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Beloved Reading & REMMEMBERANCE”
A Sentimentally Significant Copy

  See, its Loving PROVENANCE Notes
Allestree, Richard.  The whole duty of man, laid down in a plain and familiar way, for the use of all, but especially the meanest reader. London: Pr. by J. Leake for E. Pawlet, 1715. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). [4], xii, 503, [9] pp.; 2 plts.
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Inspirational 19th-Century AMERICAN Children's Book
Anderson, Eliza Hill.  Memoir of Mary Lothrop: who died in Boston, March 18, 1831, aged six years and three months. Boston: Perkins & Marvin; Lincoln & Edmands; & James Loring, 1832. 24mo (14.9 cm, 5.875"). Engr. frontis., 108 pp.
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A Prize Won byWell-Behaved Master Ireland
Bible.   N.T. English. Authorized. 1847.  The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; with the marginal readings; and illustrated by marginal references, both parallel and explanatory, and a copious selection, carefully chosen, and newly arranged. New York: J.C. Riker, 1847. 16mo (11.5 cm, 4.5"). Frontis., add. engr. t.-p., [2], 350, [2 (blank)] pp.; 4 plts.
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He GaveHimself the Last Word
Churchill, Charles.   The conference. London: G. Kearsly, 1763. 4to (25.2 cm, 9.9"). [2], 19, [1 (blank)] pp. (lacking half-title).

A Comedy of Bourgeois MannersBOORISHNESS BLASTED
Dedekind, Friedrich.  Grobianus et Grobiana: Sive, de morum simplicitate, libri tres... Coloniae: [No publisher/printer], 1558. 8vo (14.2 cm, 5.55"). 96 ff.
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Scaring the Bejesus Out of Little German-American Boys & Girls
Die Gefahr in den Strassen. Nebst Einigen andern Erzälungen. Philadelphia: gedruckt bey Jacob Meyer für Johnson und Warner, 1810. 12mo (13.5 cm; 5.375"). 36 pp.
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Revising theRules of Conduct & Administration
Franciscans.  Provincia de San Diego de México.  Constituciones de la Provincia de San Diego de Mexico de los Menores Descalços de la mas estrecha observancia regular de N.S.P.S. Francisco en esta Nueva-España. México: Por los Herederos de la viuda de Francisco Rodriguez Lupercio, 1698. 4to (20 cm; 8"). [18], 263, [16] ff.
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DIFFERENCES Between France & Spain
  & Frenchmen & SpaniardsIn ITALIAN
García, Carlos.  Antipatia de francesi e spagnuoli. Venetia: Presso Cristoforo Tomasini, 1640. 12mo. 216 pp.
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Advantages of Poverty, & Blessings of Affliction, My Father!
Hanway, Jonas.  Virtue in humble life: containing reflections on relative duties, particularly those of masters and servants ... Various anecdotes of the living and the dead: in two hundred and nine conversations, between a father and his daughter, amidst rural scenes ... with a manual of devotion. London: Printed for Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; Sewel, near the Royal-Exchange; and Bew, in Pater-noster-Row, 1777. 4to (28.4 cm, 11.2"). 2 vols. in 1. I: Frontis., [2] ff., xvii, [1], vii, [1], 323, [1] p., [2] ff., pp. 325 (i.e., 327)–411, [1] p. II: Frontis., vii, [1], 523, [1] p.
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EducatingGerman-American Boys & Girls in 1809
Kleine Erzählungen über ein Buch mit Kupfern: oder Leicht Geschichte für Kinder. Philadelphia: Gedruckt [beyJacob Meyer] für Johnson und Warner, 1809. 24mo (14 cm; 5.5"). [22] ff., illus.
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DoingGOOD in the World
Mather, Cotton.  Essays to do good, addressed to all Christians, whether in public or private capacities. Johnstown [NY]: Pr. & sold by Asa Child, 1815. 12mo. xxv, [2], 28–195, [1] p.
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A Mash-up of AttitudesA Catalogue of Erotic Options
Member of the Royal Asiatic Society.  Marriage ceremonies & priapic rites in India & the East. No place: Privately Printed, 1909. Sq. 8vo. [1] f., 107, [1] pp., [1] f.
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An Attractive American Set in Seven Volumes
More, Hannah.  The works of Hannah More. New York : Harper & Brothers, 1855. Small 12mo. 7 vols. I: Frontis., engr. t-p., ix., [3] ff., 416 pp. II: Engr. t-p., 428 pp. III: Engr. t-p., 442 pp. IV: Engr. t-p., 448 pp. V: Engr. t-p., 393 pp. VI: Engr. t-p., 440 pp. VII: Engr. t-p., 429 pp.
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Rank Confusion” Get the Joke?!
[Nares, Edward].  Heraldic anomalies; or, rank confusion in our orders of precedence, With disquisitions, moral, philosophical, and historical, on all the existing orders of society. By It Matters Not Who. London: G. and W.B. Whittaker (pr. by R. Gilbert), 1823. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). 2 vols. I: xxii, [2], 334, [2 (1 blank)] pp. II: [4], 372 pp.
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Saving the Souls of the Rich viaCHARITY
Nelson, Robert.  An address to persons of quality and estate ... To which is added, an appendix of some original and valuable papers. [with another related title, as below]. London: A. & G. Way, prs., 1715. 8vo (21.9 cm, 8.6"). Frontis., xxxi, [1], 267, [1], 55, [7] pp. [with] A poem in memory of Robert Nelson Esquire. London: Pr. by Geo. James for Richard Smith, at Bishop Beveridge’s-Head, 1715. 8vo. 21, [3] pp.
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Pleasant Thoughts onCongenial Spirits
The Philipena, or friendship's token: A present for all seasons. Boston: G.W. Cottrell & Co.; New York: T.W. Strong, [1848]. 16mo. Col. frontis., 126 pp.
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Little Boys Should not Meddle with Guns”
Picket, Albert.  A picture book for little children. Philadelphia: Kimber & Conrad, no date (1812?). Narrow 24mo (14 x 6.5 cm; 5.5" x 2.5"). [12] ff., illus.
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First U.S. EditionsDickens & Faux-Dickens
“Quiz” [pseud. of Edward Caswall], & Charles Dickens.   Sketches of young ladies: In which these interesting members of the animal kingdom are classified according to their several instincts, habits, and general characteristics. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Blanchard, 1838. 16mo (13.5 cm, 5.3"). 111, [1] pp. [with] Dickens, Charles. Sketches of young gentlemen. Dedicated to young ladies. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Blanchard, 1838. 108, [2] pp.
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Eight Bright, High-Quality, Hand-ColoredLITHOGRAPHS
Ribelle, Charles de [pseud. of Rigaud, Jean-Baptiste-Amable]; Charles Vallet, illus.  Les récits amusants. Album de la jeunesse et du foyer. Paris: Amable Rigaud (pr. by Morris et Compagnie), 1860. Large 8vo (27.6 cm, 10.8"). [4], 91, [1] pp.; 8 col. plts.
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Strong Advice against Enthusiasm
Rodríguez de Rivas y Velasco, Diego.  [drop-title] Carta pastoral, que el Ilmo. Sr. Dr. D. Diego Rodriguez Rivas, y Velasco, escribió á las religiosas de su obispado de Guadalaxara, con el motivo de la real cedula expedida por S.M. en el real sitio del Pardo à 19. de marzo de 1768. à fin de preservar del contagio del fanatismo à las religiosas de su filiacion. [Puebla]: No publisher/printer, [1768]. Small 4to (19.5 cm; 7.75" ). [1] f., 37, [1 (blank)] pp.
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An AMERICAN Statesman in London First Series
Rush, Richard.  Memoranda of a residence at the court of London. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1833. 8vo (22 cm, 8.7"). 460 pp.
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An AMERICAN Statesman in London Second Series
Rush, Richard.  Memoranda of a residence at the court of London, comprising incidents official and personal from 1819 to 1825. Including negotiations on the Oregon question, and other unsettled questions between the United States and Great Britain. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard, 1845. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.6"). xii, 640 pp.
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Canandaigua Imprint
Sampson, Ezra.  The brief remarker on the ways of man. Or compendious dissertations, respecting social and domestic relations and concerns, and the various economy of life; designed for, and adapted to,the use of American academies and common schools. Canandaigua, N.Y.: Pr. by J.D. Bemis & Co., 1821. 12mo. 264 pp.

A Bespoke Cedulario forUse in New Spain & Guatemala
(Spanish Royal Decrees).  An assemblage of 43 manuscript and printed royal and viceroyal decrees and some 25 related documents. Barcelona, Madrid, Valldolid (Spain), Aranjuez, Mexico City, & elsewhere: 1701–79. Small 4to, folio, & larger. Approximately 135 ff.
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Social Satire Set at Brighton: Illustrated by Leech
(This is “Conduct Comedy”!)
Surtees, Robert Smith.  Plain or ringlets?  London: [Whitefriars Press, 1888]. 8vo (22.6 cm, 8.9"). x, [4], 398 pp.; 12 col. plts., 8 plts.
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Is it Best to be Laughing-Mad, or Crying-Mad, in the World?
Titmarsh, M.A. [pseud. of William Thackeray].  Mrs. Perkins's ball. [London]: Chapman & Hall (pr. by Vizetelly Brothers & Co.), [1847]. 4to (21.6 cm, 8.5"). [2], engr. t.-p., 46, [2] pp.; 1 fold. col. plt., 20 col. plts.
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Wise, WARM Advice to aYoung Philadelphia Woman
V[aux], R[oberts].  Autograph Sentiment Signed (with initials) for Isabella Walsh. [Philadelphia]: 18 January 1828. Small 4to. 1 p.
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Kneel Side by Side”
Wise, Daniel.  Bridal greetings: A marriage gift,  in which the mutual duties of husband and wife are familiarly illustrated and enforced. New York: Carlton & Phillips, 1852. 16mo. Frontis., 160 pp.
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