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Chapman's HomerClassicists' Provenance
(A Classic among Classics).  Homer, & George Chapman, trans.  [The whole works of Homer; prince of poetts In his Iliads, and Odysses]. London: Printed [by Richard Field, William Jaggard, and Thomas Harper] for Nathaniell Butter, [1634?]. Folio (28.1 cm; 11.125"). [26], 341, [9]; [12], 195–349, 352–76, [2] pp. Lacks engr. t-p. and 5 blanks.
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Abbott'sIllustrated Biographies
Abbott, Jacob, & John S.C. Abbott. MAKERS OF HISTORY.  Akron, OH: The Superior Printing Co., [1914]. 12mo (18.8 cm, 7.4"). 20 vols. I: Frontis., [2], 256 pp.; 3 plts. II: Frontis., 229, [1] pp.; 3 plts. III: Frontis., 251, [1] pp.; 3 plts. IV: Frontis., 250 pp.; 2 plts. V: Frontis., 263, [1] pp.; 2 plts. VI: Frontis., 239, [1] pp.; 1 fold. map, 3 plts. VII: Frontis., 264 pp.; 2 plts. VIII: Frontis., 272 pp.; 2 plts. IX: Frontis., 257, [1] pp.; 1 fold. map, 3 plts. X: Frontis., 239, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XI: Frontis., 265, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XII: Frontis., 248 pp.; 3 plts. XIII: Frontis., 303, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XIV: Frontis., 285, [1] pp.; 4 plts. XV: Frontis., 287, [1] pp.; 4 plts. XVI: Frontis., 223, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XVII: Frontis., 233, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XVIII: Frontis., 327, [1] pp.; 4 plts. XIX: Frontis., 263, [1] pp.; 3 plts. XX: Frontis., 285, [1] pp.; 3 plts.
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An Elegant Production!
    [One “Classically” of Its Century]
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres.  Choix des mémoires de l’Academie Royale des inscriptions et belles-lettres. Londres: T. Becket & P. Elmsly, 1777. 4to (27 cm, 10.6"). 3 vols. I: [2], iii, [1], lx, 656 pp. (pagination skips 17–32, text uninterrupted). II: [2], iii, [1], ccviii, 495, [1 (blank)] pp. III: [2], iii, lxviii, [1], 696 pp.; 1 fold. plt., 2 plts.
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20th-Century Fine-Press Printing . . .
of a 16th-Century Edition . . .
    of an Ancient Greek Romance . . .
Achilles Tatius.  The loves of Clitophon and Leucippe translated from the Greek of Achilles Tatius by William Burton reprinted for the first time from a copy now unique. New York: Bernard Guilbert Guerney, 1923. Folio (30.5 cm, 12"). xxxi, [9], 152, [6] pp.
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Aeschylus from the Royal Printer
Aeschylus.  [title in Greek, transliterated as] Aischylou Prometheus desmotes, Hepta epi Thebais, Persai, Agamemnon, [Choephoroi], Eumenides, Hiketides. Parisiis: Ex officina Adriani Turnebi Typographi Regii, 1552. 8vo (17 cm, 6.75"). [8], 211, [1] pp.
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Lovingly Read Copy of a BookBoth Praised & Pilloried
by Paulus Manutius
Alcionio, Pietro.  Petri Alcyonii Medices legatus de exsilio. [colophon: Venetiis: In Aedieus Aldi et Andreae Asulani, 1522]. 8vo (20.3 cm, 8"). [70] ff.
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With Mrs. Forster's Illustrations
Anacreon.  Anacreontis Odaria, ad textus Barnesiani fidem emendata. Londini: Gul. Bulmer & Soc., 1802. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.4"). [2], 130 pp.; illus.
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A Special Copy of a Special Edition
Anacreon.  Odes d'Anacréon, traduites en françois, avec le texte grec, la version latine, des notes critiques, et deux dissertations. Par le citoyen Gail ... Avec estampes, odes grecques mises en musique par Gossec, Méhul, le Sueur, et Chérubini; et un discours sur la music grecque. Paris: de l'imprimerie de Pierre Didot l'Aine, an VII (1799). Large 4to (33 cm, 13"). xvi, 204 pp. Music: 5. 7, 2–3, 3 pp. Frontis,, plt.
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17th-Century FRENCH Politics:  François, que faites-vous?
Anonymous.   [drop-title] Cassandre françoise.  [Paris: 1615]. 8vo (17.1 cm, 6.75"). 22, [2 (blank)] pp.
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The Only Ancient Roman Novel in Latin to Survive in Its Entirety
Early Edition with the Comments Commented Upon
Apuleius; Philippus Beroaldus, ed. Commentarii a Philippo Beroaldi conditi in Asinu[m] aureu[m] Lucii Apulei. [colophon: Venetiis: Per Simonem Papiensem dictum Bivilaquam, 1501]. Folio (31 cm, 12.2"). 478 pp.
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Erotic Letters — Classic Greek
Aristaenetus.  [title-page in Greek, transliterated as] Aristainetou epistolai erotikai. tinà ton palaion heroon epitaphia. E bibliotheca C.V. Ioan. Sambuci. Antuerpiae: Ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1566. 4to (20.5 cm; 8"). 95, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Literati of Antwerp Salute One of Their OwnPortrait after Peter Paul Rubens
Woodcut *&* Engraved Versions of the Plantin Device
Asterius, Episcopus Amasenus.  S. Asteri Episcopi amaseae homiliae Graecè & Latinè nunc primùm editae Philippo Rubenio interprete. Antverpiae: Ex Officina Plantiniana, apud viduam & filios Ioannis Moreti, 1615. 4to (24.13 cm, 9.5"). [6] ff., 284, pp., [2] ff.
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Imagining theSplendour & Magnificence of Former Days
Atkins, Sarah [Lucy Sarah Atkins Wilson].   Relics of antiquity, exhibited in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, with an account of the destruction and recovery of those celebrated cities. New York: W.B. Gilley (pr. by Vanderpool & Cole), 1826. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.2"). [2], ix, [1], 143, [1] pp.; 6 plts.
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Early Editions of the FIRST Children's Books
White Knights Library Copies
Baïf, Lazare de; Charles Estienne, ed.  De Vasculis libellus, adulescentulorum causa ex Bayfio decerptus, addita vulgari latinarum vocum interpretatione. Parisiis: Ex officina R. Stephani, 1536. 8vo (17.4 cm, 6.9"). 56, [8] pp. [bound with their] De Re vestiaria libellus, ex Bayfio excerptus: Addita vulgaris linguae interpretatione, in adulescentulorum gratiam atq; utilitatem. Parisiis: Ex officina Rob. Stephani, 1536. 8vo. 68, [10] pp. (final blank lacking).
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Anacharsis in English Anything But Dry!
[Barthelemy, Jean-Jacques].  Travels of Anacharsis the younger in Greece. During the middle of the fourth century, before the Christian æra.... The first American edition. Philadelphia: Pr. by Bartholomew Graves and William McLaughlin for Jacob Johnson & Co., 1804. 8vo signed in 4s (22 cm, 8.625"). Vol. I: xviii, 419, [1 (blank)] pp.; fold. map; II: [1] f., iii, [1 (blank)], 403, [1 (blank)] pp.; III: vii, [1 (blank)], 463, [1 (blank)] pp. (lacking half-title); IV: vii, [1 (blank)], 496 pp. (lacking half-title).
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Observationvm Ivris Romani”
Bijnkershoek, Cornelis van.  Cornelii van Bynkershoek, icti et senatoris, Observationum iuris romani quatuor libri priores. In quibus plurima iuris civilis aliorumque auctorum loca explicantur et emendantur. Cum praefatione Io. Gottl. Heineccii. Francofurt. et Lipsiae: Ex Officina Krugiana, 1739. Small 4to. 2 vols. I: [20] ff., 298 pp., [13] ff. II: [20] ff., 373, [1] pp., [18] ff.
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ROMAN Political Science in itsOriginal State
Bilhon, Jean Fréderic Joseph.  Du gouvernement des Romains, considéré sous le rapport de la politique, de la justice, des finances, et du commerce. Paris: Chez Louis (pr. by Pierre Didot l'Ainé), 1807. 8vo (21.2 cm, 8.4"). viii, 312 pp.
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Dibdin ApprovedHere, a True Large-Paper Copy
Bion, of Phlossa near Smyrna; Moschus, of Syracuse; & Gilbert Wakefield, ed. [transliterated from Greek] Biōnos kai Moschou ta leipsana. [then in Latin] Illustrabat et emendabat Gilbertus Wakefield. Londini: typis T. Bensley, 1795. 8vo in 4s (24 cm, 9.9"). [8], 33, [83] pp.
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Bodoni's BoethiusConsolations of Philosophy
Boethius.  Anicii Manlii Torquati Severini Boethii De consolatione philosophiae libri quinque ad optimarum editionum fidem recensiti. Parmae: Ex Regio Typographeo, 1798. Large 4to (31 cm, 12.2"). cxvi, 271, [1] pp.
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A Not-So-Brief History ofTime
Brady, John.  Clavis calendaria; or, a compendious analysis of the calendar: Illustrated with ecclesiastical, historical, andclassical anecdotes ... second edition. London: Pr. for the author & sold by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown, et al., 1812–13. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). 2 vols. I: xxxvi, 387, [1] pp.; 1 plt. II: [2], 395, [1] pp.
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Beautifully Bound Bilingual Edition of Catullus, Tibullus, & Propertius
Catullus, Gaius Valerius.  Catullo Tibullo e Properzio d'espurgata lezione tradotti dall'ab. Raffaele Pastore. Bassano: Tip. Giuseppe Remondini e Figli ed., 1823. 12mo (17 cm; 6.75"). 2 vols. in 1. I: [15], 4–297, [3] pp.; II: 317, [3] pp.
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THREE Classics with Commentary, in aPRIZE BINDING
Catullus, Gaius Valerius; Tibullus; & Propertius.  Catullus, Tibullus et Propertius, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, cum notis integris Jos. Scaligeri, M. Ant. Mureti, Achill. Statii, Roberti Titii, Hieronymi Avantii, Jani Dousae patris & filii, Theodori Marcilii, nec non selectis aliorum. Trajecti ad Rhenum [Utrecht]: Rudolphi a Zyll, G.F., 1680. Thick 8vo (19.6 cm, 7.75"). 2 pts. in 1. [12] ff., 638, [2] pp.; 662 pp. (i.e., 672), [32] ff.
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Roman Philosophy Explained by aGerman Humanist
Cicero, Marcus Tullius.  M.T. Ciceronis libri tres De officiis ... Hac 2. Editione et Correctis, & nonnihil auctis ... Addita sunt et scholia brevia eiusdem in Catonem, Laelium Paradoxa, et Somnium Scipionis. Basileae: Ex Officina Hervagiana, per Eusebium Episcopium, 1569. Folio (31.9 cm; 12.5"). [5] ff., 732 cols., 733–50 pp., [26] ff., 262 cols., [22] pp., 134 cols., [9] ff., 60 cols., [4] ff., 62 cols., [7] pp. Lacks an internal blank and the final three leaves of index.
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De SenectuteCicero on Old Age in aPALM-Size Edition
A Petite Barbou Treasure in Red Morocco
Cicero, Marcus Tullius.  M. Tullii Ciceronis Cato Major. Ad T. Pomponium Atticum. Lutetiae: Typis Josephi Barbou, 1758. 32mo (9.3 cm, 3.6"). Frontis., [16], 75, [5] pp.
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LEC CiceroDesign by Mardersteig
Cicero, Marcus Tullius.  Orations and essays. Verona: Pr. for the Limited Editions Club at the Stamperia Valdonega, 1972. 8vo. XXVII, [1], 298, [4] pp.; 12 plts.
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August Neander's Copy
Clement, of Alexandria, Saint.  Opera graece et latine quae extant. Lutetiae Parisiorum: Typis Regiis, 1641. Tall folio (32.7 cm, 12.9"). [28], 854, 74 (lacking 75–79 [index]) pp. (some pagination erratic; 823/24 repeated).
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Early Nonesuch The First BookGooden Illustrated ANACREON
Cowley, Abraham, trans.  Anacreon done into English out of the original Greek. Soho: Nonesuch Press, 1923. 8vo (24 cm, 9.5"). [108] pp.; 5 plts.
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