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A Game with Forfeits, a Dictator, & Mirth
(Illustrated Rhyming Game).  The gaping, wide-mouthed, waddling frog: A new and entertaining game of questions and commands with proper directions for playing the game and crying forfeits: Embellished with thirteen coloured engravings. [London]: Republished by Field & Tuer, 1887. Small 8vo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). [4], iv, [7]-29, [2] pp., [4 (ads)] ff.; [1] plt., col. illus.
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Beauties ofthe Thames Illustrated
Ireland, Samuel.  Picturesque views on the river Thames, from its source in Glocestershire to the Nore; with observations on the public buildings and other works of art in its vicinity. London: T. & J. Egerton, 1792. 4to (25 cm, 9.8"). 2 vols. I: Add. engr. t.-p., xvi, 209, [3] pp.; 1 map, 27 plts., illus. II: Add. engr. t.-p., viii (incl. t.-p.), 258, [4] pp.; 1 map, 25 plts., illus.
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WithHoward Pyle's Illustrations; Without Some Other Bits
Irving, Washington.  A history of New-York from the beginning of the world to the end of the Dutch dynasty; containing, among many surprising and curious matters, the unutterable ponderings of Walter the Doubter, the disastrous projects of William the Testy, and the chivalric achievements of Peter the Headstrong — the three Dutch governors of New Amsterdam; being the only authentic history of times that ever hath been or ever will be published. New York: Printed for the Grolier Club, 1886. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.125"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., [4 (of 6)] ff., 312 pp., 1 plate; lacks the two prelim. states of the frontis., the half-title, and the colophon leaves. II: [6], 275, [5] pp., [4] leaves of plates l lacks the two prelim. states of the frontis.
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EVERYTHING You Need to Know about the Nobility, &Other Tuscan Matters
[Italian Almanac].  Almanacco Toscano 1846. Firenze: Stamperia Granducale, [1846]. 12mo (14.6 cm, 5.75"). Engr. t.-p., 689, [1] pp.; 6 plts.
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LEC: A Southern Californian Landmark
Jackson, Helen Hunt.  Ramona. Los Angeles: Printed for the members of The Limited Editions Club at The Plantin Press, 1959. 8vo. xiv, [6], 428, [2] pp.; illus.
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A QUITELuxurious & Useful Production
Jacquemart, Albert.  Histoire de la céramique. Paris: Librairie Hachette, 1873. 4to (26.5 cm, 10.43"). [2] ff., 750, [2] pp. 12 pls.
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Persian/Tajik Allegorical PoetryNotes & Handsome Illustration
Jami.   (Edward FitzGerald, trans.).  Salaman and Absa. [An allegory]. Leigh-on-Sea, England: F. Lewis, ltd., (1946). Small 4to (25.5 cm; 10"). 64 pp., color illus.
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Up the THAMES in a Rowboat
Jerome, Jerome K.  Three men in a boatto say nothing of the dog!  Ipswich: Pr. by W.S. Cowell Ltd. for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1975. Oblong 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.3"). xv, [1], 174, [2] pp.; 12 col. plts., 2 double-p. col. plts.

Signed Binding on aReward Volume from a Teacher
Johnny and Maggie, and other stories.  Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Co., [1852–60?]. 16mo (15.3 cm; 6"). 48, 14 pp. (publisher's catalogue).
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Model Moral LIVES” forLittle Masters & Misses”
[Johnson, Richard].  The juvenile biographer; containing the lives of little masters and misses, including a variety of good and bad characters. Worcester: Printed by Isaiah Thomas, & sold at his book store, sold also by E. Battelle, Boston, 1787. 16mo (9.5 cm, 3.75"). Frontis.[ii], t-p.[iii], [iv], v–viii, [9], 10–119, [120 (blank)], [121–24 (adv.)], [2 (blank)] pp. (lacks initial blank f.); illus.
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Grouse Shooting, Percussion Powder, Pointers
Johnson, Thomas Burgeland; Charles Towne, illus.  The shooter's companion. London: Printed by Johnson for Edwards & Knibb and W. Grapel, 1819. 12mo (19.6 cm, 7.75"). XII, [1], 14–156 pp.; 3 plts.
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A Comic RompAn Oxford, Meynell LEC Production
Jonson, Ben.  Volpone, or the fox. Oxford: Printed for the members of The Limited Editions Club at the University Press, 1952. Folio. (30 cm, 11.75"). [4], v–xxv, [3], 163, [2] pp.; 17 plts.
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Antiquities of the JewsIllustrated
Josephus, Flavius.  The works of Flavius Josephus. Containing, I. The life of Josephus, as written by himself. II. The antiquities of the Jewish people; with a defense of those antiquities, in answer to Apion. III. The history of the martyrdom of the Maccabees; and the wars of the Jews with the neighbouring nations till the final destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman power. IV. Account of Philo's ambassy from the Jews of Alexandria, to the Emperor Caius Caligula. London: Pr. for Fielding & Walker by Henri Lion, 1777–78. 4to (27.2 cm, 10.75"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., 719, [1] pp. (lacking list of subscribers); 44 (1 fold.) plts., 7 maps (1 fold.). II: Frontis., [2], 644, [28 (index)] pp.; 16 (of 17) plts.
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There Will Always be Music, Art, & Church Bells . . .
There Will Always be a Memorable Meal
. . .
in San Francisco
Junior League of Pasadena.  The California heritage cookbook. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., © 1976. 8vo (26.6 cm, 10.5"). [8], 424 pp.; illus.
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FromNew England to the NILE
[Justel, Henri, ed.].  Recueil de divers voyages faits en Afrique et en l’Amerique, qui n’ont point esté encore publiez.... Paris: Louis Billaine, 1674. 4to (23.7 cm, 9.4"). á4ã4A–Z4Aa–Hh4 Ii2Kk4Ll21§–4§45§2 **A–**C4 a2b–g4 *A–*K4L2; [8] ff., 262, 35, [1 (blank)] 23, [1 (blank)], 49, [1 (blank)] pp., [1] f., 81, [1 (blank)] pp., 3 fold. plans, 4 maps (3 fold.), 9 plts.
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Good Works Greek & Latin A Very Large & Handsome Folio
Justin, Martyr, Saint.  [in Greek, transliterated as] Tou en Hagiois Patros Hemon Ioustinou philosophou kai Martyros Ta heuriskomena panta, [then in roman] S.P.N. Justini philosophi et martyris opera quæ exstant [sic] omnia. Paris: Sumptibus Carolii Osmont, 1742. Large folio (42.6 cm, 16.75"). [3] ff., cxxviii, 657 [i.e., 653], [1] pp.
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Grynaeus's Edition Three Maps
Justinus, Marcus Junianus; & Pompeius Trogus.  Justini ex Trogo Pompeio historia diligentissime nunc quidem supra omnes omnium hactenus aeditiones recognita, et ab innumeris mendis - vetusti exemplaris beneficio purgata. Huic accessit commentariolus. Basilae: apud Michaelem Isingrinium, 1539. Small 4to. [16] ff., 319, [1 (blank)] pp.
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With Four Hand-Colored Engraved Plates
The juvenile Plutarch:  Comtaining [sic] accounts of the lives of children and of the infancy of illustrious men, who have been remarkable for their early progress in knowledge. London: R. Phillips; sold by B. Tabart, at the Juvenile Library; T. Gillet, Printer, 1801. 24mo (14 cm, 5.5"). [iv], 212 pp.; 4 plts.
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“A Remarkable Piece of Apparatus . . . ”
Kafka, Franz.  In the penal colony. South Portland, ME: The Limited Editions Club, 1987. 8vo (26.5 cm, 10.5"). 53, [5] pp.; illus.
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In Search of A Brave & Sad Account
Kane, Elisha Kent.  Arctic explorations: The second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ’54, ’55. Philadelphia: Childs & Peterson, 1856. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., add. engr. t.-p., 464 pp.; 1 fold. map. , 11 plts., illus. II: Frontis., add. engr. t.p., 467, [1] pp.; 1 fold. map, 1 map, 7 plts.
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For the Amateur Botanist
Keeler, Harriet L.  Our native trees and how to identify them: A popular study of their habits and their peculiarities. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1917. 8vo (19.9 cm, 7.875"). xxiii, 533, [5 (4 adv.)] pp.; illus.
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A Gift Book forWomen ofElevated Character”
Keese, John, ed.  The opal: A pure gift for the holy days. New York: J.C. Riker, [1846]. 8vo (20.4 cm, 8"). 304 pp.; 8 engr. plts., without the added engr. title-page.
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A Tribute to One of theGreat 19th-Century Bookpeople
With Original Leaves
Kelly, Jerry, comp.  A checklist of books published by William Pickering 1820–1853. Pomona, NY: The Kelly-Winterton Press, 2004. 8vo (21.8 cm, 8.6"). x, 56, [3] pp.; 56 plts.
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LEC: Kingsley's Mythic British Adventure
Kingsley, Charles.  Westward ho! Or: the voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, knight, of Burrough in the county of Devon, in the reign of her most glorious majesty Queen Elizabeth. New York: The Limited Editions Club, 1947. Folio (27.3 cm, 10.75"). 2 vols. I: xiii, [5], 292 pp.; 5 plts. II: [8], 293–576, [2] pp.; 5 plts.
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Featuring Kate Greenaway's First Book Illustration
Kingston, William H.G., & Kate Greenaway, illus.  Infant amusements; or, how to make a nursery happy. With practical hints to parents and nurses on the moral and physical training of children. London: Griffith and Farran, 1867. 12mo (18.7 cm, 7.375"). Frontis, xviii, 183, [1], 32 (adv.) pp.; illus.
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Janus Press EditionSigned by Poet & Photographer
Kinnell, Galway.  The Seekonk woods. Concord, NH: Pr. at the Janus Press for William B. Ewert, 1985. 8vo (26.7 cm, 10.5"). [12] pp.; 3 plts.
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Anti-Lamarckian Natural Theology Illustrated
Kirby, William.  On the power, wisdom and goodness of God, as manifested in the creation of animals, and in their history, habits and instincts. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1836. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.8"). lxxii, 519, [1], [4 (adv.)] pp.; 20 plts.
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EducatingGerman-American Boys & Girls in 1809
Kleine Erzählungen über ein Buch mit Kupfern: oder Leicht Geschichte für Kinder. Philadelphia: Gedruckt [beyJacob Meyer] für Johnson und Warner, 1809. 24mo (14 cm; 5.5"). [22] ff., illus.
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FromRomulus Augustulus to Louis Philippe
Koch, Christopher William.  History of the revolutions in Europe.... Middletown [Ct.]: Edwin Hunt, 1833. 2 vols. in 1. 12mo (19.5 cm, 7.625"). I: 280 (i.e., 276) pp.; 4 plts. II: 393, [1 (blank)] pp., [1 (blank)] f.; 8 plts.

Commedia Dell'Arte & Other Expressive Figures
Kredel, Fritz.  Dolls and puppets of the eighteenth century as delineated in twenty four drawings. Lexington, KY: The Gravesend Press, 1958. 12mo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). [20] pp.; 24 plts.
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Janus Press Livre d'Artiste Leporello
Kronfeld, Susan.  Spaghettiana. West Burke, VT: The Janus Press, 1976. 8vo (26 cm, 10.2"). [1] f.
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