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Women Gone WEST . . . Now ca. 170 Years Ago
(AMERICAN WOMEN, ON THE MOVE).   Ladies' Society for the Promotion of Education at the West.   First annual report. Boston: Well-Spring Press, A.J. Wright, printer, 1847. 8vo. 38 pp.
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Abbott'sIllustrated Biographies
Abbott, Jacob, & John S.C. Abbott. MAKERS OF HISTORY.  Akron, OH: The Superior Printing Co., [1914]. 12mo (18.8 cm, 7.4"). 20 vols. I: Frontis., [2], 256 pp.; 3 plts. II: Frontis., 229, [1] pp.; 3 plts. III: Frontis., 251, [1] pp.; 3 plts. IV: Frontis., 250 pp.; 2 plts. V: Frontis., 263, [1] pp.; 2 plts. VI: Frontis., 239, [1] pp.; 1 fold. map, 3 plts. VII: Frontis., 264 pp.; 2 plts. VIII: Frontis., 272 pp.; 2 plts. IX: Frontis., 257, [1] pp.; 1 fold. map, 3 plts. X: Frontis., 239, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XI: Frontis., 265, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XII: Frontis., 248 pp.; 3 plts. XIII: Frontis., 303, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XIV: Frontis., 285, [1] pp.; 4 plts. XV: Frontis., 287, [1] pp.; 4 plts. XVI: Frontis., 223, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XVII: Frontis., 233, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XVIII: Frontis., 327, [1] pp.; 4 plts. XIX: Frontis., 263, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XX: Frontis., 285, [1] pp.; 3 plts.
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Bodoni's Tribute to Corilla OlimpicaPoetessa Laureata
Accademia degli Arcadi.  Atti della solenne coronazione fatta in Campidoglio della insigne poetessa D.na Maria Maddalena Morelli Fernandez Pistojese tra gli Arcadi Corilla Olimpica. Parma: Nello Stamperia Reale di Parma, 1779. Small 4to (23.4 cm, 9.21"). Frontis., [2], xii, 296 pp.; illus.
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Signed Binding —Pure Gold
Albin, Thomas, ed.  Pure gold from the rivers of wisdom. Edited by the author of “Affection's keepsake.” New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1841. 32mo (10.5 cm; 4.25"). [1 (ads)] f., 126 pp., [2 (ads)] pp.; frontis. (included in pagination).
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One Poem on an Air Balloon” & a *FUNNY* One Called
“A Receipt for Writing a Novel”
Alcock, Mary.  Poems, &c. &c. by the late Mrs. Mary Alcock. London: C. Dilly, 1799. 8vo. vii, [3], 183, [1] pp. (lacking subscribers list).
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With Mrs. Forster's Illustrations
Anacreon.  Anacreontis Odaria, ad textus Barnesiani fidem emendata. Londini: Gul. Bulmer & Soc., 1802. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.4"). [2], 130 pp.; illus.
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Murder by PoisonUnidentified
Angus, Charles (defendant).  The trial of Charles Angus, Esq. on an indictment for the wilful murder of Margaret Burns, at the Assizes held at Lancaster, on Friday, 2d Sept. 1808, before the Hon. Sir Alan Chambre. Liverpool: Printed by William Jones, [1808]. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). [2] ff., 288 pp.
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A Lotta Moneyon the LineA Lady's Dowry
Arias de Saavedra, Francisco.  Manifestacion de los derechos de la menor dona Grimaneza de la Puente en el juicio que en segunda instancia; ha promovido en esta real audiencia, con el Señor Marques de Corpa oydor de ella: sobre el entero de la dote de la Marquesa de la Puente su hija finada, para que se reforme la sentencia de vista declaratoria de la simulacion del instrumento dotal. Lima: En la Imprenta Real de los Niños Expósitos, 1793. Small 4to (21 cm; 8.25"). [3] ff., 175, [1 (blank)] pp., [1 (errata)] f.
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Imagining theSplendour & Magnificence of Former Days
Atkins, Sarah [Lucy Sarah Atkins Wilson].   Relics of antiquity, exhibited in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, with an account of the destruction and recovery of those celebrated cities. New York: W.B. Gilley (pr. by Vanderpool & Cole), 1826. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.2"). [2], ix, [1], 143, [1] pp.; 6 plts.
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Jane Austen's WorksA Handsome, Limited Edition
Illustrated by the Brock Brothers     
Austen, Jane.  The novels and letters of Jane Austen. New York & Philadelphia: Frank S. Holby, 1906. 8vo. 12 (of 12) vols. I: Frontis., [6], vii–lix, [6], 255 pp.; 5 plts. II: Frontis., [8], 302 pp.; 6 plts. III: Frontis., [4], v–vii, 3–283 pp.; 5 plts. IV: Frontis., [8], [3]–299 pp.; 5 plts. V: Frontis., [4], v–vii, [5], 338 pp.; 5 plts. VI: Frontis., [8], 347 pp.; 5 plts. VII: Frontis., [6], vii–viii, [4]–339 pp.; 5 plts. VIII: Frontis., [8], 359 pp.; 5 plts. IX: Frontis., [4], v–viii, [4]–338 pp.; 5 plts. X: Frontis., [4], vii–viii, [4]–362 pp.; 5 plts. XI: [10], 3–392 pp.; 3 plts. XII: Frontis., [8], 3–393 pp.; 3 plts. (1 fold.).
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PRB&M offers a small prize to anyone who can, without looking anything up,
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Additions to aSpaniard's Take on Roman Law
Ayllón Laynez, Juan de.  Illustrationes sive additiones eruditissimae ad varias resolutiones Antonii Gomezii. Lugduni [Lyon]: Sumptibus Anisson & Posuel, 1692. Folio (32.7 cm, 12.9"). [4] ff., 380, [14] pp.
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Sermon on aSister of Mercy BEATIFIED
Baez, José.  Sermon que en la solemnidad de la beatificacion de la bienaventurada Mariana de Jesus, tercera profesa de habito descubierto del Real y militar orden de Nuestra Señora de la Merced Redencion de Cautivos, predicó ... el dia 24 de abril de 1785. Mexico: En la impr. de D. Felipe de Zuniga y Ontiveros, 1785. Small 4to (19.5 cm; 7.75"). [6] ff., 28 p.
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(4) Women's Lives . . .
Baird, Robert. Transplanted flowers, or memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff, daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq. and the Duchess de Broglie, daughter of Madame de Stael. New York: John S. Taylor, 1847. 12mo. Frontis., 159, [1] pp.
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Milkmaids, Bathing Beauties, Muses, ETC.
Bamlach, Christian.  Pudelnakerd erotische Szenen aus der Gründerzeit. Dortmund: Harenberg, © 1981. 12mo (17.5 cm, 6.9"). 155, [5] pp.; illus.
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The Wonderful Rescues & Brave Deeds ofTom Thumb
Banks, Eulalie, illus.  Tom Thumb. [New York]: The Platt & Munk Co., Inc., © 1934. 4to (20.3 cm, 8"). [12 (incl. covers)] pp.; col. illus.
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Les connoissances qui multiplient nos desirs, multiplient nos besoins”
Scarce French Philosophy
[Barbier, de Vitry-le-Français].  Pensées diverses, ou reflexions sur l'esprit et sur le coeur. Paris: Chez le Breton, 1748. 12mo (15.4 cm, 6.1"). xxxii, 148 pp.
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Training Young Women to Bethe IDEAL Victorian & Christian”
Wife, Mother, Homemaker
Beecher, Catharine E., & Harriet Beecher Stowe.  The American woman's home: Or, principles of domestic science; being a guide to the formation and maintenance of economical healthful, beautiful, and Christian homes. New York: J.B. Ford & Co., 1869. 8vo (20.9 cm, 8.125"). Engr. frontis., engr. t.-p., [4], xii, [13]–500, [12 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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Retrieving the Ranchos
Benavides, Tomás.  Informe en derecho que Tomas Benavides ha presentado ante la exma. tercera sala del Supremo Tribunal de Guerra para que le sirva revocar la sentencia de primera y segunda instancia, que se han pronunciado en favor de D. Mariano P. Tagle. Mexico: Imp. de la Calle de Cordobanes Num. 5, a cargo de J. V. Hernandez, 1854. Small 4to. 24 pp.
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Authorship in QuestionElizabeth Allde's Printing, NOT
Bernardus Claraevallensis (Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint).   Saint Bernard his meditations, or, sighes, sobbes, and teares upon Our Saviours passion, in memoriall of his death; also his motives to mortification, with other meditations. London: Printed by E[lizabeth] A[llde] for Robert Allot, 1631–32. 12mo (14 cm; 5.5"). 2 parts in 1 vol. I: [7] ff., 439, [1] pp. (p. [440] blank); II .[3] ff., 243, [3] pp. (pp. [244–[46] blank; numbers 127–36 omitted in the sequence).
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The First Lady ofFly Fishing?
Berners, Juliana.  The treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle. London: William Pickering, 1827. 8vo (18.1 cm, 7.2"). Frontis., [2], xiii (pagination skips v–viii), [1], 41, [1] pp.; 4 plts.
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Printed Using Baskerville's Types Uncut Copy
Berners, Juliana.  The treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle. London: Printed ... for William Pickering [by Thomas White], 1827. 8vo (19 cm, 7.5"). Frontis., [2], xiii (pagination skips v–viii), [1], 41, [1] pp.; 4 plts.
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Hannah's LegacyIllustrated N.T.Sentimental Womanly Provenance
(Bible – A Woman's Inheritance).  Bible.  N.T. English. Authorized. 1841.  The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; with the marginal readings; and illustrated by marginal references, both parallel and explanatory, and a copious selection, carefully chosen, and newly arranged. New York: John C. Riker, 1841. 16mo (11 cm, 4.4"). Frontis., add. engr. t.-p., [2], 350 pp.; 4 plts.
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In a GOOD AMERICAN Binding Sarah Leverett's French Bible
 (Bible – Womanly Provenance)Bible.  French. 1839–40. Martin.  La Sainte Bible...revue...par David Martin.... New York: Stéréotypé par Henry W. Rees, pour la Société Biblique Americaine, D. Fanshaw, Imprimeur, 1839–40. 8vo. 819 [1 (blank)] pp., 261, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Ann Hall's Bible
(Bible Womanly Provenance).  Bible.  English. 1790. Authorized (i.e., King James Version).   The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament, and the New: Translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command. Oxford: Pr. at the Clarendon Press by W. Jackson & A. Hamilton, 1790–92. 12mo (13.6 cm, 5.7"). [1232] pp.
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Early 20th–CenturyAMERICAN Cookery Manuscript
Bishop, Mary Ellen.  Manuscript on paper, in English. Begins “Christmas pudding ...” [U.S.]: 1916. 4to (21.2 cm, 8.38"). [154 (70 used)] pp.
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A Neat Construction & Pleasing to Play With
Blackson, Ruth Scott.  Life of a weave. Nottingham, England: Artist Studio, 2012. 16mo ( 6" x 11").
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She Met the Devil QUITE Cheerfully; but . . . then . . .
The blasphemer's punishment, or the cries of the son of God, to the whole world.  Nottingham: Pr. by C. Sutton, for the Flying Stationers, [1810–15?]. 16mo (16 cm, 6.5"). 8 pp.
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Maria F.C. Marsh:  New York City Printer & Publisher
[Bolles, John R. (attrib. author)].  The lullaby, with original engravings. New York: M.F.C. Marsh, [ca. 1860-70]. 12mo (18.6 cm, 7.25"). [12] pp. (plus wrappers); illus.
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Works of theBrontë Sisters
Brontë, Anne; Charlotte; & Emily.  The Shakespeare Head Brontë. Oxford: Basil Blackwell & Houghton Mifflin Co. (pr. at the Shakespeare Head Press), 1931. 11 vols. 8vo (24 cm, 9.45"). I [Charlotte]: Frontis., x, [2], 312 pp.; 2 plts. II: Frontis., [6], 284 pp.; 2 plts. III: Frontis., [8], 351 pp.; 2 plts. IV: Frontis., [6], 362 pp.; 2 plts. V: Frontis., [8], 319, [1] pp.; 2 plts. VI: Frontis., [6], 313, [1] pp.; 2 plts. VII: Frontis., [10], 283, [1] pp.; 1 plt. I [Anne]: Frontis., [8], 220 pp.; 2 plts. II: Frontis., xi, [1], 282 pp.; 2 plts. III: Frontis., [6], 278 pp.; 1 plt. I [Emily]: Frontis., xii, 385, [1], 9, [1] pp.; 1 plt.
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The lovely illustrations are of real places fictionally transfigured in the novels . . .
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Woman Author / Woman Printer London, 1775
Brook, Mary.  Reasons for the necessity of silent waiting, in order to the solemn worship of God...third edition. London: Mary Hinde, 1775. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). [2], 31, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Design, Beauty, Gout, Tobacco, Chickens”
Browne, Isaac Hawkins.  Poems upon various subjects, Latin and English. London: J. Nourse, 1768. 8vo (24 cm, 9.4"). [10], 160 pp. (frontis. lacking).
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Little Lord Fauntleroy
Burnett, Frances Hodgson.   Little lord Fauntleroy. London: Frederick Warne & Co., 1890. 8vo., xi, [1 (blank)], 269, [1] pp.; 14 integral plts. (incl. frontis.), illus.

A Beautiful Country Girl & a Spanish Bullfighter
Burnett, Frances Hodgson.  The pretty sister of José.  New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1889. 12mo (19.1 cm; 7.5"). iv, 127, [8] pp (publisher's catalogue), [12] leaves of plates.
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