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APIRATED Mosher Press Book
(American Piracy).   Bottomley, Gordon.  A vision of Giorgione three variations on Venetian themes. Portland, ME: Thomas B. Mosher, 1910. 12mo. [8], 45, [3] pp.
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A FORGERY of a Renaissance Rarity
Boccaccio, Giovanni.   Il Decamerone ... nvovamente corretto. et con diligentia stampato. [colophon: Firenze {i.e., Venice}: Li heredi di Philippo di Giunta {i.e,, Angiolo Pasinello for Stefano Orlandelli}, 1527 {i.e, 1729}]. 4to (24 cm, 9.5"). [16] pp, 284 ff.
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One Classic NonfictionBIBLIO-Who-Dunnit
Carter, John, & Pollard, Graham.  An enquiry in the nature of certain nineteenth century pamphlets.  London: Constable & Co.; New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1934. 8vo. xii, 400 pp., plts.
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False Imprint
Claude, Jean.  Les plaintes des Protestans, cruellement opprimez dans le royaume de France. Cologne: Chez Pierre Marteau, 1686. 12mo (13.7 cm, 5.4"). [2], 192 pp.
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On Forman & Wise
Collins, John.  The two forgers: A biography of Harry Buxton Forman & Thomas James Wise. [New Castle, DE]: Oak Knoll Books, ©1992. 8vo (22.3 cm; 8.75"). xiii, 317 pp., illus.
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Satire of Pennsylvania Politics at theStart of the French & Indian War
(Colonial American Satire).  A fragment of the chronicles of Nathan Ben Saddi. Printed in Philadelphia by James Chattin, 1758. Philadelphia: The Philobiblon Club, 1904. 4to (27 cm; 10.5"). [1] f., 18 pp., [1] f., xv plates (facsimiles) in color.
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Fine Press Edition withImportant Scholars' Essays
Compagnoni, Giuseppe.  Las Vigilias de Tasso traducidas del Italiano por el ciudadano Lelardo. Tacambaro, Michoacan, Mexico: Taller Martin Pescador, 2016. 8vo (23 cm; 9"). xv, [1 (blank)], 131, [1] pp.
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Du Moulin, Louis.  Irenaei Philadelphi Epistola, ad Renatum Veridaeum. In qua aperitur mysterium iniquitatis novissimè in Anglia redivivum, & excutitur liber Iosephi Halli, quo asseritur Episcopatum esse juris divini. Eleutheropoli [really, Basel]: no publisher/printer, 1641. Small 4to. 76 pp., [4] ff.
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A Counterfeit Edition / A Sophisticated Copy / A FANTASTIC STORY
Enríquez Gómez, Antonio.  El siglo pitagorico, y Vida de don Gregorio Guadañia. [Spain]: publisher not identified, [1682; really ca. 1699]. 4to (20 cm; 8). [4] ff., 292 [i.e., 308] pp.
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A PIRACY from This Publisher
Hill, Thomas.  Nundinae sturbrigienses. Londini: [Pr. by H. Hills], 1709. 8vo. 12 pp.
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    Narrow Escape!Dangerous Publication
     Surreptitiously Printed & a Pseudonym Used
Hotman, François.  De furoribus Gallicis, horrenda & indigna Amirallij Castillionei, nobilium atq[ue]; illustrium virorum caede, scelerata ac inaudita piorum strage passim edita per complures Galliae ciuitates, sine vllo discrimine generis, sexus, aetatis & conditionis hominum: vera & simplex narratio. Edimburgi [i.e., London: Printed by Henry Bynneman], 1573. 8vo (15.7 cm; 6.125"). CCXII [i.e., 212] pp.
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Klinefelter, Walter.  The Fortsas bibliohoax. With a reprint of the Fortsas catalogue and Bibliographical notes and comment by Weber de Vore. New York: Press of the Woolly Whale, 1942. 8vo (21 cm; 8.25"). [6], 71, [3] pp.
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False ImprintRadical Theology
Leclerc, Jean.  Liberii de Sancto Amore Epistolae theologicae,in quibus varii scholasticorum errores castigantur. Irenopoli [i.e., really, Saumur]: typis Philalethianis, 1679. 12mo (16 cm; 6.375"). [10] f.,, 320 p.
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Chicanery & Deception
Myers, Robin, & M. Harris.  Fakes and frauds: Varieties of deception in print and manuscript. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2006. 12mo. xi, [1], 144 pp.
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A Charming & AttractiveBIBLIO HOAX
Repton, J. Adey.  A trewe & feythfull hystorie of the redoubtable Prynce Radapanthus. [London: Re-printed by R. & A. Taylor, 1820]. 24mo (13.5 cm, 5.25"). [2] ff., 41, [1] pp.; 1 illus.
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Taylor, W. Thomas. Texfake: An account of the theft and forgery of early Texas printed documents. Austin: W. Thomas Taylor, 1991. 8vo (26.3 cm; 10.375"). xix, [1 (blank)], 158 pp., 39 plts.
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Clandestinely Printed
White, Thomas.  An apology for Rushworth's Dialogues. Wherein the exceptions of the Lords Falkland and Digby are answer'd: and the arts of their commended Daillé discover'd. Paris [really, England]: Jean Billain [really, a clandestine press], 1654. 12mo (14.2 cm; 5.125"). [8] ff., 261 pp., [1 (blank)] p., lacks final blank.
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