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The greatWING BIBLIOGRAPHY of books printed in Great Britain and British America, and English-language books printed in other countries, covers the years

REGICIDE Pilloried Sort Of
Anonymous.  Invisible John made visible: or, A grand pimp of tyranny portrayed, in Barkstead’s arraignment at the barre, vvhere he stands impeached of high treason, and other gross misdemeanours, as the late tyrant’s bum-bayliff in his most arbitrary, oppressive and tyrannical invasions of the rights and liberties of Engli sh-men, within the late cantonized county of Middlesex, the City of London Tower, &c. Whereunto are added, five queries, to the Parliament, Council of State, and Army.... London: no publisher/printer, 1659. Small 4to. [1] ff., 6 pp.
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Anatomy & Therapeutics as Taught on the Continent,
NOW for the English Medical Audience
Beckher, Daniel.  Medicus microcosmus, seu, Spagyria microcosmi exhibens medicinam corpore hominis tùm vivo, tùm extincto doctè eruendam, scitè praeparandam, & dextrè propinandam. Londini: Prostant apud Jo. Martin, Ja. Allestry & Tho. Dicas, 1660. 12mo (13.5 cm, 5.25"). [16] ff., 304 pp., [12] ff.
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English Black Morocco, Gilt Extra
Bible.  English. Authorized (i.e., “King James Version”). 1648.   The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New. Newly translated out of the originall tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by his Majesties speciall command. London: Printed by John Field, 1648. 4to (23 cm; 9"). OT: [478] ff. NT: [148] ff. [bound withBible. O.T. Psalms. 1655. The whole book of Psalms: collected into English metre by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others. Lonodn [sic]: Pr. for the Company of Stationers, 1655. 4to. [1] f., 122 pp., [2] ff.
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Printed in England in 1665 & Bound inAMERICA in 1829
Bible. O.T. Greek. Septuagint. 1665.  [four lines in Greek, then] Vetus testamentum graecum ex versione Septuaginta interpretum, juxta exemplar Vaticanum Romae editum. Cantabrigiae: Excusum per Joannem Field, 1665. 12mo (14 cm; 5.5"). [1] f., 19, [1], 755 [i.e. 767, 1], 516 pp. (without the initial blank).
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You desire mine opinion . . . ”
B[lake], T[homas].  A moderate ansvver to these two questions. 1. Whether ther [sic] be sufficient ground in Scripture to warrant the conscience of a Christian to present his infants to the sacrament of baptism. 2. Whether it be not sinfull for a Christian to receiv [sic] the sacrament in a mixt assembly. London: Printed by I.N. for Abel Roper, at the signe of the Sunne over against S. Dunstans Church in Fleet-street, 1645 [i.e., 1644]. 4to. [2], 32 pp.
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Not Daring to Stay Any Longer in Ireland”
Bourk, Hubert.  The information of Hubert Bourk, gent. touching the Popish Plot in Ireland, carried on by the conspiracies of the Earl of Tyrone. London: Printed for Randolph Taylor, 1680. Folio (28.5 cm; 11.25"). [4] ff., 27, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Leveller-Inspired Pamphlet: Get Rid of the Greedy Cheaters
Cole, William.  A rod for the lawyers: Who are hereby declared to be the grand robbers & deceivers of the nation; greedily devouring yearely many millions of the peoples money. London: Giles Calvert, 1659. 4to (18.2 cm, 7.2"). [4], 16 pp.
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The Muse of Poetry Holds Unbounded Power” over
Time & Fame
Congreve, William.  The birth of the muse. London: Jacob Tonson, 1698 [i.e., 1697]. Folio (32.2 cm, 12.7"). [2], 10 pp.
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A Cavalier PoetHis Works
Cowley, Abraham.  The works...consisting of those which were formerly printed: and those which he design’d for the press, now published out of the authors original copies. The fourth edition. London: Henry Herringman (pr. by J.M.), 1674. Folio (30 cm, 11.8"). πa–c4B–Z4Aa–Zz4Aaa 211;Ccc4Ddd2A–S4T2; frontis., [42], 41, [1 (blank)], 80, [4], 70 (59/60 skipped in pagination, text uninterrupted), 154, 23, [1 (blank)], 148 pp.
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The House Explains & Condemns the Rebellion of 1641
England & Wales. Parliament. House of Commons.  A declaration of the Commons assembled in Parliament concerning the rise and progresse of the grand rebellion in Ireland. Together with a multitude of examinations of persons of quality, whereby it may easily appear to all the world, who were, and still are the promoters of that cruell and unheard of rebellion. London: Printed for Edw. Husbands, 1642. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). 63 pp.
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Redistributing IRISH LAND to the English
BEFORE the War is Won
England & Wales.  Parliament.  A declaration of both houses of Parliament, concerning the affairs of Ireland. London: Pr. for Joseph Hunscott, 1641. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). 5, 3 pp.
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EstablishingPRIVATEERS to Aid in Quelling the Irish Rebellion
England & Wales.  Parliament.  An ordinance and declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. Allowing and authorizing any of his Majesties good and loyall subjects in the kingdome of England, to furnish with all manner of warlike provision, and send to sea what ships and pinnaces they shall thinke fit, to make stay of all such supplyes as they shall seize upon by sea or land, going to assist the rebels in Ireland. London: Printed for John Wright, 1642. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). [8] pp.
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England & Wales.  Parliament.  An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for giving power to all the classicall presbyteries within their respective bounds to examine, approve, and ordaine ministers for severall congregations. London: Pr. for John Wright, 1645. Small 4to. [1] f., 6 pp.

“A True Relation of Every Dayes Proceeding”
England & Wales.  Parliament. Proceedings. 1628.  The diurnall occurrences of every dayes proceeding in Parliament since the beginning thereof, being Tuesday the twentieth of Ianuary, which ended the tenth of March. Anno Dom. 1628. With the arguments of the members of the House then assembled. London: Pr. by R.H. for William Cooke, 1641. 4to (18.5 cm, 7.25"). [2], 77, [1] pp.
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Epicurus in ENGLISH, Beautifully Bound by theQueens' Binder B
Epicurus.  Epicurus's morals, collected partly out of his own Greek text, in Diogenes Laertius, and partly out of the Rhapsodies of Marcus Antoninus, Plutarch, Cicero, & Seneca. And faithfully Englished. London: H. Herringman at the Blew Anchor..., 1670. 8vo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). Frontis., [18] ff., 201, [1] p.
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The Great Puritan: His Wars & Politics
Fletcher, Henry.  The perfect politician: or, A full view of the life and actions (military and civil) ofO. Cromwel.  Whereunto is added his character; and a compleat catalogue of all the honours conferr’d by him on several persons. London: printed by J. Cottrel, for William Roybould at the Unicorn, and Henry Fletcher at the three Gilt Cups in St Paul’s Church-yard, 1660. Small 8vo (13.5 cm; 5.25"). [4] ff., 459 [i.e., 359, [1] pp., port. in facsimile.
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The Ill-Fated Scots Colony atDarien
Foyer, Archibald, supposed author.  A defence of the Scots settlement at Darien. With an answer to the Spanish memorial against it. And arguments to prove that it is the interest of England to join with the Scots, and protect it. To which is added, a description of the country, and a particular account of the Scots colony. No place [Edinburgh?]: No publisher/printer, 1699. Small 4to (20 cm; 8"). [2] ff., 60 pp.
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