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"Scipio's" Opinions
[Tracy, Uriah]. Reflections on Monroe's view, of the conduct of the executive, as published in the Gazette of the United States, under the signature of Scipio. In which the commercial warfare of France is traced to the French faction in this country, as its source, and the motives of opposition, &c. [Philadelphia: Pr. by John Fenno, 1798]. 8vo signed in 4s (20 cm, 7.9"). 88 pp.
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BEGGING for Commercial Law Reform
Tribunals of commerce.  A letter to the bankers of London, reviewing the origin and progress of the movement in favour of tribunals of commerce.... London: Effingham Wilson, 1854. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). 47, [1 (blank)] pp.

Horse-Hoing”6NIFTY Fold-Out Plates
Tull, Jethro.  The horse-hoing husbandry: Or, an essay on the principles of tillage and vegetation.... London: Pr. for the author, and sold by G. Strahan, T. Woodward, A. Miller, J. Stagg, and J. Brindley, 1733. Folio (30.2 cm, 11.875"). [4], x, 200 pp.; pp. [201–202]. 6 fold-out plts. [bound with] Tull, Jethro. A supplement to the essay on horse-hoing husbandry.... London: Pr. for and sold by the author, and may be had at Mr. Mills's, London, at John Aitkins's, Esq, in Edinburgh, and at the Bear in Hungerford, Berks., 1736. Folio. pp. [203–205], 206–69; [1] pp.
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Horse-Hoeing” COBBETT's Introduction
Tull, Jethro.  The horse-hoeing husbandry: or, a treatise on the principles of tillage and vegetation, wherein is taught a method of introducing a sort of vineyard culture into the corn-fields, in order to increase their product and diminish the common expense. By Jethro Tull. London: William Cobbett, 1829. 8vo. xxiv, 466 pp., 1 plt. (included in pagination).
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Facts, Figures, Who's Who, & What's Where
Unanúe, José Hipólito.  Guia política, eclesiástica y militar del Virreynato del Perú. Para el año de 1794. [Lima]: Impresa en la Imprenta Real de los Niños Huérfanos, [1794]. 8vo (15 cm, 5.875"). [8], xii, [2], 306 pp.; 6 fold. plts., [1] fold. map.
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Party Strife!
     New York State Senate1806
“Uniform Republican, A”.  Broadside. Begins, “To the Republican electors of the Western District. Fellow-citizens, At the same time that a bold and aspiring faction at the seat of government of the United States, is making the most daring and unprincipled attack upon the president and the friends of his administration, we find another faction actuated by the same motives, and impelled by the same spirit, commencing an attack upon the administration of this state.” New York state: no publisher/printer, [1806?]. Folio (vertical chain lines; 41 cm, 16.5"). [1] f. (verso blank).

The First Anglo-Dutch War, New Amsterdam, Prisoner Exchanges, & Much More
United Provinces of the Netherlands.  Verbael gehouden door de Heeren H. van Beverningk, W. Nieupoort, J. van de Perre, en A.P. Jongestal, als gedeputeerden ... van de heeren Staeten generael der Vereenigde Nederlanden, aen de republyck van Engelandt. Gravenhage: By Hendrick Scheurleer, 1725. 4to (25.5 cm; 10"). xx, 416, 415–518, 517–716 pp.
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The Committee of Commerce & Manufactures
United States. Congress. House. Committee of Commerce and Manufactures. Report of the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures, to Whom Were Referred, on the Sixth Ultimo, Several Petitions of Sundry Merchants, Traders and Farmers on the Waters of Roanoke and Cashie Rivers, in the District of Edenton, and State of North Carolina; Together with a Report Thereon, Made at the Last Session of Congress. January 12, 1807. City of Washington: A. & G. Way, 1807. 8vo. 7 pp., fold. table.

Avoiding aU.S. Navy Energy Crisis (1860)
United States. House of Representatives. Committee on Naval Affairs. Contract for coal...May 24, 1860. Mr. Morse, from the Committee on Naval Affairs, made the following report. The Committee on Naval Affairs, to whom was referred so much of the annual report of the Secretary of the Navy as relates to a "conditional contract" made by him for the purpose of securing a supply of coal for the use of the navy, and other privileges in the Republic of New Granada, report as follows...." [Washington, D.C., 1860]. 2 parts in 1 vol. 79 pp., 3 large fold. maps; 15 pp.

Wonderful Title-PageSerious Text
Valerón, Manuel Román.  Tractatus de transactionibus in quo integra transactionum materia theoricè, ac ingenti studio, & justa methodo collecta, & exposita continetur. Lugduni: sumptib. Philippi Borde, Laurenti Arnaud, Petri Borde, et Guill. Barbier, 1665. Folio extra (33 cm; 12.75"). [8] ff., 272 pp., [21] ff.
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Just the Facts, Sir”Just before Those 20's Began to “Roar”
Van Dyke, James Edward.  The investor's pocket manual. New York: The Financial Press, 1921. 16mo (15.5 cm, 6.1"). 272 pp.
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The Title Says It All
Various Hands.  A paradise of daintie devices. A collection of poems, songs, ballads. New York: Imprinted [by the Press of Francis Hart & Co.] for Charles Pratt & Co., Christmas, 1882. 8vo (20.6 cm; 8.125"). [6], 9–97, [7] pp.
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One of the FewBROADSIDES Printed in NAHUATL
during the Colonial Era
Venegas, Francisco Javier.  Broadside, begins: Don Francisco Xavier Venegas ... Teniente General de los Reales Exercitos, Virey, Gobernador ... de esta N. E. ... Ayamo moyolpachihuitia in Totlatocatzin Rey D. Fernando VII. [Mexico: No publisher/printer, 1810]. Folio (42.3 cm, 16.25"). [1] p.
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Trade in Wartime
Ward, Robert Plumer. An essay on contraband: Being a continuation of the treatise of the relative rights and duties of belligerent and neutral nations, in maritime affairs. London: J. Wright & J. Butterworth (pr. by G. Woodfall), 1801. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.75"). vii, [1 (blank)], 173–255, [1 (blank)] pp. (lacking i/ii, i.e., the half-title).

Hygienic Ice Cream Manufacturing
Warner-Jenkinson Mfg. Co.  Ice cream, carbonated beverages [/] with a short introduction to the study of chemistry and physics. St. Louis : Warner-Jenkinson Mfg. Co., 1924. 8vo (20 cm, 7.87"). [2], 134 pp.; 8 plts.
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“To Write or Speak the Epilogue after Any Great & Grand Drama Is
by No Means an Easy Task
Whewell, William; Henry T. De la Beche; & Others.  Lectures on the results of the Exhibition, delivered before the Society of Arts, Manufacturers, and Commerce, at the suggestion of H.R.H. Prince Albert, president of the society. Philadelphia: Reprinted by A. Hart, late Cary & Hart (Printed by T.K. & P.G. Collins), 1852. 12mo (17.9 cm; 7"). [2], 463 pp.
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Scots Verse from the Author-Illustrator of
[Wilson, Alexander].  [drop-title] The loss of the pack; to which is added The pack's address. [Paisley: G. Caldwell, 1868?]. 16mo (15 cm, 5.88"). 8 pp.
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A Glimpse of Public Policy from theDutch Golden Age
Witt, Johan de.  Resolutien der heeren Staten van Hollandt ende West-Vriesland van consideratie, ende oock voor de toekomende tyden dienende, genomen zedert den aenvangh der bedieninge van den Heer Johan de Witt ... beginnende met den tweeden Augusti 1653. ende eyndigende met den negentiende December 1668. Utrecht: Willem vande Water, 1706. 4to (25.3 cm; 10"). [2] ff., 635, 638–828, [33] pp.
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A “Lovely Indian” Organizes a RESCUE
(Also “Lisette & Login”)
(Zoa).  The authentic history of Zoa, the beautiful Indian, (daughter of Henriette de Belgrave), and of Rodomond, an East-India merchant, whom Zoa releases from confinement and intended death, and with him escapes to England. London: Dean & Munday, [between 1808 and 1816]. 12mo (17.8 cm, 7"). Frontis., [3], 8–36 pp.
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