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Whither, theAMERICAN Economy?
[Carey, Mathew].   Addresses of The Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industry...Fourth edition. Philadelphia: Pub. by M. Carey & Son, pr. by G.L. Austin, Dec. 20, 1819. 8vo (19.2 cm, 7.625"). xi, [1 (blank) pp., pp. [9]–248.

Carey, Mathew. [drop title] Canal policy, no. I–III. Second edition. [Philadelphia, 1824]. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). 4, 8 pp. [bound with] Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Internal Improvements in the Commonwealth.  Philadelphia, Jan. 13, 1825. The subscribers, the acting committee of ... respectfully submit the following address on the subject of a canal to connect the waters of the Susquehannah with those of the Alleghany, to the consideration of their fellow citizens. [Philadelphia, 1825]. 8vo. 7, [1 (blank)] pp. [with] Carey, Mathew.  Fulton—no. IV. Canals and railways. [Philadelphia, 1825]. 8vo. 4 pp. [with] Carey, Mathew.  Canal policy — Fulton — no. V. [Philadelphia, 1825]. 8vo. 4 pp. [with] Carey, Mathew.  Fulton, no. VI. Internal improvement. [Harrisburg, 1825]. 8vo. 6, [2 (blank)] pp.
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Woolen Mills Quality Control
Catalonia.  Laws, statues, etc. [drop-title] Providencia interina para la perfecta construccion de las estameñas, ratinas, bayetas comunes, cordellates y demás generos de esta clase. [Barcelona, 1770]. Folio. [2] ff.

Early Days of a New York–BasedCUBAN Multi-Faceted Trading Empire
(Ceballos, Juan M.).  Collection of 26 autograph and letterpress letters and manuscripts sent to him. Havana, Paris, London, & elsewhere: 1855–56. 4to (approx. 27 cm; 10.5") and smaller. [36] pp. (including integral address leaves).
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Preparing to Be Viceroy & to BeFAR AWAY from Spain
Chinchon, Conde de (i.e., Luis Jerónimo Fernández de Cabrera y Bobadilla).  [Power of attorney, begins:] Sepan quantos esta carta de poder vieren, como yo don Luis Geronimo Ferna[n]dez de Cabrera y Bobadilla ... Conde de Chincon ... ortogo todo mi poder cumplido ... Odon [Spain]: No publisher/printer, 1628. Folio (32 cm; 12.5"). [6] ff.
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Makes the Weak StrongPeculiar to Itself
C.I. Hood & Co.  Hood's pansy. Lowell, MA: C.I. Hood & Co., [ca. 1890]. 16mo (10.5 cm, 4.2"). [16] pp.; illus.
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The “Citizen” Would BeBlogging/Tweeting, Today . . .
Citizen of London.  A familiar instructive dialogue, which happened last week at a tavern near the Royal Exchange, between an eminent merchant of Dunkirk ... and an English member of parliament. London: [Sold in May's buildings], 1748. 12mo (17.3 cm, 6.75"). [2] ff., 55, [1] pp.
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Capturing an AgeOne Biography at a Time
[Clarke].  The Georgian era: Memoirs of the most eminent persons, who have flourished in Great Britain, from the accession of George the First to the demise of George the Fourth. London: Vizetelly, Branston, & Co., 1832–34. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.65"). 4 vols. I: Frontis., 582 pp.; 12 plts. II: Frontis., [2], 588 pp. III: Frontis., [2], 588 pp. IV: Frontis., 588 pp.
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Leveller-Inspired Pamphlet: Get Rid of the Greedy Cheaters
Cole, William.  A rod for the lawyers: Who are hereby declared to be the grand robbers & deceivers of the nation; greedily devouring yearely many millions of the peoples money. London: Giles Calvert, 1659. 4to (18.2 cm, 7.2"). [4], 16 pp.
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“In the ALPS of America”
(Colorado Spa).  [cover title] Hotel Colorado. Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. [Chicago: W.H. Hall, printing company, ca. 1900]. 8vo (22 cm; 8.5"). 24 pp., plus printed and illus. wrps.
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The Consequences ofOUTLAWRY in England & Ireland
Conroy, John.  Custodiam reports; or, a collection of cases relative to outlawries, and the grants thereon, as argued and determined on the revenue sides of the courts of exchequer, both in England and Ireland, with many references. Dublin: J. Exshaw, 1795. 8vo (22 cm, 8.6"). [4], 206, 179 [i.e., 180 (159 used twice)], [10 (index)] pp.
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Has Any Reader Ever Thought How Strange a Place
the World Would Be without Ships?
Cooke, Arthur Owens.  Ships and sea-faring. London: Thomas Nelson & Sons (incorporating T.C. & E.C. Jack)., [ca. 1920]. 12mo. viii, 121, [3] pp.; 48 plts.
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Dutch RepublicanismFor & Against
Court, Pieter de la.  Interest van Holland, ofte, Gronden van Hollands-welvaren. Amsterdam: By Joan. Cyprianus vander Gracht, 1662. Small 8vo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). [8] ff., 267, [5] pp. [with bound at the end] Huygens, Constantijn. Den Herstelden Prins tot Stadt-houder ende Capiteyn Generaal vande Vereenighde Nederlanden, ten dienst ende luyster vande loffelijcke en de wel geformeerde Republijck vande Geunieerde Provincien, &c. tegens de boekjens onlangs uyt gegeven met den naem van Interest van Hollandt, ende stadt-houderlijcke regeringe in Hollandt ... Amsterdam: Voor Joan. Cyprianus vander Gracht, 1663. Small 8vo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). [16], 122, [4], [2 (blank)] pp.
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One American Merchant Writes Another on theAmerican Revolution
News of aFIERCE Sea Battle Waged after Yorktown
Crawford, James.  A.L.S. to John Brown (“Care of Governor Hancock, Boston”). Philadelphia: 16 April 1782. Small 4to (9" x 7.5'). 1 p., with integral address leaf.
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An “Oriental” EmbassyIllustrated
Crawfurd, John.  Journal of an embassy from the governor-general of India to the courts of Siam and Cochin China; exhibiting a view of the actual state of those kingdoms ... second edition. London: Henry Colburn & Richard Bentley, 1830. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). 2 vols. I: Fold. frontis., vii, [1], 475, [1] pp.; 3 fold. plts., 8 plts., illus. II: [2], v, [1], 459, [1] pp.; 4 fold. plts., 7 plts., 1 fold. chart.
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Nécessaire & Indispensable Pour la France”
Des vrais intérêts de la France, relativement a la Hollande. [colophon: Paris: H.J. Jansen & Comp.], no date [ca. 1790?]. 4to (27.8 cm, 10.9"). 19, [1] pp.
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“The First Masterpiece of Dickens's Maturity”
Dickens, Charles.  Dealings with the firm of Dombey and Son wholesale, retail, and for exportation. New York: Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1957. 8vo (25.3 cm, 10"). 2 vols. I: xv, [1], 396 pp.; 6 col. plts. II: [10], 798, [2] pp.; 6 col. plts.
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Carpet-Making Four Plates
Duhamel du Monceau, [Henry Louis].  Art de faire les tapis, façon de Turquie, connus sous le nom de tapis de la Savonnerie. [Paris: De l’imprimerie de L.F. Delatour], 1766. Folio (46 cm, 18"). [1] f., 25, [1 (blank)] pp.; 4 plts.

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