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Part of the TreatyFreed a Few Slaves
Madison, James (President, 1809–17).  Message from the President of the United States, transmitting documents relative to the execution of the first article of the Late Treaty between the United States and Great Britain. February 7, 1817. Ordered to be printed for the use of the Senate. Washington: Pr. by William A. Davis, 1817. 8vo. 103 pp.
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With aSeal Meant for Reuse
Mifflin, Samuel.  Document signed on parchment, in English. “Exemplification of a common recovery with double vouchers of the messuage & plantation in Blockley late the estate of Morton Garrett.” Philadelphia, 1776. Folio (51.5 cm, 20.5"). [1] p.
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Guilford & Green May BeStrange Bedfellows
Morris, Henry.  Guilford & Green. [North Hills, PA: Bird & Bull Press, 1970]. 8vo (24.5 cm; 9.625"). [1] f., 88 pp., [2] ff. (two leaves not counted in pagination), 4 facsims. tipped-in (part fold.), illus, port.
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Court of Chancery Reports forDublin
Moseley, William.  Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery, during the time of the late Lord Chancellor King. Dublin: Pr. by Oli. Nelson for the administratrix of the author, 1744. Folio (32.2 cm, 12.7"). [10], 442 pp.
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Chicanery & Deception
Myers, Robin, & M. Harris.  Fakes and frauds: Varieties of deception in print and manuscript. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2006. 12mo. xi, [1], 144 pp.
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Saving the Souls of the Rich viaCHARITY
Nelson, Robert.  An address to persons of quality and estate ... To which is added, an appendix of some original and valuable papers. [with another related title, as below]. London: A. & G. Way, prs., 1715. 8vo (21.9 cm, 8.6"). Frontis., xxxi, [1], 267, [1], 55, [7] pp. [with] A poem in memory of Robert Nelson Esquire. London: Pr. by Geo. James for Richard Smith, at Bishop Beveridge’s-Head, 1715. 8vo. 21, [3] pp.
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Experiments in Printing Subtlety from thePerishable Press
Oppen, George.  Alpine. Mt. Horeb, WI: Perishable Press, 1969. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.7"). [16] pp.; illus.
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Recusant Choler &Taking Edward Coke to Task
[Parsons, Robert].  A quiet and sober reckoning with M. Thomas Morton somewhat set in choler by his aduersary P.R. concerning certaine imputations of wilfull falsities obiected to the said T.M. in a treatise of P.R. intituled Of Mitigation. [St. Omer: English College Press], 1609. 4to (17.8 cm; 7"). [20] ff., 688 pp., [8] ff.
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WhichOLD LAWS to Keep?
Pennsylvania.  Supreme Court.  Report of the judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, of the English statutes which are in force in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and of those of the said statutes which, in their opinion, ought to be incorporated into the statute law of the said commonwealth. Lancaster: Wm. Dickson, 1809. 8vo (23.1 cm, 9.1"). 28 pp.
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The Father of The Father of American Surgery”
Nails Down a Land Deal
Physick, Edmund.  Manuscript Document Signed. Philadelphia: 15 September 1773. Oblong 12mo (3" x 7.75). 1 p.
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“The Transactions ofthe Most Finished & Notorious Cheat
That Ever Disgraced Human Nature” — NOT a Piracy
(Price, Charles).  A new edition. Being a more minute and particular account of that consummate adept in deception, Charles Price, otherwise Patch, many years a stock-broker and lottery-office-keeper in London and Westminster. London: Printed for the editor ... sold by G. Kearsley, 1786. 12mo in 4s (18.1 cm, 7.125"). 48 pp.; 1 folding plt.
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From aSuccessful & Insightful Indian Civil Servant
Prinsep, Henry Thoby.  The India question in 1853. London: William H. Allen & Co., 1853. 8vo (19.6 cm, 7.75"). [2], 111, [1 (blank)] pp.
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ITALY Learns about theAmerican Continental Congress & Revolutionary Politics
Raynal, Guillaume homas François.  Storia dell'America settentrionale. Venezia: dalle stampe di Antonio Zatta, 1778. 8vo (19 cm; 7.5"). 2 vols. in 1, of 3. I: iii, 288 pp. II: [2] f., 294 [i.e., 298] pp.
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Letters of an American Pareño's Copy
[Rocafuerte, Vicente].  Cartas de un americano sobre las ventajas de los gobiernos republicanos federativos. Londres: Imprenta Española de M. Calero, 1826. 8vo. (23.5 cm; 9.25"). [3] ff., ii, 212 pp.
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Legalese Has Always BeenJoke-Worthy
Ruggle, George.  Ignoramus. Comoedia coram rege Iacobo et totius angliae magnatibus per academicos Cantabrigienses habita. Editio quarta, locis sexcentis emendatior. London: Ex officina I[ohn] R[edmayne], 1659. 12mo (13 cm, 5.1"). Frontis., [22], 153, [1] pp.
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The Trent Affair
Rush, Benjamin.  Letter on the rebellion, to a citizen of Washington from a citizen of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: John Campbell, 1862. 8vo. 23, [1 (blank)] pp.
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In FOLIO: “[A] bare Narrative of matter ofFACT, digested in order of time
Rushworth, John, comp.  Historical collections of private passages of state, weighty matters in law, remarkable proceedings in five parliaments. Beginning the sixteenth year of King James, anno 1618. and ending ... [with the death of King Charles the First, 1648] ... London: Pr. by Tho. Newcomb for George Thomason, 1659–1701. Folio (31.5 cm; 12.5"). 5 parts in 8 vols. I: Frontis. port., [15] ff., 691, [1 (blank)], 57, [1 (blank)] pp. II: Frontis. port., [5] ff., pp. 1–617, [1 (blank)] p., pp. 717–884 pp., 1 plt. (port., Duke of Hamilton). III: pp. 885–1060, 1085–1196, 1199–1388; appendix pp. 1–315, [1 (blank)] pp.; 1 plt. (port., Earl of Strafforde). IV: Frontis. port., [3] ff., 184 pp., fols. 185–92, pp. 193–400, [16] ff., pp. 385–552, fols. 553–64, pp. 565–788, [6] ff. V: [1] f., 208 pp., pp. 259–410, 459–770, 777–99, 791–975, 974–88, [6] ff. VI: Frontis., [1] f., xvi, 148 pp., pp. 177–352, 361–656, [4] ff.; fold. plt. VIII: Title-leaf, pp. 731–890 (837, 838 repeated), 913–1056, 1059–74, 1097–1431; [1] p., [9 (index)] ff. VIII: Frontis., title-leaf, [4] ff., pp. 1–76, 101–252, 401–786, .
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“The Grisly Form ofStar-Chamber Tyranny Stared Me in the Face
Russell, William.  Letters of William Russell, on the doctrineofconstructive contempt. With a true copy of the original affidavit, upon which the sheriff of the county of Dublin was attached, and an accurate report of the judgment of the King's Bench in that case. Dublin: [s.n.], 1786. 8vo (20.4 cm, 8"). [iii]–xl, 155, [1] pp. (lacking half-title).
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A Recusant's Account of Religion in Englandfrom Henry VIII to Elizabeth I
Sanders, Nicholas (a.k.a., Sander, Saunder, Saunders).   Nicolai Sanderi ... De origine ac progressu schismatis Anglicani, libri tres: quibus historia continetur maxime ecclesiastica, annorum circiter sexaginta ... Romae: Typis Bartholomaei Bonfadini, 1586. 8vo. [4] ff., 500 pp., [18] ff.
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A First Purchaser” Sells aPart of Her Plot in Philadelphia
Shorter, Elizabeth.  Document Signed (with her mark), on paper.  [Philadelphia]: 12 October 1686. Small 4to (19.5 x 18.5 cm, 7.7 x 7.28"), 4 pp., with integral address leaf, 2 pp. blank.
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TheLovat Vassals Protest
(Simon “The Fox” Fraser). Lovat (Scotland). Tenants. Broadside. Begins: “Petition for the Laird of Kilravock and others the vassals of Lovat....”[Edinburgh, ca. 1702]. Folio. [1] p.

On Pointed Spears They Lift Him High in the Air”
Somerville (a.k.a. Somervile), William.  The chace. A poem. London: Printed for G. Hawkins, & sold by T. Cooper, 1735. Small 8vo (20.5 cm; 8"). [10] ff., 131 pp.
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Spain Aims for“the REVERSE of What England Attempts”
Spain.   Sovereigns, etc., 1700–1746 (Philip V).  Cotejo de la conducta de S. M. con la de el Rey britanico, assi en lo acaecido antes de la convencion de 14. de enero de este anno de 1739. como en lo obrado despues, hasta la publicacion de represalias, y declaracion de guerra .... His Catholick Majesty's conduct compared with that of His Britannick Majesty, as well with regard, to what happened before the convention of the 14th of January of this year 1739, as to what has been done since; untill [sic] the publication of reprisals and declaration of war. Printed by authority at Madrid by Antonio Marin. London: Printed for T. Cooper ... R. Amey ... and A. Dodd, [1739]. 8vo (19.9 cm, 7.75"). 63, [1] pp.
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Noted Christian Nativist Fans the Flames
Sparry, C.  The illustrated Christian martyrology; being an authentic and genuine historical account of the principal persecutions against the church of Christ, in different parts of the world by pagans and papists. Philadelphia: Leary & Getz, 1854. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.5"). Color frontis., 254 pp., [16] ff. (of publisher's ads), 23 color plts.
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Putting DOWN theREVOLUTION in Connecticut
Steadfast, Jonathan [pseud. of David Daggett].  Count the cost. An address to the people of Connecticut, on sundry political subjects, and particularly on the proposition for a new constitution. Hartford: Hudson & Goodwin, 1804. 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.25"). 21, ii, [1] pp.
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Dedicated to Patrons ofPure,
     Perfect, & Unpolluted Liberty
Stiles, Ezra.  A history of three of the judges of King Charles I. Major-General Whalley, Major-General Goffe, and Colonel Dixwell: Who, at the Restoration, 1660, fled to America; and were secreted and concealed, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, for near thirty years. With an account of Mr. Theophilus Whale, of Narragansett, supposed to have been also one of the judges. Hartford: Elisha Babcock, 1794. 12mo. 357, [5 (4 blank)], 357, [4 (3 blank)] pp.; 8 plts. (3 fold.); lacks the frontis. port.
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Was Uncle Tom's Cabin“A Fair Delineation of Slavery”?
Stowe, Harriet Beecher.  A key to Uncle Tom's Cabinpresenting the original facts and documents upon which the story is founded. Together with corroborative statements verifying the truth of the work. London: Thomas Bosworth; Clarke, Beeton, & Co., 1853. 8vo (17.9 cm, 7.1"). viii, 595, [1], 4 (adv). pp.
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History of English Law byOne of the Great Irish Barristers
Sullivan, Francis Stoughton.  An historical treatise on the feudal law, and the constitution and laws of England; with a commentary on Magna Charta, and necessary illustrations of many of the English statues, in a course of lectures, read in the University of Dublin. Dublin: Thomas Ewing, 1772. 8vo (20.8 cm, 8.2"). xvi, 448 pp.
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Vermont Law from 1824 to 1834
Thompson, Daniel Pierce, comp.  The laws of Vermont, of a public and permanent nature, coming down to, and including the year 1834. Montpelier: Knapp & Jewett, 1835. 8vo (24.3 cm, 9.6"). 228 pp.
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“With Sorrow Did Jane Go, To Her Uncheering Home”
The tragi-comic history of the burial of Cock Robin; with the lamentation of Jenny Wren; the Sparrow's apprehension; and the Cuckoo's punishment.... Philadelphia: Benjamin Johnson (J. Probasco, pr.), 1821. Square 12mo. 16 pp., 8 plts.
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BEGGING for Commercial Law Reform
Tribunals of commerce.  A letter to the bankers of London, reviewing the origin and progress of the movement in favour of tribunals of commerce.... London: Effingham Wilson, 1854. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). 47, [1 (blank)] pp.

The First Anglo-Dutch War, New Amsterdam, Prisoner Exchanges, & Much More
United Provinces of the Netherlands.  Verbael gehouden door de Heeren H. van Beverningk, W. Nieupoort, J. van de Perre, en A.P. Jongestal, als gedeputeerden ... van de heeren Staeten generael der Vereenigde Nederlanden, aen de republyck van Engelandt. Gravenhage: By Hendrick Scheurleer, 1725. 4to (25.5 cm; 10"). xx, 416, 415–518, 517–716 pp.
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The American Flag Sole Edition
United States. Congress. House.  Report of the select committee appointed on the 12th ult. to inquire into the expediency of altering the flag of the United States. January 2, 1817, read, and ordered to be printed. [Washington]: no publisher/printer, [1817]. 12mo. 3 pp.
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Abolishing “Traffick” Proposing “Colinization”
United States.  Congress.  [drop-title] Joint resolution for abolishing the traffick in slaves, and colinization [sic] of the free people of colour of the United States. February 11, 1817. Read, and committed to a committee of the whole House on Monday next. [Washington: William A. Davis, 1817]. 8vo. 2 pp.

The Louisiana Purchase PLUS
United States.   Dept. of State.  Message from the President of the United States, transmitting the correspondence between the United States and the government of Spain, relative to the subjects of controversy between the two nations. Washington: William A. Davis, 1817. 8vo. 77 pp.
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Mutiny at Buena Vista?
United States.  President. 1845-1849.  Message from the President...relative to an alleged mutiny at Buena Vista.... U.S. 30th Congress, 1st session, 1848. Sen. Exec. Doc. No. 62. [Washington: 1848]. 8vo. 214 pp.
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TheO'Gallala Trade Warfare for Farming?
United States. Treaties, etc. 1865–1869 Johnson.  Treaty between the United States of America and the O'Gallala band of Dakota or Sioux Indians. Concluded October 28, 1865. Ratification advised, with amendment, March 5, 1866. Proclaimed March 17, 1866. [Washington: publisher not identified, 1866]. Folio (29.6 cm; 11.625"). 6, [2] pp.
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“A Treaty Was Made & Concluded at Fort Sully”
United States.  Treaties, etc. 1865–1869 Johnson.  Treaty between the United States of America andthe Sans Arcs band of Dakota or Sioux Indians. Concluded October 20, 1865. Ratification advised, with amendment March 5, 1866. Proclaimed March 17, 1866. [Washington: publisher not identified, 1866]. Folio (31.4 cm; 12.375"). 6, [2] pp.
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Reading Up onPrinting-Related Patents
United States Patent Office.  [binding title] “Patents on copper printing rolls.” [Washington]: 1876–1904. 8vo (28.8 cm, 11.35"). [68] pp.; 36 plts.
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Laws of Oxford
University of Oxford.  Parecbolae sive excerpta è corpore statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis. Accedunt articuli religionis XXXIX. in Ecclesia Anglicana recepti: nec non juramenta fidelitatis & suprematus. Oxoniae: E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1729. 8vo in 4s (15.9 cm, 6.25"). [24], 232 (lacking pp. 227–30) pp.
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Search & Seizure
Van Buren, Martin (President, 1837–41).   [drop-title] Search or seizure of American vessels on coast of Africa, &c. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a report from the Secretary of State, in relation to seizures or search of American vessels, &c. March 3, 1841. Read, and laid upon the table. [Washington, 1841]. 8vo. 766 pp.
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Wise, WARM Advice to aYoung Philadelphia Woman
V[aux], R[oberts].  Autograph Sentiment Signed (with initials) for Isabella Walsh. [Philadelphia]: 18 January 1828. Small 4to. 1 p.
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An ANGRYHistory of Independency”Anarchia Anglicana
Walker, Clement.  Relations and observations, historicall and politick, upon the Parliament, begun Anno Dom. 1640 ... together with an appendix, touching the proceedings of the Independent faction in Scotland. [London?], 1648. 4to (18.3 cm, 7.25"). A–T4t2V–Z4Aa2; [12], 174 pp. [with] An appendix to the History of Independency ... London, 1648. 4to. a–c4(-c4); [2], 20 pp. [with] Anarchia Anglicana: Or, the history of Independency. The second part. [London], 1649. 4to. A–Z4Aa–Kk4; [8], 256 pp.; 1 double-page plt. [with] The high court of justice; or Cromwells new slaughter house in England ... [London], 1651. 4to. A–I4; 71, [1 (blank)] pp. [with] M., T. The history of Independency. The fourth and last part. London: H. Brome & H. Marsh, 1660. 4to. A–R4; [8], 124 pp.
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Printed in GOLD within a Marvelously Elaborate ENGRAVED BORDER
Printed in S
Washington, George.  Broadside. Begins: WASHINGTON'S FAREWELL ADDRESS.    New York: Pub. by C.C. Wright & Durand, [1834?]. Folio extra (57 x 46 cm; 23" x 18"). 1 p.
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TRUE CRIME in thePhiladelphia “Suburbs”
Wilson, John M.   A full history of the eventful life, crimes, confessions, repentance, and death on the gallows of John M. Wilson. [Norristown, PA]: Rev. W.A. Leopold, (1887). 12mo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). 110 pp.
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