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A Victorian Favorite, in a Stunning Edition
Ingelow, Jean.  Poems. London: Longmans, Green, Reader, & Dyer, 1867. 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.29"). Frontis., xiv, [2], 318, [2] pp.; illus.
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Sumptuously BoundFirst American Edition
Irving, Washington.  A history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus. New York: G. & C. Carvill, 1828. 8vo (22 cm; 8.625"). 3 vols. I: xvi, 399 pp., 1 folded map. II: viii, [1], 10–367. III: viii, [1], 14–419, [1] pp.
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WithHoward Pyle's Illustrations; Without Some Other Bits
Irving, Washington.  A history of New-York from the beginning of the world to the end of the Dutch dynasty; containing, among many surprising and curious matters, the unutterable ponderings of Walter the Doubter, the disastrous projects of William the Testy, and the chivalric achievements of Peter the Headstrong — the three Dutch governors of New Amsterdam; being the only authentic history of times that ever hath been or ever will be published. New York: Printed for the Grolier Club, 1886. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.125"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., [4 (of 6)] ff., 312 pp., 1 plate; lacks the two prelim. states of the frontis., the half-title, and the colophon leaves. II: [6], 275, [5] pp., [4] leaves of plates l lacks the two prelim. states of the frontis.
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Irving's Tales ofNew York, Paris, Granada, Etc.
Irving, Washington.  Wolfert's roost and other papers, now first collected.  New York: G.P. Putnam & Co., 1855. 12mo (19.3 cm, 7.6"). Frontis., add. engr. t.-p., [2], [7]–383, [1], 12 (adv.) pp.
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APearl of a Book of Its Era
Jacob, P.L.  Les perles. Pièces d'écrin artistique et littéraire. Paris: Veuve Jules Renouard, 1867. Folio (35 cm, 13.75"). Add. engr. t.-p., [2], 81, [1] pp.; 22 plts.
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The Feast of St. Peter in ChainsA WOODCUT-GRACED RELIC of
Jacobus, de Voragine.  Legenda aurea [i.e., Golden Legend]. [London : Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1527]. Folio (28 cm; 11"). [1] f.
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A Good Gathering . . .
James, Henry.  The complete tales of Henry James. Philadelphia & New York: J.B. Lippincott Company, [copyright 1961–64]. 8vo. 6 vols. I: [6 (2 blank)], 7–430, [2 (blank)] pp. II: [6 (2 blank)], 7–446, [2 (blank)] pp. V: [6 (2 blank)], 7–414, [2 (blank)] pp. VI: [6 (2 blank)], 7–444, [4 (blank)] pp. VII: [6 (2 blank)], 7–462, [2 (blank)] pp. VIII: [6 (2 blank)], 7–504 pp.
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Bernard & Gordon & Angela
James, Henry.  Confidence. Boston: Houghton, Osgood & Co., 1880. 12mo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). [2], [5]–347, [1] pp.
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1st U.S. EditionThe Europeans
James, Henry.  The Europeans. A sketch. Boston: Houghton, Osgood & Co., 1879. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). [2], 281, [1] pp.
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“The Blackest of All Nursery Tales,
the Most Terrifying of All Ghost Stories,
    the Most Pathetic of All the Chronicles of Damnation
James, Henry; Mariette Lydis, illus.  The turn of the screw. Los Angeles: Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club at the Plantin Press, 1949. 8vo (29.4 cm, 11.57"). xii, [4], 145, [3] pp.; 12 plts.
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San Antonio of the Gardens, The Flower of Death, The Legend of Padre José . . .
Janvier, Thomas Allibone.   Stories of old New Spain. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1898. 8vo. Frontis., 326, [10 (adv.)] pp.
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Up the THAMES in a Rowboat
Jerome, Jerome K.  Three men in a boatto say nothing of the dog!  Ipswich: Pr. by W.S. Cowell Ltd. for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1975. Oblong 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.3"). xv, [1], 174, [2] pp.; 12 col. plts., 2 double-p. col. plts.

TWO 18th-Century English Verse Poems about
& the
Maintenance Thereof
Joannes, de Mediolano; William Combe, trans.  The oeconomy of health. [London]: Sold by Mr. Almond, & Messrs. Becket & De Hondt, & Mr. Newbery, [1776? 1780?]. 8vo (18.4 cm, 7.25"). Engr. t.-p. (incl. in pagination), xv, [3], 56 pp. [bound with] Armstrong, John. The art of preserving health: A poem. London: T. Davies, 1774. 8vo. [4], 96 pp.
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One of theFirst Two Books Printed at ETON
John, Mauropus, Metropolitan of Euchaita (active 11th century).   Joannis Metropolitani Euchaitensis versus iambici in principalium festorum pictas in tabulis historias atq[ue] alia varia compositi. Etonae: In Collegio Regali, excudebat [M. Bradwood for] Ioannes Norton, in Gr[a]ecis, &c. regius typographus, 1610. 4to (22.8 cm; 9"). [4] ff., 73, [1] pp., [4] ff.
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Signed Binding on aReward Volume from a Teacher
Johnny and Maggie, and other stories.  Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Co., [1852–60?]. 16mo (15.3 cm; 6"). 48, 14 pp. (publisher's catalogue).
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The Last Augustan According toT.S.E.
Johnson, Samuel.  London: a poem and The vanity of human wishes ... with an introductory essay by T.S. Eliot. London: Frederick Etchells & Hugh MacDonald, 1930. Folio (35.2 cm, 13.8"). 44, [2] pp.
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Early 18th-Century Jonson Collection At End, a MostAMBITIOUS Catalogue
Jonson, Ben.  [The three celebrated plays of that excellent poet Ben Johnson]. London: Pr. for J. Walthoe, G. Conyers, J. Knapton, et al., 1732. 12mo (16.8 cm, 6.6"). Frontis., 96, 96, 100, 35, [1] pp., without the general title-page.
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Spanish StatecraftFirst English Appearance
Juan de Santa María, fray.  Christian policie: Or, the Christian common-wealth. London: Pr. by Thomas Harper for Richard Collins, 1632. 4to (22 cm, 8.6"). [18 of 19 (lacks blank {only})], 481, [1] pp.
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Editio PrincepsEstienne Printing
Justin, Martyr, Saint.  [in Greek, romanized as] Tou hagiou Ioustinou philosophou kai martyros, Zēna kai Serēnō, Logos parainetikos pros HellēEx Officina Roberti Stephani nas. Pros Tryphōna Ioudaion dialogos. Apologia hyper Christianōn pros tēn Rhōmaiōn sygklēton [etc., i.e., Opera omnia] ... ex Bibliotheca Regia. Lutetiae: ex officina Roberti Stephani typographi Regii, Regiis typis, 1551. Median folio (34.5 cm, 13.5"). [4] ff., 311, [1] pp., [2] ff.
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In Latin, Printed at The Hague
Juvenalis, Decimus Junius, & Aulus Persius Flaccus.  D. Iun. Iuvenalis et Auli Persii Flacci Satyrae. Hagae Comitum: Apud Arnoldum Leers, 1683. 12mo (14 cm, 5.5"). 189, [1 (blank)] pp.
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THREE Satirists / One Elegant Printing
Juvenalis, Decimus Junius; Aulus Persius Flaccus; & Sulpicia; Heinrich Christian von Hennin, ed.  D. Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis satyrae [with] Auli Persii Flacci satyrarum liber [and] Sulpiciae satyra. Mannhemii: Societatis literatae, 1780–81. 8vo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). [4], 178, [181]–251, [1] pp.
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BANYAN PRESS:  Meditations on Impermanence
Kamo, Chomei; Donald Keene, trans.   An account of my hut. Pawlet, VT: The Banyan Press, 1976. 8vo (26.5 cm, 10.4"). [30] pp.
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Our English Children's Ways to Show”Via Chromolithographs
[Keary, Eliza]; John George Sowerby & Thomas Crane, illus.   At home. London: Marcus Ward & Co., [ca. 1881]. 4to (22 cm, 8.66"). 56 pp.; col. illus.
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Not ThatOther Netley Abbey
Keate, George.  Netley Abbey. An elegy...the second edition, corrected and enlarged. London: J. Dodsley, 1769. 4to ( 26.4 cm, 10.4"). 31, [1 (blank)] pp. (lacking the half-title).
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Moods of One's Mind!  You Know I Hate Them Well . . .
Keats, John.  Dear Reynolds, as last night I lay in bed. New Rochelle, NY: James L. Weil, June 1991. 4to (26.1 cm, 10.25"). 9, [2] pp.
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Fairies, Medieval Ladies, & Ancient Greeks
    24 Color-Printed Plates by Averil Burleigh
A Sangorski & Sutcliffe Binding
Keats, John; Averil Burleigh, illus.  The poems of John Keats. London: Chapman & Hall, [1912]. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.63"). viii, 360 pp.; 24 col. plts.
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A Gift Book forWomen ofElevated Character”
Keese, John, ed.  The opal: A pure gift for the holy days. New York: J.C. Riker, [1846]. 8vo (20.4 cm, 8"). 304 pp.; 8 engr. plts., without the added engr. title-page.
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Cultivating Both the Knowledge of Nature & the General Interests of Virtue”
(Pr. for E. Newbery)
Kendall, Edward Augustus.  The swallow: A fiction. Interspersed with poetry. London: Pr. for E. Newbery by T. Baylis, 1800. 12mo (13.7 cm, 5.39"). Frontis., xviii, [2], 157, [3] pp.
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Kerouac before He WasJack”
Kerouac, Jack [but writing as “John”].  The Town & the City.  New York: Harcourt, Brace & Co., (1950). 8vo (20.5 cm; 8"). [3] ff., 499, [1] pp.
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Standard BibliographyNonesuch First Edition
Keynes, Geoffrey.  Bibliography of William Hazlitt. London: Pr. for the Nonesuch Press, 1931. 8vo (22.7 cm, 8.9"). Frontis., xix, 135, [3] pp.; 32 plts.(1 fold.).
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In Search of a Spanish Barber's Basin
King, Clarence.  The helmet of Mambrino. San Francisco: The Book Club of California, 1938. 12mo (20.3 cm, 8"). xx, [2], 21, [3] pp.
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A GermanROMANTIC Who Committed SUICIDE
Kleist, Heinrich von.  Heinrich von Kleists hinterlassene Schriften, herausgegeben von L. Tieck. Berlin: Gedruckt und verlegt bei G. Reimer, 1821. 8vo (19.5 cm; 7.75"). lxxviii, 290 pp.
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A Dutch Count's Private Meditationsfor 1813 New Yorkers
Kniphuysen Nienvort, George William, Count of.  Prayers and meditations, composed in the French language in the year 1693 ... translated by an American. New York: T. & J. Swords, 1813. 12mo (14.5 cm, 5.7"). 105, [1] pp.
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