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20th-Century Renaissance ManMedievally Inspired MANUSCRIPT Memorial
(A RAILROAD MAN'S MEMORIAL).   Erie Railroad Company (Follansbee, Mitchell Davis).   Manuscript on paper, in English. “In memoriam Mitchell D. Follansbee 1870 – 1941.” [Chicago: 1941]. 8vo (27.4 cm, 10.75"). [8 (1 blank)] ff.
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Civil Engineering:  Building (& Funding!) Railroads, in Italian
Biot, Édouard, & David Hansemann; Luigi Tatti, ed. & trans.  L'architetto delle strade ferrate: Ovvero, saggio sui principi generali dell'arte di formare le strade a ruotaje di ferro di Eduardo Biot altro dei sovraintendenti all' esecuzione della strada ferrata da Santo Stefano a Lione. Recato in Italiano con note ed aggiunte dall' ingegnere Luigi Tatti[.] Unitavi una memoria di Davide Hansemann relativa ai rapporti politici ed economici di questa specie di strade. Milano: Angelo Monti, 1837. 8vo (29.1 cm, 11.45"). viii, 371, [1] pp.; 5 fold. plts.
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Everything You Need toNegotiate” 1857
Blackie's literary and commercial almanac.  1857. Glasgow: Blackie & Son, [1856]. 16mo (8.1 cm; 3.25"). 95, [1] pp.
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Building a Railroad inCUBA in the 1830s
(Early Cuban Railroads).  A collection of two letters and four printed forms relating to the Compañia de Caminos de Hierro de la Habana and the Compañía del Camino de Hierro entre las Ciudades de Puerto Principe y Nuevitas. Havana & Puerto Principe: 1834–40. Letters: 4to (25 x 20 cm, 9.875" x 8"). 16 pp., 7 pp. (last blank). Printed documents: Folio (30.5 x 21 cm, 12" x 8.25"). 4 leaves.
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EstablishingPRIVATEERS to Aid in Quelling the Irish Rebellion
England & Wales. Parliament.  An ordinance and declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. Allowing and authorizing any of his Majesties good and loyall subjects in the kingdome of England, to furnish with all manner of warlike provision, and send to sea what ships and pinnaces they shall thinke fit, to make stay of all such supplyes as they shall seize upon by sea or land, going to assist the rebels in Ireland. London: Printed for John Wright, 1642. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). [8] pp.
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Jim Crow's trip to Greenwich . . .”
  (With a Side Order of Man'splaining)
Five popular songs. The Exile of Erin. Jim Crow's trip to Greenwich. Braes o' Birniebouzle. My Mither men't my auld breeks. Lash to the helm. Glasgow [Scotland]: Printed for the Booksellers, [1840s]. 12mo. 8 pp.
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Counting to SixOne of65 Copies
Hill, Jennifer.  Overpass. Six drawings. [Florence, MA]: Kat Ran Press, 2001. Folio (35.8 cm, 14.2"). [6] pp.; 6 plts.
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Economic Development throughBetter RoadsCUBA, 1795
Jáuregui, Juan Tomás de.  Memoria sobre proporcionar arbitrios para la construcción de caminos en esta jurisdicción. En La Havana: en la imprenta de Estevan Bolona, 1795. 4to (25 cm; 10"). 12 pp.
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Victorian Illustrated Verse:  A Beautiful Romp through
Late 19th-Century France
[Keary, Eliza?]; Ellen E. Houghton & Thomas Crane, illus.   Abroad. London: Marcus Ward & Co., [1882]. 4to (22 cm, 8.66"). 56 pp.; col. illus.
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Fly Fly!50 Copies Only
Koelewyn, Arie.  Paper airplanes 1911 and 1973. Philadelphia: Paper Airplane Press, 1977. 12mo. [1] f., 12 pp., [1] f.
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18 Feet in Length!
(London Engraving).  Grand panorama of London. London: C. Evans, 1849. 12mo (15.3 cm, 6"). 1 fold. f.
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Armstrong Binding Popular Illustrator The HORSES Get the Last Word
MacGrath, Harold. The man on the box. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Co., (1904). 8vo (19.2 cm, 7.55"). Frontis., [12], 361, [1] pp.; 6 plts.
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Departures Were atFour A.M.
Murphy Hermanos.  Broadside. Begins, “Diligencia americana de Durango a Zacatecas.” Durango: Imp. del Gobierno, 1868. Folio (30.5 cm; 12"). [1] p.
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An Insider's View:  Spain's Postal System
Rodríguez de Campomanes, Pedro.  Itinerario de las carreras de posta de dentro, y fuera del reyno. Madrid: Antonio Perez de Soto, 1761. 8vo (15.4 cm, 6.1"). Frontis., [14], xcviii, [2], 312, [2], 76 pp. (map lacking).
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Artists Have Painted Them, SONGS Have Been Composed aboutThem”
Weber, Francis J.  The cable cars. San Fernando, CA: Junípero Serra Press, 1984. Miniature (4.5 cm, 1.8'”). [4], 18, [4] pp.
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“To Write or Speak the Epilogue after Any Great & Grand Drama Is
by No Means an Easy Task
Whewell, William; Henry T. De la Beche; & Others.  Lectures on the results of the Exhibition, delivered before the Society of Arts, Manufacturers, and Commerce, at the suggestion of H.R.H. Prince Albert, president of the society. Philadelphia: Reprinted by A. Hart, late Cary & Hart (Printed by T.K. & P.G. Collins), 1852. 12mo (17.9 cm; 7"). [2], 463 pp.
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The Golden Pavilion of Jehol, Etc.
(World's Fair).  Four octagonal metallic foil trivets from theChicago Century of Progress fair. [Chicago: 1933]. Largest: 16.6 x 24.7 cm; smallest: 13.5 x 13.5 cm.
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