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Bacon, Francis.  Sylva sylvarum, sive historia naturalis, in decem centurias distributa. Lug. Batavor.: Apud Franciscum Hackium, 1648. 12mo (12.9 cm, 5.1"). Add. engr. t.-p., [34], 612, [48], 87, [1] pp.
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Early Editions of the FIRST Children's Books
White Knights Library Copies
Baïf, Lazare de; Charles Estienne, ed.  De Vasculis libellus, adulescentulorum causa ex Bayfio decerptus, addita vulgari latinarum vocum interpretatione. Parisiis: Ex officina R. Stephani, 1536. 8vo (17.4 cm, 6.9"). 56, [8] pp. [bound with their] De Re vestiaria libellus, ex Bayfio excerptus: Addita vulgaris linguae interpretatione, in adulescentulorum gratiam atq; utilitatem. Parisiis: Ex officina Rob. Stephani, 1536. 8vo. 68, [10] pp. (final blank lacking).
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Baily's Central American SurveyVolcanic Illustrations
Baily, John.  Central America; describing each of the states of Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica; their natural features, products, population, and remarkable capacity for colonization. London: Trelawney Saunders, 1850. 8vo (20.7 cm; 8.25"). Frontis., xii, 164 pp.; 2 plts.
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The Andrade Set inQuarter Red Morocco
Barcía, Andrés González de.  Ensayo cronologico, para la historia general de la Florida. Madrid: Imprenta de los Hijos de Doña Catalina Piñuela, 1829. 12mo. 2 vols. I: [2] ff., 508 pp., fold. table. II: [2] ff., 512 pp.
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Limited to 200 CopiesA Polyglot “Song of Moses”
Bargès, Jean Joseph Léandre.  Notice sur deux fragments d'un Pentateuque hébreu-samaritain rapportés de la Palestine par M. le sénateur F. de Saulcy. Paris: Imprimerie Polyglotte Édouard Blot, 1865. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.6"). [6], 91, [1] pp.; 1 fold. plt.
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The Private Edition, One of 12 Copies Only
A Family Copy
    [A Conundrum Here as to “Original” Bindings]
Barham, R. Harris.  The Ingoldsby legends or mirth and marvels by Thomas Ingoldsby Esquire [with] The Ingoldsby legends ... Second series. London: Richard Bentley, 1840 & 1842. 8vo. 2 vols. I: [6], v, [3], 338, [2] pp. with inserted extra-engraved title (a proof before letters), numbered colophon leaf, engraved title, and six etched plates; II: vii, [3], 288 pp. with engraved title and seven etched plates.
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Opera quae exstant”NOT
Basilius Seleucensis.  [five lines in Greek, the] B. Basilii Seleuciae Isauriae Episcopi, qui I. Chrysostomo contubernalis fuit, Opera quae exstant. [Heidelberg]: In bibliopolio H. Commelini, 1596. 8vo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). 8, 408 pp.
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History of the Propagation of the Christian Faith
. . . by aHater of False History”
Baxter, Richard.  Church-history of the government of bishops and their councils abbreviated. Including the chief part of the government of Christian princes and popes, and a true account of the most troubling controversies and heresies till the Reformation. London: Printed by B[ennet] Griffin, for Thomas Simmons at the Princes Arms, 1680. 4to (22 cm, 8.12''). [44], 136, 177–296, 313–400, 409–488 pp.
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Anatomy & Therapeutics as Taught on the Continent,
NOW for the English Medical Audience
Beckher, Daniel.  Medicus microcosmus, seu, Spagyria microcosmi exhibens medicinam corpore hominis tùm vivo, tùm extincto doctè eruendam, scitè praeparandam, & dextrè propinandam. Londini: Prostant apud Jo. Martin, Ja. Allestry & Tho. Dicas, 1660. 12mo (13.5 cm, 5.25"). [16] ff., 304 pp., [12] ff.
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Scurvy, Tuberculosis, Fever & Their Causes
—  Well, Beddoes Got It ALL Wrong
Beddoes, Thomas.  Observations on the nature and cure of calculus, sea scurvy, consumption, catarrh, and fever: Together with conjectures upon several other subjects of physiology and pathology. Philadelphia: Printed by T. Dobson, 1797. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.5"). xvi, 278, [2] pp.
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An AFRICAN Utopia, asDescribed to the INQUISITION
[Berington, Simon].  The adventures of Signor Gaudencio di Lucca. Being the substance of his examination before the fathers of the Inquisition at Bologna, in Italy: Giving an account of an unknown country in the midst of the deserts of Africa, the origin and antiquity of the people, their religion, customs, and laws. Copied from the original manuscript in St. Mark’s Library, at Venice. With critical notes by the learned Signor Rhedi. To which is prefixed, a letter of the secretary of the Inquisition, shewing the reasons of Signor Gaudentio's being apprehended, and the manner of it. Translated from the Italian. Philadelphia: Re-printed by William Conover, 1799. 12mo (18 cm; 7.125"). 320 pp.
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Bernesque Poetry at its Finest
Berni, Francesco; Giovanni Mauro; & Others.  Tutte le opere del Bernia in terza rima, nuovamente con somma diligentia stampate. [Venice?: s.n.], 1540. 8vo (15.1 cm, 6"). 168 ff.
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Ae-hy Ae-hy, Kih She”:  Geordie Tales “Related by the Late Thomas Bewick”
Bewick, Thomas.  The howdy and the upgetting. Two tales of sixty years sin seyne ... in the Tyne side dialect. London: Admirers of Native Merit, 1850. 12mo (22 cm, 8.75"). [2] ff., 9-16 pp.; frontis. port.
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Dibdin ApprovedHere, a True Large-Paper Copy
Bion, of Phlossa near Smyrna; Moschus, of Syracuse; & Gilbert Wakefield, ed. [transliterated from Greek] Biōnos kai Moschou ta leipsana. [then in Latin] Illustrabat et emendabat Gilbertus Wakefield. Londini: typis T. Bensley, 1795. 8vo in 4s (24 cm, 9.9"). [8], 33, [83] pp.
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Civil Engineering:  Building (& Funding!) Railroads, in Italian
Biot, Édouard, & David Hansemann; Luigi Tatti, ed. & trans.  L'architetto delle strade ferrate: Ovvero, saggio sui principi generali dell'arte di formare le strade a ruotaje di ferro di Eduardo Biot altro dei sovraintendenti all' esecuzione della strada ferrata da Santo Stefano a Lione. Recato in Italiano con note ed aggiunte dall' ingegnere Luigi Tatti[.] Unitavi una memoria di Davide Hansemann relativa ai rapporti politici ed economici di questa specie di strade. Milano: Angelo Monti, 1837. 8vo (29.1 cm, 11.45"). viii, 371, [1] pp.; 5 fold. plts.
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A “Very Rare & Extremely Curious Tract” againstChurch Interment
Birnie, William; William Barclay Turnbull, ed. The blame of kirk-buriall, tending to perswade cemiteriall civilitie. London: W. Pickering; Edinburgh: G.A. Douglas, 1833. 4to (26.2 cm, 10.3"). xii, [44] pp.
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Ribbon–Embossed Binding / Historical Architecture
Bloxam, Matthew Holbeche.   A glimpse at the monumental architecture and sculpture of Great Britain, from the earliest period to the eighteenth century. London: W. Pickering [Leicester: Printed by Thomas Combe, Junior], 1834. 8vo (20 cm, 7.8"). xv, [1], 291, [1] pp.; 2 plts.
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A FORGERY of a Renaissance Rarity
Boccaccio, Giovanni.   Il Decamerone ... nvovamente corretto. et con diligentia stampato. [colophon: Firenze {i.e., Venice}: Li heredi di Philippo di Giunta {i.e,, Angiolo Pasinello for Stefano Orlandelli}, 1527 {i.e, 1729}]. 4to (24 cm, 9.5"). [16] pp, 284 ff.
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Bodoni's BoethiusConsolations of Philosophy
Boethius.  Anicii Manlii Torquati Severini Boethii De consolatione philosophiae libri quinque ad optimarum editionum fidem recensiti. Parmae: Ex Regio Typographeo, 1798. Large 4to (31 cm, 12.2"). cxvi, 271, [1] pp.
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Asceticism or Arousal?
Boileau, Jacques; François Granet, ed. & trans.  Histoire des flagellans, ou l'on fait voir le bon & le mauvais usage des flagellations parmi les Chrétiens, par des preuves tirées de l'Ecriture Sainte, des peres de l'Eglise, des papes, des conciles, & des auteurs profanes. Amsterdam: Chez Henry du Sauzet, 1732. 12mo (17.5 cm, 6.89"). xxxii, 306, [10 (index)] pp.
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Lovely French PrintingGORGEOUS! French Binding
Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas.  Œuvres diverses du Sieur D*** avec le traité du sublime ou du merveilleux dans le discours, traduit du Grec de Longin. Paris: Claude Barbin (pr. by Denys Thierry), 1674. 4to (25.3 cm, 10"). π2A–R4S8T–Y4Z1*4a2-4b–o4; Frontis., [4], 178, [12], [3]–102, [10 (index & colophon)] pp., 1 plt.
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Plates by Leclerc, Sole Elzevir Edition, Olshki Provenance
Bonarelli della Rovere, Guidubaldo. Filli di Sciro, favola pastorale. Amsterdam: nella stamperia del D. Elsevier; et in Parigi si vende apresso Thomaso Jolly, 1678. 24mo (10.5 cm; 4.125"). Engr. title-page (included in pagination), 168 pp., 5 engr. plts.
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A Lighthearted Reminder NOT to BelieveEVERYTHING You Read
Bordelon, Laurent.  L'histoire des imaginations extravagantes de Monsieur Oufle, servant de preservatif contre la lecture des livres qui traitent de la magie, du grimoire, des démoniaques, sorciers, loups-garoux, incubes, succubes & du sabbat, des esprits-folets, génies, phantômes & autres revenans; des songes, de la pierre philosophale, de l'astrologie judiciaire, des horoscopes, talismans, jours heureux & malheureux, eclipses, comettes; & enfin de toutes les sortes d'apparitions, de divinations, de sortiléges, d'enchantement, & d'autres superstitieuses pratiques. Avec un tres-grand nombre de nottes curieuses, qui rapportent fidellement les endroits des livres qui ont causé ses imaginations, & qui les combattent. Paris: Chez Duchesne, 1754. 12mo (17.2 cm, 6.77"). [12], 149, [9], 144, [2], 164 pp. (3 pts. of 5); 6 plts. (of 10).
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Deluxe Signed Limited Edition PUBLISHER'S COPY:  Life of a Science Fiction Pioneer
(Bradbury, Ray). Weist, Jerry. BRADBURY: An illustrated life.  A journey to far metaphor. Hampton Falls, NH: Donald M. Grant, 2004. Folio (29.2 cm, 11.5"). [36], xxvi, 195, [1] pp.; illus.
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Large Scale” in Several Respects . . .
62 Engravings & Bedford BoundWESTMINSTER ABBEY

A Classic of English Antiquarianism, Illustration,   
& Book-Making
Brayley, Edward Wedlake.  The history and antiquities of the abbey church of St. Peter, Westminster: Including notices and biographical memoirs of the abbots and deans of that foundation. London: J.P. Neale for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown, 1818–23. Folio (37.9 cm, 14.9"). 2 vols. I: [18], 227, [19], 72, [10] pp.; 13 plts. II: [2], 304, [40] pp.; 49 plts.
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Brown University.  Celebration of the one hundreth anniversary of the founding of Brown University, September 6th, 1864. Providence: Sidney S. Rider & Bro., 1865. 4to (26.5 cm; 10.25"). [4] ff., 178 pp., [1] f.
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Thoughts on Natural History &c. from aGerman Polymath
Brückmann, Franz Ernst.  Centuriae tertiae epistola itineraria I. De creta vulgari musei autoris, ad virum praenobilissimum, excellentisismum atque doctissimum dominum, dominum Christ. Gottl. Ludwig. [Brunswigiae: Officina Libraria Schroederiana, 1756]. 4to (20.4 cm, 8"). 998 pp. (pagination of 715/16 repeated & 869/70 skipped; lacking main t.-p.); 28 plts. (13 fold.).
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Bunyan Wrote MORE than Allegory!
Bunyan, John.  The doctrine of the law & grace unfolded: or, a discourse touching the law and grace. The Nature of the one, and the Nature of the other: Shewing what they are, as they are the Two Covenants; and likewise who they be, and what their Conditions are, that be under either of these Two Covenants. Wherein, For the better Understanding of the Reader, there is several Questions answered touching the Law and Grace, very easie to be read, and as easie to be understood, by those that are the Sons of Wisdom, the Children of the Second Covenant. Also, Several Titles set over the several Truths contained in this Book, for thy sooner finding of them; which are those at the latter end. London: printed for Will. Marshall, at the Bible in Newgate-Street, 1701. 12mo (15.7 cm; 6.125"). [16], 8, 11–204, 203–70 pp. Lacks the portrait and pp. 9–10 of text.
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Uncommon Bunyan Item
Bunyan, John. The heavenly footman. London: Pr. by S. & C. McDowall for Williams & Smith, [ca. 1810?]. 12mo (19.2 cm, 7.56"). 12 pp.
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I Never Showed Any Aptitude for Study or Literature at School”
Butler, Samuel.  Butleriana.  Bloomsbury: Nonesuch Press, 1932. (23.4 cm, 9.5"). xvi, 172, [4] pp.; illus.
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FOUR Generations of Pontifexes & . . .
. . . ONE BLACK SHEEP Destined to Become a Writer
Butler, Samuel.  The way of all flesh. London: Grant Richards, 1903. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.68"). [6], 423, [1], 12 (adv.) pp.
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