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The Beatus vir . . . Gorgeously Produced, Beautifully Framed
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & Ritual. Psalter.  Manuscript leaf. Northern Italy: ca. 1490. Folio. [1] f. (56 x 42 cm; 22" x 16").
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Pocket-Size Greek Marian LiturgyRED/Black & ELEGANT
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & ritual. Little office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Greek.  [three lines in Greek transliterated as ] Akolouthia tes makarias Parthenou Marias. Patavii: Ex Typographia Seminarii, 1713. 12mo (11.6 cm, 4.75’’). [24], 258, [6] pp. (last three blank).
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Pickering BCP FacsimileLAVISHED with the Work ofMARY BYFIELD
Church of England.    Book of Common Prayer.  The book of common prayer: King James, anno 1604, commonly called the Hampton Court Book. London: William Pickering (pr. by Charles Whittingham), 1844. Folio (35.1 cm, 13.8"). [260] pp.
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C of E Communion . . . Daily Self-Examinations & Meditations
(Church of England).  The new week's preparation for a worthy receiving of the Lord's Supper ... with forms of examination and confession of sins and a Companion at the altar directing the communicant in his behaviour and devotions at the Lord's table.... London [i.e., York]: Pr. from the edition of the late Edwd. Wickstead for T. Wilson & R. Spence, [between 1791 & 1794]. 12mo (15.3 cm, 6.02"). Frontis., [4], vi, 148 pp. [bound with The new week's preparation for worthy receiving of the Lord's Supper, as appointed and practiced by the Church of England; part the second: Consisting of meditations, prayers, and hymns ... with a form of daily self-examination. London: Pr. from the edition of the late Edwd. Wickstead for A. Millar, W. Law, & E. Cater; and for Wilson, Spence, & Mawman, 1795. Frontis., [3]–144 pp.
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German-American CATHOLIC Personal DevotionsAn EXTENDED Manuscript
Fraktur RubricsPennsylvania Dutch” Embellishments
Kary, Simon.  Manuscript on paper, in German, transcribed as: [one or two words blotted and unclear, then] sich befinden in Andachtübung Gott deß Morgens, und Abends, bey den Heiligen Meß, Beicht und Kommunion Gebettern zu sprechen. Wie auch unterschiedliche Getbetter zu Christo, und Maria, auf die fürnehmsten FestTage deß Jahrs. Und auch Gebetter zu dem Heiligen Gottes zu finden sein. Zu grössern Ehr und Seelen Trost. Geschrieben worden von dem Simon Kary im Jahr 1799. [i.e., Catholic prayer book]. No place [Pennsylvania]: 1799. 12mo (16.3 cm, 6.4"). [2], 136 pp.
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A Little Manual . . . FIRST Designed for PRIVATE Use” of TWO PRINCESSES
Lake, Edward.  Officium eucharisticum. A preparatory service to a devout and worthy reception of the Lord's Supper. Dublin: Printed by and for Samuel Fairbrother, 1724. 12mo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). [4] ff., 176 pp.
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A Highly SignificantAmerican Judaicum
Leeser, Isaac, ed. & tr.  [title in Hebrew, transliterated as] Sidure divre tsadikim kolel seder ha-tefilot mi-kol ha-shanah ke-minhag ... Ashkenaz u-Polin.... [from the added title-page in English: Philadelphia: Printed by G. Sherman, for the editor, 1848]. 8vo. viii, 242, 2–243, [1] pp.
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