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Lexical Guide toPOLYGLOT BIBLESMultiple “Firsts” Here
(A Lexical Support for Linguistic Landmarks).  Schindler, Valentin.  Lexicon pentaglotton, hebraicum, chaldaicum, syriacum, talmudico-rabbinicum, & arabicum.... Francofurti ad Moenum [Frankfurt am Main]: Typis Joannis Jacobi Hennëi, 1612. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.2"). [4] ff., 1992 col., [76] ff.
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Grammars & Language Studies
Alting, Jacob.  Jacobi Altingi ... Fundamenta punctationis linguae sanctae, cum necessariis canonum, locorum S. Scripturae & vocum irregularium indicibus. Francofurti ad Moenum: Sumptibus viduae beati Knochii et J.G. Eslingeri, 1746. 8vo (18 cm; 7.25"). 3 parts in 1 vol. I: [8] ff., 385, [1] pp., [3] ff., [1], 7 pp. [30], [24] ff. II: [2] ff., 122 pp. III: [8] ff., 31, [1], 32, 88, 57–176 pp.
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HOPE that You Never Receive a Gift ofPenny Royal”!
Anonymous.  Language of flowers. London: Rock Brothers & Payne (Boot, printer, Dockhead), no date [ca. 1850]. Miniature (49 mm; 1.95"). 100 pp., [14] ff. (ads).
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UNexpurgated by the Mexican Inquisition
  MS Notes in NAHUATL in Addition
Avila, Francisco de.  Arte de la lengua mexicana, breves platicas de los mysterios de n. santa fee catholica, y otras para exortacion de su obligacion a los indios. Mexico: Por los herederos de la Viuda de Miguel de Ribera Calderon, 1717. 12mo. [13], 36, [1] ff.
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Printed by Gutenberg?   Play It Safe & Say
Printed by the Printer of the Catholicon
Balbus, Johann.  Single leaf from a paper copy of the Catholicon. [Mainz: Printer of the Catholicon, not before 1469]. Royal folio (36.5 x 28.5 cm, 14.365" x 11.25"). [1] f.
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DefiningChild” for Baptismal Purposes RARE
Barker, Thomas.  The duty, circumstances, and benefits of baptism, determined by evidence ... with an appendix, shewing the meaning of several Greek words in the New Testament. London: B. White, 1771. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8"). x, 208, [6 (index & errata)] pp.
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In Gothic & Anglo-Saxon & With an Extensive Glossary
Bible.  N.T. Gospels. Gothic. 1665.  Quatuor D.N. Jesu Christi evangeliorum. Versiones perantiquae duae, Gothica scil. et Anglo-Saxonica. Dordrechti: Typis & sumptibus Junianis; Excudebant Henricus & Joannes Essaei, 1665. 4to (20.5 cm; 8"). 2 parts in 1 vol. [9] ff., 565, [3] pp.; [12] ff., 431 pp.
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NOAH WEBSTER Revises the Language of the BIBLE
for Americans
Bible.  English. Webster. 1833.  The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, in the common version, with amendments of the language by Noah Webster. New Haven: Durrie & Peck; Sold by Hezekiah Howe & Co., and by N. & J. White, 1833. 8vo (23 cm; 9"). xvi, 907 pp.
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Bibles, & indeed Bibles in Languages that
most people think of as “Exotic,”
are a PRB&M specialty.
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History of Malta & the Knights HospitallersWell Bound, Handsomely Illustrated
Boisgelin de Kerdu, Pierre Marie Louis de.  Ancient and modern Malta: Containing a full and accurate account of the present state of the islands of Malta and Goza, the history of the knights of St. John of Jerusalem, also a narrative of the events which attended the capture of these islands by the French, and their conquest by the English: and an appendix, containing authentic state-papers and other documents. London: Richard Phillips, 1805. 4to (27.5 cm, 10.75"). 2 vols. I: [6], xlviii, 326 pp.; 2 fold. plts., 3 fold. tables, 17 plts. (fold. map & 1 prelim. f. lacking).  II: [8], vi, xxxi, [1], 258, [2], 315, [9 (index)] pp.; 5 plts.
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Greek Studies”
Bos, Lambert.  Exercitationes philologicae, in quibus novi foederis loca nonnulla ex auctoribus graecis illustrantur & exponuntur ... editio secunda multis partibus aucta. Accedit dissertatio de etymologia graeca. Franequerae: Wibium Bleck, 1713. 8vo (19.9 cm, 7.8"). [12], 305, [11 (index)], [2], 46 pp.
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Some Songs inDIALECT,  Some NOT
Bundle and go; to which are added, Donald and Mary, The wonders, Sweet Kitty o' the Clyde. Stirling [Scotland]: W. Macnie, [ca. 1825?]. 12mo. 8 pp.
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Standard Hebrew Dictionary
Buxtorf, Johann, the elder.  Lexicon chaldaicum, talmudicum et rabbinicum, nunc primum in lucem editum a Johanne Buxtorfio Filio.... Basel: Sumptibus et typis Ludovici König, 1640. Very large folio (36 cm, 14.2"). Frontis., pl., [6] ff., 2680 cols., [32] ff.
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IllustratedAZ of the BIBLE
Calmet, Augustin.  Dictionarium historicum, criticum, chronologicum, geographicum, et literale sacrae scripturae .... Augustae Vindelicorum [Augsburg]: Sumptibus Martini Veith bibliopolae, 1738. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.2"). 2 vols. I: [9] ff., 200 pp.; 762 pp.; 11 plates. II: [2], 688 pp.; 180 pp.; 19 plates.
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CROSS-DRESSING across Two ContinentsIllustrated & with a 16-Page
Dictionary of the Cant Language
Carew, Bampfylde Moore, supposed author. The surprising adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew, king of the beggars, containing his life, a dictionary of the cant language and many entertaining particulars of that extraordinary man. Tiverton: Printed for W. Salter ... and sold by Crosby's & Co. London, & the Booksellers in Exeter, Taunton Sherborne, Frome, Salisbury, Plymouth & Dock, 1812. 12mo (18.4 cm; 7.25"). Engr. frontis., engr. t.p., 288 pp., [2] plts.
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The First Work in theIgbo Language
Crowther, Samuel Ajayi.  Isoama-Ibo primer. London: Printed for the Church Missionary Society [by W.M. Watts], 1859. 12mo (17 cm; 6.75"). 17 pp.
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Her ABCs withWit & Glamor!
Dietrich, Marlene.  Marlene Dietrich’s ABC. New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., (1984). 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). vii, 183 pp.; illus.
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Cebuano Grammar, 1804
Encina, Francisco.  [drop-title] Arte de la lengua zebuana. [Sampaloc?, Manila?]: No publisher/printer, [1804]. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.75"). 616, [16 (1 blank)] pp.
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