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A Limited, De Vinne Press Edition Decorations by Updike & Goodhue
(AN AMERICAN “BCP”)!  Episcopal Church.  Book of Common Prayer.  The book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America together with the psalter or psalms of David. New York: Pr. for the committee [by De Vinne Press], 1893. Folio (37 cm, 14.63"). [14] ff., 566 pp., [1 (tailpiece and publisher's colophon)] f.
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Recovered from a Binding
Catholic Church.   Liturgy.  Manuscript on vellum, in Latin. France (Brittany?): ca. 1350(?). Folio (31 20 cm; 12.25" x 7.75" ). [1] f.
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The Beatus vir . . . Gorgeously Produced, Beautifully Framed
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & Ritual. Psalter.  Manuscript leaf. Northern Italy: ca. 1490. Folio. [1] f. (56 x 42 cm; 22" x 16").
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Rare, Early Puebla ImprintUnknown to Medina
Catholic Church. Liturgy & ritual.  Forma, qve se debe gvardar en el pararse, sentarse, hincar las rodillas, y inclinarse; asi en las missas solemnes, feriales, y rezadas: como tambien en las horas canonicas, en el coro; cforme al rito del ceremonial nuevo romano, mandado imprimir, con sus reglas por...Don Iuan de Palafox, y Mendoza. Puebla de los Angeles: Por el Bachiller Iuan Blanco Alcaçar, 1649. Small 4to. [6] ff. (last a blank).
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Splendor of the Mass in aSplendid Binding on a Miniature Book
Catholic Church.  Liturgy & ritual.  El libro de misa de los niños. Madrid: No publisher/printer, no date [ca. 1860]. Miniature (43 mm; 1.625"). 122 pp., 6 plates (including frontis.).
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Pickering BCP FacsimileElizabethan-Inspired Splendor
Church of England.   Book of Common Prayer.  The book of common prayer: Commonly called the first book of Queen Elizabeth, printed by Grafton 1559. London: William Pickering (pr. by Charles Whittingham), 1844. Folio (35.1 cm, 13.8"). [34] pp., 109, 14 ff.
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German-American Hymnal inTypical FRAKTUR Style
Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania and the Adjacent States.  Erbauliche Lieder-Sammlung zum Gottesdienstlichen Gebrauch in den vereinigten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinen in Pennsylvanien und den benachbarten Staaten. Philadelphia: G. & D. Billmeyer, 1814. 12mo (17.2 cm, 7"). [12] ff., 626 pp., [5] ff. [bound with] Helmuth, Justus Henry Christian. Kurze Andachten einer Gottsuchenden Seele, auf alle Tage der Woche und andere Umstände eingerichtet. Philadelphia: G. & D. Billmeyer, 1814. 12mo (17.2 cm, 7"). 26 pp.
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A Little Manual . . . FIRST Designed for PRIVATE Use” of TWO PRINCESSES
Lake, Edward.  Officium eucharisticum. A preparatory service to a devout and worthy reception of the Lord's Supper. Dublin: Printed by and for Samuel Fairbrother, 1724. 12mo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). [4] ff., 176 pp.
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A Highly SignificantAmerican Judaicum
Leeser, Isaac, ed. & tr.  [title in Hebrew, transliterated as] Sidure divre tsadikim kolel seder ha-tefilot mi-kol ha-shanah ke-minhag ... Ashkenaz u-Polin.... [from the added title-page in English: Philadelphia: Printed by G. Sherman, for the editor, 1848]. 8vo. viii, 242, 2–243, [1] pp.
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A Tiny GemPrinted by the Plantin Press (L.A.)A Mary Kuper Wood Engraving
Stevenson, Robert Louis.  Prayers written at Vailima. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop, 1973. Miniature (6.2 cm, 2.4"). xxxviii, [2], 61, [1] pp.
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