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A Mini Leaf Book
Adomeit, Ruth E.  An original leaf from the Newbery Bible 1780. With an essay. Los Angeles: [colophon: printed by William Cheney for Dawson's Book Shop], 1980. Miniature (49 x 42 mm; 1.875" x 1.625"). 18 pp., [1 (colophon)] f., leaf of 1780 Bible tipped in.
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Enhanced by a Fan of St. JohnIn a Contemporary Binding & with78 Woodcuts
Aemilius, Georg.  Evangelia quae consueto more dominicis et aliis festis diebus in ecclesia leguntur. Coloniae Agrippinae: Ad intersignium Monocerotis [Walther Fabritius], 1566. 8vo (16 cm, 6.3"). [176] ff.; illus.
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Printing for “the Other Side”?
Apostolic canons.  [first four words in Greek, transliterated as] Kanones ton agion apostolon. Canones sanctoru[m] apostolorum. Unà cum latina interpretatione. Parisiis: Apud Andream Wechelum sub Pegaso, in vico Bellouaco, 1556. 4to (23 cm, 9"). 27, [1] pp.
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Biblically Defining Child” for Baptismal PurposesRARE
Barker, Thomas.  The duty, circumstances, and benefits of baptism, determined by evidence ... with an appendix, shewing the meaning of several Greek words in the New Testament. London: B. White, 1771. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8"). x, 208, [6 (index & errata)] pp.
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Bible for Beginners
(Bible).  Scripture history; or, a brief account of the Old and New Testament.  London: Printed for J. Wallis ... by J. Cundee, 1801. Near miniature (9.6 cm, 3.75"). Frontis., 32, 32 pp.
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“The Uninterrupted Harmony” of theNew Testament
    [There wasn't much Harmony in the Compiler's Political Life!]
Bible.  N.T. English & Greek. 1825.  Scientia biblica: Containing the New Testament, in the original tongue, with the English Vulgate, and a copious and original collection of parallel passages, printed in words at length. London: W. Booth, 1825. 8vo (23.2 cm, 9.2"). 3 vols. I: xvii, [3], 592 pp.; 1 plt. II: [4], 669, [3 (2 adv.)] pp. III: [4], 546, [2], [547]–551, [1] pp.
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A Father of Botany” Going Biblical Adornments by
The Petrarch Master”
Brunfels, Otto; Hans Weiditz, illus.  Precationes biblicae Sanctoru[m] Patrum, illustrium viroru[m] et mulierum utriusq[ue] Testamenti. Argentorati [Strasbourg]: apud Ioannem Schottum, 1528. 8vo (14.9 cm, 5.875"). 8, [91] ff.; illus. (final illus. & blank lacking).
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. . . but Bunyan Wrote MORE than Allegory!
Bunyan, John.  The doctrine of the law & grace unfolded: or, a discourse touching the law and grace. The Nature of the one, and the Nature of the other: Shewing what they are, as they are the Two Covenants; and likewise who they be, and what their Conditions are, that be under either of these Two Covenants. Wherein, For the better Understanding of the Reader, there is several Questions answered touching the Law and Grace, very easie to be read, and as easie to be understood, by those that are the Sons of Wisdom, the Children of the Second Covenant. Also, Several Titles set over the several Truths contained in this Book, for thy sooner finding of them; which are those at the latter end. London: printed for Will. Marshall, at the Bible in Newgate-Street, 1701. 12mo (15.7 cm; 6.125"). [16], 8, 11–204, 203–70 pp. Lacks the portrait and pp. 9–10 of text.
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Christmas PrayersGorgeous Binding
Catholic Church. Offices.   Officium in festo nativitatis Domini, et festorum infra octavam occurrentium, usque ad primas vesperas Epiphaniae Domini: juxta Missale & Breviarium romanarum s. Pii V. Pontif. Max. jussu editum, Clementis VIII. primùm, ac denuò Urbani VIII. auctoritate recognitum. Antverpiae: Ex architypographia Plantiniana, 1743. 12mo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). 555 pp.
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Isaac Watts' CopyExcellent GREEK Printing & Red Ruling Throughout
Church of England. Book of Common Prayer. Greek.  [title-page in Greek, romanized as] Biblos tes demosias euches kai teleseos mysterion kai ton allon thesmon kai teleton tes ekklesias. Kata to eth[os] tes Anglikanes Ekklesias. Pros [de] t[ou]tois typos k[ai] tropos tes katagaseos, cheirotonias, kai kathieroseos episkopon presbyteron k[ai] diakonon. [Cambridge: James Field, 1665]. 12mo (14.5 cm, 5.75"). [18] ff., 126 pp., [1 (blank)] f. [also bound inBible. Psalms. Greek. 1664.  [title-page in Greek, romanized as]Psalterion tou David. Kata tous Hevdomekonta. [Cambridge: James Field, 1664]. 12mo. [1] f, 171, [1 (blank)] pp. (lacks blank leaf k6).
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Peter Martyr MeetsSt. Clement of Alexandria
Clement, of Alexandria, Saint.   Clementis Alexandrini, viri longe doctissimi, qui Panteni quidem martyris fuit discipulus, praeceptor verò Origenis, omnia, quae quidem extant opera, à paucis iam annis inventa, [et] nunc denuò accuratiùs excusa Gentiano Herueto Aureliano interprete ... [with another, as below]. Basileae: Per Thomam Guarinum, 1566. Folio (33.5 cm; 13.125"). 364 pp., [8] ff. [also bound in]  Vermigli, Pietro Martire.  In selectissimam D. Pauli priorem ad Corinthios Epistolam. Tiguri: apud C. Froschouerum, 1567. Folio (33.5 cm; 13.125"). [6], 242, [17] ff. (lacks final blank).
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The Collected Works of Erasmus, IncludingHis Greek New Testament
Erasmus, Desiderius.  Desiderii Erasmi opera omnia in decem tomos distincta. Lugduni Batavorum [Leiden]: Pieter van der Aa, 1703–06. Folio extra (39.4 cm, 15.5"). 10 vols. in 11. I: [3] ff., 24, [64] pp., 1226 cols. (i.e., 1240); engr. t.-p., 1 double-pg. engr. plt. and 1 full-pg. engr. plt. II: [6] ff., 1212 cols., [5 4] pp. III(a): [15] ff., 1104 cols.; 18 full-pg. engr. plts. III(b): [2] ff., cols. 1105-944, [92] ff.; 2 full-pg. engr. plts. IV: [3] ff., 758 cols. (i.e., 768); 1 full-pg. engr. plt., 75 single-col. engr. vignettes (3.5" sq.), and 6 double-col. engr. vignettes (4.25" x 7.25"). V: [3] ff., 1360 cols. VI: [29] ff., 1126 cols., [17] pp. VII: [6] ff., 1198 cols., [1] p. VIII: [3] ff., 652 cols. IX: [3] ff., 1248 cols.; 1 fold-out plt., 1 full-pg. plt. X: [2] ff., cols. 1249–860, [64] ff.
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Dutch Bible Commentary by aControversial Scholar/Politician
Hamelsveld, Ysbrand van.  Korte aanmerkingen over het Oude & Nieuwe Testament voor ongeleerden. [with] De Apokryfe boeken. Amsteldam: Martinus de Bruijn, 1791–98. 8vo (22.7 cm, 8.9"). 9 vols. O.T.: I: [4], 388 pp. II: [4], 396 pp. III: [8], [429]–1011, [1] pp. IV: [4], 624 pp. V: [2], 582 pp. VI: [4], 442, [2], [443]–656, iv pp. Apocr.: [4], 456, [4], 342 pp. N.T.: I: [4], 134, [2], 135–187, [3], 189–282, [2], [283]–514 pp. II: viii, 489, [1] pp.
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Chromolithographed/ILLUMINATED Symbols & Stories
A Victorian “Medievalesque” Binding
Humphreys, Henry Noel.  The miracles of our Lord. London: Longman & Co., 1848. 8vo (17.1 cm, 6.75"). iv pp; 16 double-sided col. plts.
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Rabbi Kohn'sSamaritan Thesis
Kohn, Samuel.  De Pentateucho Samaritano ejusque cum versionibus antiquis nexu. Dissertatio inauguralis quam amplissimi philosophorum ordinis auctoritate in alma litterarum universitate Viadrina ... die VII. mensis Aprilis MDCCCLXV. Lipsiae: G. Kreysing, 1865. 8vo (22.7 cm, 8.9"). [6], 68, [4] pp.
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Cutting-Edge Biblical Scholarship & Three Maps
Lamy, Bernard. Commentarius in harmoniam sive concordiam quatuor evangelistarum.... Parisiis: Excudebat Joannis Anisson, 1699. 4to (12.6 cm, 10.25"). 2 vols. in 1. I: 2 a[n]4 e[n]4 A–Z4 Aa–Zz4 AAa–ZZz4 AAaa – OOoo4; [2] ff., xvi, 661, [1] pp., [25] ff.; 3 plts. II: 2 a–h4 A–Z4 Aa–Xx4 Yy2; [2] ff., lxiv, 326 pp., [15] ff.; 3 plts.

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Plenty of Provenance & aTypographic Eyeful
Leigh, Edward.  A treatise of the divine promises; in five books. London: pr. by A. Miller for Thomas Underhill, 1650. 12mo (14.3 cm; 5.625"). [18], 409, [39] pp., 1 fold-out diagram.
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“The First Civilizations”
Lenormant, François.  Les premières civilisations études d’histoire et d’archéologie. Paris: Maisonneuve & Cie., 1874. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.85"). 2 vols. I: viii, 401, [11] pp. II: [4], 437, [3] pp.
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Historical Context of theNew Testament
Lightfoot, John.  A commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles: Chronicall and criticall. The difficulties of the text explained, and the times of the story cast into annals. London: Pr. by R.C. for Andrew Crooke, 1645. 4to (18.2 cm, 7.2"). [20], 331, [1] pp. (pp. 145–48 bound out of sequence).
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Sacred Hebrew Poetry
Lowth, Robert.  De sacra poesi hebraeorum. Oxonii: E typographeo Clarendoniano, 1775. 8vo (22.5 cm; 8.875"). [4] ff., 515, [1 (blank)] pp., [6] ff.
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One of Luther's Favorite Texts, with His CommentaryEnglish Black Letter, 1616
Luther, Martin.  A commentarie of ... Martin Luther upon the epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians. London: Richard Field,, 1616. Small 4to (18 cm; 7"). [4], 296 ff.
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Living Speeches of Dying Christians” & a Man
Worthy of Dear Memory & Value”
Mall, Thomas.  A cloud of witnesses; or, The sufferers mirrour, made up of the swanlike-songs, and other choice passages of several martyrs and confessors to the sixteenth century, in their treatises, speeches; letters, prayers, &c. in their prisons, or exiles; at the bar, or stake, &c. Collected out of the ecclesiastical histories of Eusebius, Fox, Fuller, Petrie, Scotland, and Mr. Samuel Ward’s Life of faith in death, &c. and alphabetically disposed. London: Printed for Robert Boulter at the Turks Head in Bishopsgate-street, 1670. 8vo (16.9 cm; 6.625 “). [14], 258 pp. (lacks pastedowns). [bound with] Bates, William. A short character of that Excellent Divine Mr. David Clarkson, who departed this life the 14th of June, 1686. [London? : s.n., ca 1686]. 8vo. 13, [1] pp.
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Coptic Texts, Special Fonts
Nani, Giacomo; Giovanni Luigi Mingarelli, ed.  Aegyptiorum codicum reliquiae Venetiis in Bibliotheca Naniana asservate. Bononiae [Venice]: Typis Laelii a Vulpe, 1785. 4to (28 cm, 11.5"). 2 parts in 1. I: 7, [1], CCXIX, [1] pp. II: [2], CCXXI–CCCLXIII, [1] pp.; 2 facsims. (engravings).
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The Scientist as Scholar ofProphecy & Apocalypse
Sir Isaac & His (actually, not so) Mystical Side
Newton, Isaac.  Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel. London: James Nisbet, & T. Stevenson, Cambridge, 1831. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9"). [1] f., xii, 250 pp.
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