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A Great 18th-Century Printer Presents a
a Great 17th-Century Dramatist
Racine, Jean.  Oeuvres de Jean Racine. Paris: de l'Imprimerie de Didot l'aine, 1784. 8vo in 4s (19 cm, 7.5". 3 vols. I: 463, [1] pp. II: [2] ff., 484 pp. III: [2] ff., 372 pp., [2] ff.
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Author/Compiler's Presentation Copy
Rand, Silas Tertius.  A first reading book in the Micmac language: comprising the Micmac numerals, and the names of the different kinds of beasts, birds, fishes, trees, &c. of the maritime provinces of Canada. Also, some of the Indian names of places, and many familiar words and phrases, translated literally into English. Halifax: Nova Scotia Printing Company, 1875. 16mo (17 cm, 6.5"). 108 pp. [also bound in] Bible. N.T. Matthew. Micmac. Rand. 1871. Pela Kesagunoodumumkawa tan tula uksakumamenoo westowoolkw Sasoogoole Clistawit ootenink. Megumoweesimk. Chebooktook: Megumagea Ledakun-weekugemkawa moweome, 1871. 126 pp.
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The Illustrator's Copy
Raspe, Rudolph, et al.; John Carswell, intro.; Fritz Kredel, illus.   The singular adventures of Baron Munchausen. New York: For the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1952. Small 4to (24.8 cm, 9.75"). xli, [1], 175, [1] pp.; illus.
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ImportantMENNONITE Confession
Ris, Cornelis.  De geloofsleere der waare Mennoniten of Doopsgezinden. Hoorn: T. Tjallingius, 1766. 4to (21 cm, 8.25"). [2], xxxiv, xviii, [2], 194 pp.
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El Amor a la Memoria deMi Infeliz Hermano
Rodríguez Galván, Ignacio.  Poesías de D. Ignacio Rodriguez Galvan. Mejico: Impresas por M.N. de la Vega, 1851. Folio (24 cm; ). 2 vols. in 1. I: [4] ff., frontis., 311, [1 (blank)] pp., [1] f. II: 336 pp., [1] f.
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Poems for a “Much Loved Daughter”Ticketed Binding
Rogers, Samuel.  Poems. London: Edward Moxon [colophon: Chiswick Press: Pr. by C. Whittingham], 1839. 16mo (16.7 cm, 6.625"). viii, 311, [1] pp.; illus.
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Early 17th-Century CollectionHighlights of Ronsard's Works
Ronsard, Pierre de.  Recveil des sonnets, odes, hymnes, elegies, et avtres pieces retranchees aux editions precedentes des oeuures de ... avec quelques autres non imprimees cy-devant. Paris: Chez Nicolas Buon, 1609. 12mo (15.1 cm, 5.9"). 360 pp., 12 ff. (lacking 4 final ff., the “Table des Poesies contenves en ce recveil”).
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Nonesuch Press Edition: A NovelC.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Read Aloud
toMake the Inklings Laugh
Ros, Amanda McKittrick.  Irene Iddesleigh. London: Nonesuch Press, 1926. 12mo (20 cm, 7.9"). 151, [1] pp.; illus.
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Father ofPediatric Medicine
Rosén von Rosenstein, Nils.  Des Herrn Nils Rosén von Rosenstein ... Anweisung zur Kenntniss und Cur der Kinderkrankheiten. Göttingen und Gotha : Bey Johann Christian Dieterich, 1768. 8vo (17.7 cm; 7"). [8] ff., 541 (i.e., 539 ), [1] pp., [7] ff.
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A Cute Little Bodoni
Rosini, Giovanni. Poesia, la musica e la danza, versi ... Parma: co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1796. Small 8vo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). [4] ff., 30 pp.
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DidotHandsomely Presents Rousseau
Rousseau, Jean Baptiste.  Odes, cantates, epitres et poesies diverses. Paris: Chez P. Didot, fils aine de F. A. Dudot l'aine, 1790. Large 4to (32 cm, 12.75"). xii, 560 pp.
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Legalese Has Always BeenJoke-Worthy
Ruggle, George.  Ignoramus. Comoedia coram rege Iacobo et totius angliae magnatibus per academicos Cantabrigienses habita. Editio quarta, locis sexcentis emendatior. London: Ex officina I[ohn] R[edmayne], 1659. 12mo (13 cm, 5.1"). Frontis., [22], 153, [1] pp.
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Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Surgeon General of the Continental Army &
Philadelphia Observer of Summer & Autumnal Disease”
Rush, Benjamin.   An inquiry into the various sources of the usual forms of summer & autumnal disease in the United States, and the means of preventing them. To which are added, facts intended to prove the yellow fever not to be contagious. Philadelphia: Published by J. Conrad & Co. and M. & J. Conrad & Co.; Baltimore: Rapin, Conrad, & Co.; Petersburg: Somervell & Conrad; Norfolk: Bonsal, Conrad, & Co. (printed by T. & G. Palmer), 1805. 8vo (22 cm, 8.5"). 113, [1] pp.
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The “Father of American Psychiatry” on Mental Illness
Rush, Benjamin.  Medical inquiries and observations upon the diseases of the mind. Philadelphia: Grigg & Elliot (pr. by J. Crissy & G. Goodman), 1835. 8vo (21.9 cm, 8.62"). 365, [3 (adv.)] pp.
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An American Medical Doctor's Observations . . .
. . . in German for the German Public
Rush, Benjamin.  Medicinische Untersuchungen und Beobachtungen. Leipzig: In der Weidmannschen Buchhandlung, 1792. 8vo (22.5, 8.75"). [6], 358 pp.; 2 folded leaves of tables. [with his] Neue Medicinische Untersuchungen und Beobachtungen. Nurnberg: in der Raspeschen Buchhandlung, 1797. 8vo (22.5, 8.75"). ix, [1], 302 pp.
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Sound Study Professional” Provenance
Rush, James.  The philosophy of the human voice: embracing its physiological history; together with a system of principles by which criticism in the art of elocution may be rendered intelligible, and instruction, definite and comprehensive. To which is addeda brief analysis of song and recitative. Philadelphia: Grigg & Elliot, 1833. 8vo (21.7 cm, 8.5 “). [4 (ads)] ff., 432 pp.
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Mesmerism for German Doctors
Sallis, Johann G.  Der tierische Magnetismus (Hypnotismus) und seine Genese. Ein Beitrag zur Aufklärung und eine Mahnung an die Sanitätsbehörden. Leipzig: Ernst Günthers Verlag, 1887. 8vo (20.9 cm, 8.24"). [4], 108 pp.
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French Neo-Latin Poetry in aFine Binding
Salmon Macrin, Jean.  Salmonij Macrini Iuliodunensis cubicularij regij epitome vitae Domini nostri Jesu Christi, ad Margaritam Valesiam, Henrici Francorum regis sororem unicam. Varia item poematia & de sacra regis unctione, & de eiusdem triumphali in urbem Lutetiam introitu. Parisiis: Ex typographia Matthaei Dauîdis, 1549. 8vo (16.7 cm, 6.625"). 63, [1] pp.
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Reading Recommended by William Penn
Saltmarsh, John.   Sparkles of glory, or some beams of the morning star. Wherein are many discoveries as to truth and peace. To the establishment and pure enlargement of a Christian in spirit and truth. London: Reprinted for William Pickering [colophon: J. Whittingham], 1847. 12mo (14.1 cm, 5.6"). [8], xx, 212 pp.
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TheFIRST Dominican-Born Writer to Publish a Book
& a Book about HISPANOLA at That!
Sánchez Valverde, Antonio.  Idea del valor de la isla Española, utilidades que de ella puede sacar su monarquia. Madrid: Impr. de Pedro Marin, 1785. 4to. [4] ff., xx, 208 pp., [2] ff., table; without the map.

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A Recusant's Account of Religion in Englandfrom Henry VIII to Elizabeth I
Sanders, Nicholas (a.k.a., Sander, Saunder, Saunders).   Nicolai Sanderi ... De origine ac progressu schismatis Anglicani, libri tres: quibus historia continetur maxime ecclesiastica, annorum circiter sexaginta ... Romae: Typis Bartholomaei Bonfadini, 1586. 8vo. [4] ff., 500 pp., [18] ff.
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Sankey's Lectures at University College (1865)
Sankey, William Henry Octavius.  Lectures on mental diseases. London: John Churchill & Sons, 1866. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). x, 281, [1], 24 (ads) pp.
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Scarce Medical DissertationPresentation Inscription from the Doctor
Santy, L. Gervais.  Dissertation sur l'application des sciences physiques et mathématiques, aux sciences médicales en général; suivie de l'exposition succincte de la Constitution météorologique et médicale de printemps de 1807, avec une courte description des maladies qui se sont présentées, pendant ce trimestre, à l'Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Eloi de Montpellier. Montpellier: Bonnariq, F. Avignon & Migueyron, 1808. 4to (23.3 cm, 9.2"). 55, [1] pp.
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Inscribed by the Artist
Saroyan, William, & Barbara Ebersole.  Fletcher Martin. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida Press, 1954. 4to (28.7 cm, 11.3"). xvii, [1], 51, [1] pp.; illus.
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Presbyterianism IS Primitive That's aGOOD Thing!
Saumaise, Claude. Walonis Messalini De episcopis et presbyteris contra D[ionysium] Petavium Loiolitam dissertatio prima. Lugduni Batavorum: Ex officina Ioannis Maire, 1641. 8vo (15.8 cm, 6.25"). A–Z8 Aa–Gg8; 476 pp., [1], [1 (blank)] ff.

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First U.S. Edition: The Liver & What Goes Wrong with It
Saunders, William.  A treatise on the structure, economy, and diseases of the liver; together with an inquiry into the properties and component parts of the bile and biliary concretions. Boston: W. Pelham, 1797. 12mo (17.5 cm, 6.89"). xx, 231, [1] pp.
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