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He Was a Member ofSor JUANA's Circle
Sigüenza y Góngora, Carlos de.  Parayso occidental plantado y cultivado por la liberal benefica mano de los muy catholicos y poderosos reyes de España, nuestros señores, en su magnifico Real Convento de Jesus Maria de Mexico. Mexico: Juan Ribera, 1684. Small 4to. [12], 206 ff., coat of arms.
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Bound forPresentation by Queen Isabella
Spain.  Ministerio de Hacienda. Presupuestos generales de gastos é ingresos para el año de 1850, segun la ley sancionada en 20 de Febrero del mismo año. Madrid: La Viuda de Burgos, 1850 [i.e., 1849]. 8vo signed in 4s (22.1 cm, 8.65"). 761, [1 (blank)] pp.

A Bespoke Cedulario forUse in New Spain & Guatemala
(Spanish Royal Decrees).  An assemblage of 43 manuscript and printed royal and viceroyal decrees and some 25 related documents. Barcelona, Madrid, Valldolid (Spain), Aranjuez, Mexico City, & elsewhere: 1701–79. Small 4to, folio, & larger. Approximately 135 ff.
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Noted Christian Nativist Fans the Flames
Sparry, C.  The illustrated Christian martyrology; being an authentic and genuine historical account of the principal persecutions against the church of Christ, in different parts of the world by pagans and papists. Philadelphia: Leary & Getz, 1854. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.5"). Color frontis., 254 pp., [16] ff. (of publisher's ads), 23 color plts.
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Silesian Historical Anthology
Stenzel, Gustav Adolf Harald.  Scriptores rerum Silesiacarum oder Sammlung schlesischer Geschichtschreiber, namens der schlesischen gesellschaft für vaterländische cultur. Breslau: Josef Max & Komp., 1835–47. 4to (25.7 cm, 9.9"). 3 vols. I: xx, (iii)–xvi, 538 pp. II: xv, [1], 505, [1] pp. III: xii, 435, [1] pp.
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“A Thought is a Real Thing & Words are Only Its Raiment”
Stephens, James; Thomas Mackenzie, illus.  The crock of gold. London: Macmillan & Co, 1926. 8vo (22.9 cm, 9"). vii, [1], 227, [1] pp.; 12 col. plts.
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Printed by W. Thomas Taylor / Signed by Stern
Stern, Madeleine B.  Nicholas Gouin Dufief of Philadelphia: Franco-American bookseller, 1776-1834. Philadelphia: The Philobiblon Club, 1988. 8vo. (22 cm; 8.75"). 81 pp., illus., portrait, facsimiles.
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Stowe on theWOMEN of the BibleExtended Version
Stowe, Harriet Beecher.  Woman in sacred history. A series of sketches. New York: J.B. Ford & Co., [1873]. Large 8vo (29.7 cm, 11.69") 400 pp.; 25 col. plts.
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So INTERESTING, What HeChose Here!
Strodtmann, Adolf (trans.).  Amerikanische Anthologie.  Erster Theil: Dichtungen. Zweiter Theil: Novellen. Leipzig: Bibliogaphisches Institut, [1875]. 12mo. 2 vols. in 1. I: 236 pp. II: 297 pp.
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Wharton as Translator
Sudermann, Hermann; Edith Wharton, trans. The joy of living (Es Lebe das Leben) a play in five acts. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1902. 8vo (19 cm, 7.7"). vii, [1], 185, [1 (blank)] pp.

Artist, Author, & Printer All UncreditedAll of Interest
Summerly, Felix, ed. [pseud. of Sir Henry Cole]; [John Callcott Horsley], illus.  Beauty and the beast. An entirely new edition. With new pictures by an eminent artist. London: Joseph Cundall [pr. by Charles Whittingham at the Chiswick Press], 1843. 12mo (16.7 cm, 6.57"). 4, iv, 36 pp.; 4 col. plts.
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Social Satire at Brighton: Illustrated by Leech
Surtees, Robert Smith.  Plain or ringlets?  London: [Whitefriars Press, 1888]. 8vo (22.6 cm, 8.9"). x, [4], 398 pp.; 12 col. plts., 8 plts.
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A Classic of Italian LiteratureBodoni PrintingExceptional Binding
Tasso, Torquato.  Aminta favola boschereccia di Torquato Tasso ora per la prima volta alla sua vera lezione ridotta. Crisopoli: Impresso co' Caratterei Bodoniani, 1789. Large 4to (30.2 cm, 11.89"). [12], 14, [2], 142, [2 (blank)] pp.
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The House of the Walderings
Tautphoeus, Jemima Montgomery, Baroness.  At odds. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1897. 8vo (18.4 cm; 7.5"). 473, [6 (ads)] pp.
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Birket Foster:  Green Grass Below, Green Leaves O'erhead
Green Banks on Either Side”
Taylor, Tom; Myles Birket Foster, illus.  Birket Foster's pictures of English landscape. London: Routledge, Warne, & Routledge, 1863. 4to (26.3 cm, 10.4"). [74 (2 adv.)] pp.; 30 plts.
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First U.S. Standalone PrintingThree Versions
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron.  A dream of fair women. Boston: James R. Osgood & Co., 1880–85. 8vo (22.9 cm, 9.01"). 3 vols. All 3: Frontis., 103, [1] pp.; illus.
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Humor, Pathos, Redemption & Local MID-WEST Color
Thanet, Octave (i.e., Alice French).  The missionary sheriff; being incidents in the life of a plain man who tried to do his duty. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1897. Small 8vo (19 cm; 7.5"). [3] ff., 248 pp., frontis., 14 plates.
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Murder Most FoulGuilt Most Miserable
Three true and remarkable stories. The awful death of a murderer. The power of conscience. And, the terrors of a guilty conscience. London: J. Evans & Son, [ca. 1820?]. 8vo (18.4 cm, 7.24"). 8 pp.
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Is it Best to be Laughing-Mad, or Crying-Mad, in the World?
Titmarsh, M.A. [pseud. of William Thackeray].  Mrs. Perkins's ball. [London]: Chapman & Hall (pr. by Vizetelly Brothers & Co.), [1847]. 4to (21.6 cm, 8.5"). [2], engr. t.-p., 46, [2] pp.; 1 fold. col. plt., 20 col. plts.
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Seeing aRenaissance Man's MIND through His Letters
Tolomei, Claudio.   Delle lettere di M. Clavdio Tolomei libri VII. Vinegia: Presso Altobello Salicato, 1572. 8vo (16 cm, 6.25"). 296, [8] ff.
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Twain, PYLE, & La Pucelle
Twain, Mark, & Howard Pyle, illus.  Saint Joan of Arc. New York & London: Harper & Brothers, 1919. 8vo (24 cm, 9.45"). xiii, [3], 32 pp.; 4 col. plts.
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