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Edward Everett Hale Pursues Good Works — Signed
Hale, Edward Everett.  Autograph Letter Signed, to an unknown recipient. On paper, in English. Roxbury, MA: 1893. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). [1] f.
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Defending His DEFENSE ofCelebrating CHRISTMAS
Hammond, Henry.  An account of Mr. Cawdry’s triplex diatribe concerning superstition, wil-worship, and Christmas festivall. London: Pr. by J. Flesher for Richard Royston, 1655. 4to (19.9 cm, 7.75"). [16], 295, [1 (errata)] pp.
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Broadside SHAKER Manifesto
Hampton, Oliver C.  [Broadside, begins:] A short but comprehensive definition of Shakerism. Union Village, OH: United Society of Shakers, [1901]. Folio (31.6 cm, 12.4"). [1] p.
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Advantages of Poverty, & Blessings of Affliction, My Father!
Hanway, Jonas.  Virtue in humble life: containing reflections on relative duties, particularly those of masters and servants ... Various anecdotes of the living and the dead: in two hundred and nine conversations, between a father and his daughter, amidst rural scenes ... with a manual of devotion. London: Printed for Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; Sewel, near the Royal-Exchange; and Bew, in Pater-noster-Row, 1777. 4to (28.4 cm, 11.2"). 2 vols. in 1. I: Frontis., [2] ff., xvii, [1], vii, [1], 323, [1] p., [2] ff., pp. 325 (i.e., 327)–411, [1] p. II: Frontis., vii, [1], 523, [1] p.
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An Uplifting Chapbook . . .
Happy cottagers; or the breakfast, dinner, and supper: to which is added, an account of a shepherd's boy reading to a poor widow. London: Pr. by Augustus Applegath & Edward Cowper; sold by F. Collins; and Evans & Sons, n.d. (ca. 1825?). 12mo. 8 pp.

Religion Wantsto Be Free
Harris, William.   Observations on national establishments in religion in general, and on the establishment of Christianity in particular. Together with some occasional remarks on the conduct and behaviour of the teachers of it. London: S. Bladon, 1767. 8vo (21.2 cm, 8.4"). [2], 60 pp. (half-title lacking).

Taking the Fad TOO Far?
Harsha, D.A.  The Heavenly token a gift book for Christians. New York: H. Dayton; Indianapolis: Asher & Co., 1859. 12mo (18.6 cm; 7.625"). Engr. frontis., 491 pp.
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Sutton's Hospital inCharterhouse
    & The FamousCharterhouse School
Herne, Samuel.   Domus carthusiana: Or an account of the most noble foundation of the charter-house near Smithfield in London. Both before and since the Reformation. London: Pr. by T.R. for Richard Marriott & Henry Brome, 1677. 8vo (18.2 cm, 7.2"). Frontis., [46], 287, [1] pp.; 2 plts.
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BLAIR Blazoned
Hill, John.  An account of the life and writings of Hugh Blair .... Philadelphia: James Humphreys, 1808. 8vo (21.7 cm, 8.5"). 229, [1 (blank)] pp.

The History of Moses; giving an account of his birth, his being found by Pharaoh's daughter in the ark of bulrushes, and the miracles wrought by him for the deliverance of the children of Israel. Embellished with Cuts. Glasgow [Scotland]: Printed for the Booksellers, [18--]. 12mo. 24 pp.
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“A Remarkable[Climate/Environmental] Phenomenon
Hitchcock, Edward.  The coronation of winter: A discourse delivered at Amherst College and Mount Holyoke Seminary, soon after a remarkable glacial phenomenon, in the winter of 1845. Amherst: J.S. & C. Adams, Prs, 1845. 8vo. 24 pp.
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MUCH! Is Addressed Here . . .
[Hoadly, Benjamin]. The fears and sentiments of all true Britains; with respect to national credit, interest and religion. London: A. Baldwin, 1710. 8vo (20.7 cm, 8.15"). 16 pp.

Bangor Bangs Collins
Hoadly, Benjamin.   Queries recommended to the authors of the late discourse of free thinking ... the second edition. London: James Knapton, 1713. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). 31, [1] pp.
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College Sermons Presentation Copy
Hoffman, Charles Frederick.  Christ, the patron of all true education. New York: E. & J.B. Young & Co., 1893. 8vo. Frontis., [2], 209, [1] pp.

An Enlightening German VolksbuchHeavily Illustrated
Honorius Augustodunensis, commonly known as Honorius of Autun.   M. Elucidarius. Von allerhand Geschöpffen Gottes, den Engeln, den himmeln Gestirn, Planeten, und wie alle Creaturen geschaffen seind auff Erden. Franckfort am Mayn: Christ[ian] Egen[olffs] Erden [colophon: Adam Loniceri, Johannis Cnipii, Andronici secundi doctorum & Pauli Steinmeyers], 1584. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). [98] pp.; 2 double-sided plts., illus.
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    Narrow Escape!Dangerous Publication
     Surreptitiously Printed & a Pseudonym Used
Hotman, François.  De furoribus Gallicis, horrenda & indigna Amirallij Castillionei, nobilium atq[ue]; illustrium virorum caede, scelerata ac inaudita piorum strage passim edita per complures Galliae ciuitates, sine vllo discrimine generis, sexus, aetatis & conditionis hominum: vera & simplex narratio. Edimburgi [i.e., London: Printed by Henry Bynneman], 1573. 8vo (15.7 cm; 6.125"). CCXII [i.e., 212] pp.
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Islam  Judaism Christianity ETC.
Hottinger, Johann Heinrich.  Historia orientalis: quae, ex variis orientalium monumentis collecta.... Tiguri: Typis Joh. Jacobi Bodmeri, 1651. 4to (20.5 cm; 8"). [8] ff., 373, [1] pp., [11] ff.
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Skepticism from anEcclesiastical Savant
Huet, Pierre-Daniel.  Pet. Dan. Huetii episcopi Abrincensis De imbecillitate mentis humanae libri tres. Amstelodami: Apud H. Du Sauzet, 1738. 12mo (17 cm, 6.75"). xxxviii, [10], 223, [1] pp. (frontis. lacking).
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The Importance ofGoods Which Cannot Be Taken” When You Die
[Hughes, John, & John Arbuthnot].  Charon; or, the ferry-boat. A vision. Dedicated to the Swiss Count —. London: printed; and sold by W. Lewis near Covent-Garden, J. Brotherton and W. Meadows at the Black-Bull in Cornhill, J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, and A. Dodd at the Peacock without Temple-Bar, 1719. 8vo (18.8 cm; 7.375"). [12], 26 pp.
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Dico che QuestiIndiani del Paraguay non Son Neofiti”
Ibáñez de Echavarri, Bernardo.  Regno gesuitico del Paraguay dimostrato co' documenti piu classici de' medesimi padri della compagnia, i quali confessano, e mostrano ad evidenza la regia sovranità del r.p. generale con independenza, e con odio verso la Spagna. Anno 1760. In Lisbona: Nella Stamperia Reale, 1770. 4to (20.5 cm; 8"). xix, [1], 167, [1] pp.
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Establishment, YES!
Ibbetson, James.   A plea for the subscription of the clergy to the thirty-nine Articles of Religion. London: B. White, James Fletcher, and J. Fletcher & Co., 1767. 8vo (21 cm, 8.3"). [4], 48 pp.
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O Martyr Dei Invictissima”
(Illuminated Medieval Leaf).  Manuscript in Latin, on vellum. A leaf from the “Promptuarium catholicae devotionis.” Possibly England: ca. 1400. Small (12 x 8.2 cm; 4.675" x 3.25"). [1] f.
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Death of a Grand Inquisitor
(Inquisition).  Solemnes exequias celebradas en la Santa Iglesia de Salamanca y Real Seminario de San Carlos en la translacion del cadaver del excmo. sr. don Felipe Bertran, obispo de Salmanca, inquisidor general caballero prelado gran cruz de la real y distinguida orden española de Carlos III. Mexico: Imp. del Br. Don Joseph Fernandez Jauregui, 1791. 4to (20.5 cm; 8.135"). [9] ff., xlvi, xxvi pp., [2] ff.
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Children, THANKSGIVING, Glad Times!!
Irish, Marie, & Lenore K. Dolan.  The glad time Thanksgiving book. Syracuse, NY: Willis N. Bugbee Co., © 1932. 12mo. 100 pp.
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The Medieval Father ofSpanish Literature
Isidorus Hispalensis, S. (i.e., Isadore of Seville).  ...De summo bono et soliloquiorum eius. [colophon: Halberstadie: in edibus Ludouvici Trutebulen, 1522]. Small 4to (21.5 cm; 8.5"). lxv, [3 (last blank)] ff.; xviii ff.
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Estoy Decidido a Morir o Vencer” — For a CATHOLIC Independent Mexico
Iturbide, Agustín de.  [drop-title] Catolicos sentimientos del sr. generalisimo don Agustín de Iturbide. Expresados en su carta al señor obispo de Guadalajara. Teloloapan = Febrero 21 de 1821. [colophon: Mexico: en la Imprenta Americana de D. Jose Maria Betancourt, 1821]. Folio (31.2 cm; 12.25"). [2] pp.
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Arguing ThatNo Good Will Come of This
Jabineau, Henri.  Replique au développement de M. Camus sur la constitution civile du clergé. [Paris: 1790?]. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). [2], 38 pp.
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John is expowned the grace of God” — A Woodcut-Graced Relic of
Jacobus, de Voragine.  Legenda aurea [i.e., Golden Legend]. [London : Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1527]. Folio (28 cm; 11"). [4] ff.
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On the Dethroning ofJames II
Johnson, Samuel.  An argument proving, that the abrogation of King James by the people of England from the regal throne, and the promotion of the Prince of Orange, one of the royal family, to the throne of the kingdom in his stead, was according to the constitution of the English government, and prescribed by it. London: Printed for the author, 1692. Small 4to (20 cm; 8"). 62 pp., [1] f.
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Defending the Doctrine of the Trinityin WELSH
Jones, William.  Yr athrawiaeth Gatholig o Ddrindod, gwedi ei phrofi trwy ragor nâ chant o resymmau byrr ac eglur, pa rai a draethir yng ngeiriau’r ysgrythur lan, a’i chydmaru mewn dull hollol newydd: ... Gan William Jones, ... Newydd ei gyfiethu o’r chweched argraphiad Saesoneg, i’r Gymraeg, ac mewn rhyw fesur wedi ei dalfyrru, gan J. Williams. Trefecca: Argraphwyd yn y flwyddyn, 1794. 12mo (18.5 cm; 7.25"). 96 pp.
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The Complete Works ofJosephus in Greek & Latin
Josephus, Flavius.  [three lines in Greek, then] Flavii Josephi hierosolymitani sacerdotis Opera quae extant omnia. Coloniae: Sumptibus Mauritii Georgii Weidmanni, 1691.  Folio. 38 ff., 1102 pp., 4 ff., 68 pp., 13 ff.

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American Acid-Stained Autumnal Binding Spine with a DISTINCTIVE Stamp
Josephus, Flavius.  The genuine works of Flavius Josephus; translated by William Whiston, A.M. New York: Published by William Borradaile, 1825. 12mo (18 cm; 7"). Vol. 6 only of 6. Frontis., 317, [1] pp.
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Antiquities of the JewsIllustrated
Josephus, Flavius.  The works of Flavius Josephus. Containing, I. The life of Josephus, as written by himself. II. The antiquities of the Jewish people; with a defense of those antiquities, in answer to Apion. III. The history of the martyrdom of the Maccabees; and the wars of the Jews with the neighbouring nations till the final destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman power. IV. Account of Philo's ambassy from the Jews of Alexandria, to the Emperor Caius Caligula. London: Pr. for Fielding & Walker by Henri Lion, 1777–78. 4to (27.2 cm, 10.75"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., 719, [1] pp. (lacking list of subscribers); 44 (1 fold.) plts., 7 maps (1 fold.). II: Frontis., [2], 644, [28 (index)] pp.; 16 (of 17) plts.
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In Defense ofMiracles
[Joyce, Jeremiah].  An analysis of Paley's View of the Evidences of Christianity. Cambridge: Pr. by B. Flower for J. Deighton, J. Nicholson, and others. London, 1797. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8"). [2] ff.; pp. [7], 8–84; [2] ff.

Spanish StatecraftFirst English Appearance
Juan de Santa María, fray.  Christian policie: Or, the Christian common-wealth. London: Pr. by Thomas Harper for Richard Collins, 1632. 4to (22 cm, 8.6"). [18 of 19 (lacks blank {only})], 481, [1] pp.
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Good Works Greek & Latin A Very Large & Handsome Folio
Justin, Martyr, Saint.  [in Greek, transliterated as] Tou en Hagiois Patros Hemon Ioustinou philosophou kai Martyros Ta heuriskomena panta, [then in roman] S.P.N. Justini philosophi et martyris opera quæ exstant [sic] omnia. Paris: Sumptibus Carolii Osmont, 1742. Large folio (42.6 cm, 16.75"). [3] ff., cxxviii, 657 [i.e., 653], [1] pp.
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