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Sweet the Scene of Recollection”
Negus, Mary M.  Manuscript on paper, in English. “Mary M. Negus's album.” [Ohio]: 1835–43. Oblong 16mo (7.7cm, 3"). [106] pp.; 4 plts.
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The King Is Pleased, & the King Is NOT Pleased
Oratory of Saint Philip Neri. Guadalajara.   Manuscript compilation on paper, in Spanish. Madrid, Guadalajara: 1751–74. Folio (32.5 cm; 12.25"). [17 (2 blank)] ff.
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Annotated Copy of Paracelsus with anALCHEMY SECTION
Relating tothe Magical Amalgam “Electron”
Paracelsus.  Zwen [i.e., zwey] tractatus des Hocherfarnen vnd bewärtisten Teutschen Philosophi vnd beyder Artzney Doctoris Philippi Theophrasti Paracelsi. I. De viribus membrorum spiritualium. II. De Electro. Mit Erklärung ettlicher Wörter und praeparationum. [colophon: Getruckt zu Straszburg: durch Bernhard Jobin], 1572. Small 8vo (16.5 cm; 7'). [7], 23, [2] ff., port.
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Vices, Virtues, & Sins of the Tongue
Peraldus, Gulielmus (a.k.a., William Perault, Guillaume Perault).   Manuscript on vellum, in Latin. “Summa de virtutibus et vitiis [a.k.a. Summae vitiorum].” Probably France (Paris?), but possibly in England: 1236–75. 8vo (20 x 14.5 cm; 7.75" x 5.5"). [1] f.
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Incunable PetrarchDecorated Initials
Petrarca, Francesco [i.e., Petrarch].  “Bucolicum Carmen,” from Librorum Francisci Petrarchae Basileae impressorum annotatio.... [Impressis Basileae: Per Magistrum Ioannem de Amerbach, 1496]. Folio (28.3 cm, 11"). [22] ff. (only, of [389]).
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The Father of The Father of American Surgery”
Nails Down a Land Deal
Physick, Edmund.  Manuscript Document Signed.  Philadelphia: 15 September 1773. Oblong 12mo (3" x 7.75). 1 p.
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Plato's Dialogues inGerman Manuscript
Plato.  Manuscript on paper, in German. “Dialogum des Plato mit biografischen Anmerkungen.” No place [Germany]: 1790. 4to (23.5 cm, 9.25"). [8], 73 pp.; [4], 71 pp.; [4], 108 pp.; [4], 60 pp.; [4], 36 pp.; [2], 54 pp.; [2], 20 pp.; [2], 14 pp.; [2], 18 pp.
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Speaking toTRANSLATIONS of His Mexico
Prescott, William H.  Letter Signed to Theodore S. Fay. [Boston: ca. 1848]. Oblong 12mo ( 6.5" x 7.75"). 2 pp.
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Scary Times for Spaniards in theBreak-Away Yucatan
(Republic of the Yucatan).  Group of 15 documents (see below for details). Campeche, Merida: Various publishers, 1842–43. Folio and slightly smaller (31 cm; 12.25"; and slightly smaller). 38 pp. (11 blank).
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WELCOME! to the Order ofthe Sisters of Santiago
Robles Gorbalan, Margarita de.  Manuscript document signed. On paper, in Spanish. Toledo: 21 September 1703. Folio (29.3 cm; 11.5"). [3] pp.
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I Made Them Learn Some Songs to Sing to Their Own Dancing”
Ruskin, John.  Autograph Letter Signed, to Mrs. [William] Cowper [later Cowper-Temple]. Winnington Hall, Northwich, Cheshire: [ca. 12 December 1864]. 12mo (20 x 12.5cm; 7.875" x 4.875:). 3 pp.
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Three Giants ofModern American Dance
St. Denis, Ruth.  Two typed postcards to Lisan Kay & Yeichi Nimura. [Hollywood, CA: 1962]. (8.3 x 14 cm). 2 cards.
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10 Years of aMerchant's Correspondence
Sánchez Borda, José Joaquín Mariano.  Manuscipt. A copy book of personal and business correspondence. Bogotá: 1801–10. Folio (32 cm; 12.5"). [130] ff.
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RE: a Work in Progress, Signed by Sir Walter Scott & His Son-in-Law
Scott, Walter, & John Gibson Lockhart.  Autograph Letters Signed. [Edinburgh: ca. 1830]. 8vo (26.1 cm, 10.3"). [1] f.
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Behind the Scenes:  Shaw vs. ChestertonPostcards Signed by Shaw
Shaw, George Bernard.  ALS: Two postcards sent to Richard Mealand. Ayot St Lawrence: 1933. (14.2 x 9.2 cm & 11.3 x 8.8 cm). 2 cards.
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A First Purchaser” Sells aPart of Her Plot in Philadelphia
Shorter, Elizabeth.  Document Signed (with her mark), on paper.  [Philadelphia]: 12 October 1686. Small 4to (19.5 x 18.5 cm, 7.7 x 7.28"), 4 pp., with integral address leaf, 2 pp. blank.
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After the (Premature?) Capture of MontereyA Personal & Significant
Steuart, William.  Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs. Commodore [Thomas ap Catesby] Jones. George Town [Maryland, later incorporated into Washington, D.C.]: 1843. 4to (25.2 cm, 9.9"). [2] ff.
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Presaging the Martial Law Soon to Come?
Stockton, Robert F., Commodore.  Document. “Address to the People of California.” [Monterey]: no date [29 July 1846]. Folio (31.5 cm; 12.375"). [4] pp.
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True or False?
[Stophel, Georg].  Manuscript on paper, in German. “Schlüssel zu Irrthum [sic] und Wahrheit.” No place [Germany]: 1788. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.7"). xi, [5 (blank)], 153 [i.e., 154] pp.
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485 Stunning Views ofEngland, Scotland, & Wales
EACH IMAGE Hand-Captioned
Storer, James Sargant.  Antiquarian and topographical cabinet, containing a series of elegant views of the most interesting objects of curiosity in Great Britain. London: W. Clarke, J. Carpenter, & H.D. Symonds, 1807–11. 8vo. 10 vols. I: [approx. 112] pp.; 56 plts. II: pp.; 49 plts. III: [approx. 110] pp.; 55 plts. IV: [approx. 92] pp.; 46 plts. V: [approx. 86] pp.; 43 plts. VI: [approx. 106] pp.; 53 plts. VII: [approx. 98] pp.; 49 plts. VIII: [approx. 86] pp.; 43 plts. IX: [approx. 110] pp.; 55 plts. X: [approx. 72], [16 (index)] pp.; 36 plts. (15 plts. lacking of 500).
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An Art Collector's Estate
Suárez de Toledo, Juan.  Collection of documents in Spanish on paper relating to his death and estate. Talavera: 1669–79. Folio, 100 ff.
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Gilt Vellum Binding withthe Papal Coat of Arms
[Tagliaferri, Johannes Baptista].  Manuscript on paper, in Latin. “De executiva et inspectiva ecclesiae potestatibus disputatio.” [Rome?: ca. 1831–44?]. Folio (32 cm; 12.5"). [7] ff., 371 pp.
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Wise, WARM Advice to aYoung Philadelphia Woman
V[aux], R[oberts].  Autograph Sentiment Signed (with initials) for Isabella Walsh. [Philadelphia]: 18 January 1828. Small 4to. 1 p.
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