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IllustratedAZ of the BIBLE
Calmet, Augustin.  Dictionarium historicum, criticum, chronologicum, geographicum, et literale sacrae scripturae .... Augustae Vindelicorum [Augsburg]: Sumptibus Martini Veith bibliopolae, 1738. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.2"). 2 vols. I: [9] ff., 200 pp.; 762 pp.; 11 plates. II: [2], 688 pp.; 180 pp.; 19 plates.
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Angels Witchcraft
Camfield, Benjamin.  A theological discourse of angels, and their ministries, wherein their existence, nature, number, order and offices, are modestly treated of: with the character of those, for whole benefit especially they are commissioned, and such practical inferences deduced, as are most proper to the premises. Also an appendix containing some reflections upon Mr. Webster's displaying supposed witchcraft. By Benjamin Camfield, rector of Aylston neer Leicester. London: Pr. by R. E. for Hen. Brome, 1678. 8vo. [16], 214, [2] pp.
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DefendingFrench Rights & Religion from the POPE
Camus, Armand-Gaston.  Observations sur deux brefs du pape, en date du 10 Mars & du 13 Avril 1791; par M. Camus, ancien homme de loi, membre de l'Assemblée nationale. Paris: De l'Imprimerie Nationale, 1791. 8vo (21.7 cm, 8.5"). [2], 58 pp.
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Institutionally Approved as aVirtuous Juvenile Reading Book
Cardell, William S.  Story of Jack Halyard, the sailor boy: or, the virtuous family. Philadelphia: Stereotyped by L. Johnson for Uriah Hunt, 1832. 24mo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). Frontis., 234, 8 (ads for Uriah Hunt) pp.; illus.
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A LONG-POPULAR! ILLUSTRATED Work onAncient Mythology
Cartari, Vincenzo.  Le imagini de gli dei de gli antichi del signor Vincenzo Cartari, reggiano, nelle quali sono descritte la religione de gli antichi, li idoli, riti & ceremonie loro ... et con l'espositione in epilogo di ciascheduna & suo significato. Venetia : Appresso Euangelista Deuchino, 1625. Small 4to (19.5 cm; 7.75"). [14] ff., 418 pp., fold. plate; illus.
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Guadalajara AchievesIts Own Press
Catedral de Guadalajara (Mexico).  Elogios funebres con que la santa iglesia catedral de Guadalaxara ha celebrado la buena memoria de su prelado el Illmô. y Rmô. Señor Mtrô. D. Fr. Antonio Alcalde. Se ponen al fin algunos monumentos de los que se han tenido presentes para formarlos. Guadalaxara: Impr. de Don Mariano Valdés Tellez Giron, 1793. Small 4to. [3] ff., xxviii pp., [1] f., 49, [1] pp., [1] f.
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The Beatus vir . . . Gorgeously Produced, Beautifully Framed
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & Ritual. Psalter.  Manuscript leaf. Northern Italy: ca. 1490. Folio. [1] f. (56 x 42 cm; 22" x 16").
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The Year inFour Vols. & Beautiful Bindings
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & ritual. Breviaries.  Breviarium romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii tridentini restitutum S. Pii V. pontificis maximi iussu editum, Clementis VIII. ac Urbani VIII. auctoritate recognitum, cum officiis sanctorum novissimis usque ad SS. D.N. Pium VI, pro recitantium commoditate diligenter dispositis. [Romae]: A. Galler , 1781. 8vo (18 cm, 7.1"). 4 vols. I: [20], 632, cclxxxviii, 19, [1] pp.; illus. II: [18], 646, ccliv, 21, [1] pp.; 1 plt. III: [54], 566, cclxxvi, 26 pp.; 1 plt. IV: [20], 608, cclxx, 15, [1] pp.; illus.
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Franciscan Prayers During Lent
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & ritual.  Commemorationes, seu suffragia sanctorum Ordinis Minorum S.P.N. Francisci, quae dicuntur in fine vesperarum & laudum, ab octava Epiphaniae usque ad Dominicam Passionis exlusivè; & ab octava Pentecostes usque ad Adventum exclusivè in Dominicis. Mexici: Ex Typographia Matritensi, [ca. 1770]. 12mo. [12] ff.
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Splendor of the Mass in aSplendid Binding on a Miniature Book
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & ritual.  El libro de misa de los niños. Madrid: No publisher/printer, no date [ca. 1860]. Miniature (43 mm; 1.625"). 122 pp., 6 plates (including frontis.).
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Small Format forUse in the Field
Catholic Church Catechisms. Kalispel.   (Canestrelli, trans.).   Catechism of the Christian doctrine prepared and enjoined by order of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore. [Woodstock, MD]: Woodstock College, 1891. Square 16mo (14 cm; 5.5"). 102 pp.
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A Medieval Pope Expounds on “Miserere mei Deus”
  Two Fine Woodcuts & an Elegant Simple Binding
Catholic Church.  Pope, 1261-1264 (Urbanus IV).  Fructuosa Urbani pape, quarti Expositio in Psalmum quinquegesimum Miserere mei Deus. [Paris]: Venundatur ab Jodoco Badio et Joanne de Prato, 1519. 8vo (12.8 cm, 5"). [24] ff.
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Reforming the Curia & Proposing a Peace Plan
Catholic Church. Pope (1513–21, Leo X).  Bulla continens materiam pragmatice, reformationis Curie Roman[e] officialium, designationem legatoru[m] pro uniuersali pace inter Christianos principes co[m]pone[n]da, ac indictionis octaue sessionis, publice lecta die .XVII. Iunii .M.d.xiii. in septima session[e] sacri Lateran[ensis] Co[n]cilii, per R.p.d. Ponpeu[m] de Colu[m]na Ep[iscopu]m Reatinu[m], & per patres Concilii approbata. [Rome: Marcellus Silber, 1513]. Small 4to (21.5 cm, 8.25"). [4] ff.
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Christmas PrayersGorgeous Binding
Catholic Church. Offices.   Officium in festo nativitatis Domini, et festorum infra octavam occurrentium, usque ad primas vesperas Epiphaniae Domini: juxta Missale & Breviarium romanarum s. Pii V. Pontif. Max. jussu editum, Clementis VIII. primùm, ac denuò Urbani VIII. auctoritate recognitum. Antverpiae: Ex architypographia Plantiniana, 1743. 12mo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). 555 pp.
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Wisdom, Censored Post-PURCHASE?!
Charron, Pierre.  De la sagesse. Paris: Jean-François Bastien, 1783. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). Frontis., xviii, 768 pp.; 1 plt. (damaged/censored).
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American Conscience 1771
Chauncy, Charles.  A compleat view of episcopacy, as exhibited from the fathers of the Christian church until the close of the second century.... Boston: Pr. by Daniel Kneeland, 1771. 8vo. x, 474 pp., [2] ff.
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Beautifully Embellished with Superior Engravings, for the Mind & Eye
The child's own Sunday book ; or Sabbath-day lessons for little children.  New Haven: S. Babcock, [1840?].  (11.2 cm, 4.375"). 16 pp.; illus.
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Scarce 19th-Century Massachusetts Women's Aid Cookbook
Church of Christ (Millis, MA). Church Aid Society.  The Millis cook book, a collection of tested receipts, contributed by the ladies of Millis. West Medway, MA: H.A. Bullard, 1894. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8.1"). 100 pp.
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EarlyBaskerville BCP
Church of England.  Book of Common Prayer.  The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the Church of England: Together with the psalter or psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches. Cambridge: John Baskerville for B. Dod, 1760. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.6"). [544] pp.
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What to Wear, theDuty of Schoole-Masters, Divorce Sentences, & More
Church of England.  Constitutions and canons. 1603. English.   Constitutions and canons ecclesiasticall treated upon by the Bishop of London, president of the convocation for the province of Canterbury, and the rest of the bishops and clergy of the said province: And agreed upon with the Kings Majesties licence in their synod begun at London, anno Dom. 1603, and in the year of the reign of our soveraigne Lord James, by the grace of God, King of England, France, and Ireland the first, and of Scotland the 37. And now published for the due observation of them, by His Majesties authority under the Great Seal of England. London: Pr. by John Norton, for Joyce Norton, and Richard Whitaker, 1633. Small 4to. [60] ff.
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Pickering BCP FacsimileLarge & Lavish
Church of England.   Book of Common Prayer.  The book of common prayer: King James, anno 1604, commonly called the Hampton Court Book. London: William Pickering (pr. by Charles Whittingham), 1844. Folio (35.1 cm, 13.8"). [260] pp.
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McMurrin CopyMormon Provenance
Church of Latter-day Saints.  The book of Mormon: An account written by the hand of Mormon, upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi ... fifth electrotype edition. Liverpool: George Teasdale, 1889. 12mo (17.2 cm, 6.75"). xii, 623 pp.
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Lives of Popes & Popely Letters
Ciampini, Giovanni Giustino. Examen libri pontificalis, sive vitarum romanorum pontificum; quae sub nomine Anastasij bibliothecarij circumferuntur.... Romae: Komarek, 1688. 4to. a–b4 A–P4 2A–2P4[8] ff., 120, 119, [1] pp. [also bound in, the same author's] Parergon ad examen libri pontificalis,sive, epistola Pii II. ad Carolum VII. regem Franciae ab haereticis deprauata, & à Launoiana calumnia vindicata.... Romae: Joannis Jacobi Komarek, 1688. 4to. π4 A–E4; 39 pp.
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Capturing an AgeOne Biography at a Time
[Clarke].  The Georgian era: Memoirs of the most eminent persons, who have flourished in Great Britain, from the accession of George the First to the demise of George the Fourth. London: Vizetelly, Branston, & Co., 1832–34. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.65"). 4 vols. I: Frontis., 582 pp.; 12 plts. II: Frontis., [2], 588 pp. III: Frontis., [2], 588 pp. IV: Frontis., 588 pp.
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False Imprint
Claude, Jean.  Les plaintes des Protestans, cruellement opprimez dans le royaume de France. Cologne: Chez Pierre Marteau, 1686. 12mo (13.7 cm, 5.4"). [2], 192 pp.
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Peter Martyr MeetsSt. Clement of Alexandria
Clement, of Alexandria, Saint.   Clementis Alexandrini, viri longe doctissimi, qui Panteni quidem martyris fuit discipulus, praeceptor verò Origenis, omnia, quae quidem extant opera, à paucis iam annis inventa, [et] nunc denuò accuratiùs excusa Gentiano Herueto Aureliano interprete ... [with another, as below]. Basileae: Per Thomam Guarinum, 1566. Folio (33.5 cm; 13.125"). 364 pp., [8] ff. [also bound in]  Vermigli, Pietro Martire.  In selectissimam D. Pauli priorem ad Corinthios Epistolam. Tiguri: apud C. Froschouerum, 1567. Folio (33.5 cm; 13.125"). [6], 242, [17] ff. (lacks final blank).
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August Neander's Copy
Clement, of Alexandria, Saint.  Opera graece et latine quae extant. Lutetiae Parisiorum: Typis Regiis, 1641. Tall folio (32.7 cm, 12.9"). [28], 854, 74 (lacking 75–79 [index]) pp. (some pagination erratic; 823/24 repeated).
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Micmac National Anthem Words in French & Micmac
Clergue, Omer.  [drop-title] Chant national des Micmacs. Musique de Omer Clergue, Prof. au Conservatoire de Toulouse. Paroles du R. P. Sébastien, O. M. C. [N.p., Ristigouche?: n.d., ca. 1910?]. 8vo. 4 pp.
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Cochlaeus on the Schmalkald Articles
Cochlaeus, Johannes.  Ein[n] nötig und Christlich Bedencken, auff des Luthers Artickeln, die man Gemeynem Concilio fürtragen sol. Gedruckt zu Leipzig: Durch Nicolaum Wolrab, 1538. Small 4to (20.8 cm, 8.125"). [96] pp.
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A Discourse” Still Much Read 18th-Century, Newburyport Copy
Coles, Elisha.  A practical discourse of God’s sovereignty. With other material points derived thence.... Newburyport [MA]: Edmund M. Blunt, 1798. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8.2"). 372 pp.
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Ignorance is the Foundation ofAtheism, & Freethinking the Cure of It”
Collins, Anthony.  A discourse of free-thinking, occasion'd by the rise and growth of a sect call'd Free-thinkers. London: 1713. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.625"). 178 pp., [1 (blank)] f. (lacking preliminary material).
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Reestablishing the Peace of J.-C.
Concile National de France.  Décret de pacification proclamé par le Concile national de France, dans l'Église métropolitaine de Notre-Dame de Paris, le dimanche 24 septembre 1797, (3 Vendémiaire, an VI de la Rép. Fr.). Paris: L'Imprimerie-Librairie Chrétienne, 1797. 8vo (21.1 cm, 8.4"). 40 pp. (17–24 lacking).
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Who's Happier?
[drop title] A conference between a king and a Christian, recommended by the late Mr. S. Medley of Liverpool. London: Pr. by W. Day, 17, Goswell Street, for L.I. Higham, No. 6, Chiswell Street, n.d. (ca. 1840). 12mo. 4 pp.
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From Soups to Sundries Plus SHAKESPEARE et al.
Congregational Church (Lenox, MA).  Ladies.  Cook book compiled by the ladies of the Congregational Church, Lenox, Mass. Pittsfield, MA: Eagle Publishing Co., 1897. 8vo (20.7 cm, 8.15"). 56 pp.
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19th-Century Ontario Childhood StoriesAn Arts & Crafts Binding
Connor, Ralph.  Glengarry school days: a story of early days in Glengarry. Chicago: Fleming H. Revell & Co., 1902. 12mo (18.6 cm, 7.375"). [8], 13–340 pp.; 3 plts.
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An Enlightenment Reformer in LIMA
Corro, Diego del.  Carta pastoral del Illmo. Señor Doctor Don Diego del Corro ... a los que pretenden ordenarse en su Arzobispado. Lima: En la Imprenta nueva, que está en la Casa de los niños expósitos, 1759. Small 4to. (19 cm; 7.5"). 69, [1] pp., [3] ff.
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ReconcilingChurch & State
Coupé, Jacques-Michel. De la religion en politique. Paris: De l'Imprimerie Nationale, An IV [1795]. 8vo (19.8 cm, 7.8"). 58 pp.
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A Woman DEAD
  Yet “Living”   
Cox, Samuel Hanson. The dead are the living. A sermon preached on Lord's day afternoon, October 1, 1843, on occasion of the funeral of Mrs. Mary L., the wife of the Rev. Ward Stafford, A.M.[,] of this city. New-York: John F. Trow & Co., Printers, 1843. 8vo. 30 pp., [1 (blank)] f.

Yesterday Morning We QuittedSchaffhausen . . . ”
Coxe, William.  Sketches of the natural, civil, and political state of Swisserland; in a series of letters to William Melmoth ... second edition. London: J. Dodsley, 1780. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). viii, 474, [2] pp.
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JAPAN “The Subject Is Great, the Actions Sublime,
the ADVENTURESSurprising & Full of Wonders”
Crasset, Jean.  The history of the church of Japan. Written originally in French by Monsieur L’Abbe de T. And now translated into English. By N. N. Volume I. London: [publisher not identified], 1705. 4to (21.6 cm; 8.5"). [28], 544, [8] pp.
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An “Oriental” EmbassyIllustrated
Crawfurd, John.  Journal of an embassy from the governor-general of India to the courts of Siam and Cochin China; exhibiting a view of the actual state of those kingdoms ... second edition. London: Henry Colburn & Richard Bentley, 1830. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). 2 vols. I: Fold. frontis., vii, [1], 475, [1] pp.; 3 fold. plts., 8 plts., illus. II: [2], v, [1], 459, [1] pp.; 4 fold. plts., 7 plts., 1 fold. chart.
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Sermons from anInfluential Quaker
Crisp, Stephen.  Sermons or declarations, made by Stephen Crisp, one of the antient preachers amongst the people called Quakers. Taken in short hand, as they were delivered by him. Philadelphia: Printed by Joseph Crukshank, in Third-Street, opposite the work-house, 1773. 8vo (16.9 cm; 6.625"). 60 pp.
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Advocacy Still Forceful
Crooker, Joseph Henry.  The devil's pedigree. A lecture on Zoroastrianism, giving the natural history of the fundamental dogmas of popular theology. LaPorte, IN: Wadsworth & Kessler, Steam Job Printers, 1878. 8vo. 15 pp.
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Anti-Papal MockeryLatin Verse & ProseSigned French Binding
[Curione, Celio Secondo].  Pasquillorum tomi duo. Quorum primo versibus ac rhythmis, altero soluta oratione conscripta quamplurima continentur... Eleutheropoli: [Johann Oporinus], 1543. 8vo (13.9 cm, 5.5"). [16], 537 (i.e., 637), [1] pp.
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Including a Full-Text Printing of
The Augsburg Confession
Cyprian, Ernst Salomon.  Historia der Augspurgischen confession, auf gnädigsten Befehl des Durchlauchtigsten Fürsten und Herrn, herrn Friedrichs des Andern, hertzogens zu Sachsen-Gotha aus dem original-acten beschrieben. Gotha: J.A. Reyher, 1730. 4to. 24, 227, 224 p.
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A 3rd-CenturyMARTYR's WorksEdited by Erasmus
Cyprian, Thascius Caecilius, Bishop of Carthage, Saint.   D. Caecilii Cypriani, episcopi carthaginensis & martyris, opera: per Des. Erasmum roterodamum saepius a mendis summa vigilantia repurgata, & doctissimis annotationibus ad finem adiectis, illustrata. Basel: Per Ioannem Hervagium, et Bernardum Brand, [March] 1558. Folio (29.4 cm, 11.6"). [8] ff., 368, [8] pp.
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