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Bible. English. 1886.  The parallel Bible. The Holy Bible, containing the authorized and the revised versions of the Old and New Testaments, arranged in parallel columns; the text conformable to that of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Philadelphia: A.J. Holman & Co., 1886. Folio (, 12.52"). [6], viii, [iv], 8, 16, 16, 16, 16, 103, [1], 24, 16, [2], 48, 1075, [1], 28, 16, 8, [2], 400, 837–850, 56, 43, [1] pp.; 2 double-sided ff. of col. maps, 2 double-sided illum. col. plts., 4 illum. certificates, 2 illum. plts., 14 plts.

Imposing illustrated Bible offering large amounts of supplementary information, numerous plates and in-text engravings, and notable provenance — as well as a handsome binding. This copy includes a six-page inserted (contemporary) "Introductory History of the Manuscript and Early Printed Editions of the Holy Bible" along with the "Gallery of Scripture Illustrations," "Historical Illustrations of Bible Text, Derived from Ancient Coins and Gems," "Views from Photographs of Recent Surveys in the Holy Lands," "Comprehensive Dictionary of the Bible," "Summary of Biblical Antiquities," parables with full-page, faux-medieval illustrations, and many other sections of additional Biblical scholarship.
        Color Printing & Illumination: Also present are two double-sided leaves of color-printed maps, several illuminated plates, and four illuminated certificates of matrimony, births, marriages, and deaths, the first recording the wedding of George F. Sumner and Mary Faustena Day (see below), performed by Charles Sumner Nickerson in 1891; births and deaths have also been filled in.
        Binding: Contemporary pebbled roan, covers framed and panelled in blind, front cover and spine with gilt-stamped title, board edges and turn-ins with gilt rolls. Marbled endpapers; all edges gilt.
        Provenance: Front fly-leaf with inked gift inscription from Julia Ann Bartlett Worsley to her grandson George Francis Sumner (of the eminent Massachusetts Sumner family) on the occasion of his 21st birthday in 1886; later inked inscription noting gift by his widow Mary Faustena Day Sumner to John Worsley Wallace, a great-grandson of Worsley's, as Sumner left no surviving direct descendants. => Laid in is a warmly written letter from Julia to Mary, making reference to this very Bible. Most recently from the collection of Michael Zinman, sans indicia.

This ed. not in Hills, English Bible in America. Binding as above, joints and extremities rubbed, one spine compartment with small chip in leather; front cover with minor scuffing and area of faint discoloration. Original brown silk bookmark present. Some pages gently age-toned, overall very clean. => A "family Bible" production to compete with any other!  (41542)   Please RESHELVE This.

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