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Armstrong Binding Popular Illustrator The HORSES Get the Last Word
MacGrath, Harold.  The man on the box. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Co., (1904). 8vo (19.2 cm, 7.55"). Frontis., [12], 361, [1] pp.; 6 plts.
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Illustrated Theatre Edition
Maclaren, Ian (John Watson).  Beside the bonnie brier bush. New York: R.F. Fenno & Co., 1905. 8vo. Frontis., 258 pp.; 5 plts.
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PLAYS Elegantly Produced for TheirFirst Print Appearance
Maffei, Francesco Scipione.  Teatro del Sig. Marchese Scipione Maffei cioè la tragedia la comedia e il drama non più stampato.... Verona: Gio. Alberto Tumermani, 1730. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). xli, [3], 281, [1] pp.; 1 fold. plt., illus.
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I Shall Intersperse the Dry Narration of the Chronicles
with Such Specimens of Fabulous Tradition
as the Poetical Antiquary Will Not Disdain to Recognize”
Malkin, Benjamin Heath.  The scenery, antiquities, and biography, of South Wales, from materials collected during two excursions in the year 1803. London: Pr. for T.N. Longman & O. Rees by T. Bensley, 1804. 4to (27 cm, 10.65"). Frontis., [2], vii, [1], 634 pp.; fold. map., 12 plts.
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Al-fred Was a Kind Heart-ed Boy: He Ne-ver
Play-ed With Naugh-ty Chil-dren”
Mamma's gift, or pretty tales and pretty pictures for good children... Embellished with coloured engravings. London: Published by D. Carvalho, [ca. 1833–35?]. 12mo (17.5 cm, 7"). [8] ff.; illus.
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Marmontel's Political-Philosophical Novel withGravelot's Illustrations
Marmontel, Jean François.  Bélisaire. Paris: Chez Merlin, 1767. 8vo (19.9 cm, 7.8"). [4], x, 340, [6] pp.; 4 plts.
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Early New World Treatise on the Zodiac
  from a Modern Fine Hand Press
Martínez, Enrico.  Los signos del zodiaco: Trece grabados de Artemio Rodríguez y uno, del mismo autor. [Tacámbaro de Codallos, Mexico]: Taller Martín Pescador, 2019. Small 4to (25.5 cm, 10"). 40 pp.
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An Unlikely Love Story in a Decorated Cloth Binding
McCutcheon, George Barr; Harrison Fisher, illus., & Charles Buckles Falls, illus.  The purple parasol. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co., 1905. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). Frontis., 108 pp.; 4 col. plts.
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37 Examples ofCurwen Papers, Plus Notes & History
McKitterick, David; Paul Nash.  A new specimen book of Curwen pattern papers. Andoversford, Gloucestershire: Whittington Press, 1987. 8vo (27.5 cm, 10.8"). xii, 105, [3] pp.; 4 double-sided plts. (some col.), 32 color-printed samples. Portfolio: 5 fold. ff.
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Standard & Ground (or Wave?)-Breaking
Medina, Pedro de.  Arte del navigare. Venetia: Appresso Tomaso Baglioni, 1609. 4to (20.5 cm, 8"). A4 b4 2A8 B–Q8 R10; [7], [1 (blank)], 137, [1 (blank)] ff.; illus.
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Predicting an Enlightened Future: Pre-Revolutionary French Science Fiction
Mercier, Louis-Sébastien.  L'an deux mille quatre cent quarante. Rêve s'il fút jamais; suivi de L'homme de fer, songe. Nouvelle édition avec figures. [Amsterdam: Changuion?], 1787. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). [4], 251, [5], 240, [6], 203, [3] pp.; 3 plts.
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“An Interpretation of the Spirit of an Institution through 100 Years
of Service to State & Nation”
Metcalf, John Calvin, et al.  The centennial of the University of Virginia 1819–1921. The proceedings of the centenary celebration, May 31 to June 3, 1921. New York & London: G.P. Putnam's Sons (The Knickerbocker Press), 1922. 8vo (27.3 cm, 10.75"). Frontis., xi, [1], 235, [1] pp.; 22 plts.
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Too Much Was NOT EnoughTHIS Copy with Quasi-Relics of St. Macarius
Meyer, Jean.  Description du jubilé de sept cens ans de S. Macaire, patron particulier contre la peste, qui sera célébré dans la ville de Gand ... a commencer le 30. de mai jusqu'au 15. juin 1767, avec le détail ultérieur des cérémonies, solemnités, cavalcade, ornemens, & des feux d'artifice ... Gand: Chez Jean Meyer, imprimeur de la ville, 1767. 4to (26.5 cm, 10.5"). [4] ff., xii, 84 pp.; 15 plts. (some fold.), illus.
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Correspondence with American libraries owning copies of the book confirms that the broadside and the vellum image were added post-printing and are not found in other copies.

Michener onJapanese Woodblocks
Michener, James A.  Japanese prints from the early masters to the modern. Rutland, VT & Tokyo, Japan: Charles E. Tuttle Co., (copyright 1959). Folio (31.7 cm, 12.5"). 287, [1] pp.; plts., 6 fold.

The 99-Copy Blue Oasis First Edition — Signed by Miller
Miller, Henry.  Order and chaos Chez Hans Reichel. Tucson, AZ: Loujon Press, 1966. 4to (25.2 cm, 9.95"). 101, [1] pp.; illus.
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Before There Were Crock-Pots
Mitchell, Margaret J.  The fireless cook book. A manual of the construction and use of appliances for cooking by retained heat. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1920. 8vo. xii, 315, [1] pp.; illus.
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ILLUSTRATED!Swedish Antiquities
Montelius, Oscar.  Antiquités suédoises, arrangées et décrites .... Stockholm: P.A. Norstedt & Söner, 1873–75. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo (25.1 cm, 9.9"). [6], 80, [12], 182, [16] pp.; illus.

He Did Not Use His Apprentices Ill, Because He Knew
He Had Himself a Master in Heaven”
More, Hannah.  The history of the two shoemakers. Philadelphia: Pr. by Jacob Meyer for Johnson & Warner, 1811. 24mo (14.6 cm, 5.75"). 107, [1] pp.; illus.
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Epic French LegendsInscribed by the AuthorPrinted by Firmin Didot
Morice, Emile; Joseph Adolphe Ferdinand Langlé.  L’historial du jongleur. Chroniques et légendes françaises. Paris: A la Librairie de Firmin Didot, 1829. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). [8], cxxxvii (i.e., ccxxxvii), [3], 64 pp.; illus.
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Words are Meant to be Clothed, Not Buried”
Morris, Henry.  11 items from the Bird & Bull Press. Newton, PA: Bird & Bull Press, [1978–98]. 11 items, varying sizes; illus.
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Guilford & Green May BeStrange Bedfellows
Morris, Henry.  Guilford & Green. [North Hills, PA: Bird & Bull Press, 1970]. 8vo (24.5 cm; 9.625"). [1] f., 88 pp., [2] ff. (two leaves not counted in pagination), 4 facsims. tipped-in (part fold.), illus, port.
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Daffy-Down-Dilly, Mary & Her Lamb, &c.
[Mother Goose].  Queen of hearts and other rhymes. New York: Samuel Gabriel Sons & Co., [ca. 1910]. 4to (21 cm, 8.25"). [12 (incl. wrappers)] pp.; col. illus.
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True Beauty Lies Within
[Murray, Hannah, & Mary Murray].  The American toilet. New York City: Imbert's Lithographic Office, 1827. Square 12mo (11.7 cm, 4.625"). 20 ff.
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Greek Galore from theGiunta Press
Musaeus, Grammaticus, Homerus, & others.  [first seven lines in Greek, then in Latin] Musaei opusculum de Herone & Leandro. Orphei argonautica. Eiusdem hymni. Orpheus de lapidibus. Sententiae ex uarijs poetis. Homeri batrachomyomachia. [colophon: Florentiae: per haeredes Philippi Iuntae, 1519]. 8vo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). 104 ff.; illus.
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