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These shelves highlight the bindery work of the “hand” era — both typical and exceptional, usually in leather.  Later “fine” binders also appear here.  We includesome publisher's cloth and leather machine-era bindings of unusual interest or quality; and at times we'll even parade a pre–World War I paper binding here, just to remind you (and ourselves) that those were out there!
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AMERICA's TREES in Three Volumes131 Hand-Colored Plates
Unusual & Lovely Original Striped Bindings with
The West & Southeast Magnificently Represented
(An AMERICAN STRIPED TRIO).  Nuttall, Thomas.  The North American sylva; or, a description of the forest trees of the United States, Canada and Nova Scotia not described in the work of F. Andrew Michaux ... in three volumes ...being the [fourth, fifth, and sixth volumes] of Michaux and Nuttall's North American Sylva. Philadelphia: Robert P. Smith (pr. by Kite & Walton), 1852–53. Tall 8vo (28.8 cm, 11.35"). 3 vols. I: xii, 12, 13*–15*, [1], 13–18, 19*–24*, [19]–136 pp.; 40 col. plts. II: 128 pp.; 50 col. plts. III: [2], 148, [4 (index)] pp.; 41 col. plts.
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A Dramatic, Beautiful Bible & BCP Pairing
(Drama-Associated Provenance, Also)
(A Very ENGLISH Offering).  Bible.  English. 1775. Authorized (i.e., King James Version).   The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments; translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. Cambridge: Pr. by John Archdeacon, 1775–76. 4to in 8s (28.8 cm, 11.33"). Frontis., [639] ff. [with accompanying volume] The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the Church of England: Together with the psalter or psalms of David. Cambridge: Pr. by John Archdeacon, 1781. 8vo (20.7 cm, 8.15"). [376] ff. [bound with] Vickers, William. A companion to the altar: Shewing the nature and necessity of a sacramental preparation, in order to our worthy receiving the holy communion. London: Pr. for Thomas Beecroft, 1783. Frontis., [2], [v]–55, [1 (adv.)] pp. (lacking half-title or initial blank?) [and with] Bible.  Psalms. English. Sternhold and Hopkins. The whole book of psalms, collected into English metre. Cambridge: Pr. by John Archdeacon, 1785. 8vo. [64] ff.
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Printed in England in 1665 & Bound inAMERICA in 1829
(ANOTHER AMERICAN OFFERING).  Bible.  O.T. Greek. Septuagint. 1665.  [four lines in Greek, then] Vetus testamentum graecum ex versione Septuaginta interpretum, juxta exemplar Vaticanum Romae editum. Cantabrigiae: Excusum per Joannem Field, 1665. 12mo (14 cm; 5.5"). [1] f., 19, [1], 755 [i.e. 767, 1], 516 pp. (without the initial blank).
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Sumptuously Bound by DAVID forCortlandt Bishop
(A FRENCH OFFERING).   Uzanne, Octave.   Son altesse la femme.  Paris: A. Quantin, 1885. Small folio (27.5 cm; 11" ). [2] ff., [i]–xii, 312 pp., 21 illus. (part col.).
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GROTIUS in aContemporary Custom Binding
(Just . . . a Sweet Thing)?  Grotius, Hugo.  De veritate religionis christianae. Lugduni Batavorum: Ex officina Ioannis Maire, 1640. 12mo (12.5 cm, 4.92"). [8], 3–327 (i.e. 329: pagination 95/96 repeated), [7], 372 pp.
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An Elegant Production!
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres.  Choix des mémoires de l’Academie Royale des inscriptions et belles-lettres. Londres: T. Becket & P. Elmsly, 1777. 4to (27 cm, 10.6"). 3 vols. I: [2], iii, [1], lx, 656 pp. (pagination skips 17–32, text uninterrupted). II: [2], iii, [1], ccviii, 495, [1 (blank)] pp. III: [2], iii, lxviii, [1], 696 pp.; 1 fold. plt., 2 plts.
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Enhanced by a Fan of St. JohnIn a Contemporary Binding & with78 Woodcuts
Aemilius, Georg.  Evangelia quae consueto more dominicis et aliis festis diebus in ecclesia leguntur. Coloniae Agrippinae: Ad intersignium Monocerotis [Walther Fabritius], 1566. 8vo (16 cm, 6.3"). [176] ff.; illus.
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Forster's IMPROVED AnacreonMRS. Foster's Illustrations
Anacreon; Edward Forster, ed.; Lavinia Banks Forster, illus.   Anacreontis Odaria, ad textus Barnesiani fidem emendata. Accedunt variae lectiones cura Edvardi Forster ... Londini: Ex officina B.R. Howlett, veneunt apud J. Murray, 1813. 8vo (18.7 cm, 7.36"). [2], 130 pp.; illus.
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Classics, Illustrated & Extra-Deluxe
Philadelphia Productions with a PARISIAN Aesthetic
Anacreon, Sappho, & Publius Virgilius Maro; Paul Avril, illus.  Antique gems from the Greek and Latin. Anacreon: Odes [with] Sappho: Odes, bridal songs, epigrams [and] Virgil: The Bucolics [with] Catullus: Odes to Lesbia and the Nuptial song of Peleus and Thetis. Philadelphia: George Barrie & Son, 1902. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). 2 vols. Anacreon: [6], xviii, 201, [1], xviii, 65, [7] pp.; col. illus. Virgil: [6], xxix, [1], 199, [1], xxi, [1], 151, [7] pp.; col. illus.
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Whittingham Printing, Hayday Binding
[Anderdon, John Lavicount].  The life of Thomas Ken bishop of Bath and Wells. By a layman. London: William Pickering (pr. by C. Whittingham), 1851. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.85"). Frontis., viii, 528 pp.
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It Looks LikeWhat an Incunable is SUPPOSED to Look Like
Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence Summa theologica. [colophon: Argentina {i.e., [Strassburg}: Johannem {Reinhard} Grüninger, 1496]. Folio (32.5 cm; 12.5"). Vols. I & II (in one volume) of V. I: [173 of 174] ff. (lacking first leaf of vol. 1); [225 of 226] ff. (without the final blank].
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Illuminated, with Full-Page Miniature, on Vellum, Great Binding
Archconfraternity of the Stigmata of St. Francis.  Illuminated manuscript on vellum, in Latin. “Franciscus Tituli S. Petri & Marcellini S.R.E. Cardinalis Pignattellus ... Dilectis nobis in Christo Confratribus Confraternibus Sacror. Stigmatum & S. Antonii de Padua in Ecclia. Parrochili S. Conini Loci Cicognoli Cremonen. ... Rome: 1706. 8vo (22.7 cm, 9.5'), [10] ff.
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A “Gift Copy”Textured Olive Green Calf byBayntun-Riviere
Arnold, Matthew.  The poems of Matthew Arnold, 1840–1867. London: Oxford University Press, Humphrey Milford, 1937. 12mo (18.4 cm; 7.25"). xxvii, 460 pp.
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With the Spanish Royal Coat of Arms on BOTH Boards
Balbuena, Bernardo de.  Siglo de oro en las selvas de Erífile. Madrid: Ibarra, 1821. 8vo (18.3 cm, 7.24"). [1] f., xvi, 240, 99, [1] pp.; 1 port.
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Barclay's SatyriconBeaufoy/Wolf Copy
Barclay, John.  Euphormionis Lusinini sive Joannis Barclaii Satyricon partes quinque cum clavi. Accessit conspiratio anglicana. Lugd. Batavorum: Elzevirios, 1637. 12mo (12.7 cm, 5"). 717, [1] pp.
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The Private Edition, One of 12 Copies Only
A Family Copy
    [A Conundrum Here as to “Original” Bindings]
Barham, R. Harris.  The Ingoldsby legends or mirth and marvels by Thomas Ingoldsby Esquire [with] The Ingoldsby legends ... Second series. London: Richard Bentley, 1840 & 1842. 8vo. 2 vols. I: [6], v, [3], 338, [2] pp. with inserted extra-engraved title (a proof before letters), numbered colophon leaf, engraved title, and six etched plates; II: vii, [3], 288 pp. with engraved title and seven etched plates.
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First Publicly Available, Real” Editions,
inSigned Bindings
[Barham, Richard Harris, a.k.a.] Ingoldsby, Thomas.  The Ingoldsby legends or mirth and marvels. London: Richard Bentley (pr. by Samuel Bentley), 1840–47. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8.1"). 3 vols. I: Engr. t.-p., v, [3], 338, [2] pp.; 6 plts. II: Engr. t.-p., vii, [3], 288 pp.; 7 plts. III: Engr. t.-p., vi, [2], 364 pp.; 6 plts.
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A LECTERN BibleUSED in a Lutheran Church?
Bible.  German.  1710. Luther. Biblia, das ist: Die gantze heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments. Wie solche von Herrn Doctor Martin Luther Seel. im Jahr Christi 1522. in unsere Teutsche Mutter-Sprach zu übersetzen angefangen.... Nürnberg: In Verlegung Johann Andreä Endters Seel, Sohn, und Erben, 1710. Folio (39 cm, 15.38"). Frontis., [32] ff., 1181, [1] pp., [11 (-1)] ff.; 1 plt., illus.
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The First English THUMB BIBLE in Prose
  Beautifully Bound & with Sharp Lovely Plates
Bible.  English. Selections.  Biblia. Or a practical summary of ye Old and New Testaments. London: R. Wilkin, 1728 (i.e., 1727). 64mo (4 cm, 1.57"). [6], 154, [2], 155–278, [6] pp.; 16 plts.
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Didot PrintedPetit BoundBEAUTIFUL Biblical Antiquarianism
Bible.   Latin (Old Latin). Vulgate. 1785.  Bibliorum sacrorum vulgatae versionis editio. Parisiis: Excudabat Fr. Amb. Didot natut maj., 1785. 8vo in 4s (19 cm, 7.5"). 8 vols. I: xvi, 501, [1] pp. II: [2] ff., 450 pp. III: [2] ff., 393, [1] pp. IV: [2] ff., 428 pp. V: [2] ff., 400 pp. VI: [2] ff., 444 pp. VII: [2] ff., 407, [1] pp. VIII: [2] ff., 373, [1] pp.
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WATTS in a Pretty & Personal Binding
Bible.  O.T. Psalms. English. Paraphrases. 1827. Watts. The Psalms, hymns, & spiritual songs ... to which are added, select hymns from other authors; and directions for musical expression. Boston: Samuel T. Armstrong and Crocker & Brewster, [1827]. 12mo (15.6 cm, 6.2"). 496, [5]–156 pp.
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Embossed Architectural BindingEXCELLENT Condition
Bible. English. Authorized (i.e., “King James Version”). 1831. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command. Oxford: Pr. at the University Press by Samuel Collingwood & Co., 1831. 24mo. [528] ff.
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Becomingly SIMPLE Impression in aHandsome (Boston?) Binding
Bible.  English. 1831. Authorized (i.e., “King James Version”). The Holy Bible.... In two volumes. Boston: [Pr. by Stephen Forster at the Boston Press, Francis Jenks, proprietor, for] Gray & Bowen, 1831. 4to (27.7 cm, 10.875"). In 2 vols. I: lacking frontis., [2] ff., 915, [1 (blank)] pp. II: lacking frontis.?, [2] ff., 804, [1 (blank)] pp., [1 (blank)] f.

In a GOOD AMERICAN Binding Sarah Leverett's French Bible
Bible.  French. 1839–40. Martin.  La Sainte Bible...revue...par David Martin.... New York: Stéréotypé par Henry W. Rees, pour la Société Biblique Americaine, D. Fanshaw, Imprimeur, 1839–40. 8vo. 819 [1 (blank)] pp., 261, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Hannah's LegacyIllustrated N.T.Sentimental Womanly Provenance
Bible.  N.T. English. Authorized. 1841.  The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; with the marginal readings; and illustrated by marginal references, both parallel and explanatory, and a copious selection, carefully chosen, and newly arranged. New York: John C. Riker, 1841. 16mo (11 cm, 4.4"). Frontis., add. engr. t.-p., [2], 350 pp.; 4 plts.
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Large Paper & Luxurious!
Bible.  N.T. English. Authorized. 1864.  The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. With engravings on wood from designs of Fra Angelico, Pietro Perugino, Francesco Francia.... London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1864. 4to (29.5 cm, 11.75"). Frontis., [iii]–xvi, 540 pp.; illus.
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The State ofEarly 19th-Century Austrian Medical Knowledge
Bischoff, Ignaz Rudolph Edler von Altenstern.  Grundzüge der allgemeinen Naturlehre des Menschen ... Mit vorzüglicher Hinsicht auf die praktische Medicin. Wien: A. Strauss's sel. Witwe, 1838–39. 8vo (21 cm, 8.3"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., [22], 352, [2] pp. II: xvi, 492 pp.
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Lovely French PrintingGORGEOUS! French Binding
Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas.  Œuvres diverses du Sieur D*** avec le traité du sublime ou du merveilleux dans le discours, traduit du Grec de Longin. Paris: Claude Barbin (pr. by Denys Thierry), 1674. 4to (25.3 cm, 10"). π2A–R4S8T–Y4Z1*4a2-4b–o4; Frontis., [4], 178, [12], [3]–102, [10 (index & colophon)] pp., 1 plt.
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Deluxe Signed Limited Edition PUBLISHER'S COPY:  Life of a Science Fiction Pioneer
(Bradbury, Ray). Weist, Jerry. BRADBURY: An illustrated life.  A journey to far metaphor. Hampton Falls, NH: Donald M. Grant, 2004. Folio (29.2 cm, 11.5"). [36], xxvi, 195, [1] pp.; illus.
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Large Scale” in Several Respects . . .
62 Engravings & Bedford BoundWESTMINSTER ABBEY

A Classic of English Antiquarianism, Illustration,   
& Book-Making
Brayley, Edward Wedlake.  The history and antiquities of the abbey church of St. Peter, Westminster: Including notices and biographical memoirs of the abbots and deans of that foundation. London: J.P. Neale for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown, 1818–23. Folio (37.9 cm, 14.9"). 2 vols. I: [18], 227, [19], 72, [10] pp.; 13 plts. II: [2], 304, [40] pp.; 49 plts.
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