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Early Thai GrammarFrom One of the First Presses in Thailand
Pallegoix, Jean Baptiste, Bishop of Mallos.  Grammatica linguae Thai. Bangkok: Ex typographiâ collegii Assumptionis B.M.V., 1850. 4to (26.8 cm, 10.5"). [1] f., 241, [1 (blank)] pp., [1 (index)] f.
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WORLD MYTHOLOGY8 Vols. & Thousands of Entries
Pozzoli, Giovanni; Felice Romani; Antonio Peracchi, et al.  Dizionario storico-mitologico di tutti i popoli del mondo. Livorno: Stamperia Vignozzi, 1824–28. 8 vols. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). I: 580 pp. II: 581–1163, [1] pp. (pp. 1057–64 repeated in place of pp. 1065–72). III: [1165]–1708 pp. (pagination 1551–52 repeated, 1687–88 skipped). IV: [1709]–2342 pp. V: 2351–3086 pp. (pagination skips 2519–26). VI: 3087–3855 pp. (pagination skips 3407–08). VII: 576 pp. VIII: 577–1074 pp.
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Full a Fun, Tales, An Rhymes”Printed for the Author”
[Robinson, Joseph Barlow].  [Works of Sammy Twitcher]. Owd Sammy Twitcher's CRISMAS BOWK FOR THE YEAR 1870. Derby: Printed by the author, [1870]. 8vo (21.3 cm, 8.4"). 26 pp.; 4 plts. [with] Owd Sammy Twitcher's visit tu't Gret Exibishun e Darby. Derby: Pr. by the author, [1870]. 8vo. [24] pp. [and] Owd Sammy Twitcher's second visit tu't Gret Exibishun e Darby, wi' Jim. Pr. by the author, [1870]. 8vo. [24] pp. [and] Owd Sammy Twitcher's visit tu't watter cure establishment, at Matlock-Bonk. Darby: Pr. by the author, [1872]. 8vo. 54, [14 (adv.)], 22 (adv.) pp.; 4 plts.
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ENJOYABLE Dictionaries for Adults & Children
(Salesman’s Sample Book).  Lewis, William Dodge, ed. The new Winston simplified dictionary and reference library. Philadelphia: Universal Book & Bible House, copyright 1937. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.9"). Frontis., [approx. 145] pp.; 25 plts. [with] Brown, Thomas Kite, Jr., ed. The new Winston simplified dictionary for young people. Philadelphia: Universal Book & Bible House, 1937. Frontis., [approx. 126] pp.; 20 plts.

“A Voyage to Abyssinia”A GOOD, Lively, & Readable Account
Salt, Henry.  A voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country, executed under the orders of the British government, in the years 1809 and 1810; in which are included, an account of the Portuguese settlements on the east coast of Africa .... Philadelphia: M. Carey; Boston: Wells & Lilly (pr. by Lydia R. Bailey), 1816. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). 24, 454 pp.; fold. map., illus.

Dictionary of the Tagalog Language
Santos, Domingo de los.  Vocabulario de la lengua tagala, primera, y segunda parte. [Manila?]: Imprenta Real de D. Jose Maria Dayot, 1835. Folio (29 cm, 11.5"). [viii], 739, [1 blank], 118 pp.
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A Lexiconic Oxymoron?A “Gigantic Abridgment”??
Scapula, Johann.  Lexicon Graecolatinum novum. In quo ex primitivorum & simplicium fontibus derivata atque composita ordine non minus naturali, quàm alphabetico, breviter & dilucidè deducuntur. Basileae: Per Sebastianum Henricpetri, [colophon: 1594]. Folio extra (35.5 cm; 13.75"). [11 (of 12)] ff., 1856 cols., [62] ff., 188 cols., [1] f.
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Lexical Guide toPOLYGLOT BIBLESMultiple “Firsts” Here
Schindler, Valentin.  Lexicon pentaglotton, hebraicum, chaldaicum, syriacum, talmudico-rabbinicum, & arabicum.... Francofurti ad Moenum [Frankfurt am Main]: Typis Joannis Jacobi Hennëi, 1612. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.2"). [4] ff., 1992 col., [76] ff.
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COMPLEAT . . . for travellers, merchants &
Schulz, [Johann Christoph Friedrich].  Compleat English pocket dictionary English and German, for travellers, merchants & lovers of both languages, &c. Augsburg: Printed for C. Henry Stage, [1796]. Square 12mo (vertical chainlines; 15 cm, 5.91"). 2 vols. I: x, 887, [1 (blank)] pp. II: 795, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Key to theSacred Language of the Old Testament”
Stock, Christian. Clavis lingvae sanctae Veteris Testamenti...cvi accedit breve dictionarium Chaldeo-Rabbinicum. Editio quinta.... Ienae: Apud Ioh. Felicem Bielckium, 1744. 8vo (22 cm, 8.625"). Frontis., [3] ff., 1198 pp., [25] ff., 133, [1 (blank)] pp., [1 (blank)] f.
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True or False?
[Stophel, Georg].  Manuscript on paper, in German. “Schlüssel zu Irrthum [sic] und Wahrheit.” No place [Germany]: 1788. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.7"). xi, [5 (blank)], 153 [i.e., 154] pp.
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Suicer on theGreek Patristic Sacraments
Suicer, Johann Kaspar.  Sacrarum observationum liber singularis: Quo veterum ritus circa poenitentium [sophronismon] paulò accuratius expenduntur; varia incarnationis, circumcisionis, paschatis, baptismi & S. Coenae nomina explicantur.... Tiguri: Impensis Michaelis Schaufelbergeri, 1665. 4to (19.7 cm, 7.8"). [16], 397, [1] pp.

FIRST Grammar & Vocabulary ofThis AFRICAN Language?
Wilson, John Leighton.  A grammar of the Mpongwe language, with vocabularies. New York: Snowden & Prall, printers, 1847. 8vo (22.5 cm, 9"). 94 pp., 2 fold. tables.
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MPONGWE Grammar & Vocabulary
[Wilson, John Leighton?].  Heads of Mpongwe grammar; containing most of the principles needed by a learner. By a late missionary. New York: Mission House, 1879. 8vo (23.5 cm, 8.25"). 59, [1], 54 [i.e., 52] pp.
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A Bible Dictionary for “the Methodist Connexion”
Wood, James.  A dictionary of the Holy Bible. New York: D. Hitt & T. Ware, 1813. 8vo (22 cm, 8.625"). 2 vols. I: 600 pp. II: 616 pp.
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A Polyglot Dictionary ofAmerican Indian Languages
Zeisberger, David.  Zeisberger's Indian dictionary: English, German, Iroquois — The Onondaga, and Algonquin — The Delaware. Cambridge: John Wilson & Son, 1887. 4to (27.5 cm; 11"). v, [1 (blank), 236 pp.
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