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He Helped Establish the First Press in Paris,
Was a Friend of Erasmus,
Gaguin, Robert.  Co[m]pe[n]diu[m] Roberti Gaguini sup[er] fra[n]cor[um] gestis. [colophon: Parisiis: Impressit Bertholdus Rembolt, Impensis optimi bibilopolæ Iohaanis parui, 1511]. 8vo (19 cm, 7.5"). [16], 312 ff.
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But Make Haste to Newgate
Gay, John.  The beggar's opera. London: Daniel O'Connor (London: Charles Whittingham and Griggs, Chiswick Press), 1922. 4to (29 cm; 11") ; xxxiv, viii, 99 pp., [24] leaves of plates, ill., facsims., ports.
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ALDINE Attic Nights . . .
Gellius, Aulus.  Auli Gellii noctivm Atticarvm libri vndeviginti. [colophon: Venetiis: in Aedibus Aldi, et Andreae Soceri, mense Septembri 1515. 8vo (17 cm; 6.625"). [32], 289, [51] ff. (errors in foliation, but complete).
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Freed from GRINDING Poverty in London,
a Writer
Looks Back at Life
Gissing, George, ed.  The private papers of Henry Ryecroft. Portland, ME: Thomas Bird Mosher, 1921. 4to (19.4 cm, 7.6"). lxiv, 246, [2] pp.
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Bodoni Edition:  “All' Amica”  Il Rossetto” La Chitarra” & Other Poems
Giusti, Giovanni Battista.  Versi di Gio. Batista Giusti. Parma: Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1801. 16mo (13.3 cm, 5.23"). [2], 67, [1] pp.
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Beautifully Bound & Illustrated FRENCH Edition
“Tr. by Mme. Bachellery”
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von.   Les souffrances du jeune Werther. Tr. by Mme. Bachellery. Paris: Librairie des Bibliophiles, 1886. 8vo.

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Poems of Town, Country, & Church from theBodoni Press
Giordani, Luigi Uberto.  Versi di Luigi Uberto Giordani. Parma: Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1809. 8vo “piccolo” (17.3 cm, 6.8"). 4 vols. in 2. I & II: [8], 99 (9-16 supplied twice), [9], 103, [1] pp. III & IV: [2], xx, 133, [7], 123, [1] pp.
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Limited EditionFrench Symbolist Essay
Gourmont, Remy de.  Le livret de l'imagier. Paris: Aux Éditions du “Sagittaire” chez Simon KRA, 1920. 16mo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). 49 pp.; illus.
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MUSICAL SCHOLARSHIP Printed Beautifully —
Printed Masterfully!
Grañén Porrúa, María Isabel.  Tesoros musicales de la Nueva España: Siglo XVI. Tacámbaro de Codallos [Mexico]: Taller Martín Pescador, 2018. Small 4to (25.7 cm, 10"). 46 pp., [1] f., 2 fold. plts., illuis.
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On the Estiennes & Their PeersBound by Bernard Middleton
Greswell, William Parr.  A view of the early Parisian Greek press; including the lives of the Stephani; notices of other contemporary Greek printers of Paris; and various particulars of the literary and ecclesiastical history of their times. Oxford: Pr. by S. Collingwood for D.A. Talboys, 1833. 8vo (23 cm, 9.1"). 2 vols. I: xix, [1], 412 pp. II: vii, [1], 413, [1] pp.
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Fate & Fatalism
Grotius, Hugo.  Philosophorum sententiae de fato, et de eo quod in nostra est potestate. Amsterodami: Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1648. 12mo (12.7 cm; 5"). [4] ff., 384 pp.
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A DUTCH Artist's BookMade & Printed in NEW YORK
Grunberg, Arnon.  Verzamelde visite kaartjes. New York: Kunst Editions, 1998. 12mo (18.5 cm; 7.5"). 2 loose leaves (half-title, title) and three booklets).
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Early Study of Tuscan Literature from theGiunta Press
Gualteruzzi, Carlo; Vincenzo Borghini, ed.  Libro di novelle, et di bel parlar gentile. Nel qual si contengono cento nouelle altrauolta mandate fuori da Messer Carlo Gualteruzzi da Fano ... Con aggiunta di quattro altre nel fine. Et con una dichiaratione d'alcune delle voci piu antiche. In Fiorenza: Nella Stamparia dei Giunti, 1572. 4to (22.5 cm, 8.875"). [28], 153 (i.e., 165; 79–88 repeated), [3] pp.
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One of the Scarcer Elzevir Works
Haestens, Hendrik van.  La nouvelle Troye ou Memorable histoire du siege d'Ostende. Le plus signalé qu'on ait veu en l'Europe. En laquelle sont descripts & naifvement representés en diverses figures, les assauts, deffenses, inventions de guerre, mines, contremines, retranchemens, combats par terre & par mer, & autres choses remarcables advenues de part & d'autre, avec ce qui s'est passé par chascun jour durant ledit siege depuis le 5 iuing 1601 iusqu'au 20 septemb. 1604 qu'elle fut renduë. Recoeuillie des plus asseurés memoires. A Leyde: Chez Loys Elzevier, 1615. 4to (20 cm; 8"). [4] ff., 293 [i.e., 297], [1] pp., 14 fold. plates, port., coat of arms.
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Marked with a Classical Precision to which English Poetry had Yet Rarely Attained”
Hall, Joseph.  Virgidemiarum: satires. In six books. London: William Pickering, Chancery Lane [colophon: Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne & Co.], 1825. 8vo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). 7, [1], xv, [1], 151 pp.
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Scarce Perishable Press Ephemera:  Laura Evans Hamady, PRINTER's DEVIL”
A Daughter's Beautiful Birth Announcement
Hamady, Walter.   Proofs: Laura's birth announcement. [Mt. Horeb, WI]: Perishable Press, 1975.  8vo (26.7 cm, 10.5"). [10] ff.; illus.
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HAMADY's OwnWords, Paper, & PRINTING
Hamady, Walter.  In sight of Blue Mounds. Mt. Horeb, WI: Perishable Press, 1972. Oblong 8vo (15.9 cm, 6.25"). [8] pp., 20 ff., [2] pp.
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This King Midas Was Fonder ofGold than Anything Else in the World”
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.  The golden touch. [San Francisco]: Grabhorn Press, 1927.
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Bruce Rogers Designed ThisAn Uncut, Unopened Copy
Hay, John.  A poet in exile. Early letters of John Hay. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1910. 12mo. 48 pp., 2 plts.
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From Discussion through Completed Work With Four Original Illustrations
Hays, H.R.  Poems 1933–67. San Francisco: Kayak, 1968. 8vo (16.2 cm, 6.4"). [2], 79, [1] pp.; illus. [with the same author's] Crisis. Menomie, WI: Ox Head Press, 1969. 16mo (16.2 cm, 6.4'). [14] pp.; illus.
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Waves Break Where the Seagulls Glide”
Henri, Adrian.  Lowlands away. Bath, UK: The Old School Press, [Spring] 2001. 4to (26.7 cm, 10.5"). [15] ff.
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An EARLY Strawberry Hill Press Book
Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron.  The life of Edward lord Herbert of Cherbury. [Twickenham]: Strawberry-Hill [Press], 1764. 4to (22.5 cm; 9"). [5] ff., 171, [1] pp., fold. table, fold. port.
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Counting to SixOne of65 Copies
Hill, Jennifer.  Overpass. Six drawings. [Florence, MA]: Kat Ran Press, 2001. Folio (35.8 cm, 14.2"). [6] pp.; 6 plts.
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Homer in Greek, Using Proctor's Type
Homer (Homerus).  [one line in Greek, transliterated as] Homēri Odysseia. Oxford: Pr. at the University Press, 1909. Tall 4to (29 cm, 11.5"). [4 (3 blank)], [227], [3 (blank)] ff.
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The Punishment of Tantalus in ART plus English, Greek, & Latin
Homer; William Broome, transl.; Rudolph Ruzicka, illus.; et al.   Tantalus. [Cambridge, MA]: The Cygnet Press, 1937. Sm. 8vo (17.1 cm, 6.75"). Frontis., [16] pp.
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A Delightful, Eye-Pleasing HoraceA Chromolithographic Tour de Force
Horatius Flaccus, Quintus.  The works of Quintus Horatius Flaccus illustrated chiefly from the remains of ancient art. London: John Murray, 1849. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.8"). [6], 194, [6], 490, xiv pp.; 8 col. plts.
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A Variation on One of Bodoni's Greatest Hits
Horatius Flaccus, Quintus.  Q. Horatii Flacci Opera. Parmae: Ex Regio Typographeo, 1793. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.85"). [2], xxi, [1], 376 pp.
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May the Blessing of Light Be on You”
An Irish blessing.  [Newark, VT: The Janus Press], 1981. 8vo (25.6 cm, 10.1"). [1] f.
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H. Estienne's FinalFOLIO Text
    Greek, Latin, & Impressive
Isocrates. [two lines in Greek, then] Isocratis Orationes et epistolae cvm Latina interpretatione Hier. VVolfij, ab ipso postremùm regognita. Henr. Steph. in Isocratem Diatribæ VII: quarum van obseruationes Harpocrationis in eundem examinat. Gorgiae et Aristidis quædam, eiusdem cum Isocraticis argumenti. Guil. Cantero interprete. [Geneva]: Excudebat Henricus Stephanus, 1593. Folio. [fleuron]4*6**4a–z6aa–mm6nn4; Aa–Ll6; A–C6D4; ad 4a.4b.6 (-b.6, blank); [14] ff., 427, [1 (blank)], 131, [1 (blank)], xxxiiii pp., [1 (blank)], [4] ff., 31, [1 (blank)] pp., [9] ff. (without the final blank).
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