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Dealing with Grief
Flavel, John.  A token for mourners: or, the advice of Christ to a distressed mother, bewailing the death of her dear and only son.... Exeter[, N.H.]: Pr. by Henry Ranlet, sold also by the booksellers in Boston, 1795. 12mo (14.7 cm, 6"). 168 pp.
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The Great Puritan: His Wars & Politics
Fletcher, Henry.  The perfect politician: or, A full view of the life and actions (military and civil) ofO. Cromwel.  Whereunto is added his character; and a compleat catalogue of all the honours conferr’d by him on several persons. London: printed by J. Cottrel, for William Roybould at the Unicorn, and Henry Fletcher at the three Gilt Cups in St Paul’s Church-yard, 1660. Small 8vo (13.5 cm; 5.25"). [4] ff., 459 [i.e., 359, [1] pp., port. in facsimile.
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A Really Elaborate ApologyColumbus, Too!
Foglietta, Uberto.  Uberti Folietae clarorum Ligurum elogia. Genuae: Ex officina Hieronymi Bartoli, 1588. 4to (24.5 cm, 9.6"). [8], 265, [3] pp.
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The Ill-Fated SCOTS Colony atDARIEN
Foyer, Archibald, supposed author.  A defence of the Scots settlement at Darien. With an answer to the Spanish memorial against it. And arguments to prove that it is the interest of England to join with the Scots, and protect it. To which is added, a description of the country, and a particular account of the Scots colony. No place [Edinburgh?]: No publisher/printer, 1699. Small 4to (20 cm; 8"). [2] ff., 60 pp.
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ALL the ACTUAL PRINTER'S BLOCKS for the *47* Illustrations
        of Zoeth Skinner Eldredge'sThe Beginnings of San Francisco
Francis, Walter, illus., et al.  For Eldredge's The beginnings of San Francisco, the 47 California-themed printing blocks used to produce the volume’s illustrations. San Francisco: Pr. John C. Rankin Company (New York), 1912. 37 half-tone plates (on copper), 10 zinc cuts, all on their wood blocks; plus 3 additional plates on copper and another zinc cut, similarly mounted.
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A Popular Edition from aSurreptitious Manuscript Copy
Franklin, Benjamin.  The works of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin; consisting of his Life, written by himself. Together with essays, humorous, moral, and literary, chiefly in the manner of the Spectator. Philadelphia: Wm. W. Woodward, 1801. 12mo (16.7 cm, 6.6"). Frontis., 321, [11] pp.
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By an Irish Augustinian
Gahan, William.   A compendious abstract of the history of the Church of Christ, from its first foundation to the eighteenth century. New York: Pr. by J. Seymour, 1814. 8vo (18 cm, 7.125"). 408 pp.
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Polenta before It Was Made withTurkey Wheat”
& Woodcuts from theMoretus Press
Gerard, John.  The herball, or, General historie of plantes. London: Printed by Adam Islip, Joice Norton & Richard Whitakers, 1636. Large folio (35.5 cm; 14"). [19 of 20] ff., 1630 [i.e., 1634] pp., [24 of 25] ff. (without the initial and final blank leaves).
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First Irish Edition: Feudal Law & Its Applications, from a
Former Darling of the Nation
Gilbert, Geoffrey, Sir.  A treatise of tenures. Containing the original, nature, use, and effect of feudal or common-law tenures. Dublin: Pr. by Alex. M'Culloh for Sarah Cotter, 1754. 8vo (19.8 cm, 7.8"). vii, [1], 144, [36 (index)] pp.
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Before theWar of JENKINS' EAR
Great Britain.  The convention between the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, concluded at the Pardo on the 14th of January 1739, N.S. London: Printed by Samuel Buckley, 1739. 4to (21.7 cm, 8.625"). 28 pp.
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AMERICAN MahoganyDuty Free
Great Britain. Laws, statutes, etc., 1760-1820 (George III). Anno regni Georgii III...undecimo.... [An Act to Explain an Act Made in the Eighth Year of the Reign of His Late Majesty King George the First, Intituled, An Act Giving Further Encouragement for the Importation of Naval Stores..., So Far as Relates to the Importation of Unmanufactured Wood of the Growth and Product of America....] London: Pr. by Charles Eyre and William Strahan, 1771. Folio. [1] f., pp. 999-1002.

AMERICAN Oak forEnglish Barrel Staves
Great Britain.  Laws, statutes, etc., 1760-1820 (George III). Anno regni Georgii III...undecimo.... [An Act for Granting a Bounty upon the Importation of White Oak Staves, and Heading, from the British Colonies or Plantations in America....] London: Pr. by Charles Eyre and William Strahan, 1771. Folio. [1] f., pp. 1227-1234.

Gros, John Daniel. Natural principles of rectitude, for the conduct of man in all states and situations of life; demonstrated and explained in a systematic treatise on moral philosophy. New York: T. & J. Swords, 1795. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). xvi, 456 pp. (lacking half-title).
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Hamilton, Madison, & JayExplain the Constitution
Hamilton, Alexander; James Madison; & John Jay.  The Federalist, on the new constitution, written in the year 1788. Hallowell, ME: Glazer & Co., 1826. 8vo (22 cm, 8.75"). 582 pp.
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We Shall LoseOur WHOLE Income of Mony from Abroad
[Hare, Francis].  A letter to a member of the October-Club: Shewing, that to yield Spain to the Duke of Anjou by a peace, wou’d be the ruin of Great Britain. The second edition, with additions. London: A. Baldwin, 1711. 8vo (20.8 cm, 8.25"). vi, 42 pp.

FranceSadly Disappointed Him . . .
Harper, Robert Goodloe. Observations on the dispute between the United States and France, addressed of the representatives in Congress for the state of South Carolina, to his constituents, in May, 1797...second edition. London: (Pr. in Philadelphia & repr. by) Philanthropic Press, 1798. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.5"). [2 (lacking half-title)], 5–109, [1] pp.

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More than One Lifetime's Worth of Adventure & Interesting Ideas
Harriott, John.  Struggles through life, exemplified in the various travels and adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, of John Harriott, Esq. London: Pr. for the author, 1815. 12mo (18 cm, 7.1"). 3 vols. I: Frontis., xvxv, [1], 443, [1] pp. II: xii, 428, [2] pp. III: vii, [1], 479, [1] pp. (lacking pp. 69–72); 1 fold. plt., 1 plt.
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BLAIR Blazoned
Hill, John.  An account of the life and writings of Hugh Blair .... Philadelphia: James Humphreys, 1808. 8vo (21.7 cm, 8.5"). 229, [1 (blank)] pp.

Cutting Way Back onPresidential Authority
Hillhouse, James.  Propositions for amending the constitution of the United States, submitted by Mr. Hillhouse to the Senate on the twelfth day of April, 1808, with his explanatory remarks. [Washington]: 1808. 12mo (19.3 cm, 7.6"). 52, [2], 7 pp.
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Honeywood, St. John.  Poems ... some pieces in prose. New York: Pr. by T. & J. Swords, 1801. 12mo (17.2 cm, 6.75"). viii, 159, [1 (errata)] pp.

Armelle Nicolas in PhiladelphiaAn Early American Catholicum
Jeanne de la Nativité.  Daily conversation with God, exemplified in the holy life of Armelle Nicolas, a poor ignorant country maid in France, commonly known by the name of the good Armelle, deceas’d in Bretaigne in the year 1671. Philadelphia: Reprinted by Henry Miller, 1767. 8vo (16.3 cm, 6.375"). 16, [2] pp.
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“Un Missionnaire Doit Être un Excellent Voyageur”
Jesuits.  Nouvelles des missions, extraites des Lettres edifiantes et curieuses. Paris: Societé catholique des bons livres, 1827. 12mo (16.9 cm, 6.68"). 2 vols. I: vii, [3], 214 pp. II: [4], 243, [3] pp.
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Planting in Virginia”A Chiswick Type Facsimile
[Johnson, Robert].  Nova Britannia, offering most excellent fruits by planting in Virginia exciting all such as be well affected to further the same. New York: Printed for J. Sabin [at the Chiswick Press by Whittingham & Wilkens], 1867. Sq. 8vo (22 x 18 cm; 8.5" x 7"). [40] pp.
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America Reads aboutthe Irish Rebellion of 1798
Jones, John, of Dublin.  An impartial narrative of the most important engagements which took place between His Majesty's forces and the insurgents, during the Irish Rebellion, in 1798; including very interesting information not before published. Carefully collected from authentic letters. Cambridge, N.Y.: Printed by Tennery & Stockwell, [1804]. 12mo. (17.5 cm; 7".) 237, [1] pp.
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The Check Is in the Mail
Joseph Anthony & Co.  Autograph Letter Signed to Benjamin Bourne. Philadelphia, PA: 28 January 1800. 4to (10" x 7.75"). 1 p., without the integral address leaf.
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There Will Always be Music, Art, & Church Bells . . .
There Will Always be a Memorable Meal
. . .
in San Francisco
Junior League of Pasadena.  The California heritage cookbook. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., © 1976. 8vo (26.6 cm, 10.5"). [8], 424 pp.; illus.
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FromNew England to the NILE . . .
Considerable Caribbean Content
[Justel, Henri, ed.]  Recueil de divers voyages faits en Afrique et en l’Amerique, qui n’ont point esté encore publiez.... Paris: Louis Billaine, 1674. 4to (23.7 cm, 9.4"). á4ã4A–Z4Aa–Hh4 Ii2Kk4Ll21§–4§45§2 **A–**C4 a2b–g4 *A–*K4L2; [8] ff., 262, 35, [1 (blank)] 23, [1 (blank)], 49, [1 (blank)] pp., [1] f., 81, [1 (blank)] pp., 3 fold. plans, 4 maps (3 fold.), 9 plts.
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