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Considering theA--------N  R---------N
Thickell, Richard.  Anticipation: containing the substance of His M------y's most gracious speech to both h-----s of P----l-----t, on the opening of the approaching session.... London: Pr. for T. Becket, 1778. 8vo. vi pp., [1] f., 74 pp. .
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The Great Archer of England”
[Thoms, William John].  The noble birth and gallant atchievements [sic] of that remarkable outlawRobin Hood. London: William Pickering, 1827. 8vo (21.8 cm, 8.56"). [2], xix, [1], 53, [1] pp.
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Much on“The Great Buzaglo”
[Tickell, Richard]. The project. A poem. Dedicated to Dean Tucker. The fifth edition. London: Pr. for T. Becket, 1779. 4to. [2] ff., 12 pp.

Printed in London — (Re-)Bound inTrenton
Toone, William.  The chronological historian; or a record of public events, historical, political, biographical, literary, domestic, and miscellaneous; principally illustrative of the ecclesiastical, civil, naval, and military history of Great Britain and its dependencies, from the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the present time... Second edition. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green, 1828. 8vo (21.8 cm, 8.55"). 2 vols. I: [1] f., ii, 664 pp. II: [1] f., 747, [1] pp.
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BEGGING for Commercial Law Reform
Tribunals of commerce.  A letter to the bankers of London, reviewing the origin and progress of the movement in favour of tribunals of commerce.... London: Effingham Wilson, 1854. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). 47, [1 (blank)] pp.

The First Anglo-Dutch War, New Amsterdam, Prisoner Exchanges, & Much More
United Provinces of the Netherlands.  Verbael gehouden door de Heeren H. van Beverningk, W. Nieupoort, J. van de Perre, en A.P. Jongestal, als gedeputeerden ... van de heeren Staeten generael der Vereenigde Nederlanden, aen de republyck van Engelandt. Gravenhage: By Hendrick Scheurleer, 1725. 4to (25.5 cm; 10"). xx, 416, 415–518, 517–716 pp.
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The Cambridge Union [DEBATING] Society
University of Cambridge.  Cambridge Union Society.   Laws and transactions of the Union Society, revised and corrected to March, M.DCCC.XXXII. To which is annexed a list of the members and officers, from its formation in M.DCCC.XV. and a list of the periodical and other works taken in by the Society. Cambridge: Pr. by J. Hall, 1832. 8vo. [2 (1 blank)], 112, [5 (blank)] pp.
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Schismaticks . . . Doe Make a Prey of the Commonwealth”
Walker, Clement.  Anarchia Anglicana, or the history of Independency. The second part. Being a continuation of relations and observations historicall and politique upon this present Parliament. [London]: n.p., 1649. 4to (19.4 cm, 7.64"). [12], 264 pp. (lacking plt.).
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An ANGRYHistory of Independency”Anarchia Anglicana
Walker, Clement.  Relations and observations, historicall and politick, upon the Parliament, begun Anno Dom. 1640 ... together with an appendix, touching the proceedings of the Independent faction in Scotland. [London?], 1648. 4to (18.3 cm, 7.25"). A–T4t2V–Z4Aa2; [12], 174 pp. [with] An appendix to the History of Independency ... London, 1648. 4to. a–c4(-c4); [2], 20 pp. [with] Anarchia Anglicana: Or, the history of Independency. The second part. [London], 1649. 4to. A–Z4Aa–Kk4; [8], 256 pp.; 1 double-page plt. [with] The high court of justice; or Cromwells new slaughter house in England ... [London], 1651. 4to. A–I4; 71, [1 (blank)] pp. [with] M., T. The history of Independency. The fourth and last part. London: H. Brome & H. Marsh, 1660. 4to. A–R4; [8], 124 pp.
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The FIRST Occurence of theTerm “Rump Parliament”
Walker, Clement.  Relations and observations, historicall and politick, upon the Parliament begun anno Dom. 1640. [London?:: No publisher/printer], 1650. 4to (20 cm, 7.8’’). [6], 161, [1] pp.
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Trade in Wartime
Ward, Robert Plumer. An essay on contraband: Being a continuation of the treatise of the relative rights and duties of belligerent and neutral nations, in maritime affairs. London: J. Wright & J. Butterworth (pr. by G. Woodfall), 1801. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.75"). vii, [1 (blank)], 173–255, [1 (blank)] pp. (lacking i/ii, i.e., the half-title).

“To Write or Speak the Epilogue after Any Great & Grand Drama
Isby No Means an Easy Task
Whewell, William; Henry T. De la Beche; & Others.  Lectures on the results of the Exhibition, delivered before the Society of Arts, Manufacturers, and Commerce, at the suggestion of H.R.H. Prince Albert, president of the society. Philadelphia: Reprinted by A. Hart, late Cary & Hart (Printed by T.K. & P.G. Collins), 1852. 12mo (17.9 cm; 7"). [2], 463 pp.
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Refuting thePopular Pleas” of Dissenters
White, John. The third and last letter to a gentleman dissenting from the Church of England... The second edition. London: C. Davis, W. Craighton, & M. Cooper, 1745. 8vo (21.7 cm, 8.6"). [2], 85, [1] pp.
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Strawberry HillPress Book
Whitworth, Charles Whitworth, Baron.  An account of Russia as it was in the year 1710. [Twickenham]: Printed at Strawberry-Hill, 1758. Small 8vo (18 cm; 7.25"). xxiv, 158, [2] pp.
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Hatred & Horace”
[Wolcot, John]. A poetical epistle to a falling minister; also, an imitation of the twelfth ode of Horace. By Peter Pindar. Dublin: P. Byrne, 1789. 8vo (20.7 cm, 8.1"). [2], 22 pp.
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Sensational “News” ReportsShocking “Plots” Fortunately “Discovered”!
(Worcester, Edward Somerset, Marquis of).  The earl of Glamorgans negotiations and colourable commitment in Ireland demonstrated; Or, the Irish plot for bringing ten thousand men and arms into England, whereof three hundred to be for Prince Charls's Lifegard. Discovered in several letters taken in a packet-boat by Sir Tho: Fairfax forces at Padstow in Cornwal; which letters were cast into the sea, and by the sea coming in, afterwards regained; and were read in the Honorable House of Commons, and ordered to be printed. London: Edward Husband, 1645. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). 35, [1] pp.
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Grappling withPitt’s Suggestions on Parliamentary Corruption
Wyvill, Christopher. A summary explanation of the principles of Mr. Pitt’s intended bill for amending the representation of the people in Parliament...second edition. London: John Stockdale, 1785. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). 31, [9] pp.
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