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Anacharsis in EnglishAnything But Dry!
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  [Barthelemy, Jean-Jacques].  Travels of Anacharsis the younger in Greece. During the middle of the fourth century, before the Christian æra.... The first American edition. Philadelphia: Pr. by Bartholomew Graves and William McLaughlin for Jacob Johnson & Co., 1804. 8vo signed in 4s (22 cm, 8.625"). Vol. I: xviii, 419, [1 (blank)] pp.; fold. map; II: [1] f., iii, [1 (blank)], 403, [1 (blank)] pp.; III: vii, [1 (blank)], 463, [1 (blank)] pp. (lacking half-title); IV: vii, [1 (blank)], 496 pp. (lacking half-title).
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Peregrino Becomes “PEREGRIN”First French Appearance, ILLUSTRATED
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Caviceo, Jacopo.   [Libro de Peregrino] Dialogue treselegant intitule le Peregrin, traictant de lhonneste et pudicq amour concilie par pure et sincere vertu, traduict de vulgaire Italien en langue Fra[n]coyse... Paris: [Pr. by Nicolas Couteau for] Galliot du Pré, [1527]. 4to (25 cm, 9.8"). [8], 169, [1 (facs.)] ff.; illus.
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Tilting at Windmills, Protecting Dulcinea, & Flying to the MOON
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de.   Primera parte del ingenioso hidalgo don Qvixote de la Mancha. En Brucelas: Por Huberto Antonio, 1617. 8vo ( 16.8 cm; 6.625"). [8] ff., 583, [1] p., [3] ff. (one leaf in facsimile).
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A German Family Arrives in California
& Joins the Gold Rush
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Dietrich, Dr.; Leopold Wray, trans.  The German emigrants or Frederick Wohlgemuth's voyage to California. Guben: F. Fechner, [1852]. 16mo (16.8 cm, 6.6"). [2], 39, [1] pp.; 8 plts.
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Dropmore PressUnopened Copy
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  De Quincey, Thomas.  Revolt of the Tartars or flight of the Kalmuck Khan and his people from the Russian territories to the frontiers of China. London: Dropmore Press, Ltd., 1948. 4to (26.8 cm, 10.6"). [10], 96, [4] pp.; illus.
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Stamped in the Titular Metals
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Ellwanger, George H.  In gold and silver. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1892. 12mo (17.1 cm, 6.73"). Frontis., illum. t.-p., viii, 156, [2 (adv.)] pp.; 8 plts., illus.
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Behold, Here's a Ditty, the Truth & No Jest”
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).   [drop-title] The factor's garland.  [U.K.: ca. 1850?]. 16mo (15.2 cm, 6"). 8 pp.

Expanding the Imagination & Bringing Science to the Masses
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  [Heinlein, Robert; Urusula LeGuin; Isaac Asimov; Harry Harrison; & many others].  Large collection of science fiction & fantasy. Various places: Various publishers, ca. 1952–2000. 12mos. Approx. 500 vols. (some dupes).
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There are Few Difficulties That Cannot be Surmounted by
Patience, Resolution, & Pluck
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Henty, G.A.  Condemned as a Nihilist: A story of escape from Siberia. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1892. 8vo (19 cm, 7.45"). 332, 16 (adv.) pp.; 8 plts., 1 map.
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Homer in Greek, Using Proctor's Type
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  [Homer (Homerus)].  [one line in Greek, transliterated as] Homēri Odysseia. Oxford: Pr. at the University Press, 1909. Tall 4to (29 cm, 11.5"). [4 (3 blank)], [227], [3 (blank)] ff.
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The Importance ofGoods Which Cannot Be Taken” When You Die
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  [Hughes, John, & John Arbuthnot].  Charon; or, the ferry-boat. A vision. Dedicated to the Swiss Count —. London: printed; and sold by W. Lewis near Covent-Garden, J. Brotherton and W. Meadows at the Black-Bull in Cornhill, J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, and A. Dodd at the Peacock without Temple-Bar, 1719. 8vo (18.8 cm; 7.375"). [12], 26 pp.
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Up the THAMES in a Rowboat
(Imaginary Voyage).  Jerome, Jerome K.  Three men in a boatto say nothing of the dog!  Ipswich: Pr. by W.S. Cowell Ltd. for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1975. Oblong 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.3"). xv, [1], 174, [2] pp.; 12 col. plts., 2 double-p. col. plts.

An Illustrated Tour of International Wardrobes
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  (Juvenile Literature: Costume).   Dame Wonders' picture books: Master Rose. New York: McLoughlin Bros., [between 1863 & 1870]. 8vo (19 cm, 7.48"). [8] pp.; col. illus.
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Victorian Illustrated Verse:  A Beautiful Romp through
Late 19th-Century France
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  [Keary, Eliza?]; Ellen E. Houghton & Thomas Crane, illus.   Abroad. London: Marcus Ward & Co., [1882]. 4to (22 cm, 8.66"). 56 pp.; col. illus.
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The English Hermit in aNew Hampshire Edition
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  [Longueville, Peter].  The hermit: Or the unparalleled sufferings and surprising adventures of Philip Quarll, an Englishman. Exeter [NH]: Pr. by H. Ranlet for I. Thomas & E.T. Andrews, 1795. 12mo (17.2 cm, 6.77"). Frontis., vi, [7]–263, [1] pp.
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AnImaginary & Inward Voyage from E.A.P.
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Poe, Edgar Allan. The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Portland, ME: Pr. by the Southworth Press for the Limited Editions Club, 1930. 4to (28.5 cm, 11.25"). 267, [1] pp., [1 (ad] f.
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Signed BindingDecorative Designers
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Merriman, Henry Seton.  The vultures: A novel. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1902. 8vo (19.2 cm, 7.55"). vi, [2], 340, [3 (2 adv.)] pp.; 8 plts.
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An INTERNATIONAL Quest for Knowledge
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Saint-Pierre, Bernardin de; Edward Augustus Kendall, trans.   The Indian cottage ... to which is added, Palaemon, a pastoral tale. Philadelphia: William Spotswood, 1794. 12mo (16.3 cm, 6.41"). Frontis., 79, [1] pp. (lacking 4 final adv. pp.).
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From Calais to the Bourbonnois withSterne & Leloir
(Imaginary Travels/Voyages).  Sterne, Laurence; Maurice Leloir, illus.  A sentimental journey through France and Italy. New York: J.W. Bouton, 1884. Folio (31.1 cm, 12.25"). Add. col. t.-p., xvi, 210, [2] pp.; 12 plts., illus.
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Beauties ofTHE THAMES Illustrated
Ireland, Samuel.  Picturesque views on the river Thames, from its source in Glocestershire to the Nore; with observations on the public buildings and other works of art in its vicinity. London: T. & J. Egerton, 1792. 4to (25 cm, 9.8"). 2 vols. I: Add. engr. t.-p., xvi, 209, [3] pp.; 1 map, 27 plts., illus. II: Add. engr. t.-p., viii (incl. t.-p.), 258, [4] pp.; 1 map, 25 plts., illus.
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Sumptuously BoundFirst American Edition of Irving's FIRST HISTORICAL Work
Irving, Washington.  A history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus. New York: G. & C. Carvill, 1828. 8vo (22 cm; 8.625"). 3 vols. I: xvi, 399 pp., 1 folded map. II: viii, [1], 10–367. III: viii, [1], 14–419, [1] pp.
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“The Greatest Commonwealth upon Earth”
[Johnson, Richard]. A new Roman history, from the foundation of Rome to the end of the common-wealth ... Designed for the use of young ladies and gentlemen. London: E. Newbery, 1784. 12mo (14.4 cm, 5.67"). [2], vi, 136 pp.; 6 plts.
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The “Pelew Prince” & His Voyage to London
[Keate, George].  The history of Prince Lee Boo, son of Abba Thulle, king of the Pelew Islands. London: Thomas Hughes (pr. by Plummer & Brewis), 1824. 12mo (13.9 cm, 5.47"). 108, [2] pp.; 3 col. plts.
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Around the World inProse, Pictures, & Matching Bindings
Lander, Sarah W.  Spectacles for young eyes. Berlin, Boston, Moscow, Pekin, Rome, St. Petersburg, Zurich. Boston & New York: Walker, Fuller & Co. and Sheldon & Co., 1866 & 1867. 16mo (17.3 cm, 6.81"). 7 vols. Berlin: Frontis., engr. t-p., 192, [2 (adv.)], 2 (adv.) pp.; 5 plts., illus. Boston: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 202, [6 (adv.)] pp.; 7 plts. Moscow: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 202, [2 (adv.)] pp.; 5 plts., illus. Pekin: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 218, [8 (adv.)] pp.; 4 plts., illus. Rome: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 194 pp.; 4 plts., illus. St. Petersburg: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 203, [1], [6 adv.)] pp.; 6 plts., illus. Zurich: Frontis., engr. t-p., 205, [1], [6 (adv.)] pp.; 6 plts., illus. (All frontis. & add. t.-p. incl. in pagination).
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León Pinelo, Antonio de.  Epítome de la bibliotheca oriental, y occidental, nautica, y geográfica ... Añadido y enmendado nuevamente en que se contienen los escritores de las Indias orientales, y occidentales, y reinos convecinos China, Tartaria, Japón, Persia, Armenia, ETIOPIA y otras partes. Madrid: En la oficina de Francisco Martinez Abad, 1737–38. Folio (30 cm; 11.75"). 3 vols. I: [71], [135], [27] ff. II: [221] ff. III: 202 pp.
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Containing a Description of the Most Remarkable Buildings & Curiosities
in the British Metropolis”
(London).  London scenes, or a visit to Uncle William in town. London: John Harris (pr. by S. & R. Bentley), 1824. 12mo (17.2 cm, “). xvi, 211, [1] pp.; 28 plts.
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Cortés Historia in ItalianSigned American,PROVIDENCE Red Morocco
Lopez de Gomara, Francisco.  Historia, di Don Ferdinando Cortes, marchese della Valle, capitano varlorosissimo. Venetia: Per Francesco Lorenzini da Turino, MDLX [1560]. 8vo (15 cm; 5.75"). [11 of 12], 348 ff. (lacks the title-leaf).
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Early 20th–Century LutheranMISSIONARY FAMILY LIFE in
(Lutheran Church. Missouri Synod).  Huebener, Mrs. Gerhard.   Manuscript on paper, in German, with photo album. [India]: 1910–11. Journal: 4to (23.5 cm, 9.25"). [44 (used, of 280)] pp. Album: Oblong 8vo (14.2 cm, 5.59").
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