [approx. 86] pp.; 43 plts. VI: [approx. 106] pp.; 53 plts. VII: [approx. 98] pp.; 49 plts. VIII: [approx. 86] pp.; 43 plts. IX: [approx. 110] pp.; 55 plts. X: [approx. 72], [16 (index)] pp.; 36 plts. (15 plts. lacking of 500).
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King Edward I of England'sWELSH Castles
Taylor, Arnold Joseph.  Four great castles. [Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales]: Gwasg Gregynog [The Gregynog Press], 1983. Folio (26.9 cm, 10.5"). [2], vi, 70, [2] pp.; 8 plts.
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Welsh Press / Anglo-Welsh Poet
Thomas, Edward.  Selected poems of Edward Thomas. [Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales]: The Gregynog Press, 1927. 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.3"). xix, [1], 95, [1] pp.
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