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Bloody Mackenzie” on theMONARCHY
Mackenzie, George.  Jus regium; or, the just and solid foundations of monarchy in general; and more especially of the monarchy of Scotland: Maintain'd against Buchannan, Naphtali, Dolman, Milton, &c. London: Printed by R. Chiswell, 1684. 8vo (18.2 cm, 7.125"). Engr. frontis., [3] ff., 138 pp., [1] f, 139–209, [1] pp., [2 (ads)] ff.
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Illustrated Theatre Edition
Maclaren, Ian (John Watson).  Beside the bonnie brier bush. New York: R.F. Fenno & Co., 1905. 8vo. Frontis., 258 pp.; 5 plts.
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Comely Shelf of Poetry Published by theElzevirs of Britain”
Milton, John; Alexander Pope; & Others.  Collection of English poets published by the Foulis Press. Glasgow: Robert & Andrew Foulis, 1769–74. Sm. 12mo (12.5 cm, 4.875"). 34 vols. [pagination below].
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The More Things Change . . .
( . . . The More They Stay the Same).  Report of the speeches delivered at the public meeting of the inhabitants of Edinburgh opposed to the government scheme of education, held in the Music Hall, on Wednesday evening the 31st March 1847. Edinburgh: Grant & Taylor, 1847. 8vo. 34 pp.
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Presentation CopyPickering Press
Nicolas, Nicholas Harris, Sir.  Life of Geoffrey Chaucer. London: William Pickering [colophon: C. Whittingham], 1843. 16mo (17 cm, 6.7"). Engr. frontis., [5], 10–144 pp.
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Hotspur's Son's Adventures:  One HAPPY Set of Lovers, One TRAGIC
Percy, Thomas.  The hermit of Warkworth: A Northumberland tale, in three parts. Newcastle-on-Tyne: W.R. Walker, [ca. 1860]. 12mo (16.3 cm, 6.45"). 24 pp.
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By a “Past Master of the Lodge of Antiquity Acting
by Immemorial Constitution
Preston, William.  Illustrations of masonry. Alexandria [VA]: Cottom & Stewart, 1804. 12mo (17 cm, 6.7"). 560 (i.e., 360) pp. (pagination erratic).
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Religion Laws & Liberty
Queensberry, James Douglas, Duke of.  The speech of James Duke of Queensberry, &c. His Majesties high commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland, on Tuesday the Twenty One day of May, 1700. [with, as issued] Polwarth, Patrick Hume, Earl of Marchmont. The speech of Patrick Earl of Marchmont, &c. Lord High Chancellor to the Parliament of Scotland, on Tuesday 21. May 1700. Edinburgh: Pr. by the heirs of Andrew Anderson, 1700. Folio (31 cm, 12.1"). 2 ff.
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I Sing the PLAID & Sing with All My Skill”
Ramsay, Allan.  Poems.... [Edinburgh?]: 1760. 8vo (17.4 cm, 6.85"). xii, [4], 426 (–239–40), [22] pp.
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Aristotle Was Wrong: Maggots Come from Eggs
Redi, Francesco, & Frederik Lachmund.  Opusculorum pars prior, sive experimenta circa generationem insectorum: Ad illustrem virum Carolum Dati. Amstelaedami: Apud Henricum Wetstenium, 1686. 12mo (13.5 cm, 5.3"). 1 vol. (of 2). Frontis., [10], 216, [20], 40, [6] pp.; 44 plts. (14 fold.).
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Reed, William B.  Oration delivered on the occasion of the reinterment of the remains of General Hugh Mercer before theSt. Andrew's and Thistle Societies...Tuesday, November 26th, 1840. Philadelphia: From the press of A. Waldie, 1840. 8vo. 44 pp.
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Scots AntiquarianismILLUSTRATED
Ritson, Joseph, ed.  The Caledonian muse: A chronological selection of Scotish poetry from the earliest times. London: Robert Triphook, 1821. 8vo. Frontis., iv, 232 pp.
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Three Plates with Cottage Designs
(Rural Housing Issues).  Third annual report of the directors of the Association for Promoting Improvement in the Dwellings and Domestic Condition of Agricultural Labourers in Scotland. Edinburgh: Pr. for the Association by William Blackwood & Sons, 1857.
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