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One of the Most Useful EditionsA HANDSOME Set
(A High Spot of Science).  Newton, Isaac.  Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. Glasguae: Andreae et Joannis M. Duncan, 1822. 8vo (24.2 cm, 9.5"). 4 vols. in 2. I: [4], [vii]–xxx, [2], 431, [1] pp. II: [6], 320 pp. III: [4], xxxvi, 344 pp. IV: [2], vi, 202, [2] pp.
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Gold & Silver Conversion Tables
  fromthe Press of a Woman Printer
Berdugo, Nicolás.  Reducciones de plata, y oro a las leyes de 11. diner. y 22. quilat. valores de una y otra especie por marcos, onzas, ochav. tomin. y gran. como S. Mag. (que Dios guarde) lo manda en sus novissimas reales ordenanzas, expedidas en 1. de agosto de 1750. Cuyas reducciones, y valores el Excmo. Sr. Conde. de Revilla Gigedo ... mandò imprimir. Mexico: Impr. de Doña Maria de Rivera, 1752. Small 8vo (14.8 cm; 5.875"). [15] ff., 324 pp.
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An Exchange of RemembrancesPlacing” an Important Chronometer
(Bowditch, Nathaniel).  Letter Signed by the children of Nathaniel Bowditch to William Cranch Bond. Boston: 30 June1840. 8vo (10" x 7.75"). 1 p., with integral address leaf.
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On Government & on Old Gold Coinage
Cantos Benítez, Pedro de.  Escrutinio de maravedises, y monedas de oro antiguas, su valor, reduccion, y cambio a las monedas corrientes. Deducido de escrituras, leyes, y pragmaticas antiguas, y modernas de España. Madrid: Antonio Marin, 1763. 4to (21.5 cm; 8.5"). 123, 171 pp.
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English Tree-Tending/ Formal, Mathematical Planting
Cook, Moses.  The manner of raising, ordering, and improving forest-trees: With directions how to plant, make, and keep woods, walks, avenues, lawns, hedges, &c. London: Pr. for Eliz. Bell, John Darby, Arthur Bettesworth, et al., 1724. 8vo (19.8 cm, 7.75"). Frontis. (incl. in pagination), xx, 273, [3] pp.; 4 fold. plts.
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The Free Will Debate: Anti-Libertarian, Pro-Necessitarian
Crombie, Alexander.  An essay on philosophical necessity. London: J. Johnson, 1793. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). [4], viii, 508 pp.
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Making America'sDrawbridges BETTER
Herschel, Clemens.  Continuous, revolving drawbridges: the principles of their construction and the calculation of the strains in them. With more especial reference to the designing of continuous panel girders of this description. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1875. 8vo (24 cm; 8.5"). 54 pp., x leaves of plates (9 fold.). Illus.
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Is It Real, or Is It Memorex?Almost Certainly NOT Real, nor a “Facsimile”???
Kings Exchequer at Westminster.  Broadside. Begins: The standard of weights and measures in the Exchequer. Anno 12.o Henrici Septimi. Londini: sumptibus Societ. Antiquariae, 1746 [really, ca. 1850?]. Folio extra (65 x 49 mm; 25.5" x 19.125"). [1] p.
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A Mathematician, a Missionary, & theChinese Rites Controversy
Le Comte, Louis.  Memoirs and observations topographical, physical, mathematical, mechanical, natural, civil, and ecclesiastical. Made in a late journey through the Empire of China, and published in several letters. Particularly upon the Chinese pottery and varnishing; the silk and other manufactures; the pearl fishing; the history of plants and animals. Description of their cities and publick works; number of people, their language, manners and commerce; their habits, oeconomy, and government. The philosophy of Confucius. The state of Christianity, with many other curious and useful remarks. London: Pr. for Benj. Toke & Sam. Buckley, 1697. 8vo (20 cm; 8"). [12] ff., 527 [i.e., 543], [1] pp.; frontis. (port.), 3 plt. (2 fold.), fold. table.
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Standard & Ground (or Wave?)-Breaking
Medina, Pedro de.  Arte del navigare. Venetia: Appresso Tomaso Baglioni, 1609. 4to (20.5 cm, 8"). A4 b4 2A8 B–Q8 R10; [7], [1 (blank)], 137, [1 (blank)] ff.; illus.
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The True Meaning of RevelationBeware of Catholics!By the Inventor of Logarithms
Napier, John.  A plaine discoverie of the whole revelation of Saint Iohn: set down in two treatises: the one searching and proving the true interpretation thereof. The other applying the same paraphrastically and historicallie to the text. [Edinburgh]: [Pr. by Robert Waldegrave for] John Norton, 1594. Small 4to in 8s (19.2 cm, 7.55"). [7 (of 8)] ff., 269, [11] pp.; lacks initial blank.
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The First Australian Star Catalogue Devoted to the
Heretofore Unknown Parts of the Heavens”

Rumker, Charles.  Preliminary catalogue of fixed stars intended for a prospectus of a catalogue of the stars of the Southern Hemisphere included within the Tropic of Capricorn now reducing from the observations made in the observatory at Paramatta. Hamburgh: Printed for Perthes & Besser, 1832. 4to (25 cm; 10"). 20, xxv pp.
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