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The Choir Master OwnedVineyards
   (& Maria Got Them)
Ramírez Carrillo, Alonso.  Document (“escritura pública de donación”). In Spanish, on paper. Peñafiel, Spain, 24 April 1615. Folio. [10] pp.
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Fictitious 17TH-Century DiaryBoth Parts Matching ZAEHNSDORF Bindings
[Rathbone, Hannah Mary].  So much ofthe diary of Lady Willoughby as relates to her domestic history, & to the eventful period of the reign of Charles the First. London: Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans (pr. by C. Whittingham), 1845. 12mo (17.3 cm, 6.8"). [4], 220 pp. [with the same author's] Some further portions of the diary of Lady Willoughby which do relate to her domestic history and to the events of the latter years of the reign of King Charles the First, the Protectorate and the Restoration. London: Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans, 1848. 12mo. [6], 215, [1] pp.
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One of the Winners Was aSchoolgirl”
Real y Pontificia Universidad de México.  Obras de eloqüencia y poesía premiadas por la Real Universidad de México en el certamen literario que celebró el dia 28 de diciembre de 1790 con motivo de la exaltacion al trono de nuestro católico monarca el Sr. D. Carlos IIII. Rey de España y de las Indias. Mexico: Por Don Felipe de Zúñiga y Ontivero, 1791. 4to (20.2 cm, 7.875"). [4], xxii, 12, [2], 15, [2], 17, [2], 27, [2], 6, [2], 8, [2], 9, [2], 10, [2], 7, [2], 9, [2], 5, [2], 4, [2], 7, 8, [1] pp.
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Little Orphant Annie's Come to Our House to Stay”
Riley, James Whitcomb; Ethel Franklin Betts, illus.  The Orphant Annie book. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Co., (copyright 1908). 4to (29.4 cm, 11.6"). [30] pp.; 8 col. plts.
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Classic Collection / Uncommon Illustrated Variant
[Roach, John, ed.].  The beauties of the poets of Great Britain, carefully selected from the works of the best authors. Embellished with engravings on wood. London: Sherwin & Co., 1821–22. 12mo (15 cm, 5.9"). 2 vols. I: [4], ii, 360 pp.; 9 plts. II: [2], iii, [1], 360 pp.; 9 plts.
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Improved Taste of Modern Time MustQuestion the Crudities of Former Days”
Rocco, Sha [pseud. of Abisha Shumway Hudson].  The masculine cross and ancient sex worship. New York: Asa K. Butts & Co., 1874. 8vo (19 cm, 7.75"). 65, [7 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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Strong Advice against Enthusiasm
Rodríguez de Rivas y Velasco, Diego.  [drop-title] Carta pastoral, que el Ilmo. Sr. Dr. D. Diego Rodriguez Rivas, y Velasco, escribió á las religiosas de su obispado de Guadalaxara, con el motivo de la real cedula expedida por S.M. en el real sitio del Pardo à 19. de marzo de 1768. à fin de preservar del contagio del fanatismo à las religiosas de su filiacion. [Puebla]: No publisher/printer, [1768]. Small 4to (19.5 cm; 7.75" ). [1] f., 37, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Love & Honor in the REVOLUTION
Roe, Edward Payson.  Near to nature's heart. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co., © 1876. 12mo. [4], [7]–556, [4 (adv.)] pp.
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Poems for a “Much Loved Daughter”Ticketed Binding
Rogers, Samuel.  Poems. London: Edward Moxon [colophon: Chiswick Press: Pr. by C. Whittingham], 1839. 16mo (16.7 cm, 6.625"). viii, 311, [1] pp.; illus.
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Oysters, from theGreat Domestic Science Instructor
Rorer, Mrs. S[arah] T[yson].  Fifteen new ways for oysters. Philadelphia: Arnold & Co. (pr. by George H. Buchanan & Co.), (copyright 1894). 16mo (14.8 cm, 5.8"). 27, [1] pp.
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Nonesuch Press Edition: A NovelC.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Read Aloud
toMake the Inklings Laugh
Ros, Amanda McKittrick.  Irene Iddesleigh. London: Nonesuch Press, 1926. 12mo (20 cm, 7.9"). 151, [1] pp.; illus.
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Improving *&* Entertaining
Rowe, Elizabeth Singer.  Friendship in death: In twenty letters from the dead to the living. To which are added, letters moral and entertaining, in prose and verse. London: Toplis & Bunney, and J. Mozley, 1780. 12mo (17.3 cm, 6.8"). xxv, [1], 278 pp.
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Woman Entrepreneur, Patent Medicines Division, 1855
S.A. Osburn (Firm).  [drop-title] Osburn's detergent balsam, or, the great remedy, for nursing sore mouth, canker, thrush, scarlet fever, inflamed sore throat, &c., &c. [Rochester, NY]: No publisher/printer, 1855. Tall 12mo (20 cm; 7.75"). 3, [1] pp.
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The Bustle, Excitement, Culture, & NOISE of LONDON
Laid Out for Children
S. W. [Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson?, Elizabeth Kilner?].  A visit to London: Containing a description of the principal curiosities in the British metropolis. Philadelphia: Published by Benjamin Warner ... sold also at his store in Richmond, Virginia (pr. by Wm. Greer), 1817. 24mo (14.8 cm, 5.75"). 111, [1] pp.; 6 plts., illus.
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French Neo-Latin Poetry in aFine Binding
Salmon Macrin, Jean.  Salmonij Macrini Iuliodunensis cubicularij regij epitome vitae Domini nostri Jesu Christi, ad Margaritam Valesiam, Henrici Francorum regis sororem unicam. Varia item poematia & de sacra regis unctione, & de eiusdem triumphali in urbem Lutetiam introitu. Parisiis: Ex typographia Matthaei Dauîdis, 1549. 8vo (16.7 cm, 6.625"). 63, [1] pp.
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“A Voyage to Abyssinia”Good Lively & Readable Account
Salt, Henry.   A voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country, executed under the orders of the British government, in the years 1809 and 1810; in which are included, an account of the Portuguese settlements on the east coast of Africa .... Philadelphia: M. Carey; Boston: Wells & Lilly (pr. by Lydia R. Bailey), 1816. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). 24, 454 pp.; fold. map., illus.

I Poured Out for Myself the Wine of Love”
Sandford, Christopher, trans.  The garden of caresses. London: The Golden Cockerel Press, 1934. 4to (21.8 cm, 8.55"). 91, [1] pp.; illus.
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Plate by Araoz
San Pedro, José María de.  Apologia de Santa Teresa de Jesus, que dirige a las rr. mm. carmelitas descalzas de la ciudad de Mexico. Mexico: La oficina de Ontiveros, 1812. 8vo. [4] ff., plt., 44 pp.
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A Work Written for theDiscalced Carmelite NUNS of Mexico
San Pedro, José María de.  Apologia de Santa Teresa de Jesus, que dirige a las rr. mm. carmelitas descalzas de la ciudad de Mexico ... Mexico: La oficina de Ontiveros, 1812. 4to. [4] ff., 44 pp. (without the plate).
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Dove andro? A chi mi volgero?Where Shall I Go? To Whom Can I Turn?
Savonarola, Girolamo.  [drop-title] Expositione di frate Hieronymo da Ferrara sopra el Psalmo L, Miserere mei Deus. [Florence: Printer of the 'Caccia di Belfiore', after 23 May 1498]. Small 4to (18.7cm; 7.5"). [14] ff., with final blank.
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Scotching Rumors of aFemale Pope
Scherer, Georg.  Trattato del R. Padre Giorgio Scherer ... Nel quale con uerissime ragioni proua non esser vero, che già sia stato in Roma vna Donna Pontefice. In Venetia: Appresso i Gioliti, 1586. 8vo (16 cm; 6.375"). [6], 48, [2] pp.
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Scott on theBest” English Novels & Romances
Scott, Walter.  Lives of the novelists. Boston: Cummings, Billiard & Co., 1826. 12mo (17.7 cm, 7"). 2 vols. I: [6], 240 pp. II: [4], 227, [1] pp.

“A Family of Beauties Interesting to Us for Almost
  Every Reason That Can Render Women Interesting
Scott, Walter; Charles Heath, illus.  The Waverley gallery of the principal female characters in Sir Walter Scott's romances. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1864. 8vo (26.8 cm, 10.55"). 230 pp.; 36 plts.
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Call it, This Journal of Mine, but a Shimmering of the Summer Sky”
Seidensticker, Edward, & Michitsuna no Haha.  The Kagero nikki: Journal of a 10th century noblewoman. Tokyo: Asiatic Society of Japan, 1955. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). [2], frontis., [8], 258 pp.; 7 plts.
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The Swan’sLouisa
Seward, Anna. Louisa, a poetical novel, in four epistles...the second edition. Lichfield: J. Jackson & G. Robinson, 1784. 4to (27.2 cm, 10.7"). vi, 95, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Early in theFIRST English Annual SeriesThis Copy in Its Box
Shoberl, Frederic, ed.  Forget me not;A Christmas and New Year's present for 1828.  London: R. Ackermann, [1828]. 12mo (14.4 cm, 5.75"). Engr. presentation leaf, engr. frontis., x, 418, 4 (advertisements) pp.; 14 plts. including presentation leaf and frontis.
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A First Purchaser” Sells aPart of Her Plot in Philadelphia
Shorter, Elizabeth.  Document Signed (with her mark), on paper.  [Philadelphia]: 12 October 1686. Small 4to (19.5 x 18.5 cm, 7.7 x 7.28"), 4 pp., with integral address leaf, 2 pp. blank.
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