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Life in aConceptionist Mexican Convent
Ladrón de Guevara, Baltasar.  Manifiesto, que el real convento de religiosas de Jesus Maria de Mexico, de el real patronato, sujeto a el orden de la purissima e immaculada concepcion, hace a el sagrado concilio provincial ... [Mexico City]: En la Imprenta de D. Felipe de Zuñiga y Ontiveros, 1771. Folio (28.9 cm, 11.4"). [1] f., 217, [1] p.
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A Little Manual . . . FIRST Designed for PRIVATE Use” of
Lake, Edward. Officium eucharisticum. A preparatory service to a devout and worthy reception of the Lord's Supper. Dublin: Printed by and for Samuel Fairbrother, 1724. 12mo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). [4] ff., 176 pp.
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Post–WWII, Mid–20th Century Daily Cuisine (& More) on the Isle of Man
[Lamb, Doris].  Manuscript on paper, in English. “Walker's private recipe book. A handy book for the housewife.” [Isle of Man: London: John Walker & Co., 1943-55]. 4to (21 cm, 8.25"). [326 (approx. 90 used)] pp.
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Southern, for Sure
Lambert, Mary Eliza Perine Tucker.  Poems. New York: M. Doolady, 1867. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.25"). xi, [1], [5]–237, [1] pp. (lacking 2 plts.).
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Here's a Really Tiny Book in aTINY! Clamshell Case
[Landon, Letitia Elizabeth].  The English bijou almanac for 1837. London: Albert Schloss, 1836. Miniature (2 cm, .787"); in a publisher's slipcase slightly larger. 64 pp.; 7 plts., 4 music pp.
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Selling Hair Tonic in Spain
Lanman & Kemp.  Tónico Oriental para el cabello. [Barcelona?]: Lanman & Kemp, [1864]. 8vo. 4 pp.; illus.
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Whose Baptisms Count?
Launoy, Jean de.  Remarques sur la dissertation, ou l'on montre en quel temps, & pour quelles raisons l'Eglise universelle consentit à recevoir le baptesme des heretiques; & par où l'on découvre ce qui a donné occasion aux auteurs, qui ont traité de cette matiere, de s'estre égarez dans la recherche qu'ils ont faite du Concile plenier, qui termina suivant S. Augustin cette contestation. Paris: L'imprimerie de la Veuve Edme Martin, 1671. 8vo (18.7 cm, 7.4"). [2], 77, [1] pp.
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Quaker Meditations A Neat Compendium
  Two Women in the Contents Womanly Provenance, Too
[Law, William]. An extract from a treatise on the spirit of prayer, or the soul rising out of the vanity of time into the riches of eternity. With some thoughts on war. Remarks on the nature and bad effects of the use of spirituous liquors. And considerations on slavery. Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1780. 12mo (16.3 cm, 6.45"). 84 pp. [bound with] Webb, Elizabeth. A letter...to Anthony William Boehm, with his answer. Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1783. 44 pp. [with] [Benezet, Anthony].  In the life of the lady Elizabeth Hastings... [Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1784]. 8 pp.
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Sensational StoryAppropriate Illustrations
Lawrence, George A.  Breaking a butterfly or Blanche Ellerslie's ending. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1869. 12mo. [2 (1 blank)], v–viii, 395, [1 (blank)] pp.; 7 plts. (lacks ads).
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A Mathematician, a Missionary, & theChinese Rites Controversy
Le Comte, Louis.  Memoirs and observations topographical, physical, mathematical, mechanical, natural, civil, and ecclesiastical. Made in a late journey through the Empire of China, and published in several letters. Particularly upon the Chinese pottery and varnishing; the silk and other manufactures; the pearl fishing; the history of plants and animals. Description of their cities and publick works; number of people, their language, manners and commerce; their habits, oeconomy, and government. The philosophy of Confucius. The state of Christianity, with many other curious and useful remarks. London: Pr. for Benj. Toke & Sam. Buckley, 1697. 8vo (20 cm; 8"). [12] ff., 527 [i.e., 543], [1] pp.; frontis. (port.), 3 plt. (2 fold.), fold. table.
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A Most Enjoyable Bibliographic Treasure —A VeryMiniature” Miniature Leporello
Lenepveu, Jules-Eugène, & Jean-Jacques Scherrer.  La vie de Jeanne d'Arc. No place: No publisher/printer, [1899–1900s?]. Miniature (3 x 2 cm; 1.125" x .75"). [9] pp., illus.
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Ladies, Get Spry!
Lever Bros., Cambridge, Mass. Easy to be a good cook now!  No place: No publisher/printer, [ca. 1950]. 12mo (12.5 cm; 5"). [1] leaf.
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MIT-Inspired VersePerishable Press Printing
Levertov, Denise.  A new year's garland for my students / MIT 1969–1970. Mt. Horeb, WI: The Perishable Press, 1970. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). [24] pp.
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Illustrated Contes de Fées by Madame LévesqueA VERY Nice Copy
[Lévesque, Louise Cavelier].  Le prince des aigues marines et Le prince invisible. Contes. Paris: Coustelier, 1744. 12mo (15.2 cm, 6"). [2], 106, [2], [109]–190 pp.; 5 plts.
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Life of Jesus inPictures & Gospel Quotations
Lloyd, Elizabeth Maria.  Fifty illustrations of the gospel narrative of the life of our Lord, chronologically arranged, with exercises, in a series of questions and answers. London: Sampson Low, 1833. 16mo (13 cm, 5.1"). vii, [1], 108, [4] pp.; 50 plts.
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QUEENS of YourModern American Castles
Logan, Martha.  Meat complete. A handbook of meat cookery. Chicago: Swift & Co., © 1942. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). 54, [2] pp.; illus.
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NARRATIVE Cookery from theLand of the Sun”
Los Angeles Times.  Los Angeles Times cook book no. 2. 957 cooking and other recipes by California women. Los Angeles: Times-Mirror Co., [1908]. 8vo (22.4 cm, 8.8"). 105, [1] pp.
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Once Upon a Time There Were Two Fairies . . .
[Lubert, Marguerite de].  La princesse Sensible et le prince Typhon, conte. La Haye [i.e., Paris]: 1743. 12mo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). 119, [1] pp.
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WOMEN, Are You on the Sunlit Road to Better Health?
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company.  Picnic time. Lynn, MA: Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., [ca. 1926] . 16mo (17.5 cm, 6.9"). 32 pp.; illus.
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Medieval Romance” from aNotable (laterWoman of Letters
M., Mademoiselle de [Marie-Caroline de Murray].  Aventures et anecdotes françoises tirées d'une chronique du XIV siecle. Vienne: Fr. Ant. Schrämbl, 1800. 8vo (15.9 cm, 6.25"). Vol. I (of 2): 176 pp.
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Mocking Catholics, the Irish, & the Incarcerated Community”
“Mahony, Dorah.”  Six months in a house of correction, or, the narrative of Dorah Mahony, who was under the influence of the Protestants about a year, and an inmate of the house of correction, in Leverett St., Boston, Massachusetts, nearly six months, in the years 18—. Boston: Benjamin B. Mussey, 1835. 12mo (15.6 cm, 6.15"). 201, [1] pp.
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Esther the Queen, in Holy Writ, Shone Like a Star, Her Name Was Great
(Mallory, Mary Esther).  Manuscript. “Acrostic on M.E.M.” Norwalk, CT: 1824. Small 8vo (20 x 15.5 cm; 7.75" x 6"). 2 pp.
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Marilyn Monroe'sLAST Posed Photo Session
Maloney, Tom, ed.  U.S. camera annual 1964. New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, (copyright 1963). 8vo (29 cm, 11.4"). 231, [1] pp.; illus.

Actually, on DIVORCE . . .   
(MARRIAGE LAW).  Boehmer, Justus Henning, praeses. ...De ivre principis evangelici circa divortia.... Halae Magdeburgicae: Stanno Grunertiano, [1715]. Small 4to. [1] f., 70 pp.


A “Way” of Life & DEATH
Marshall, Charles.  The way of life revealed, and the way of death discovered: Wherein is declared, man's happy estate before the fall, his miserable estate in the fall, and the way of restoration out of the fall.... London: Pr. by Mary Hinde, 1772. 8vo. [2] ff., 59, [1] pp., [1] f. (of which final leaf of advertisements wanting).
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The 30 Years' Peace:  First American Edition, Much Enlarged
Martineau, Harriet.  History of the peace: Being a history of England from 1816 to 1854. With an introduction 1800 to 1815. Boston: Walker, Wise, & Co.; Walker, Fuller, & Co., 1864–66. 8vo (20.6 cm, 8.1"). 4 vols. I: xi, [1], 455, [1] pp. II: vii, [1], 500, 2 pp. III: x, 575, [1] pp. IV: xii, 665, [1] pp.
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A Woman Brings a Case& WINS
Martinez Insausti, Pedro.  Manuscript document. Zaragoza: 13 July 1615. Folio (30.8 cm; 12.125"). [1] p.
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Growing up in Quinnebasset, ME A Bright Copy
May, Sophie [pseud. of Rebecca Sophia Clarke].  The doctor's daughter. Boston & New York: Lee & Shepard, (1871). 12mo (18 cm; 7"). 330, [6 (adv.)] pp.; 12 plts.
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A Typical Sort ofPrint-on-Paper Cover
Mayhew, Ira. Mayhew's practical book-keeping. Embracing single and double entry, commercial calculations, and the philosophy and morals of business. Boston: Nichols & Hall, 1869. 12mo. 228 pp.
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A Look at Life in Faraway China — Let's Say, 'how foon.'”
McCrady, Elizabeth F.  Ching Ling and Ting Ling. [New York]: The Platt & Munk Co., Inc., © 1936. 4to (20.3 cm, 8"). [12 (incl. wrappers)] pp.; col. illus.
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Flagellation in the Act of Love Making, & Let's Talk about Lumbago Too — A POCKET GUIDE
Meibom, Johann Heinrich.  Joan. Henrici Meibomii De flagrorum usu in re veneria. Et lumborum, renumque officio. Londini: No publisher/printer, 1770. 24mo (10.5 cm; 4"). 78 pp.
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Presentation CopyFit for a Queen
Melgarejo y Salafranca, José, Conde del Valle de San Juan. Consideraciones sobre la iglesia en sus relaciones con la sociedad... Obra dedicada a S.M. el Rey. Madrid: Zacarias Soler, 1851. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). [6], 316, [2] pp.; 1 plt.
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A Mash-up of AttitudesA Catalogue of Erotic Options
Member of the Royal Asiatic Society.  Marriage ceremonies & priapic rites in India & the East. No place: Privately Printed, 1909. Sq. 8vo. [1] f., 107, [1] pp., [1] f.
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Her Affair with George Dillon in52 Sonnets
Millay, Edna St. Vincent.  Fatal interview. New York & London: Harper & Brothers, 1931. 8vo (21.3 cm, 8.6"). x, [2], 52 pp.
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Before There Were Crock-Pots
Mitchell, Margaret J.  The fireless cook book. A manual of the construction and use of appliances for cooking by retained heat. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1920. 8vo. xii, 315, [1] pp.; illus.
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CHINESE BIBLE STORIESAn Interesting Project by anInteresting Woman
Montgomery, Helen B.  The Story of Jesus as told by his four friends. [In Chinese]. [China]: 1931. 12mo. 231 pp.
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An AttractiveAMERICAN Set in Seven Volumes
More, Hannah.  The works of Hannah More. New York : Harper & Brothers, 1855. Small 12mo. 7 vols. I: Frontis., engr. t-p., ix., [3] ff., 416 pp. II: Engr. t-p., 428 pp. III: Engr. t-p., 442 pp. IV: Engr. t-p., 448 pp. V: Engr. t-p., 393 pp. VI: Engr. t-p., 440 pp. VII: Engr. t-p., 429 pp.
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Kelmscott MedievalismBeautiful Signed Binding
Morris, William.  The tale of King Florus and the Fair Jehane. [colophon: Hammersmith: Pr. by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press, 1893]. 12mo (15 cm, 5.9"). [4], 96, [2] pp.
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