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Sinn Féin. Election Sub-Committee.  An election guide for use of Sinn Fein clubs. Dublin: Sinn Fein, 1918. 12mo (18 cm, 7.125"). iv, 84, viii pp.

As the 1918 election approached, Irish Republicans increased their efforts to get out the vote, to ensure that the vote was a fair and equitable one, and to see that Republican poll workers were fully informed about how voting worked. To this end the Sinn Féin Election Sub-Committee prepared and distributed this highly detailed election handbook: It lays out in clear language what the required paperwork is, how vote counting works, how to lodge objections, who can be an observer, and so on, and so on.
        The Republican effort paid off: Sinn Féin won the election in a landslide. Its candidates won 73 seats out of 105, receiving 46.9% of votes island-wide and 65% of votes in the area that became the Irish Free State. Sinn Féin's elected members then refused to go to the British Parliament in Westminster; instead they formed a parliament in Dublin, the First Dáil Éireann ("Assembly of Ireland"), which declared Irish independence as a republic.
        It must be noted that this was the first general election to be held after the Representation of the People Act 1918 and was thus => the first election in which women over the age of 30, and all men over the age of 21, could vote.
        Searches of Worldcat find only one North American library reporting ownership, the University of Kansas.

Original blue gray wrappers, saddle-stitched (i.e., stapled), with rust staining from the staples and other, limited spotting/soiling. Lower outer corners bumped/creased with a few corners torn away not approaching text; foxing. Complete. Now preserved in a neat green cloth clamshell box.  (41600)   Please RESHELVE This.

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