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A Little Manual . . . FIRST Designed for PRIVATE Use” of TWO PRINCESSES
Lake, Edward.  Officium eucharisticum. A preparatory service to a devout and worthy reception of the Lord's Supper. Dublin: Printed by and for Samuel Fairbrother, 1724. 12mo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). [4] ff., 176 pp.
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Cutting-Edge Biblical Scholarship Three Maps
Lamy, Bernard. Commentarius in harmoniam sive concordiam quatuor evangelistarum.... Parisiis: Excudebat Joannis Anisson, 1699. 4to (12.6 cm, 10.25"). 2 vols. in 1. I: 2 a[n]4 e[n]4 A–Z4 Aa–Zz4 AAa–ZZz4 AAaa – OOoo4; [2] ff., xvi, 661, [1] pp., [25] ff.; 3 plts. II: 2 a–h4 A–Z4 Aa–Xx4 Yy2; [2] ff., lxiv, 326 pp., [15] ff.; 3 plts.

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Giving Engraving “Due Rank & Consideration Among the Fine Arts”
Landseer, John.  Lectures on the art of engraving, delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme (pr. by J. M'Creery), 1807. 8vo (21.4 cm, 8.42"). [2], xxxviii, [2], 341 (pag. skips 3/4), [1] pp.
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Required ReadingImpeccable Printing
La Rochefoucauld, François, duc de.  Maximes et réflexions morales du duc de la Rochefoucauld. Parme: De L'Imprimerie Bodoni, 1811. Large 4to (32.1 cm, 12.6"). [10], xxxii, 175, [1] pp.
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Exploring One of those Lesser Paths” of History
One Hundred Illustrations”
Larwood, Jacob, & John Camden Hotten.  The history of signboards, from the earliest times to the present day... sixth edition. London: John Camden Hotten, 1867. 8vo (18.8 cm, 7.4"). Col. frontis., x, 536 pp.; 19 plts.
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Quaker Meditations A Neat Compendium
  Two Women in the Contents Womanly Provenance, Too
[Law, William]. An extract from a treatise on the spirit of prayer, or the soul rising out of the vanity of time into the riches of eternity. With some thoughts on war. Remarks on the nature and bad effects of the use of spirituous liquors. And considerations on slavery. Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1780. 12mo (16.3 cm, 6.45"). 84 pp. [bound with] Webb, Elizabeth. A Anthony William Boehm, with his answer. Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1783. 44 pp. [with] [Benezet, Anthony].  In the life of the lady Elizabeth Hastings... [Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1784]. 8 pp.
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A Concise Overview for aVery Special Student Subset
Le Blond, Guillaume.  Abregé de geometrie à l'usage des pages de la Grande Ecurie du Roy. Où l'on donne ce qui est le plus nécessaire pour entrer dans l'étude des fortifications. Paris: Joseph Bullot & Jombert, 1737. 12mo (16.9 cm, 6.7"). [4], 162, [6] pp.; 5 fold. plts.
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Highly SignificantAmerican Judaicum
Leeser, Isaac, ed. & tr.  [title in Hebrew, transliterated as] Sidure divre tsadikim kolel seder ha-tefilot mi-kol ha-shanah ke-minhag ... Ashkenaz u-Polin.... [from the added title-page in English: Philadelphia: Printed by G. Sherman, for the editor, 1848]. 8vo. viii, 242, 2–243, [1] pp.
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Plenty of Provenance & aTypographic Eyeful
Leigh, Edward.  A treatise of the divine promises; in five books. London: pr. by A. Miller for Thomas Underhill, 1650. 12mo (14.3 cm; 5.625"). [18], 409, [39] pp., 1 fold-out diagram.
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León Pinelo, Antonio de.  Epítome de la bibliotheca oriental, y occidental, nautica, y geográfica ... Añadido y enmendado nuevamente en que se contienen los escritores de las Indias orientales, y occidentales, y reinos convecinos China, Tartaria, Japón, Persia, Armenia, Etiopia y otras partes. Madrid: En la oficina de Francisco Martinez Abad, 1737–38. Folio (30 cm; 11.75"). 3 vols. I: [71], [135], [27] ff. II: [221] ff. III: 202 pp.
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“A Short & Easy Method with theDeists
Leslie, Charles.  A short and easy method with the deists: wherein the certainty of the Christian religion is demonstrated, by infallible proof from four rules, which are incompatible to any imposture that ever yet has been, or that can possibly be. In a letter to a friend. Windsor, VT: Pr. by T.M. Pomroy, 1812. 12mo. 168 pp.
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Chicken Soup for the HUGUENOT Soul?
L'Espine, Jean de.  Excellens discours de I. de l'Espine angevin. Touchant le repos & contentement de l'esprit. La Rochelle: Hierosme Haultain, 1594. 12mo (13.7 cm, 5.38"). 758 pp., [5 (blank)] ff.
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A Most CreativelyFaux-Medieval Manuscript from
THE Lindsay Family
Lindsay, Margaret E.; Alice F. Lindsay, illus.; et al.  Manuscript on paper, in English: “Dark Baron Rolf. Or a romance of the Middle Ages.” [U.K.]: “New Year's Eve,” 1866. 4to (26.1 cm, 10.27"). [2], 54 pp.; illus.
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Innate Notions, Ideas, Words, etc.Locke on the Nature of Knowledge
Locke, John.  An essay concerning humane understanding. In four books. London: Pr. for Awnsham & John Churchil and Samuel Manship, 1694. Folio (32.8 cm, 12.875"). [40], 407, [13 (12 index)] pp. (portrait lacking; some pagination erratic).
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John Carter Brown's Copy, Acquired from Stevens
López de Cogolludo, Diego.  Historia de Yucathan. Madrid: Juan Garcia Infanzon, 1688. Folio (29 cm; 11.5"). [1 of 15] ff., 760 pp., [16] ff.
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A 1605 German Newsletter with Coverage ofthe Gun Powder Plot
Lorch, Casparus von.  Historicae relationes continuatio, Das ist: Wahrhaffte und eygentliche Erzehlung aller fürnembsten Sachen und Händel so sich von nechst verlauffener Ostermess dieses 1605. Jahrs biss auff diese jetzige Herbstmess durch gantz Europam ... zugetragen. No place [Koln?]: No publisher/printer, 1605. Small 4to (18.5 cm; 7.25"). 62 [i.e., 56] pp., fold. engr.
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Many Years Ago I Was Quite Intimately Associated with the Rev. Dr. Shields”
Low, Seth.  Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs. [Bayard?] Stockton. North East Harbor, ME: 2 September 1904. 12mo (7" x 4.5"). 3 pp.
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One of Luther's Favorite Texts, with His CommentaryEnglish Black Letter, 1616
Luther, Martin.  A commentarie of ... Martin Luther upon the epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians. London: Richard Field,, 1616. Small 4to (18 cm; 7"). [4], 296 ff.
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Stout Manual fromOne of Homeopathy's Major Promoters
Lutze, Ernst Arthur.  Lehrbuch der Homöopathie von Arthur Lutze. Cöthen: Verlag der Lutze'schen Klinik, 1867. 8vo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). [8], xcvi, 918, [2] pp.
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“'Ye Nymphs!' He Cry'd, 'Ye Dryads!'”
Lyttelton, George Lyttelton, Baron.  The poetical works of George Lord Lyttelton with additions: To which is prefixed, an account of his life. London: Pr. by C. Whittingham for Cadell and Davies, Longman and Rees, et al., 1801. 8vo (16.4 cm, 6.45"). Engr. title-page, x, [4], 147, [1] pp. (half-title lacking); 4 plts.
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