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The Bustle, Excitement, Culture, & NOISE of LONDON
Laid Out for Children
S. W. [Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson?, Elizabeth Kilner?].  A visit to London: Containing a description of the principal curiosities in the British metropolis. Philadelphia: Published by Benjamin Warner ... sold also at his store in Richmond, Virginia (pr. by Wm. Greer), 1817. 24mo (14.8 cm, 5.75"). 111, [1] pp.; 6 plts., illus.
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“A Voyage to Abyssinia”A GOOD, Lively, & Readable Account
Salt, Henry.  A voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country, executed under the orders of the British government, in the years 1809 and 1810; in which are included, an account of the Portuguese settlements on the east coast of Africa .... Philadelphia: M. Carey; Boston: Wells & Lilly (pr. by Lydia R. Bailey), 1816. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). 24, 454 pp.; fold. map., illus.

Captain John Smith inthe New World
Smith, John.  The generall historie of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Isles with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governours from their first beginning An.o 1584 to this present 1624. Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1966. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.1"). Engr. t.-p., [12], 248, [2] pp.; 8 plts. (2 double-page). Booklet: 14, [2] pp.
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A Noble Book for Your House in Tuscany?
      (Smith's Patron Was the Second Earl of Warwick)
Smith, John.  Italian scenery [i.e., Select views in Italy, with topographical and historical descriptions, in English and French]. [London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. for J. Smith, W. Byrne, & J. Edwards, 1817]. 4to. [1] f. (engr. dedication), [78] ff. (of letterpress), [72] ff. of plates, illus.
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I'd Go Cross the Tisza” & Other SongsJANUS PRESS
Snodgrass, W.D.  Traditional Hungarian songs. Newark, VT: Pr. for Charles Seluzicki by the Janus Press, 1978. 8vo (29.6 cm, 11.7"). [24] pp.; col. illus.
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Vizcaino & Serra Letters inExtremely Good 19th-Century Facsimiles
(Spanish-era California).  Three excellent photographic copies of autograph letters in the Archivo General de Indias. [copies made in Seville: Establecimiento Tipografico y Litografico “El Porvenir”, 1884]. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). [1], [2], [3] pp.
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Early Americanum, BAV 51Woodcut Title-page by Burgkmair
Stamler, Johannes.  Dyalogus ... de diversarum gencium sectis et mundi religionibus. [colophon: Auguste: Per Erhardum Oglin & Ieorgi Nadler, 1508]. Folio (31 cm, 12.25"). [2], 32, [2] ff.
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It Was a Fascinating Discovery Which Invited Prolonged Exploration”
Stein, Marc Aurel.  On ancient Central-Asian tracks: brief narrative of three expeditions in innermost Asia and north-western China. London: Macmillan & Co., 1933. 8vo (24 cm; 9.5"). xxiv, 342 pp.
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Pioneer Work in What Was Then Practically
a Virgin Field for Antiquarian Research”
Stein, Marc Aurel, Sir.  Ruins of desert Cathay: Personal narrative of explorations in central Asia and westernmost China. London: Macmillan & Co., 1912. 8vo (24.2 cm, 9.52"). 2 vols. I: Col. frontis., xxxviii, 546 pp.; 3 fold. plts., 105 (2 col.) plts. II: Frontis., xxi, [1], 517, [3 (2 adv.)] pp.; 4 fold. plts., 2 fold. maps, 120 (5 col.) plts.
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An AMERICAN Dissatisfied with New-Granada
Steuart, John.  Bogotá in 1836–7. Being a narrative of an expedition to the capital of New-Grenada, and a residence there of eleven months. New York: Pr. for the author by Harper & Bros., 1838. 8vo (cm). viii, [13]–312, [2] pp.
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“The Details of the Late War”
Subaltern (Georg Robert Gleig, attrib.).  A subaltern in America; comprising his narrative of the campaigns of the British army, at Baltimore, Washington, &c. &c. during the late war. Philadelphia: E.L. Carey & A. Hart; Boston: Allen & Ticknor, 1833. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.25"). 266 pp.
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Birket Foster:  Green Grass Below, Green Leaves O'erhead
Green Banks on Either Side”
Taylor, Tom; Myles Birket Foster, illus.  Birket Foster's pictures of English landscape. London: Routledge, Warne, & Routledge, 1863. 4to (26.3 cm, 10.4"). [74 (2 adv.)] pp.; 30 plts.
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Brought to You by theRoyal Asiatic Society
Thomas, Frederick William, ed. & trans.  Tibetan literary texts and documents concerning Chinese Turkestan. Part I: Literary texts. London: The Royal Asiatic Society, 1935. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). x, 323, [1] pp.
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An Insider's Guide toBATH
Tunstall, James.  Rambles about Bath and its neighbourhood. Bath: R.E. Peach, 1856. 12mo (17.5 cm; 7"). Frontis., viii pp., [1] f., 304 pp., 13 plts, fold. map, illus.
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Facts, Figures, Who's Who, & What's Where
Unanúe, José Hipólito.  Guia política, eclesiástica y militar del Virreynato del Perú. Para el año de 1794. [Lima]: Impresa en la Imprenta Real de los Niños Huérfanos, [1794]. 8vo (15 cm, 5.875"). [8], xii, [2], 306 pp.; 6 fold. plts., [1] fold. map.
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From the Early Days of theDutch Sea-Borne EmpireJapan & Siam & MORE
Varenius, Bernhardus.  Descriptio regni Iaponiae. Cum quibusdam affinis materiae, ex variis auctoribus collecta et in ordinem redacta. Amstelodami [Amsterdam]: Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1649. 12mo (11 cm; 4.25"). 2 vols. in 1. I: [24] ff., 267 [i.e., 287], [1 (blank)] pp. II: [4] ff., 120 [i.e., 320] pp.; fold. table.
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Who Lives in Europe?. . . . .
. . . & What Do They Wear?
[Venning, Mary Anne].  A geographical present: Being descriptions of the several countries of Europe. Compiled from the best authorities. With representations of the various inhabitants in their respective costumes. New York: William Burgess, Juvenile Emporium [R. & G. Wood, Printers], 1831. 16m (15.5 cm, 6.125"). [2] ff., 140, 7 (adv.), [1 (blank)] pp.; 12 plts.
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Early History of Brittany
Vertot, René Aubert, abbé de.  Histoire critique de l'établissement des Bretons dans les Gaules; et de leur dépendance des rois de France, & des ducs de Normandie. Paris: Chez Nyon, Didot, & G.F. Quillau, 1730. 12mo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). 2 vols. in 1. [2], 72, 357, [3], ii, 375, [7] pp.
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Italian Travels Englished, 1825
Villemarest, Charles Maxime Catherinet de. The hermit in Italy, or observations on the manners and customs of Italy .... London: Geo. B. Whittaker, 1825. 12mo (19.9 cm, 7.9"). 3 vols. I: vii, [1], 267, [1 (blank)] pp. II: [4], 281, [1 (blank)] pp. III: [4], 295, [1 (blank)] pp.
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White of Savannah OPINES as to England
White, Joshua E.  Letters on England: Comprising descriptive scenes; with remarks on the state of society, domestic economy, habits of the people, and condition of the manufacturing classes generally.... Philadelphia: M. Carey (pr. by William Fry), 1816. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.4"). 2 vols. I: xv, [1], 358 pp. II: xi, [1], 324 pp.
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BEFORE His Falling-Out withthe WesleysTravels in Georgia
Whitefield, George.  A journal of a voyage from London to Savannah in Georgia. In two parts. Part I. From London to Gibraltar. Part II. From Gibraltar to Savannah. [bound with the same author's] A continuation of the Reverend Mr. Whitefield's journal from his arrival at Savannah, to his return to London. London: Pr. for James Hutton, 1739. 8vo. [2] ff., 38 pp., [1] f. London: Pr. for James Hutton, 1739. 8vo. 55, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Strawberry HillPress Book
Whitworth, Charles Whitworth, Baron.  An account of Russia as it was in the year 1710. [Twickenham]: Printed at Strawberry-Hill, 1758. Small 8vo (18 cm; 7.25"). xxiv, 158, [2] pp.
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Willis “Pitched His Tent” by theSusquehanna River
Willis, Nathaniel Parker.  A l'abri, or, The tent pitch'd. New York: Samuel Colman (pr. by Scatcherd & Adams), 1839. 12mo (19.2 cm, 7.6"). 172, 12 (adv.) pp.
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Polynesia & Tahiti 7 Maps & 6 PlatesAbsorbing Narratives
Wilson, William, ed. & illus.  A missionary voyage to the southern Pacific Ocean, performed in the years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the ship Duff, commanded by Captain James Wilson. Compiled from journals of the officers and the missionaries; and illustrated with maps, charts, and views ... London: Pr. by S. Gosnell for T. Chapman, 1799. 4to (28.5 cm, 11.25"). [12], c, 420, [12] pp.; 7 fold. maps, 6 plts.
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