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History of Convocation. Gibson on Ecclesiastical Law.
Gibson, Edmund.  Synodus Anglicana: Or, the constitution and proceedings of an English convocation, shown from the acts and registers thereof, to be agreeable to the principles of an Episcopal church. London: A. & J. Churchill, 1702. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). [2], xii, [24], 221, [1], 130, [2], 137–76, 169–75, 222–308, [10] pp. (pagination erratic, text complete).

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First Irish Edition: Feudal Law & Its Applications, from a
Former Darling of the Nation
Gilbert, Geoffrey, Sir.  A treatise of tenures. Containing the original, nature, use, and effect of feudal or common-law tenures. Dublin: Pr. by Alex. M'Culloh for Sarah Cotter, 1754. 8vo (19.8 cm, 7.8"). vii, [1], 144, [36 (index)] pp.
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Lord Byron’s Ancestor a'PleadingBROADSIDE 1709
Gordon, George Gordon, duke ofBroadside.  Begins: “February 4th 1709. Unto the right honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the petition of George Duke of Gordon...” [Edinburgh, 1709]. Folio (31.5 cm, 12.4"). [1] p.
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And Be It Further Enacted,” & Provided Always, That” . . .
Great Britain.  Laws, statutes, etc.  A collection of the several statutes and parts of statutes now in force, relating to High treason, and misprision of high treason. London: Pr. by Charles Bill, & the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb, 1709. 12mo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). 113, [1] pp., [7] ff.; 44 pp., [2] ff.
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Keeping the Peace in Edinburgh
    (Harry Potter, Stay Home)
Great Britain. Laws, statutes, etc. 1702–14 (Anne). Copy of her Majesties commission to the justices of peace of Edinburgh shire, with the powers and instructions to the whole justices in North Britain. [Edinburgh, 1708]. Folio (31.5 cm, 12.4"). 4 pp.

Newly IncludingLeatherworkers
Great Britain. Laws, statutes, etc., 1727–60 (George II). Anno regni Georgi II...decimo tertio...[An act to explain and amend an act made in the first year of the reign of her late Majesty Queen Anne, intituled, an act for the more effectual preventing the abuses and frauds of persons employed in the working up the woollen, linen, fustian, cotton, and iron manufactures of this kingdom; and for extending the said act to the manufactures of leather]. London: John Basket, 1739. Folio (30.5 cm, 12.1"). [1] f., 175–83, [1 (blank)] pp.

Legal Aid for theEnglish Beer Industry
Great Britain.  Laws, statutes, etc., 1760-1820 (George III). Anno regni Georgii III...undecimo.... [An Act for Granting a Bounty upon the Importation of White Oak Staves, and Heading, from the British Colonies or Plantations in America....] London: Pr. by Charles Eyre and William Strahan, 1771. Folio. [1] f., pp. 1227-1234.

Making West Indies Investments Safe for All
Great Britain. Laws, statutes, etc. 1760–1820 (George III). Anno regni Georgii III...decimo tertio...[An act to encourage the subjects of foreign states to lend money upon the security of freehold or leasehold estates, in any of His Majesty’s colonies in the West Indies...]. London: Charles Eyre & William Strahan, 1773. Folio (31 cm, 12.2"). [1] f., 299–306 pp.
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“The Queen Is Not . . . Any Way Concerned in the Murder of the King”
Guilford, Francis North.  The examination of Captain William Bedlow, deceased, relating to the Popish Plot. London: Printed by the assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills , 1680. Folio (28.5 cm; 11.25"). 16 pp.
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With an Essay onRecovery from Small Pox
Hale, Matthew.  Several tracts. London: Printed by J. P[layford] for W. Shrowsbery, 1684. 8vo (17 cm, 6.7’’). Four parts in one, separate titles, signatures and pagination, [4], 49, [3] pp.; [6], 26 pp.; [2], 17, [1] pp.; [2], 37, [1] pp.
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Hamilton, Madison, & JayExplain the Constitution
Hamilton, Alexander; James Madison; & John Jay.  The Federalist, on the new constitution, written in the year 1788. Hallowell, ME: Glazer & Co., 1826. 8vo (22 cm, 8.75"). 582 pp.
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A Fortuneteller, a Determined Mother, a Murder by Arsenic
Harden, Jacob S., defendant.  Life, confession, and letters of courtship of Rev. Jacob S. Harden of the M.E. Church, Mount Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., N.J. Executed for the murder of his wife on the 6th of July 1860, at Belvidere, Warren Co., N.J. Hackettstown, NJ: E. Winton, printer, 1860. 8vo (24 cm, 9.5"). 48 pp., frontis. port.
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Improvements in TWO KINDS of PumpsPatented!
A Very LARGE & Attractive Document
Henderson, William M.  Patent No. 38308: Improvement in pumps. [Washington, D.C.: United States Patent Office, 1863] . Folio (appr. 50 × 27 cm, 20" × 14.5"). [3] ff.
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Direct-Action Independent Steam Engines”
   IMPROVEMENTS, Described
Henderson, William M.  Patent No. 65,911: Improvement in steam pumps. [Washington, D.C.: United States Patent Office, 1867] . Folio (appr. 40 × 28 cm, 15.75" × 11"). [3], [1 (blank)] ff.
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Direct-Action Compound Engines
Henderson, William M.  Patent No. 105,941: Improvement in direct-acting compound engine. [Washington, D.C.: United States Patent Office, 1870] . Folio (appr. 37 × 25 cm, 14.5" × 10"). [2], 2, [1 (blank)] ff.
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Cutting Way Back onPresidential Authority
Hillhouse, James.  Propositions for amending the constitution of the United States, submitted by Mr. Hillhouse to the Senate on the twelfth day of April, 1808, with his explanatory remarks. [Washington]: 1808. 12mo (19.3 cm, 7.6"). 52, [2], 7 pp.
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Something Different fromthe Creator of Ruritania
Hope, Anthony, pseud.  Helena's path. New York: McClure Co., 1907. 8vo. Frontis., [6], 241, [1] pp.
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Prison-PrintedPertinent Contents!
Iowa.  Board of Control of State Institutions.  State of Iowa. Bulletin of state institutions. Vol. XXXIV, No. IV. October, 1932. Anamosa, IA: Men’s Reformatory Print, [1932]. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). 173, [7] pp.
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No More Betting the Estate on theOutcome of a Tennis Match
Ireland.  Laws, statutes, etc.  Acts and statutes made in a Parliament begun at Dublin the twenty first day of September, anno Dom. 1703. In the second year of the reign of ... Queen Anne ... and continued ... to the twenty third of June, 1707 ... And further continued ... until the twelth [sic] of July, 1711, being the sixth session of this present Parliament. Dublin: Printed by Andrew Crooke, 1711. Folio (29 cm; 11.5"). [4], 8, [2], 9–16, [2], 17–20, [2], 2–28, [2], 29–38, [1], 39–41, [2], 42–45, [2], 45–54 [i.e., 53], [1 (blank)] pp.
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Daniel Webster Saves the Day The Kenniston “Sham-Robbery” Case
Jackman, Joseph.  The sham-robbery, committed by Elijah Putnam Goodridge, on his own person, in Newbury near Essex bridge, Dec. 19, 1816, with a history of his journey to the place where he robbed himself. And his trial with Mr. Ebenezer Pearson, whom he maliciously arrested for robbery. Also the trial of Levi & Laban Kenniston. Concord, NH: Printed for the author, 1819. 12mo (17 cm, 6.75"). 151, [1] pp.
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Grouse Shooting, Percussion Powder, Pointers
Johnson, Thomas Burgeland; Charles Towne, illus.  The shooter's companion. London: Printed by Johnson for Edwards & Knibb and W. Grapel, 1819. 12mo (19.6 cm, 7.75"). XII, [1], 14–156 pp.; 3 plts.
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The Dispossesseds' Testimony . . .
Abstracted & Published
[Jones, Henry, et al.].  A remonstrance of divers remarkeable passages concerning the church and kingdome of Ireland, recommended by letters from the Right Honourable the Lords Justices, and Counsell of Ireland, and presented by Henry Jones Doctor in Divinity, and agent for the ministers of the Gospel in that kingdom, to the Honourable House of Commons in England. London: Pr. for Godfrey Emerson, & William Bladen, 1642. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). [4] ff., 82 pp.
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Liberty of the PRESS is the Palladium ofAll Your RIGHTS
Junius [pseud.].  The letters of Junius. London: John Sharpe, 1820. 24mo (13.3 cm; 5.25"). 2 vols. I: Engr. t.-p., [1], iv–xviii, [1], 20–203, [1] pp. II: Engr. t.-p., [1], 4–212 pp.
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First Laws of KansasFull Morocco
Kansas.  Laws, statutes, etc.  General laws of the state of Kansas, passed at the first session of the legislature, commenced at the capital, March 26, 1861. Lawrence, KS: “Kansas State Journal” Steam Power Press Print, 1861. 8vo (22.9 cm, 9"). 334 pp.
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A Prominent Lawyer, Skillful Orator, & Charming Family Man
Kennedy, John Pendleton.  Memoirs of the life of William Wirt, attorney general of the United States. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard, 1849. 8vo (23.7 cm, 9.3"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., 417, [1], 4, [48 (adv.)] pp. II: 450, [2] pp.; 1 facs.
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Printed to Commemorate the
First Anniversary of His Death
King, Martin Luther, Jr.  Letter from Birmingham jail. Stamford: The Overbrook Press, [1968]. Small quarto. [8 (4 blank)], 17, [3 (2 blank)] pp.
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Some of the Most Horrible & Shocking Murders & Daring Robberies
Ever Committed by One of the Female Sex”:

The Legend of Patty Cannon
(Lucretia P. Cannon).  Narrative and confessions of Lucretia P. Cannon, who was tried, convicted, and sentenced to be hung at Georgetown, Delaware, with two of her accomplices. New York: Pr. for the publishers (Erastus E. Barclay & Clinton Jackson), 1841. 8vo (21.7 cm, 8.54"). Frontis., [2], [5]–24 pp.
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