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A Mathematician, a Missionary, & theChinese Rites Controversy
(Astronomy among Other Chinese Things).  Le Comte, Louis.  Memoirs and observations topographical, physical, mathematical, mechanical, natural, civil, and ecclesiastical. Made in a late journey through the Empire of China, and published in several letters. Particularly upon the Chinese pottery and varnishing; the silk and other manufactures; the pearl fishing; the history of plants and animals. Description of their cities and publick works; number of people, their language, manners and commerce; their habits, oeconomy, and government. The philosophy of Confucius. The state of Christianity, with many other curious and useful remarks. London: Pr. for Benj. Toke & Sam. Buckley, 1697. 8vo (20 cm; 8"). [12] ff., 527 [i.e., 543], [1] pp.; frontis. (port.), 3 plt. (2 fold.), fold. table.
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Defining Child” for Baptismal PurposesRARE
Barker, Thomas.  The duty, circumstances, and benefits of baptism, determined by evidence ... with an appendix, shewing the meaning of several Greek words in the New Testament. London: B. White, 1771. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8"). x, 208, [6 (index & errata)] pp.
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Brewster, David.  Plates illustrative of Ferguson's lectures on mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, geography, astronomy, and dialing. Edinburgh: Pr. for Bell & Bradfute, J. Fairbairn, et al., 1806. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.4"). [2] pp.; 50 double-p. plts.
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TWO Astrological Works, Added Manuscript Leaves, Hand-Colored Title-Page
Caesius, Georg.  Newer und alten Schreibkalender mit den aspecten aller Planeten, auff das Jar nach ... M.DCVI [1606] ... [colophon: Gedruckt zu Nurnberg: durch und in verlegung Valentin Fuhrmanns, {1605}]. 4to (in 8s) (18.5 cm, 7.5"). A–B8; [16] ff. [bound with his] Prognosticon astrologicum das ist, Teutsche Practick und gründliche wahre aussführliche beschreibung der zusammenfügungen guter und böser Aspecten der sieben Planeten ... Auf dass Jahr ... M.DCVI [1606]. [colophon: Gedruckt unnd verlegt zu Nurnberg: durch Valentin Fuhrmann, {1605}]. 4to. A8–B6; [14] ff.
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A Capuchin on the Trinity, with Some POETRY as Well
Feliciano de Sevilla.  El sol increado dios trino y uno, y la grande excelencia de su culto y devocion. Reimpreso en Mexico: por D. Felipe de Zúñiga y Ontiveros, 1790. 4to (20.5 cm; 8.25"). [10] ff., 464 pp.
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French N.T. with Marlorat Notes & anILLUSTRATED CALENDAR
(French Calendar).  Calendrier Historial, & Lunaire. La Lune est nouuelle à l'endroit du Nombre d'or: & nous aluons 9. ceste annee 1566. Lyon: Pour Antoine Vincent, 1566. 8vo (12.1 cm; 4.75"). [16] ff.; illus. [bound with] Bible. N.T. French. [1564]. Geneva. [Le nouveau Testament, c'est à dire, la nouvelle Alliance de nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ. Reueu & corrigé de nouveau sur le Grec par l'aduis des Ministres de Geneve. Auec annotations reueuës et augmentées par M. Augustin Marlorat]. [Par Antoine Vincent, 1564; colophon: A Lyon: Par Symphorien Barbier]. 12mo. [30], 824, [24] pp. Lacks t.-p.
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An Enlightening German VolksbuchHeavily Illustrated
Honorius Augustodunensis, commonly known as Honorius of Autun.   M. Elucidarius. Von allerhand Geschöpffen Gottes, den Engeln, den himmeln Gestirn, Planeten, und wie alle Creaturen geschaffen seind auff Erden. Franckfort am Mayn: Christ[ian] Egen[olffs] Erden [colophon: Adam Loniceri, Johannis Cnipii, Andronici secundi doctorum & Pauli Steinmeyers], 1584. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). [98] pp.; 2 double-sided plts., illus.
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French Astronomical EphemeridesTIME & Measuring It
Lalande, Joseph Jérôme le Français de.  Connoissance des temps, pour l'année bissextile 1768. Paris: De l'Imprimerie Royale, 1766. 12mo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). 280, [4 (contents)] pp.; 2 fold. plts.
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The First Australian Star Catalogue Devoted to the
Heretofore Unknown Parts of the Heavens”

Rumker, Charles.  Preliminary catalogue of fixed stars intended for a prospectus of a catalogue of the stars of the Southern Hemisphere included within the Tropic of Capricorn now reducing from the observations made in the observatory at Paramatta. Hamburgh: Printed for Perthes & Besser, 1832. 4to (25 cm; 10"). 20, xxv pp.
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Astronomy forReading, PA 1830
Walz, E. Ludwig.  Vollständige Erklärung des Calenders, mit einem faßlichen Unterricht über die Himmelskörper, insbesondere über die Sonne und der sich um sie bewegenden Planeten. Reading: Johann Ritter & Comp., 1830. 12mo. viii, 315, [1] pp.; 5 plts. (of 8).
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