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An American Boy Makes Good, Sees ChangesHis Life Through His Diaries
(A Box of His ANNUAL Booklets).    Sampson, George G.  Manuscript on paper, in English: Collection of 26 diaries. Maine, Worcester, New York City: 1886–1912. 32mo to 16mo (4" x 2.5" to 6" x 2.75"). 26 vols.
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The Oneida Community's Official Newspaper
(An American Sect Explains Itself).  Noyes, John Humphrey, ed.   The circular. Brooklyn, NY: No publisher/printer, 1851–52. Folio (46 cm, 18.5"). 207, [1] pp.
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WONDERFUL is theComfort of Words
Aked, Charles F.  Wells and palm trees. Cool water and abundant rest on life's rough way. New York: Dodge Publishing Co., © 1908. 12mo. Frontis., [6], 149, [1] pp.

Signed Binding —Pure Gold
Albin, Thomas, ed.  Pure gold from the rivers of wisdom. Edited by the author of “Affection's keepsake.” New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1841. 32mo (10.5 cm; 4.25"). [1 (ads)] f., 126 pp., [2 (ads)] pp.; frontis. (included in pagination).
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100 Years of Book Collecting inPHILADELPHIA
Allen, George Rankin.  The Centennial of the Philobiblon Club of Philadelphia, 1893–1993. Philadelphia: The Philobiblon Club, 1993. 12mo (19 cm; 7.5"). [3], [1] ff., 53, [3] pp.
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Pre-Civil War KentuckyParticularly Its Birds But Also Those Lovely Dresses!
Allen, James Lane; & Hugh Thomson, illus.  A Kentucky cardinal and Aftermath. New York & London: The Macmillan Co. (pr. by Norwood Press), 1900. 12mo (20.9 cm, 8.22"). [2], xxxii, [2], 276, [4 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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Imagining theSplendour & Magnificence of Former Days
Atkins, Sarah [Lucy Sarah Atkins Wilson].   Relics of antiquity, exhibited in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, with an account of the destruction and recovery of those celebrated cities. New York: W.B. Gilley (pr. by Vanderpool & Cole), 1826. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.2"). [2], ix, [1], 143, [1] pp.; 6 plts.
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The BIRDS in Miniature” with theirBetter “Habitats”
Audubon, John James, & William MacGillivray.  The birds of America, from drawings made in the United States and their territories. New York: V.G. Audubon, Roe Lockwood & Son, 1859. 8vo (27.5 cm; 10.875"). 7 vols. I: [iii]–viii, [1], 12–246 pp., 70 plts. II: [iii]–vii, [2], 12–199 pp., 71–140 plts. III: [iii]–viii, [1], 10–233 pp., 141–210 plts. IV: [iii]–viii, [1], 10–321 pp., 211–280 plts. V: [iii]–viii, [1], 10–346 pp., 281–350 plts. VI: [iii]–viii, [1], 10–456 pp., 351–420 plts. VII: vii, [2], 10–372 pp., 421–500 plts.
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My Style of Drawing Birds”
Audubon, John James.  My style of drawing birds. Ardsley, New York: The Overland Press for The Haydn Foundation, 1979. Tall 8vo (29.2 cm; 11.5"). 26 pp., [2] ff., illus., facsims.
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Wayward Wives & Shysters in Disguise
Specifically CALIFORNIAN Comedy
Baer, Warren.  The duke of Sacramento. San Francisco: The Grabhorn Press, 1934. 8vo. [12], 77, [1] pp.; illus.
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DefendingPerfect FREEDOM of Discussion”
Bailey, Samuel.  Essays on the formation and publication of opinions and on other subjects. Philadelphia: R.W. Pomeroy (pr. by A. Waldie), 1831. 12mo (19.9 cm, 7.9"). [2 (adv.)], 240 pp.
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Truth & Progess of Knowledge
[Bailey, Samuel].  Essays on the pursuit of truth, on the progress of knowledge, and the fundamental principle of all evidence and expectation. Philadelphia: R.W. Pomeroy (A. Waldie, pr.), 1831. 12mo. [1 (ads)] f., 233 pp., [1 (ads)] f.
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Women's Lives . . .
Baird, Robert. Transplanted flowers, or memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff, daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq. and the Duchess de Broglie, daughter of Madame de Stael. New York: John S. Taylor, 1847. 12mo. Frontis., 159, [1] pp.
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Come, Let Us March”
Bascom, E.H.  The school harp: a collection of pleasing and instructive songs. Music and words, original and selected. Designed for the use of schools and singing classes. Oblong. Boston: Morris Cotton, (Stereotyped by A.B. Kidder), 1855. 12mo. viii, 96 pp., [2] ff.
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Wood-Engravings byAlexander Anderson
[Berquin, Arnaud].  The looking-glass for the mind, or, intellectual mirror. Being an elegant collection of the most delightful little stories, and interesting tales. Chiefly translated from that much admired work L'Ami des Enfans. With elegant engravings on wood, by Anderson. Philadelphia: Alexander Towar; Hogan & Thompson, 1832. 16mo (14.5 cm, 5.75"). 216 pp.; illus.
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PromotingPLANTS to Cure What Ails You!
(Botanical Medicine).  Collection of nine commercial medicinal packets. Malden, Mass.: S.W. Gould & Bros., & three other companies, [ca. 1900–1910]. 9 boxes of various sizes (largest 7 x 7 x 3.8 cm; 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.5").
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Hands OffOur Guano!
Briceño, Mariano de. Memoir justificatory of the conduct of the government of Venezuela on the Isla de Aves question, presented to his excellency the secretary of state of the United States.... Washington City: F.H. Sage, printer, 1858. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.5"). 22 pp., [1 (blank)] f.
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Reconstruction-Era Novel Set in ALABAMA
by an Alabama Author
Brown, Annie G. [a.k.a. Annie Finley Green]; Joseph “J.C.” Leyendecker, illus.  Fireside battles. Chicago: Laird & Lee, (1900). 8vo (21.4 cm, 8.42"). Frontis., 327, [1] pp.; 8 plts., illus.
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The State of19th-Century Metaphysics
Brown, Thomas.  Lectures on the philosophy of the human mind. Andover: Mark Newman (pr. by Flagg & Gould), 1822. 8vo (22.3 cm, 8.8"). 3 vols. I: 536 pp. II: 528 pp. III: 574, [2] pp.
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Brown University.  Celebration of the one hundreth anniversary of the founding of Brown University, September 6th, 1864. Providence: Sidney S. Rider & Bro., 1865. 4to (26.5 cm; 10.25"). [4] ff., 178 pp., [1] f.
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Pilgrim's Progress forLittle Readers
[Bunyan, John].   The little pilgrim's progress. Philadelphia: H.C. Peck & Theo. Bliss, 1855. 16mo (11.8 cm, 4.64"). 96 pp.; illus.
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Burton's Philosophical Poetry
Burton, Richard F.  The Kasîdah (couplets) of Hâjî Abdû El-Yezdî: A lay of the higher law. San Francisco: The Book Club of California, 1919. Folio (31.5 cm, 12.7"). vii, [3], 52, [2] pp.
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