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ALL of La Fontaine's FablesIllustrated by Couché
La Fontaine, Jean de.  Fables de La Fontaine, précédées de la vie de l'auteur, suivies de Philémon et Baucis, et des Filles de Minée. Paris: Avallon, 1835. 12mo (13.9 cm, 5.47"). [2], xxxvi, [lv]–[lviii], 143, [1], 219, [1], [255]–260 pp.; 4 plts.
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“A Delectable Tale”
La Harpe, Jean-François de; Frank Swettenham, trans.; Clément-Pierre Marillier, illus.  Three gifts: An Arab love story. London: John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd., 1928. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.75"). 76 pp.; 5 col. plts.
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The ESSAYS that Made Lamb's Reputation1st U.S. Edition
Lamb, Charles.  Elia. Essays which have appeared under that signature in the London Magazine. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Carey (pr. by Mifflin & Parry, and J.R.A. Skerrett), 1828. 12mo (I: 18.4 cm, 7.25", II: 16.8cm, 6.6"). 2 vols. I: 292 pp. II: 230 pp. (both vols. without ads.).
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Flattery Put Out of Countenance: A Poetical Version
of anANCIENT Tale”
Lamb, Charles.  Prince Dorus. London: Field & Tuer (The Leadenhall Press), 1889. 8vo (20.2 cm, 7.95"). xii, 31, [1] pp.; 10 plts. (9 col.).
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Southern, for Sure
Lambert, Mary Eliza Perine Tucker.  Poems. New York: M. Doolady, 1867. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.25"). xi, [1], [5]–237, [1] pp. (lacking 2 plts.).
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Around the World inProse, Pictures, & Matching Bindings
Lander, Sarah W.  Spectacles for young eyes. Berlin, Boston, Moscow, Pekin, Rome, St. Petersburg, Zurich. Boston & New York: Walker, Fuller & Co. and Sheldon & Co., 1866 & 1867. 16mo (17.3 cm, 6.81"). 7 vols. Berlin: Frontis., engr. t-p., 192, [2 (adv.)], 2 (adv.) pp.; 5 plts., illus. Boston: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 202, [6 (adv.)] pp.; 7 plts. Moscow: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 202, [2 (adv.)] pp.; 5 plts., illus. Pekin: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 218, [8 (adv.)] pp.; 4 plts., illus. Rome: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 194 pp.; 4 plts., illus. St. Petersburg: Frontis., engr. t.-p., 203, [1], [6 adv.)] pp.; 6 plts., illus. Zurich: Frontis., engr. t-p., 205, [1], [6 (adv.)] pp.; 6 plts., illus. (All frontis. & add. t.-p. incl. in pagination).
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Required ReadingImpeccable Printing
La Rochefoucauld, François, duc de.  Maximes et réflexions morales du duc de la Rochefoucauld. Parme: De L'Imprimerie Bodoni, 1811. Large 4to (32.1 cm, 12.6"). [10], xxxii, 175, [1] pp.
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Amour & a Greeting
Lassalle, Ferdinand.  Une page d'amour de Ferdinand Lassalle. Recit - Correspondance - Confessions. Stamford, CT: Overbrook Press, 1959. 8vo. [8], 86, [2] pp.
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Laughlin'sOnly Perishable Press Printing
Laughlin, James.  The pig. Mt. Horeb, WI: Perishable Press, 1970. 8vo (21.7 cm, 8.5"). [26] pp.

Breton Folk Literature Legacy Music & Engraved Plates
La Villemarqué, Théodore Hersart, Vicomte de; & Tom Taylor, trans.  Ballads and songs of Brittany ... translated from the “Barsaz-Breiz” of Vicomte Hersart de la Villemarqué. London & Cambridge: Macmillan & Co. (pr. by Bradbury & Evans), 1865. 4to (21.4 cm, 8.4"). Frontis., xxii, [2], 239, [1] pp.; 8 plts.
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One of 2000 PrintedFirst British Edition
Lawrence, D.H.  The man who died. London: Martin Secker, 1931. 8vo (25.5 cm, 10.1"). 97, [1] pp.
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Lawrence's Limited-Edition Presentation of Dottor Manente”
Lawrence, D.H., trans.  The story of Doctor Manente being the tenth and last story from the suppers of A.F. Grazzini called Il Lasca. Florence: G. Orioli, 1929. 8vo (20.1 cm, 7.91"). Frontis., xxiv, 119, [3] pp.; 2 plts.
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“The Vitality of Fictionalized Autobiography”
Lawrence, D.H.; Sheila Robinson, illus.; Robert Gorham Davis, intro.   Sons and lovers. Avon, CT: The Limited Editions Club, 1975. 8vo (27.2 cm, 10.7"). x, [4], 443, [3] pp.; 12 col. plts.; illus.

Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone
Lees, Jim, ed.; David Gentleman, illus.  The ballads of Robin Hood. Cambridge: Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1977. 4to (27.9 cm, 11"). Frontis., xxiii, [1], 206, [2] pp.; 7 plts., illus.
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With Upwards of Fifty Illustrations”
Lemon, Mark; Charles H. Bennett & Richard Doyle, illus.   Fairy tales. London: Bradbury, Evans, & Co., 1868. 8vo (19.9 cm, 7.83"). [12], 189, [3] pp.; 6 plts., illus.
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One Side (Entire) of anEnlightenment Debate
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim.  Anti-Goeze ... D.i. Nothgedrungener beytraege zu den Freywilligen beytraegen des hrn. past. Goeze. Braunschweig: [Waisenhausbuchhandlung], 1778. Small 8vo (17.5 cm; 7"). 11 numbers in one volume, each 16 pp.
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Poems by a U.S. Poet Laureate
Levine, Philip.  Blue. West Chester, PA: Aralia Press, [February] 1989. 8vo (24.2 cm, 9.5"). [10] ff.
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Conspiracy!  Murder!  Kissing Fair Maidens on the Cheek!
(A Gothic Novelist Turns His Eyes to Venice)
Lewis, Matthew Gregory.  Rugantino, the bravo of Venice. Durham: George Walker, Jr., 1838. 12mo (16.8 cm, 6.61"). 24 pp.
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POEMS by the InfluentialMonk” of GOTHIC Literature
Lewis, Matthew Gregory (“Monk Lewis”).   Tales of wonder...the second edition. London: Pr. by W. Bulmer & Co. for J. Bell, 1801. 8vo (18 cm, 7.1"). [4], 251 (pp. 138–39 numbered 134–35), [1 (adv.)] pp.
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A Most CreativelyFaux-Medieval Manuscript from
THE Lindsay Family
Lindsay, Margaret E.; Alice F. Lindsay, illus.; et al.  Manuscript on paper, in English: “Dark Baron Rolf. Or a romance of the Middle Ages.” [U.K.]: “New Year's Eve,” 1866. 4to (26.1 cm, 10.27"). [2], 54 pp.; illus.
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Letters to the LiteratiPlantin–Moretus Press
Lipsius, Justus.  Epistolarum selectarum centuria prima [–quinta] miscellanea. Antwerp: Ex officina Plantiana, apud Ioannem Moretum; viduam & filios Ioannis Moreti, 1605–14. 4to (25.8 cm, 10.2"). 5 parts in one vol. [4] ff., 119, [1] pp.; [121]–213, [3] pp.; [4] ff., 108, [4] pp.; [6] ff., 83, [5] pp.; [6] ff., 112, [8] pp.
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For 17TH-CENTURY BOOKS,  click here.

Locke'sPersonal Correspondence
Locke, John.  Some familiar letters between Mr. Locke, and several of his friends. London: A. & J. Churchill, 1708. 8vo (19 cm, 7.5"). [4], 540 pp.
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The English Hermit in aNew Hampshire Edition
[Longueville, Peter].  The hermit: Or the unparalleled sufferings and surprising adventures of Philip Quarll, an Englishman. Exeter [NH]: Pr. by H. Ranlet for I. Thomas & E.T. Andrews, 1795. 12mo (17.2 cm, 6.77"). Frontis., vi, [7]–263, [1] pp.
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Lowell's Letters, Edited by a Friend
Lowell, James Russell; Charles Eliot Norton, ed.  Letters of James Russell Lowell. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1894. 8vo (22.7 cm, 8.9"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., viii, 418 pp.; 1 plt. II: Frontis., v, [1], 464 pp.
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Sacred Hebrew Poetry
Lowth, Robert.  De sacra poesi hebraeorum. Oxonii: E typographeo Clarendoniano, 1775. 8vo (22.5 cm; 8.875"). [4] ff., 515, [1 (blank)] pp., [6] ff.
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For JUDAICA / HEBRAICA,  click here.

Popular Golden Age WriterPOPULAR Love Stories!
Lozano, Cristóbal.  Soledades de la vida y desengaños del mundo, novelas exemplares. Madrid: a costa de Francisco Medel, [1722]. 4to (21 cm; 8.25"). [4] ff., 378 [i.e., 376] pp.
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Lucanus in Rhyme, for 17th-CenturyENGLISH Readers
Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus [Lucan]. Lvcans Pharsalia: Or the civill warres of Rome, betweene Pompey the great, and Ivlivs Cæsar. The whole tenne bookes, Englished by Thomas May...the second edition, corrected, and the annotations inlarged by the author. London: Thomas Iones (pr. by Aug. Mathews), 1631. 8vo (14.5 cm, 5.75"). π1a8A–S8T2; engr. frontis., [146] ff. [with] May, Thomas. A continvation of the subiect of Lucan’s historicall poem till the death of Ivlivs Cæser the 2d edition corrected and amended. London: James Boler, 1633. 8vo. A–K8(-K8); [79 of 80] ff.
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Baskerville's Twelvemo Lucretius, Morocco Bound
Lucretius Carus, Titus.  Titi Lucretii Cari De rerum natura libri sex. Birminghamiae: Typis Johannis Baskerville, 1773. 12mo in 6s (18 cm, 7"). [1] f., 131, 128–214 (i.e., 218) pp. (text continuous despite pagination).
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Latin–French Lucretius
Owned by aSuccession of Notable Collectors
Lucretius Carus, Titus; Jacques Parrain des Coutures, trans.  Les oeuvres de Lucrece, contenant sa philosophie sur la physique, où l'Origine de toutes choses. Traduites en francois, avec des remarques, sur tout l'ouvrage ... Derniere edition, avec l'original Latin, & la vie de Lucrece. Paris: Chez Thomas Guillain, 1692. 8vo (15.8 cm, 6.22"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., [38], 425, [3] pp. II: Frontis., [2], 494, [6] pp. (pagination skips 73–92).
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Whip &/or Be Whipped
Lunas, Carmencita de las [pseud. of Alexander Whitelaw Robertson Trocchi].  Thongs. Paris: Olympia Press, 1956. 12mo (17.8 cm, 7"). 189, [1] pp.
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 For a bit more (mostly very mild!) EROTICA
(but this is rough),
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“'Ye Nymphs!' He Cry'd, 'Ye Dryads!'”
Lyttelton, George Lyttelton, Baron.  The poetical works of George Lord Lyttelton with additions: To which is prefixed, an account of his life. London: Pr. by C. Whittingham for Cadell and Davies, Longman and Rees, et al., 1801. 8vo (16.4 cm, 6.45"). Engr. title-page, x, [4], 147, [1] pp. (half-title lacking); 4 plts.
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