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Proud Theshold toThreshold
O'Malley, Mary, ed.  [Prospectus for] Threshold. [Belfast: Lyric Players Theatre], 1957. 8vo (21.8 cm, 8.58"). [2] ff. (incl. form).
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By an Irish-Canadian
O'Neill, Moira.  Songs of the Glens of Antrim. New York: Macmillan & Co., 1904. 8vo. x pp., [1] f., 61 pp.
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Irish-American NovelTWO Queens & a SeeressSensational!
Peppergrass, Paul (pseud. of John Boyce); Samuel Worcester Rowse, illus.   The Spaewife: or the Queen's secret. A story of the reign of Elizabeth. Baltimore: Kelly & Piet, 1865. Small 8vo (19.3 cm, 7.5"). [3] ff., xxvi, 742 pp., illus.
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An Irish PlutarchIllustrated
Plutarch.  Plutarch's lives, in six volumes: Translated from the Greek, with notes, explanatory and critical, from Dacier and others. Dublin: J. Williams, 1769. 8vo (20.6 cm, 8.15"). 2 vols. (of 6). I: Frontis., vii, [17], xiii–lxiv, 382 pp.; illus. II: 468 pp.; illus.
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Nonesuch Press Edition:
A NovelC.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Read Aloud
toMake the Inklings Laugh
Ros, Amanda McKittrick.  Irene Iddesleigh. London: Nonesuch Press, 1926. 12mo (20 cm, 7.9"). 151, [1] pp.; illus.
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“The Grisly Form ofStar-Chamber Tyranny Stared Me in the Face
Russell, William.  Letters of William Russell, on the doctrine ofconstructive contempt. With a true copy of the original affidavit, upon which the sheriff of the county of Dublin was attached, and an accurate report of the judgment of the King's Bench in that case. Dublin: [s.n.], 1786. 8vo (20.4 cm, 8"). [iii]–xl, 155, [1] pp. (lacking half-title).
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LOLs(?)  Including Irish Blunders”
The Scotch haggis; A Selection of choice bon mots, Irish blunders, Repartees, Anecdotes, &c. / Care to our coffin adds a nail no doubt, / While every laugh so merry draws one out. Glasgow [Scotland]: Printed for the Booksellers, [18--] . 12mo. 24 pp.
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The Hour for Freedom &the Irish Republic Has Struck”
Sinn Féin.  Broadside, begins: Can Ireland stand alone? Is she strong enough to set up as an independent nation? [Dublin: Sinn Fein], 1918. Oblong small 8vo (19 x 25.5 cm, 7.5" x 10"). [1] f.
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The Sinn Féin Election Guide for 1918
Sinn Féin.  Election Sub-Committee.  An election guide for use of Sinn Fein clubs. Dublin: Sinn Fein, 1918. 12mo (18 cm, 7.125"). iv, 84, viii pp.
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A BoweryB'Hoy” Makes Good
Southworth, Mrs. E.D.E.N.  Capitola's peril. New York: A.L. Burt & Co., [ca. 1890]. 12mo (19.2 cm, 7.55"). [2], 246, [6 (adv.)] pp.
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A Military Manual for Troops Serving under a BRITISH OFFICER in the Peninsular Campaign
Spain.   Army.   Reglamento para el exercicio y maniobras de la infantería. De las evoluciones de línea. [colophon: Cadiz: en la Imprenta Tormentaria á cargo de Juan Domingo Villegas, 1813]. 8vo (21.5 cm; 8.125"). [2], 281–385, 15 pp., fold. plts. numbered xxxix –lxviii.
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“A Thought is a Real Thing & Words are Only Its Raiment”
Stephens, James; Thomas Mackenzie, illus.  The crock of gold. London: Macmillan & Co, 1926. 8vo (22.9 cm, 9"). vii, [1], 227, [1] pp.; 12 col. plts.
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History of English Law byOne of the Great IRISH Barristers
Sullivan, Francis Stoughton.  An historical treatise on the feudal law, and the constitution and laws of England; with a commentary on Magna Charta, and necessary illustrations of many of the English statues, in a course of lectures, read in the University of Dublin. Dublin: Thomas Ewing, 1772. 8vo (20.8 cm, 8.2"). xvi, 448 pp.
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Is it Best to be Laughing-Mad, or Crying-Mad, in the World?
Titmarsh, M.A. [pseud. of William Thackeray].  Mrs. Perkins's ball. [London]: Chapman & Hall (pr. by Vizetelly Brothers & Co.), [1847]. 4to (21.6 cm, 8.5"). [2], engr. t.-p., 46, [2] pp.; 1 fold. col. plt., 20 col. plts.
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United BCP with aWestminster Abbey Fore-Edge View
United Church of England and Ireland.  Book of Common Prayer.  The Book of Common Prayer, and administration of the Sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland: Together with the Psalter, or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches. London: Pub. for John Reeves (pr. by W. Bulmer), 1802. 8vo (24 cm, 9.5"). vi, [694] pp.
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Early Christianity in Britain & theHeresy of Pelagianism
Ussher, James.  Britannicarum ecclesiarum antiquitates: Quibus inserta est pestiferae adversus Dei gratiam a Pelagio britanno in ecclesiam inductae haereseos historia. Accedit gravissimae quaestionis de christianarum ecclesiarum successione & statu historica explicatio. Londini: Impensis Benj. Tooke, 1687. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). [8] ff., 136, 145–336, 339–509, [5], 507–548 pp., [7] ff., 191, [1] pp.
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BEFORE His Falling-Out withthe WesleysTravels in Georgia
Whitefield, George.  A journal of a voyage from London to Savannah in Georgia. In two parts. Part I. From London to Gibraltar. Part II. From Gibraltar to Savannah. [bound with the same author's] A continuation of the Reverend Mr. Whitefield's journal from his arrival at Savannah, to his return to London. London: Pr. for James Hutton, 1739. 8vo. [2] ff., 38 pp., [1] f. London: Pr. for James Hutton, 1739. 8vo. 55, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Hatred & Horace”
[Wolcot, John].  A poetical epistle to a falling minister; also, an imitation of the twelfth ode of Horace. By Peter Pindar. Dublin: P. Byrne, 1789. 8vo (20.7 cm, 8.1"). [2], 22 pp.
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Sensational “News” ReportsShocking “Plots” Fortunately “Discovered”!
(Worcester, Edward Somerset, Marquis of).  The earl of Glamorgans negotiations and colourable commitment in Ireland demonstrated; Or, the Irish plot for bringing ten thousand men and arms into England, whereof three hundred to be for Prince Charls's Lifegard. Discovered in several letters taken in a packet-boat by Sir Tho: Fairfax forces at Padstow in Cornwal; which letters were cast into the sea, and by the sea coming in, afterwards regained; and were read in the Honorable House of Commons, and ordered to be printed. London: Edward Husband, 1645. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). 35, [1] pp.
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