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Whatthe Ancients Had to Say about . . . EVERYTHING
Ricchieri, Lodovico.  Lectionvm antiqvarvm libri triginta.... Genevae: Excudebat Philippus Albertus, 1620. Folio (33 cm, 13"). ¶6 a–b6 C–Z6 Aa–Zz6 AAa–ZZz6 AAaa–CCcc6; [6] ff., 1720 columns, [2] ff., lacking [62] ff.

Improved Taste of Modern Time MustQuestion the Crudities of Former Days”
Rocco, Sha [pseud. of Abisha Shumway Hudson].  The masculine cross and ancient sex worship. New York: Asa K. Butts & Co., 1874. 8vo (19 cm, 7.75"). 65, [7 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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French Translation of the NT withExegesis of Text
Rohault de Fleury, Charles.  L'évangile études iconographiques et archéologiques. Tours: Alfred Mame et Fils, 1874. Folio (33 cm, 13"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., [8], vii, [1], 287 pp.; 53 plts. II: Frontis., [4], 320 pp.; 46 plts.
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Sallust for the 19th Century
Sallustius Crispus, Gaius [i.e., Sallust].  C. Crispi Sallustii Opera quae exstant. Accedunt orationes et epistolae ex historiarum libris superstites. Londini: Basil Montagu Pickering [colophon: excudebant Whittingham et Wilkins], 1864. 4to (28.7 cm, 11.25"). [4], 191, [1] pp.
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French Neo-Latin Poetry in aFine Binding
Salmon Macrin, Jean.  Salmonij Macrini Iuliodunensis cubicularij regij epitome vitae Domini nostri Jesu Christi, ad Margaritam Valesiam, Henrici Francorum regis sororem unicam. Varia item poematia & de sacra regis unctione, & de eiusdem triumphali in urbem Lutetiam introitu. Parisiis: Ex typographia Matthaei Dauîdis, 1549. 8vo (16.7 cm, 6.625"). 63, [1] pp.
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SHE Warns against Ambitious SonsThe Philosophers Say NOT to Trust Women
(Seven Sages of Rome).  Histoire pitoyable du prince Erastus, fils de Diocletien empereur de Romme ... Traduite d’Italien en Françoise, & nouvellement recorrigée. Lyon: Hugues Gazeau, 1584. 16mo (12.2 cm, 4.76"). 424, [8] pp.
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Nero Lives!
Sienkiewicz, Henryk.  Quo vadis? Verona: Printed for the members of The Limited Editions Club, 1959. Small folio (27.3 cm, 10.75"). [4], v–xiii, [1], 3–595, [3] pp.; 35 plts.
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The Roman EmpireDivided
Sigonio, Carlo. Historiarum de occidentali imperio libri XX. Bononiae: Apud Societatem Typographiae Bononiensis, 1578. Folio (30.6 cm, 12"). A–E6 F8 G–Z6 AA–ZZ6 AAa–EEe6 (EEe3–4 lacking); 564 (i.e., 568) pp., [24] ff. (of which 2 ff. lacking).

A Noble Book for Your House in Tuscany?
      (Smith's Patron Was the Second Earl of Warwick)
Smith, John.  Italian scenery [i.e., Select views in Italy, with topographical and historical descriptions, in English and French]. [London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. for J. Smith, W. Byrne, & J. Edwards, 1817]. 4to. [1] f. (engr. dedication), [78] ff. (of letterpress), [72] ff. of plates, illus.
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One of the FirstEnglish Histories IN English
Speed, John.  The historie of Great Britaine under the conquests of theRomans, Saxons, Danes and Normans. Their originals, manners, habits, warres, coines, and seales: with the successions, lives, acts, and issues of the English monarchs from Iulius Caesar, unto the raigne of King Iames, of famous memorie. London: Pr. by John Dawson [and Thomas Cotes] for George Humble, 1632. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.25"). [10] ff., 1042 pp.; 1043–1086 ff., 1087–1237, [85 (index)] pp. (lacking frontis.); illus.
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The Doves PressTennyson
Tennyson, Alfred.  Seven poems & two translations. Hammersmith: The Doves Press, 1902. 8vo (23.6 cm, 9.3"). 55, [1] pp.
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FIRST English Translation, NEW Etchings
Theocritus.  Sixe Idyllia chosen out of the Sicilian poet Theocritus and translated into English verse. New York: Clover Hill Editions / Chilmark Press, 1971. Folio (33.8 cm, 13.3"). xv, [3], 54, [2] pp.; 8 plts.
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Exact Portraitures of theVery Peculiarities of Temper That Are
Every Day Passing under Our Own Observation

American Edition, Uncredited
Theophrastus.  The characters of Theophrastus; illustrated by physionomical sketches. Boston: Frederic S. Hill (stereotyped by Jenkins & Greenough), 1831. 12mo (16.9 cm, 6.7"). xiv, 64 pp.; 31 plts.
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The EARLIEST KnownHistorical, Mythological, Poetical, & Geographical DICTIONARY
Torrentinus, Hermannus.  Elucidarius vel vocabularius poeticus ... co[n]tine[n]s fabulas, historias, prouincias, vrbes, insulas, fluuios, et montes illustres; Item vocabula et interpretaiones Grecoru[m] & Hebraicoru[m], una cu[m] vocabulis co[m]munibus Saracenoru[m], in latinu[m] translatis et alijs in fine adiunctis. [colophon: Hagenaw: per ... Henricu[s] Gran, impe[n]sis ... Joanis Rynman, 1518]. 4to (20 cm; 8"). [57] ff. (without final blank).
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When Undergrads Could Understand & Translate Demotic
When It Could Seem Sensible to Them to Produce a WHOLE BOOK by Lithography
  . . . *&* with CHROMOLITHOGRAPHY Plentifully Present . . .
University of Pennsylvania.   Philomathean Society (Henry Morton, Charles R. Hale, Samuel Huntington Jones).   Report of the committee appointed by the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania to translate the inscription on the Rosetta Stone. [Philadelphia: The Philomathean Society], copyright 1859. Small 4to (23 cm; 9"). 152 pp., [4] ff., 6 plates. [also bound in] Catalogue of members of the Philomathean Society ... Philadelphia: Ringwalt & Co, 1859. Small 4to. 24 pp.; and tipped-in lithographed copyright notice.
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The French Virgil”Does Virgil
Vergilius Maro, Publius.  Les Géorgiques de Virgile, traduction nouvelle en vers françois, enrichies de notes & de figures. Paris: Chez Bleuet, 1770. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). [2], 366 pp.; 5 plts.
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Fine Foulis Press Production
Virgilius Maro, Publius.  Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, et Aeneis. Glasguae: in aedibus academicis excudebant Robertus et Andreas Foulis Academiae Typographi, 1758. 8vo (16.3 cm; 6.375"). [6], 397, [3] pp. Lacks blank following dedication.
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Opera Juridica:  Roman & Spanish Legal Analysis
Yañez Parladorio, Juan.  Rerum quotidianarum libru duo ... Editio ultima caeteris longe elegantior, & emendatior. [and] Quotidianarum differentiarum sesqui-centuria. Amstelaedami: Janssonio-Waesbergios, 1688. 4to (20.2 cm, 8"). 2 vols. Vol. I: [26], 492 (i.e., 498), [54 (index)] pp. Vol. II: [2], 507, [45 (index)] pp.
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The Great New Testament Epic
            [An Appropriate “ANCIENT WORLD” Entry Here?]
Wallace, Lewis.  Ben-Hur a tale of the Christ.  New York: Harper & Brothers, (© 1880). 8vo (17.5 cm, 6.9"). 552, 12 (adv.) pp.
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Recyling a 1503 Aldine FolioA Very Good Copy
Xenophon, Thucydides, Herodian, & George Gemistus Plethon.   [first five lines in Greek, romanized as] Georgiou Gemistou tou kai Plethonos, ek ton Diodorou, kai Ploutarchou, peri ton meta ten en Mantineia machen, en kephalaiois dialepsis. Herodianou Tes meta Markon basileias historion biblia okto. Scholia palaia, kai xynoptika es holon ton Thoukydiden, hon choris oux [sic] euxynetos ho xyngrapheus. [then in Latin] Georgii Gemisti, qui & Pletho dicitur, ex Diodori, & Plutarchi historiis de iis, quæ post pugnam ad Mantineam gesta sunt, per capita tractatio. Herodiani a Marci principatu historia[rum] libri octo, quos Angelus Politianus elegantissime latinos fecit. Enarratiunculæ antiquæ, & perbreues in totum Thucydidem, sine quibus autor intellectu est quamdifficillimus. [colophon: Venetiis: In Aldi Neacademia, 1503 {really ca. 1525}]. Super-Chancery folio in 8s (31.5 cm, 12.5"). [108] ff.
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