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Scholarly Highlights of Southern Germany, Plus
Great Universities of Medieval Europe
Mabillon, Jean; & Jean de Launoy.  ... Iter Germanicum et Io. Launoii De scholis celebribus a Carolo M. et post Carolum M. in Occidente instauratis liber.... Hamburgi: Christiani Liebezeit, 1717. 8vo (17.5 cm, 6.9"). Frontis., [22], 103, [1], 507, [5] pp.
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A Printer's Copy
Magnani, Antonio.  Orazione recitata nell'Istituto delle Scienze di Bologna per la distribuzione de' premj solita farsi agli studiosi delle arti del disegno. Parma: Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1794. Large 4to (31 cm, 12.2"). [6], LXVIII (i.e., LXX) pp.
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Defending John Frederick of Saxony & Landgrave Philip of Hesse
[Major, Georg].  Ewiger, Göttlicher, Allmechtiger Maiestat Declaration. Wider Kaiser Carl, Künig zü Hispanien etc., vnd Bapst Paulum den dritten. [Wittenberg: Josef Klug, 1546]. 4to (18 cm, 7.125"). [56] pp.
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Living Speeches of Dying Christians” & a Man
Worthy of Dear Memory & Value”
Mall, Thomas.  A cloud of witnesses; or, The sufferers mirrour, made up of the swanlike-songs, and other choice passages of several martyrs and confessors to the sixteenth century, in their treatises, speeches; letters, prayers, &c. in their prisons, or exiles; at the bar, or stake, &c. Collected out of the ecclesiastical histories of Eusebius, Fox, Fuller, Petrie, Scotland, and Mr. Samuel Ward’s Life of faith in death, &c. and alphabetically disposed. London: Printed for Robert Boulter at the Turks Head in Bishopsgate-street, 1670. 8vo (16.9 cm; 6.625 “). [14], 258 pp. (lacks pastedowns). [bound with] Bates, William. A short character of that Excellent Divine Mr. David Clarkson, who departed this life the 14th of June, 1686. [London? : s.n., ca 1686]. 8vo. 13, [1] pp.
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Marmontel's Political-Philosophical Novel withGravelot's Illustrations
Marmontel, Jean François.  Bélisaire. Paris: Chez Merlin, 1767. 8vo (19.9 cm, 7.8"). [4], x, 340, [6] pp.; 4 plts.
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King-Killing isNOT to Be Indulged In
[Masson, Jean Papire]. Ad Franc. Hotomani Franco-galliam Antonii Matharelli...responsio. Lutetiæ: Ex off. Federici Morelli, 1575. 8vo. A–L8; 163, [1] pp., [6] ff.

The Plague / Public Medicine Prefigured
Mead, Richard.  A short discourse concerning pestilential contagion, and the methods to be used to prevent it. London: Printed for Sam. Buckley & Ralph Smith, 1720. 8vo in 4s (18.7 cm, 7.25"). [4] ff., 59, [1(blank)] pp.
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A Good BAV Title Macclesfield Provenance
Mela, Pomponius.  Pomponii Melae De orbis situ libri tres, accuratissime eme[n]dati. Lutetiae Parisiorum: [Chrétien Wechel], 1530. Folio (34 cm; 13.25"). [14] ff., 196 p., [1] f., [28] ff. (without the fold. map, if one was actually issued with it).
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Presentation CopyFit for a Queen
Melgarejo y Salafranca, José, Conde del Valle de San Juan. Consideraciones sobre la iglesia en sus relaciones con la sociedad... Obra dedicada a S.M. el Rey. Madrid: Zacarias Soler, 1851. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). [6], 316, [2] pp.; 1 plt.
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SONGS ofBogdan, Milosch, & the Fair IkoniaPublisher's Copy
Meredith, Owen [pseud. of Edward Bulwer-Lytton].  Serbski pesme; or, national songs of Servia. London: Chapman & Hall (pr. by William Clowes & Sons), 1861. 8vo (17.3 cm, 6.8"). 142, [2] pp.
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“The Little Odd Antiquities of Early Literature Which
Much Research Has Enabled Me to Collect Together”
Merryweather, Frederick Somner.  Bibliomania in the Middle Ages. London: Merryweather [Varty, Printer], 1849. 12mo (18 cm, 7.1"). iv, 218 pp.
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FIRSTLaws of the Nation
Mexico.   Laws, statutes, etc.  Coleccion de ordenes y decretos de la soberana junta provisional gubernativa, y soberanos congresos generales de la nacion mexicana. Mexico: Imprenta de Galvan á cargo de M. Arévalo, 1829. 8vo (21.5 cm; 8.25"). 4 vols. in 2. I: [2] ff., xv, [1], 150 pp. II: [3] ff., xiv, 220 pp.; III: [3] f., x, 172 pp. IV: [4] f., viii, 199 pp.
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Too Much Was NOT EnoughTHIS Copy with Quasi-Relics of St. Macarius
Meyer, Jean.  Description du jubilé de sept cens ans de S. Macaire, patron particulier contre la peste, qui sera célébré dans la ville de Gand ... a commencer le 30. de mai jusqu'au 15. juin 1767, avec le détail ultérieur des cérémonies, solemnités, cavalcade, ornemens, & des feux d'artifice ... Gand: Chez Jean Meyer, imprimeur de la ville, 1767. 4to (26.5 cm, 10.5"). [4] ff., xii, 84 pp.; 15 plts. (some fold.), illus.
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Correspondence with American libraries owning copies of the book confirms that the broadside and the vellum image were added post-printing and are not found in other copies.

The 99-Copy Blue Oasis First Edition — Signed by Miller
Miller, Henry.  Order and chaos Chez Hans Reichel. Tucson, AZ: Loujon Press, 1966. 4to (25.2 cm, 9.95"). 101, [1] pp.; illus.
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Minot Long DedicatedHis Leisure Time & Means of Information
to Some Object of General Utility”
Minot, George Richards.  Continuation of the history of the province of Massachusetts Bay, from the year 1748. With an introductory sketch of events from its original settlement. Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring; Printed for James White & Co. proprietors, by Manning & Loring, Feb. 1798; June 1803. 8vo (21.8 cm; 8.625"). 2 vols. I: viii, [1], 10–304 pp. II: vii, [2], 10–222 pp.
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Not in BAV An Americanum Nonetheless
Mocenigo, Andrea.  ...Bellum cameracense. [colophon: Venetiis: per Bernardinum Venetum de Vitalibus, 1525. Small 8vo (15.3 cm; 6"). [188] ff.
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A NAPOLEONIC Masterpiece from BODONI
Monti, Vincenzo.  Il bardo della Selva Nera Poema epico-lirico. Parte prima. Parma: Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1806. Folio extra (45.5 cm, 17.9"). [4], x, 134, [2] pp.
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The Latest Views, from the Explorers Themselves
Morgan, Edward Delmar, & Clements R. Markham.  Notes on the recent geography of Central Asia; from Russian sources. Progress of discovery on the coasts of new Guinea. London: John Murray, 1884. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.625"). [6], [203]–337, [1] pp.; 1 fold. map.
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First Edition Full of Facts & Fantasy
Mori, Ascanio de.  Prima parte delle novelle di Ascanio De'Mori da Ceno. Mantova: Per Francesco Osanna, 1585. 4to (20.5 cm, 8"). [8], 139, [1] pp.
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Court of Chancery Reports forDublin
Moseley, William.  Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery, during the time of the late Lord Chancellor King. Dublin: Pr. by Oli. Nelson for the administratrix of the author, 1744. Folio (32.2 cm, 12.7"). [10], 442 pp.
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The End Times According toMUGGLETON
Muggleton, Lodowick.  A true interpretation of the eleventh chapter of the Revelation of St. John, and other texts in that book; as also many other places of Scripture. London: Pr. for the author, 1662. 4to (18.9 cm, 7.4"). [16], 172, [2 (blank)] pp.
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Inscribed by the Founder of theU.S. Church School Movement
Mühlenberg, William Augustus.  I would not live alway, and other pieces in verse by the same author. New York: Robert Craighead, 1860 (© 1859). 12mo (18.9 cm, 7.4"). 66, [2] pp.
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He Wrote Beautiful Latin & He Found Protection in the Vatican
Muret, Marc-Antoine [a.k.a. Muretus].  Variarum lectionum libri XV ... accesserunt hac editione hymni sacri, & varia eiusdem auctoris poëmata. Lugduni [i.e., Lyon]: Apud haered. Gulielmi Rovillii, 1594. 16mo (12.1 cm, 4.76"). 621, [67] pp., final leaf blank; 62, [26] pp., final leaf blank.
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Presentation CopyPickering Press
Nicolas, Nicholas Harris, Sir.  Life of Geoffrey Chaucer. London: William Pickering [colophon: C. Whittingham], 1843. 16mo (17 cm, 6.7"). Engr. frontis., [5], 10–144 pp.
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“The Editor Flatters Himself that the Execution of this Reprint . . .
Will beSelf Recommended
The noble and renowned history of Guy Earl of Warwick.  Containing a full and true account of his many famous and valiant actions, remarkable and brave exploits, and noble and renowned victories. Chiswick: Printed by C. Whittingham for John Merridew et al., 1821. 12mo (19.5 cm, 7.75"). x, [2], 148 pp.; illus.
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I Now Write Only to Those of the Learned Order”
Norris, John.  Treatises upon several subjects, formerly printed singly, now collected into one volume. London: Printed for S. Manship at the Ship near the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill, 1697. 8vo (19.2 cm; 7.625"). [16], 448, 443–506 pp.
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Illustrated Fables from the Chiswick Press
Northcote, James.  One hundred fables, original and selected. London: Geo. Lawford (pr. by C. Whittingham, Chiswick Press), 1829. 8vo (20 cm, 7.87"). Frontis., viii, 272 pp.; illus. [with the same author's]    Fables, original and selected ...  second series. London: John Murray (pr. by C. Whittingham, Chiswick Press), 1833. 8vo (20 cm, 7.87"). lx, 248 pp.; illus.
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Presentation Copy from the Illustrator A Star-Studded Colophon
Novak, David Alan, comp. & ed.  The first one hundred years, 1892–1992. A keepsake volume for the centenary ofthe Rowfant Club. Cleveland: The Rowfant Club, 1992. 4to (26 cm; 10.25"). xii, 77 pp., illus.
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COLORFUL Engravings & (Sometimes!)COLORFULVerses
(e.g., “I had a little husband . . . ”)
(Nursery Rhymes).   Bysh's edition of nursery rhymes. Embellished with eight coloured engravings. London: Pr. by T. Richardson for J. Bysh, [ca. 1825]. 12mo (14.5 cm, 5.7"). 36 pp.; 6 col. plts.
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A.K.A. Four Poems”Hamady's Calligraphic Inscription
Olson, Toby.  Three & one. Mt. Horeb, WI: Perishable Press, 1976. 16mo (13.3 cm, 5.25"). [16] pp.; illus.
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Preparing the Faithful forthe Proper Celebration of the Assumption of Mary
Oviedo, Juan Antonio. Vida de Nuestra Senora, repartida en quince principales mysterios, meditados en los quince dias primeros de agosto ... Sevilla: Imprenta de las Siete Revueltas, 1739. 8vo (14.5 cm, 5.75"). [12] ff., 112 pp.
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The Venerable HistoryCOMPLETE
(OXFORD).  Peshall (or Pechell), John.  The history of the University of Oxford, to the death of William the Conqueror. Oxford: 1772. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.5"). [2], 32, [6] pp. [with his] The history of the University of Oxford, from the death of William the Conqueror, to the demise of Queen Elizabeth. Oxford: Pr. by W. Jackson & J. Lister for J. & F. Rivington, 1773. 4to (27.3 cm, 10.75"). [4], 264, [2] pp.
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