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Children, THANKSGIVING, Glad Times!!
Irish, Marie, & Lenore K. Dolan.  The glad time Thanksgiving book. Syracuse, NY: Willis N. Bugbee Co., © 1932. 12mo. 100 pp.
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Sumptuously BoundFirst American Edition of Irving's FIRST HISTORICAL Work
Irving, Washington.  A history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus. New York: G. & C. Carvill, 1828. 8vo (22 cm; 8.625"). 3 vols. I: xvi, 399 pp., 1 folded map. II: viii, [1], 10–367. III: viii, [1], 14–419, [1] pp.
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WithHoward Pyle's Illustrations; Without Some Other Bits
Irving, Washington.  A history of New-York from the beginning of the world to the end of the Dutch dynasty; containing, among many surprising and curious matters, the unutterable ponderings of Walter the Doubter, the disastrous projects of William the Testy, and the chivalric achievements of Peter the Headstrong — the three Dutch governors of New Amsterdam; being the only authentic history of times that ever hath been or ever will be published. New York: Printed for the Grolier Club, 1886. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.125"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., [4 (of 6)] ff., 312 pp., 1 plate; lacks the two prelim. states of the frontis., the half-title, and the colophon leaves. II: [6], 275, [5] pp., [4] leaves of plates l lacks the two prelim. states of the frontis.
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Irving's Tales ofNew York, Paris, Granada, Etc.
Irving, Washington.  Wolfert's roost and other papers, now first collected.  New York: G.P. Putnam & Co., 1855. 12mo (19.3 cm, 7.6"). Frontis., add. engr. t.-p., [2], [7]–383, [1], 12 (adv.) pp.
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Daniel Webster Saves the Day The Kenniston “Sham-Robbery” Case
Jackman, Joseph.  The sham-robbery, committed by Elijah Putnam Goodridge, on his own person, in Newbury near Essex bridge, Dec. 19, 1816, with a history of his journey to the place where he robbed himself. And his trial with Mr. Ebenezer Pearson, whom he maliciously arrested for robbery. Also the trial of Levi & Laban Kenniston. Concord, NH: Printed for the author, 1819. 12mo (17 cm, 6.75"). 151, [1] pp.
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Russia & the U.S.Navigation & Commerce
Jackson, Andrew (President, 1829–1837).  [drop-title] Treaty between the United States and the Emperor of Russia. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting copies of a treaty of navigation and commerce between the United States and his Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias. May 14, 1834. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. [Washington]: Gales & Seaton, printers, 1834. 8vo (22.7 cm, 8.9"). 10 pp.
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LEC: A Southern Californian Landmark
Jackson, Helen Hunt.  Ramona. Los Angeles: Printed for the members of The Limited Editions Club at The Plantin Press, 1959. 8vo. xiv, [6], 428, [2] pp.; illus.
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Literature from a Successful Presidential CampaignThe People's Candidate”
Jackson, Isaac Rand. The life of William Henry Harrison, (of Ohio,) the people's candidate for the presidency. With a history of the wars with the British and Indians on our north-western frontier. Philadelphia: Marshall, Williams & Butler, 1840. 12mo (15.5 cm; 6"). [1–4], 5, vi–x, `5–222 pp. (complete despite odd pagination).
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Bernard & Gordon & Angela
James, Henry.  Confidence. Boston: Houghton, Osgood & Co., 1880. 12mo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). [2], [5]–347, [1] pp.
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1st U.S. EditionThe Europeans
James, Henry.  The Europeans. A sketch. Boston: Houghton, Osgood & Co., 1879. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.6"). [2], 281, [1] pp.
We have, at the moment, an interesting number of such “first American editions.” Please, enquire!

Irish InsurgencyAmerican Imprint & Provenance
Jones, John, of Dublin.  An impartial narrative of the most important engagements which took place between His Majesty's forces and the insurgents, during the Irish Rebellion, in 1798; including very interesting information not before published. Carefully collected from authentic letters. Second edition, with additions and corrections. South Newberlin, NY: Levi Harris, 1834. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.2"). Frontis., 227, [1] pp.
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American Acid-Stained Autumnal Binding Spine with a DISTINCTIVE Stamp
Josephus, Flavius.  The genuine works of Flavius Josephus; translated by William Whiston, A.M. New York: Published by William Borradaile, 1825. 12mo (18 cm; 7"). Vol. 6 only of 6. Frontis., 317, [1] pp.
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There Will Always be Music, Art, & Church Bells . . .
There Will Always be a Memorable Meal
. . .
in San Francisco
Junior League of Pasadena.  The California heritage cookbook. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., © 1976. 8vo (26.6 cm, 10.5"). [8], 424 pp.; illus.
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First Laws of KansasFull Morocco
Kansas.  Laws, statutes, etc.  General laws of the state of Kansas, passed at the first session of the legislature, commenced at the capital, March 26, 1861. Lawrence, KS: “Kansas State Journal” Steam Power Press Print, 1861. 8vo (22.9 cm, 9"). 334 pp.
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A Gift Book forWomen ofElevated Character”
Keese, John, ed.  The opal: A pure gift for the holy days. New York: J.C. Riker, [1846]. 8vo (20.4 cm, 8"). 304 pp.; 8 engr. plts., without the added engr. title-page.
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Mr. Holmes Played Old Men & Character Parts — Same as I Did
Kellogg, Eugenia.  The Awakening of Poccalito. A Tale of Telegraph Hill, and Other Tales. San Francisco: The Unknown Publisher, 1903. 12mo (17.5 cm; 7"). 130 pp.
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A Prominent Lawyer, Skillful Orator, & Charming Family Man
Kennedy, John Pendleton.  Memoirs of the life of William Wirt, attorney general of the United States. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard, 1849. 8vo (23.7 cm, 9.3"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., 417, [1], 4, [48 (adv.)] pp. II: 450, [2] pp.; 1 facs.
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Kerouac before He WasJack”
Kerouac, Jack [but writing as “John”].  The Town & the City. New York: Harcourt, Brace & Co., (1950). 8vo (20.5 cm; 8"). [3] ff., 499, [1] pp.
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Standing in a “New Light” ARCHAEOLOGY'S Implications
Kerr, Thomas.  Pick and shovel explorations. A series of Sunday evening lectures. Rockford, IL: Morning Star Printing, 1890. Small 8vo. 40 pp.
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FromRomulus Augustulus to Louis Philippe
Koch, Christopher William.  History of the revolutions in Europe.... Middletown [Ct.]: Edwin Hunt, 1833. 2 vols. in 1. 12mo (19.5 cm, 7.625"). I: 280 (i.e., 276) pp.; 4 plts. II: 393, [1 (blank)] pp., [1 (blank)] f.; 8 plts.

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