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Certifying the Use of a Coat of Arms & theConcomitant Privileges & Exemptions
Alonso Usatigui Barcena y Rodriguez de los Rios, Francisco.   Polychromatic genealogical/heraldic manuscript, on paper, in Spanish. Madrid: 1722 (5 December). 4to (31 cm, 12"). [24] ff.
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Scroungers” &Their Rights in 13th-Century ARAGON
(Still Scrounging/Foraging in 1542)
Almudevar (Spain).  Manuscript document, on paper. In Latin. Aragon: 5 May 1542. Small 4to (21.9 cm; 8.675"). [5] pp.
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Signatures of theFamous & Obscure
 (Autographs in Abundance).  Collection of signatures of notable and lesser Mexicans of the colonial era and first three quarters of the 19th century. Mexico: 1646 to ca. 1880. Various small sizes.
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Their Judgment: FARCICAL Process, BUT
Enforceable Policy
. . .
Bolivia.  Treaties. 1842. Manuscript Document Signed. Sucre, 10 December 1842. On paper, in Spanish. Folio, 3 ½ pp.

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The Development of aHacienda in the YUCATAN1626–1866
(Chalmuch Hacienda, Yucatan, Mexico).  Manuscript cahiers on paper of land transfers and inventories, in MAYA and Spanish. Chalmuch, Merida, elsewhere in Yucatan: 1626–1866. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). 132 ff. (14 blank).
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A New Bishop for Buenos Aires Manuscript Decree
Charles IV, King of Spain. Document signed with a wooden stamp ("Yo El Rey") and with evidence of a royal paper and wax seal. Aranjuez, 23 February 1798. Folio (288 x 210 mm.). [3] ff.
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Water & Land RightsA Law Suit in NAHUATL & Spanish
Citizens of Coculco & Tempatetetzintla v. Antonio de Padilla.   Manuscript on paper in Nahautl and Spanish. Tehuacán: 1624. Folio (31 cm, 12.25"). [10] ff.
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Building a Railroad inCUBA in the 1830s
(Cuban Railroads ~ Early)!  A collection of two letters and four printed forms relating to the Compañia de Caminos de Hierro de la Habana and the Compañía del Camino de Hierro entre las Ciudades de Puerto Principe y Nuevitas. Havana & Puerto Principe: 1834–40. Letters: 4to (25 x 20 cm, 9.875" x 8"). 16 pp., 7 pp. (last blank). Printed documents: Folio (30.5 x 21 cm, 12" x 8.25"). 4 leaves.
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The King Aids a Widow
Fernando VII, King of Spain.   Document Signed (“Yo El Rey”), on paper, in Spanish. “En Palacio” [i.e., Madrid], 1 March 1815. Folio (29.8 cm, 12.75"), 4 pp.
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What Would Now Be Called aFeeler” or Heads-Up”?
Herrera y Cisneros, Gaspar de.  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent On paper, in Spanish. Spain: 26 November 1612. Folio (30.8 cm; 12. 125"). [1] p., lacking the integral address leaf.
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The Mining Revival & The Father of
Mexican Independence
Hidalgo, Miguel de,  Father of Mexican Independence.   Document Signed (Br. Hidalgo), on paper, in Spanish. No place [mining region of Real de Bolaños or Aguas Calientes], no date [1780]. Folio, 1 p., bound in a dossier of documents relating to the execution of the provisions of the will of Augustina Velázquez. [with] A number of other collateral documents relating to the Condes de Vivanco. On paper, in Spanish. Mexico City, Real de Bolaños, Aguas Clientes, Valladolid (now Morelia), and elsewhere in Mexico. Folio (31 cm, 12.25") and smaller. Approximately 350 ff.

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A Balli-Printed Broadside with aJuan Pablos Woodcut Initial
(Buying a Lot of Cochineal!)
(MEXICAN “INCUNABLE”).  Notarial form.  Carta de poder. [Mexico: Pedro Balli, before 25 February 1594]. Folio 33.5 cm, 13.25"). [1] f. with integral leaf in manuscript.
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Supreme Court Documents
Olañeta, Casimiro.  Five MS. Letters Signed, to the Secretary of State at the Office of Justice. Sucre, 11 March – 12 May 1858. On paper, in Spanish. Folio, 8 pp.

How to Conduct a (Particular) Residencia Hearing
Philip IV, King of Spain.  Manuscript document. On paper, in Spanish. Madrid: 31 October 1625. Folio (31 cm; 12.125"). [4] pp. (and 2 blank leaves).
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DoingBUSINESS in Mexico in 1834
Quesedo, Tomas.  Autograph Letter Signed, in Spanish, on paper, to Abraham Miller. Mexico City [“S.C.”]: 13 October 1834. Small 4to, [2] pp.
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The Interesting Estate of the Choir Master
Popayán, 1621
Ramírez Carrillo, Alonso.   Manuscript document, unsigned. On paper, in Spanish. Peñafiel, Spain, 1621. Folio (31 cm; 12.25"). 15 ff.
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The Choir Master OwnedVineyards
   (& Maria Got Them)
Ramírez Carrillo, Alonso.  Document (“escritura pública de donación”). In Spanish, on paper. Peñafiel, Spain, 24 April 1615. Folio. [10] pp.
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A Prizable Family DocumentA Posh Bibliophilic Provenance
Rosillo y Enciso, Antonio.  Illuminated manuscript in Spanish, on vellum. Carta ejecutoria de hidalguía. Madrid: 1777 (12 April). Folio (31 cm, 12.25 ). [26] ff.
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Vizcaino & Serra Letters inExtremely Good 19th-Century Facsimiles
(Spanish-era California).  Three excellent photographic copies of autograph letters in the Archivo General de Indias. [copies made in Seville: Establecimiento Tipografico y Litografico “El Porvenir”, 1884]. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). [1], [2], [3] pp.
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A Bespoke Cedulario forUse in New Spain & Guatemala
(Spanish Royal Decrees).  An assemblage of 43 manuscript and printed royal and viceroyal decrees and some 25 related documents. Barcelona, Madrid, Valldolid (Spain), Aranjuez, Mexico City, & elsewhere: 1701–79. Small 4to, folio, & larger. Approximately 135 ff.
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Colonial Support for theRoyal Retreat MS. Accounting, 1781–85
(Subsidies for the Escorial).   Contemporary copy of a manuscript, on paper, in Spanish. Lima, 1787. Folio, 23 pp.

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