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Virginia Love Story / Margaret Armstrong Binding
Page, Thomas Nelson.  The old gentleman of the Black Stock. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1900. 8vo (18.7 cm, 7.3"). viii, [4], 169, [1] pp.; 8 col. plts.
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Uncommon Then & Now
Parabosco, Gerolamo.  Il Viluppo, comedia nova. In Vinegia: Appresso Gabriel Giolito de'Ferrari, 1567. 12mo (13.7 cm, 5.4"). 59, [1] ff.
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Uncommon Bodoni First
Parini, Giuseppe.  Odi dell' abate Giuseppe Parini gia' divolgate. Parma: Nel Regal Palazzo , 1791. 8vo (15.7 cm, 6.18"). [2], viii, 180 pp.
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Signed Limited Edition: Noir Fiction
Parker, T. Jefferson.  Easy Street. [Mission Viejo: ASAP Publishing], © 2000. 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.3"). Frontis., 44 pp.; 2 col. plts.
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The Provincial Letters
Pascal, Blaise.  Les provinciales, ou lettres ecrites par Louis de Montalte a un provincial de ses amis, et aux R.R. P.P. Jesuites sur la morale & la politique de ces Peres ... Nouvelle edition, revue, corrigée & augmentée. Amsterdam: Aux depens de la Compagnie, 1734; Cologne: Pierre de la Vallée, 1739. 12mo (15.8 cm, 6.25"). 4 vols. I: Frontis., [14], 404 pp. II: Frontis., [10], 378 pp. III: Frontis., [10], 372 pp. IV: [8], 539, [13] pp.
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A Pretty Way toEncounter This Tale
Pater, Walter, trans.  The story of Cupid and Psyche done out of the Latin of Apuleius. New York: Platt & Peck Co., [ca. 1914]. 12mo (15.5 cm, 6.1"). Frontis., [2], 107, [1] pp.
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Marrying for MoneyNEVER Ends Well
Patterson, Joseph Medill.  A little brother of the rich. Chicago: Reilly & Britton Co., 1908. 12mo. Col. frontis., 361, [3] pp.; 5 plts.
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Popular Literature“A True Relation & a Curious Romance”
Pavón, Gonzalo.  [drop-title] Verdadera relacion y curioso romance, en que se dà cuenta y declara la descripcion y grandeza del Templo de Salomon. Primera [– segunda] parte. [colophon: Màlaga: Felix de Casas y Martinez, 1789]. 8vo (21.3 cm, 8"). I: [2] ff; II: [2] ff.
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A Treasure Trove of InformationHistorical *&* CommercialBATH, 1884
Peach, R. E.  Historic houses In Bath and their associations. [Second Series]. London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co.; & Bath: R. E. Peach, 1884. Square 4to (22 cm; 8.75"). Frontis., [2] ff., 158 pp., [11 (ads)] ff.
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The Farmer's Daughter of Essex
Penn, James.  Life of Miss Davis, the farmer's daughter of Essex, who was seduced by her lover... London: T. Hughes (pr. by G. Whiteman), [1802]. 12mo (16.7 cm, 6.6"). pp.; 1 plt.
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Corrected” & AnnotatedPEPYS
Pepys, Samuel.  Diary and correspondence...the diary deciphered by the Rev. J. Smith, A.M. from the original shorthand MS. in the Pepysian Library. With a life and notes by Richard Lord Braybrooke. First American from the fifth London edition.... Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1855. 8vo (22.3 cm, 8.75"). I: Frontis., xxxvi, 427, [1 (blank)] pp.; II: Frontis., [1] f., 484 pp.; III: [1] f., 481, [1 (blank)] pp.; IV: [2] ff., 470 pp.
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For BIOGRAPHY, mostly 20th-Century
    “General Reading” & Inexpensive,  click here.

Hotspur's Son's Adventures:  One HAPPY Set of Lovers, One TRAGIC
Percy, Thomas.  The hermit of Warkworth: A Northumberland tale, in three parts. Newcastle-on-Tyne: W.R. Walker, [ca. 1860]. 12mo (16.3 cm, 6.45"). 24 pp.
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MYSTIC or Pragmatic Wife?
Pérez Galdós, Benito.  La loca de la casa, comedia en cuatro actos. Madrid: Imprenta de la Guirnalda, 1893. 12mo (18.2 cm, 7.15"). [8], 294 pp.
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Four ClassicSpanish Novelas Neatly Bound
Pérez Galdós, Benito.  La sombra. Celin. Tropiquillos. Theros. Madrid: Imprenta de La Guirnalda, 1890. 8vo (17.9 cm, 7"). [10], [5]–257, [3 (2 adv.)] pp.
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This also appears in the HISPANIC MISCELLANY — click here.

Erudite EditionStealth Deluxe Binding
Petit de Julleville, Louis, trans.   La chanson de Roland: Traduction nouvelle rhythmée et assonancée avec une introduction et des notes. Paris: Alphonse Lemerre (pr. by A. Quantin), 1878. 8vo (20.7 cm, 8.18"). [4], 460, [4] pp.
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Pleasing Provenance & Woodcut Illustrations
Petrarca, Francesco [i.e., Petrarch]; Giovanni Andrea Gesualdo, commentator.   Il Petrarcha con la spositione di M. Giovanni Andrea Gesualdo. [colophon: In Venetia: per Domenico Giglio, 1553]. 4to (21 cm, 8.25"). 2 vols. in 1. [94], 346 pp.; illus.
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Pleasant Thoughts onCongenial Spirits
The Philipena, or friendship's token: A present for all seasons. Boston: G.W. Cottrell & Co.; New York: T.W. Strong, [1848]. 16mo. Col. frontis., 126 pp.
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Exposure of American CorruptionSigned Decorated Binding
Phillips, David Graham.  The plum tree. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, (1905). 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.625"). 389, [3] pp.; illus.
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Pimentel, Francisco.  Historia critica de la literatura y de las ciencias en Mexico. Mexico: Libreria de la Enseñanza, 1883. 8vo. 736 pp.

PhiladelphiaPoets, Playwrights, & Publishers BEWARE
Pindar, Jr., Peter [pseud. of Nathaniel Chapman Freeman].   Parnassus in Philadelphia.  A satire by Peter Pindar, Jr. Philadelphia: [Privately Printed], 1854. 12mo. 58 pp.
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Pindaric” Satire . . .
Pindar, Peter [pseud. of Wolcot, John].  Peter's pension. A solemn epistle to a sublime personage.... Second edition. London: Pr. for G. Kearsley, 1788. 4to (26.8 cm, 10.5"). [4], 47, [1 (adv.)] pp.
For ENGLISH POLITICS,  click here.

Bodoni Poesie
Pindemonte, Ippolito.  Poesie. Parma: Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1800. 8vo (15.7 cm, 6.18"). 2 vols. in 1. [2], 94, [4], 142, [4] pp.
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LEC Plato:  Love, Friendship, & Hiccups”
Plato.  Dialogues on love and friendship. New York: Printed at the Press of A. Colish for the members of The Limited Editions Club, 1968. Folio (28 cm, 11"). xiv, [3], 208, [2] pp.; illus.
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AnImaginary & Inward Voyage from E.A.P.
Poe, Edgar Allan. The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Portland, ME: Pr. by the Southworth Press for the Limited Editions Club, 1930. 4to (28.5 cm, 11.25"). 267, [1] pp., [1 (ad] f.
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Poe in French withDulac Illustrations & Designs
Poe, Edgar Allan; J. Serruys, trans.; & Edmund Dulac, illus.   Les cloches et quelques autres poèmes. Paris: L'Édition d'Art H. Piazza, [1913]. 4to (30 cm, 12"). 96 pp.; 28 col. plts., illus.
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He’s Back!Occasional Poetry “del pueblo
 An Ephemerum of 1814
(Poetry, Spanish).   [drop-title] La pia del pueblo español. Cancion patriotica en celebridad de la venida de nuestro amado rey el señor don Fernando el VII. [at end: Madrid: Impr. de Alvarez, 1814]. Small 4to. [3] pp. on [2] ff.

A Landmark of 15th-Century Poetry,
from a
Landmark Press
Poliziano, Angelo.  Le stanze di messer Angelo Poliziano di nuovo pubblicate. Parma: Nel Regal Palazzo Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1792. Large 4to (30.8 cm, 12.12"). [4], xv, [1], 60 pp.
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ALoving & Respectful Production
Pollok, Robert. The course of time; a poem, in ten books...with a memoir of the author; an analysis of each book; divisions of the subjects embraced in the poem; and a comprehensive index. The whole prepared expressly for this edition, by W.C. Armstrong. Hartford: Silas Andrus & Son, 1846. Large 12mo. xii, 13–322 pp.
quite a lot more English Literature in
pleasant form — click here.

Singing the Praises of the Immortal Jenner: Vaccination Verse
Ponta, Gioachino.  Il trionfo della vaccinia: Poema. Parma: Co' Tipi Bodoniani, 1810. 8vo (21.8 cm, 8.58"). [12], 302 pp.
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Justly Styled the Best Satire Extant”Illustrated
Pope, Alexander.  The rape of the lock, an heroi-comical poem. London: Pr. by T. Bensley for F.J. du Roveray et al., 1798. 8vo (24.1 cm, 9.5"). Frontis., xxix, [1], 79, [1] pp.; 5 plts.
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Limited Edition500 CopiesArt-Deco Illustrations
Prévost, l'Abbé.  Manon Lescaut. London: Geoffrey Bles, 1928. Sm. folio (32.3 cm, 12.75"). [8], ix, [1], 141, [3] pp.; 12 col. plts.
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THACKERAY Admired These Most Charmingly Humorous
of English Lyrical Poems”

   Some Fellow-ADMIRER Had
THIS Set Bound
Prior, Matthew.  The poetical works...: Now first collected, with explanatory notes, and memoirs of the author, in two volumes. London: Pr. for W. Strahan, T. Payne, J. Rivington, et al., 1779. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). I: xvi, xxviii, 420 pp.; 1 plt. II: [2] ff., xvi, 287, [1 (errata)] pp.
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               BINDINGS,  click here .

Introduction by Dickens — Illustrations by Tenniel, Millais, Palmer, et al.
Procter, Adelaide Anne.  Legends and lyrics. London: Bell & Daldy, 1866. 8vo (22.9 cm; 9"). Frontis., [10] ff., 329, [1] pp., 20 plts.; lacks dedication leaf.
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Adelaide Introduced by Charles
Procter, Adelaide A.  The poems of Adelaide A. Procter. Complete edition. With an introduction by Charles Dickens. New York: Worthington Co., 1887. 8vo. Frontis., 442 pp.; 1 plt.
For more of WOMEN's interest,  click here.

“A Faint Heart Never Won a Fair Lady”
Proverbs of Little Solomon. Containing entertaining stories...  Edinburgh: Published by Oliver & Boyd, Netherbow, [1808–09]. 48mo (10.3 cm, 4"). [32] pp. (including wrappers); illus.
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Early Christian PoetBodoni Printing
Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius.  Aurelii prudentii Clementis V.C. Opera omnia nunc primum cum codd. Vaticanis collata praefatione, variantibus lectionibus, notis, ac rerum verborumque indice locupletissimo aucta et illustrata. Parmae: Ex Regio typographeo, 1788. 4to (31.5 cm, 12.5"). 2 vols. I: [12], 71, [1], 302, [2], [303]–61, [3] pp. II: [4], 215, [1], 219–84, [2] pp. (text complete despite pagination).
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