An Early Victory forEqual Protection & Civil Rights:
Rejecting Anti-Chinese Legislation
(A CONSTITUTIONAL VINDICATION for HO AH KOW).  Field, Stephen J.  The invalidity of the “Queue Ordinance” of the city and county of San Francisco. Opinion of the Circuit Court of the United States, for the district of California, in Ho Ah Kow vs. Matthew Nunan, delivered July 7th, 1879. San Francisco: J.L. Rice & Co., 1879. 8vo (23.3 cm, 9.2"). 43, [1] pp.
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Wayward Wives & Shysters in Disguise
Specifically CALIFORNIAN Comedy
(*&* a Nice Little “ALL-CA” Theatrical Production).  Baer, Warren.  The duke of Sacramento. San Francisco: The Grabhorn Press, 1934. 8vo. [12], 77, [1] pp.; illus.
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Burton's Philosophical Poetry
Burton, Richard F.  The Kasîdah (couplets) of Hâjî Abdû El-Yezdî: A lay of the higher law. San Francisco: The Book Club of California, 1919. Folio (31.5 cm, 12.7"). vii, [3], 52, [2] pp.
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AMERICANS . . .Never Retreat
      either in Battle or in Immigration
(California Statehood). Report of the Committee on the Judiciary, with the views of the minority of that committee on Bill S.350, for the admission of California into the Union as a state. Washington: Pr. by Wendell & Van Benthuysen, 1849. 8vo (22 cm; 8.5"). 18 pp.
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Bancroft Library's Cookery
Craig, Dr. & Mrs. John C., collectors.  Four hundred years of English diet & cookery[:] a selection of books printed between 1541 & 1939 from the collection of Dr. & Mrs. John C. Craig. Berkeley, CA: Friends of the Bancroft Library, 1987. Small 8vo (22.8 cm; 9"). 71, [1 (blank)] pp.; illus.
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STUMPED & the KITTENS Are Everywhere” One of 26 Special Copies
Davidson, Michael. Two views of pears. Berkeley, CA: Sand Dollar, 1973. 8vo (20.1 cm, 7.9"). [10] ff.
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Hague & Gill BibliographyObserving Eric Gill's Centenary”
Davis, James.  Printed by Hague and Gill a checklist prepared in conjunction with the exhibit A Responsible Workman observing Eric Gill's centenary. [Los Angeles]: Regents of the University of California, © 1982. 8vo. [2], 48, [2] pp.; illus.
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A German Family Arrives in California
& Joins the Gold Rush
Dietrich, Dr.; Leopold Wray, trans.  The German emigrants or Frederick Wohlgemuth's voyage to California. Guben: F. Fechner, [1852]. 16mo (16.8 cm, 6.6"). [2], 39, [1] pp.; 8 plts.
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Overview ofCA Printing History, in Miniature Satisfying CA Provenance
Fahey, Herbert.  Early printing in California. San Francisco: San Francisco Club of Printing House Craftsmen, 1949. 48mo (9.8 cm, 3.875"). 63, [1] pp.
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ALL the ACTUAL PRINTER'S BLOCKS for the *47* Illustrations
        of Zoeth Skinner Eldredge'sThe Beginnings of San Francisco

Francis, Walter, illus., et al.  For Eldredge's The beginnings of San Francisco, the 47 California-themed printing blocks used to produce the volume’s illustrations. San Francisco: Pr. John C. Rankin Company (New York), 1912. 37 half-tone plates (on copper), 10 zinc cuts, all on their wood blocks; plus 3 additional plates on copper and another zinc cut, similarly mounted.
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Fremont's Third Expedition
Frémont, John Charles.  Geographical memoir upon upperCalifornia, in illustration of his map of Oregon and California. Washington: Printed by Tippin & Streeper, 1849. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.25"). 40 pp.
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Exotic Dishes” fromForeign Lands
Frost, Heloise.  A world of good eating. A collection of old and new recipes from many lands. [Newton, MA?]: Phillips Publishers, Inc., © 1951. 8vo. 128 pp.; illus.
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California Cookery A Collector's Copy of This Check List
Glozer, Liselotte F., & William K.  California in the kitchen. An essay upon, and a check list of, California imprints in the field of gastronomy from 1870(?) – 1932. [Berkeley]: Privately printed (lithographed by David Brothers), 1960. 8vo. ix, [1], 43, [3] pp.; 3 plts.

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The Boss & FamilyCelebrate Christmas at the Ranch
Hotchkis, Katharine Bixby.  Christmas eve at Rancho Los Alamitos. [San Francisco]: California Historical Society, 1971. 8vo. vii, [1], 23, [1] pp.; illus.
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“Un Missionnaire Doit Être un Excellent Voyageur”
Jesuits.  Nouvelles des missions, extraites des Lettres edifiantes et curieuses. Paris: Societé catholique des bons livres, 1827. 12mo (16.9 cm, 6.68"). 2 vols. I: vii, [3], 214 pp. II: [4], 243, [3] pp.
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There Will Always be Music, Art, & Church Bells . . .
There Will Always be a Memorable Meal
. . .
in San Francisco
Junior League of Pasadena.  The California heritage cookbook. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., © 1976. 8vo (26.6 cm, 10.5"). [8], 424 pp.; illus.
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In Search of a Spanish Barber's Basin
King, Clarence.  The helmet of Mambrino. San Francisco: The Book Club of California, 1938. 12mo (20.3 cm, 8"). xx, [2], 21, [3] pp.
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For Fans ofPeppy Cars & Mexican Food
Manners, Marian.  Mexican dishes. Dishes of the dons. [Los Angeles], CA: Richfield Oil Co., (copyright 1933). 12mo (15.1 cm, 5.9"). 24 pp.; illus.
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A Memorial Tribute to Michael MathesA 1629 Assessment of California & Its Natives
Martinez, Enrico.  Parecer que dio Henrrico [sic] Martinez cosmographo de S.M. en gueguetoca obra del desague a 30 de Iulio de 1629. Sobre las ventajas o perjuicios que se podian esperar del descubrimiento, conquista y pacificacion de las prouincias de las Califonias, con espresion de las costumbres y vsos de sus naturales, &ca. Molino de Sancta Rosa, San Geronymo Tacambaro: Taller Martin Pescador, 2015. 8vo (22 cm, 9"). 12 pp., [2] ff.
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AMERICA's TREES in Three Volumes131 Hand-Colored Plates
Unusual & Lovely Original Striped Bindings with
The West & Southeast Magnificently Represented
Nuttall, Thomas.  The North American sylva; or, a description of the forest trees of the United States, Canada and Nova Scotia not described in the work of F. Andrew Michaux ... in three volumes ...being the [fourth, fifth, and sixth volumes] of Michaux and Nuttall's North American Sylva. Philadelphia: Robert P. Smith (pr. by Kite & Walton), 1852–53. Tall 8vo (28.8 cm, 11.35"). 3 vols. I: xii, 12, 13*–15*, [1], 13–18, 19*–24*, [19]–136 pp.; 40 col. plts. II: 128 pp.; 50 col. plts. III: [2], 148, [4 (index)] pp.; 41 col. plts.
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Signed Limited Edition: Noir Fiction
Parker, T. Jefferson.  Easy Street. [Mission Viejo: ASAP Publishing], © 2000. 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.3"). Frontis., 44 pp.; 2 col. plts.
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Baja, Florida, Spanish Southwest, & Northern Mexico
Perez de Ribas, Andres.  Historia de los triumphos de nuestra santa fee entre gentes las mas barbaras, y fieras del nuevo Orbe, conseguidos por los soldados de la Milicia de la Compañia de Iesus en las missiones e la prouincia de Nueua-España ... Madrid: Por Alo[n]so de Paredes, 1645. Folio. [20] ff., 763, [1] pp.
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Improved Taste of Modern Time MustQuestion the Crudities of Former Days”
Rocco, Sha [pseud. of Abisha Shumway Hudson].  The masculine cross and ancient sex worship. New York: Asa K. Butts & Co., 1874. 8vo (19 cm, 7.75"). 65, [7 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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Vizcaino & Serra Letters inExtremely Good 19th-Century Facsimiles
(Spanish-era California).  Three excellent photographic copies of autograph letters in the Archivo General de Indias. [copies made in Seville: Establecimiento Tipografico y Litografico “El Porvenir”, 1884]. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). [1], [2], [3] pp.
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Perishable Press . . .
Thayler, Carl.  The drivers. Mt. Horeb, WI: The Perishable Press, 1969. 8vo (21.8 cm, 8.6"). [24] pp.
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Seaside Imagery
Theobald, John.  A second light. Newark, VT: The Janus Press, 1977. 8vo (25.9 cm, 10.2"). [24] pp.
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ANOTHER KIND ofStudent Social Activism” @ Berkeley
Hey, Gang!  Let's Build a Fountain!
University of California magazine.  Under the Berkeley Oaks. Stories by students of the University of California; selected and edited by the editorial staff of the University of California magazine. San Francisco: A.M. Robertson, 1901, ©1900. 12mo (19 cm, 7.25"). Frontis., [2] ff., 227, [1] pp.
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Artists Have Painted Them, SONGS Have Been Composed aboutThem”
Weber, Francis J.  The cable cars. San Fernando, CA: Junípero Serra Press, 1984. Miniature (4.5 cm, 1.8'”). [4], 18, [4] pp.
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